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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 4, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- donald trump's political fight. >> brand new polls showing the former republican front-runner slipping. who would win the race if the election was right around the corner? the trend making trump even more defensive. family heartbreak. a mother's plea to the public after her 9-year-old son was gunned down near his grandmother's house. the reward and search for clues. life-saving move. the pilot of a small plane using a parachute to avoid disaster. the remarkable scene and dramatic moments captured on camera. and later, your voice, your vote. this dog is already a mayor and now her campaign manager says she could beat trum and clintp clinton. that's in the mix. on this wednesday november 4th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." hey, good morning, everyone, on this wednesday. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we do thank you for joining us. we have made it to hump day. and donald trump is feeling like he's going over a hump right now. >> you were saying a dog? >> a dog is running for president. >> okay. lots of people. would that be a write-in candidate? >> he probably would rate well in some of the polls. but a real horse race right now in the -- >> it truly is. >> -- presidential race right now. >> like your puns, don't you? >> donald trump coming out swinging at republicans and democrats alike as he slips in the polls after months as the clear gop front-runner. >> and actually a brand new poll now shows hillary clinton and ben carson are in a dead heat, head to head in match-ups. a similar match-up clinton is eight points ahead of donald trump. bernie sanders has a nine-point lead over trump. those new numbers have trump on the defensive. abc's stephanie ramos reports. >> reporter: while out promoting his new book, gop presidential
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contenders donald trump wasted no time slamming his opponents and president obama's administration, saying federal reserve chair janet yellen is not raising interest rates because president obama told her not to. >> in my opinion he wants to get out of office because we are in a bubble and when those rates are raised a lot of bad things are going to happen. >> reporter: the white house rejecting trump's accusations that the federal reserve was keeping interest rates low at the quf president obama's administration. >> of course not. in fact, this administration goes to great lengths to make sure that the federal reserve can make monetary policy decisions that are focused solely on the best interests of the country and our economy. >> reporter: trump didn't stop there, ripping into his republican rivals once again, saying ben carson doesn't have the experience to be president. >> i'm going to make the greatest deals you've ever seen on trade. we're going to run the military properly. ing i'm going to take care of
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those things. ben can't do those things. >> reporter: here's what ben is doing, inching his way up in the polls. a new poll shows retired neurosurgeon carson now has front-runner status in the race for the republican nomination. carson holding steady with 29% of republican voters to trump's 23%. these new numbers come as the gop candidates continue to battle it out over upcoming debate rules. gop presidential candidates donald trump, carly fiorina, chris christie and john kasich all say they will stay above the fray when it comes to the debate controversy. kendis, reena, back to you. >> thank you so much, stephanie. voters in kentucky have elected a republican governor for only the second time in 40 years. republican matt bevin is a tea party favorite. he's never before held office. he opposes kentucky's expansion of medicaid, which was made possible by the passage of obama care. bevin also stood behind kim davis, the county clerk who went to jail for refusing to offer marriage certificates to
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same-sex couples. hillary clinton is taking aim at the gun lobby, rolling out a new ad backed up by new speeches on the stump. during a campaign stop in iowa clinton promised to make tougher gun control into a voting issue capable of competing with the nra's drive to preserve gun laws. she's pushing to overturn laws that protect gun makers in lawsuits. in chicago there's a growing memorial at the spot where a boy was shot to death. he was only 9 years old. police are staill unsure about motive in the killing of tyshawn lee in an alley near his grandmother's home. a $20,000 reward is being offered. the victim's heartbroken mother is begging for someone to come forward. >> he didn't hurt nobody. i don't know why this happened to him. >> the boy's basketball was found next to his dead body. his family says that he loved basketball and brought his ball everywhere he went.
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well, it could be the end of the month before south africa's supreme court rules in the care, the appeals case against oscar pistorius. that case was heard yesterday. pistorius was not in the courtroom. prosecutors argued the judge made a mistake last year when she convicted pistorius of manslaughter for the death of his girlfriend. they demanded pistorius be convicted of murder, which would mean a minimum sentence of 15 years. defense attorneys maintain pistorius fired b because he thought anntruder was in his apartment. this morning conflicting theories swirling in the aftermath of the russian plane crash in egypt as investigators expand the search for debris, a missile strike has been ruled out. authorities say infrared flashes picked up by u.s. satellites may be the crash itself. it could mean many things including a bomb blast or an explosion due to a malfunction. the black boxes should give investigators a better picture of what happened. >> if there was a bomb that went off, that bomb will be very clear -- clearly heard. if the airplane came apart, even
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the whooshing sound of the air will be apparent on the voice recorder. >> as remains and belongings of the 224 victims are recovered, the egyptian president is dismission allegations of a terror attack calling it propaganda. he insists the security situation in the sinai peninsula is under full control. caught on camera in arkansas, a small plane crashing into a street. the pilot, a former top walmart executive, was able to deploy a parachute attached to the plane with the pictures. here's abc's david kerley. >> it was hard to believe. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: that plane falling out of the sky slowly under a parachute. >> plane down. man down. >> reporter: people in cars and rooftops start video recordings and calling 911. >> plane has possibly gone down. you have one person who parachuted. >> reporter: the small plane with three on board came down on a fayetteville, arkansas road hitting a truck with a woman and
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two young children inside. >> all occupants are out of the plane. they're all ambulatory. >> reporter: piloting the plane, former walmart executive, 56-year-old bill simon, who used to run all of the retailer's u.s. operations. it was just after takeoff that the small plane developed a problem. >> they suffered a very severe loss of oil pressure. they were losing engine and altitude, so they popped the emergency chute on the plane. >> reporter: it's the type of plane, a cirrus, that has a built-in parachute. it saved lives in arkansas. there were only two minor injuries. the faa is investigating. david kerley, abc news, burbank airport. federal air safety investigators have figured out why an not gengine on an airlin burst into flames last week just after takeoff. the main fuel supply line to the airplane was disconnected. maintenance records indicate no action on the fuel coupling immediately before the flight. some passengers suffered minor
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injuries when they slid down the emergency chutes. and for the second time this week we're reporting on new problems in the volkswagen emissions scandal. the company says an internal review found problems with carbon dioxide emissions from 8 had not,000 vehicles. and this marks the first time that emissions trouble with gas engines as opposed to diesel ones. it's believed it could cost vw more than $2 billion to fix these new problems. none of the gas-powered cars investigated were actually sold in the u.s. u.s. safety regulators have fined japanese auto parts supplier takata $200 million over those exploding air bags. at least eight people have been killed, more than 100 others injuredworldwide by the air bags blowing an internal metal canister into deadly shards of shrapn shrapnel. takata admitted it did know they were defective but failed to recall them in a timely manner. >> it refused to acknowledge they were defective. it provided incomplete,
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inaccurate, and misleading information to nhts pcha, to th companies using its inflateors and to the public. these inflateors put millions of americans at risk. >> nearly 24 million of those air bag inflators have been recalled on air bags sold in the u.s. honda says it will not now use takata front driver or passenger side air bag inflators in any vehicles. nascar has come down hard on one of its drivers for intentionally wrecking a competitor. take a look here. watch the number 20 car. that would be matt kenseth. and he purposefully caused a crash on sunday which ended the race for joey logano in the number 22 car there. kenseth was nine laps down at the time. nascar says it has suspended kenseth for two races and put him on probation for six months because he caused the wreck while having no chance to win the race. kenseth's team says it will appeal the suspension. life gets back to normal today in kansas city after a
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victory parade and rally for the world series champions. it seemed like just about everyone in kansas city -- >> look at that. >> everyone turned out for the big party for the royals. if you didn't, i don't know what was more important. that's a big deal down there, right? officials estimated that the crowd, we're talking about half a malpeople. more than twice the number they expected. some fans who took public transportation say they waited up to three hours for their ride home, kendis. that is a true fan for you. three hours. that's a long time. the party honored the royals for their first world series title in 30 years. that's true team spirit. >> very impressive. of course many schools were closed in the kansas city area to help those kids get out there and celebrate. we've got to mention a remarkable journey that's come to an end for one british woman. sarah ooton kayaked into london on the thames yesterday, ending a round-the-world trip. >> that journey took her 4 1/2 years. during that time ooton was forced to postpone a trip across the pacific because of a tropical storm. >> she also became the first
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person to row from japan to alaska, which took her 150 days. and she became the first woman to row solo across the indian ocean. >> she said that when she arrived in london "i really stink of the river sorry, think i need a bit of a shower." >> if you're doing that routine world -- >> you probably do. >> -- i can imagine showers are hard to come by. well, coming up in "the mix," an important message for homeowners. why researchers say you should not rake your leaves. also ahead, paid patriotism. why are professional sports teams sending a bill to the pentagon for honoring military veterans? and are taxpayers responsible for that bill? and new clues in the e. coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants. what investigators are revealing overnight. >> remember check us out on facebook, great pictures and videos there. and twitter, @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet.
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danger for customers at this wendy's restaurant outside of washington, d.c. three men eating inside this shattered atrium were seriously injured when the driver of this vehicle accelerated as he tried to turn into the drive-thru. the driver, a man appearing to be in his 60s, was not injured. police are still investigating this one. and they're considering whether to file charges. a 5-year-old boy from tennessee is being called a hero for saving his mom's life. tommy williams realized something was wrong with mom after she got sick and passed
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out. so he grabbed her cell phone and he called dad. his quick thinking saved valuable time in getting his mom to the hospital. it turns out she actually had a heart attack. mom is now recovering at home. quick thinking. >> yeah, smart kid. the e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle restaurants in the northwest continues to grow. >> safety investigators have now identified the microorganism responsible which they believe was carried on fresh produce or possibly on spices. abc's neal karlinsky has more. >> reporter: chipotle scrubbing its shuttered restaurants and under fire. this lawsuit filed by an e. coli victim claiming a burrito bowl she ate made her so sick she needed medical attention a week later, claiming the pain was so severe she missed and will continue to miss work because of her illness. other customers complaining as well. >> it was kind of overwhelming. like having all those problems hit at once. it felt like oh, my goodness, what's going on? >> reporter: most but not all of the victims have told health officials they ate at chipotle, leading the restaurant chain to
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voluntarily close 43 restaurants in the pacific northwest, even though a direct link is uncertain. an 8-year-old hospitalized north of seattle is a vegetarian. a possible clue that a vegetable may be to blame. experts saying it's also unlikely multiple restaurants would have undercooked meat at the same time. the company saying in a statement, "the safety and well-being of our customers is always our highest priority." health officials say the number of victims has continued to grow, 37 across two states. fortunately no one has died. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. coming up, pain for patriotism. the revelation that pro sports teams are charging the pentagon for honoring veterans. ahead in the next half hour, the sleepwalking teen who ended up in another town. now speaking out. what her parents say about her nine-mile journey. you're watching "world news now."
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♪woah, that's what friends are for♪ a report is set to expose professional sports teams that have charged the u.s. government for patriotic displays at their games. >> it is sparking some outrage at fans who already pay record-high prices for their seats and merchandise. abc's jim avila has the story. ♪ oh say >> reporter: it's a fan favorite. celebrating america's military heroes on fields and stadiums across the country. but in professional sports some teams are actually charging the pentagon, the american taxpayer, for those tributes on the field. the defense department got a bill after soldiers unfurled that giant flag at this buffalo bills game. and when vets threw out the first pitch at three milwaukee brewers games. and when this soldier rappelled
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down a rope at center ice to drop the puck at a minnesota wild game. in each case the bill sent to the american taxpayer. >> to charge the taxpayers for it in the name of patriotism is disingenuous at best and frankly unacceptable at worst. >> reporter: senator mccain calls it paid patriotism, and in contracts between sports teams and the pentagon found these price tags. the new york jets, a team valued at $1.8 billion, submitted a $10,000 bill for a soldier to be an honorary captain. the milwaukee brewers charged $7,500 to throw three ceremonial first pitches. and the dallas mavericks charged $5,000 for their cheerleaders to throw national guard t-shirts provided by the national guard. the leagues and teams deny they charge for patriotic displays but say they do have contracts with the pentagon to help in recruiting. they insist the tributes are
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added for free. but we asked the commissioner of major league baseball why those contracts say otherwise. >> so is what the contract says not correct? >> i'm not saying that there aren't contracts that contain that language. i'm saying we in fact discounted the deal so we were not receiving payment for those items. >> reporter: but the leagues have provided no proof of any discounts for the touching tributes sports fans so love. major league baseball and the nfl both say they will review all team contracts with the pentagon, and the nfl going further saying if they find any cases of paid patriotism they will be refunded. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> and this all came to light when congress wanted to know, they wanted to see the contracts. we're talking $6 million in taxpayer money for these things. >> it's kind of unbelievable that all of that has been a paid advertising, all this time. who knew? it's sad. >> glad jim did that report. thank you so much, jim. and don't make us leave.
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>> we sure have. they're saying don't worry about that. i did admit that this weekend for a halloween party at my house i removed all the leaves off my deck without thinking and know feel a little guilty. >> for removing the leaves. >> for removing the leaves. >> why didn't your husband do that? >> because i'm a woman who does everything. a strong woman. not that he isn't -- >> i am woman, hear me roar. >> that's right. >> arrr. all right. take a look at this. speaking of women ruling the world, or females -- or not females. well, it's a dog, and it's a girl. >> where are you going with this? >> it's the mayor of the tiny town of private hash, ken. 315 constituents there. and now this dog lucy lou is running for president. she has an interesting slogan. she says she's the -- >> don't use that word.
3:27 am
>> the b you can -- >> the b. i like that. >> she says all the other presidential candidates are dogs, why shouldn't a real one run? that's whenwhat her campaign manager and owner says. she promises on her website to never, ever pee on her constituents' vehicles. >> she vowed that. >> she's vowed that. >> that's a good campaign promise. >> we'll see. >> we should cover it every night and see where she goes. one thing that drives a lot of people crazy here in new york are slow walkers. on the sidewalks. when you're on the subway stay on the left. stay on the left if you're walking down. a store in england decided they're going to make a fast lane for shoppers to make the experience more -- much better. they have a fast lane at argo's in liverpool. they've conducted research. 31% of people are frustrated with pavement hoggers, they don't like people check their phones, holding up the line. they think this will improve
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this morning on "world news now" -- plane crash mystery. new details about the doomed russian jet that crashed in the egyptian desert. the burst of heat that was spotted by satellites, and what it means for investigators. trump slump. the latest poll showing donald trump falling behind in the presidential race. his response as the republican race takes a new turn. and new this half hour, a tattoo artist who really trusts his 4-year-old daughter. >> the little girl wanted to give daddy a tattoo, and he let her. but his trust only went so far. and later in "the skinny," life after "the daily show." jon stewart's big return to television. so when will viewers be able to see his brand of humor again? it is wednesday november 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good wednesday morning to


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