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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 7, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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it will take one snap right now. and it will the be 22 straight wins, long eest in the nation, d 29 regular season conference game fls a row and that matches what florida state did. they were upset by virginia. unless illinois can pull that streak next week, ohio state will have the longest win streak in college football history. there's what they have done. 29 straight. pretty good company there. >> todd: yep. >> brad: well, it was not much of a contest until about 10:30 in the game when it was 21-0 and minnesota made it interesting but ohio state wins it 28-14. tough loss for minnesota. they drop to 4-5. they are 1-4 in the big ten and
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ohio state, 9-0 and 5-0 in conference play and urban is with holly. >> holly: that was difficult in the first half. what got your team going? >> i think cardale had a couple runs, the big run was the q draw and obviously hit miller on a big hit when we needed it. and the fact that our defense shut them down. >> holly: you won 22 games in a row. it seems so easy -- >> no, it's not. did you really say the word easy? you better show up every day and bumps in the road and the best thing to fight through and win a game. >> rebecca: j.t. comes back to week in practice. how will you approach it going forward? >> i'm going to hang out with the team and enjoy the victory. >> holly: go enjoy the win.
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>> brad: win 48 out of 50 games coaches. that is pretty strong. so are the buckeyes. we will see how they do next v next tuesday when the rankings came out. they won it 28-14 the final score. that is going to wrap it up for us. for brad nessler and todd blackledge, holly rowe, so long from columbus, ohio, where they sing the school song. time for the ford wrap-up. we go to cassidy hubbard in the studio. >> thanks, brad. ohio state getting the win on separation saturday. and may have separated themselves a little more in the big ten east after a wild finish in lincoln, nebraska. nebraska, scoring with 1:47 left. back with the ball with 23 seconds to go and tommy armstrong to riley. riley, stelled out of bounds. the ruling on the field was that the receiver was forced out of
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bounds and after review, the touchdown stands. nebraska with a 39-38 lead. sechblg seconds to go. and conner cook with a chance, looking, throws it away as time expires. nebraska upset michigan state. sparty, snapping a streak of 33-straight wins holdsing a fourth quarter lead. alabama hosting undefeated lsu. derrick henry, takes off, untouched for his third td after the day. running for that. 19 carries, 31 yards as alabama, up 30-16. the team that beat 'bama earlier this season, ole miss a wild finish with arkansas. ot, fourth and 25 for the 40. and brandon allen, finds henry who throws it backwards just before he goes down. and alex collins picks it up off the tip. runs it back across the field and gets the first down. and if that wasn't crazy enough,
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after that play, allen. finds drew morgan for the touchdown! arkansas down 52-51 and they decide to go for the two and the win. allen, looking, gets sackeddy marquis hanes but there's a flag on the play for face mask. as you take a look, clear face mask by hanes. what do they do? that go for two again and allen runs it in for the win. he also had six passes touchdowns. a single game school records. arkansas no longer controls their destiny in the west. clemson looking to snap a four-game losing streak to florida state. clemson clinches the acc atlantic division and a spot in the conference championship game. and oklahoma state, and boykin, picked off. four interceptions on the day
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for boykin. oklahoma state wins big, 49-29. snapping the 16-game win streak. oklahoma cruised behind ohio state. college game day will be in the house when they visit baylor next week. and iowa looking to remain unbeaten, taking on indiana. and dumps it off to kid the, leaps in the end zone for the score. iowa, knotted up for the first time since 2009. notre dame and mitt. and fuller, a huge game from a pass from kizer, responsible for six tds. notre dame wins 42-30. navy takes down memphis with a 25-point win on the road. they are tied atop the american west division, houston, improved to 3-0 after a three.
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point win over cincinnati. kevin hogan with a win at colorado. arizona has bounce the back from a 46-point loss in washington to lead usc. and congrats to florida who clinched the s.e.c. east. see you next week. coach, another loss and yet you still think your teamow. is going to the college football playoff. yes. we've just lulled the other teams into a false sense of security. 10 losses is quite a lull. has it been 10? yeah. we're good. don't let anything stop you from reaching the college football playoff. enter the ford explorer be unstoppable fan challenge. you could win a chance to go, and a new 2016 ford explorer. have you thought about using all 11 guys? why don't you stick to broadcasting.
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from the father of a marine killed in a hit and run. his message to the driver who is not been caught. a serial bank robber strikes again. wet start to the weekend, will the sun come out tomorrow? the new starts right now. >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. in camp springs,
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prince george's county police are looking for a person who shot three people. nonlifeim suffered threatening injuries. the police are still looking into what led to the shooting. more breaking news, this from lanham where there was structural damage at the carlton east apartments on good luck road. one resident said that he felt the building shake and then cracks appeared in the walls and ceiling. the cause of the damages under investigation, nobody was hurt. we are hearing from the father of a u.s. marine killed in a hit and run in september. he had stopped to help a rival along u.s. 15 in thurmont when he was hit. despite increased rewards for information, there has not been an arrest. roz plater spoke with the marine's father about the search for the driver. : the family, friends, and
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supporters of the corporal maureen are determined to find the person who took his life. tooke person who did this everything i've got and everything i will ever have. the pouring rain, the 21-year-old marine had stopped to help a stranded motorist. maryland state police it was likely a pickup truck with a car hauler trailer that struck him. the driver briefly pulled over, then cap going. the world to his family and me and everyone who loved him. roz: he was assigned to security at camp david. >> he was home on american soil. we never expected anything to happen. a motorcycle club has been raising money, passing out flyers, holding community events, and taking to social media. >> we are saturating facebook and twitter, just trying to get the word out that we need help
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finding this guy. roz: his father came to thurmont this afternoon from north carolina, urging witnesses to come forward. somebody will do the right thing. mind that the trailer would have lots of damage. also, the driver may have been headed to a car auction in pennsylvania. anybody with information is asked to call maryland state police. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: montgomery county police have made three arrests in monday shooting death of a man in montgomery village. lo, and louisarafa morales have been charged with first-degree murder of cruz. found monday.s they believe that the murder was gang related.
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airportopolitan authority is conducting a law enforcement exercise at reagan national airport. one terminal and roadways are close to the public. passengers will be guided around the closed areas. the exercise will run until 1:30 in the morning. a wet, jewelry start to the weekend. will things clear up sunday? devon lucie has the answers. devon: bright sunshine first thing in the morning. the belfort furniture weather center, a snapshot from the nation's capital. the clouds have been breaking. from that snapshot, the height of pictures of the day, i can already hear you saying, 71, that warm? it was, just after midnight. it was a mild morning before the rain, then we have held steady in the 50's the rest of the day. the satellite and radar
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together, the effective clearing line is towards hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester. there is all the sunshine arriving sunday, i have only 59. monday, more clouds, high of 59. likely ishe next round of rain coming in the forecast. kimberly: a serial bank robber strikes for the second time in two weeks after nearly a year out of the spotlight. man known as the "forever loyal bandit" robbed a bank in arlington friday afternoon. fighting back reporter jennifer donelan is familiar with this bank robber. jennifer: he is no stranger to 7 on your side. this past summer we asked for your help locating him because he was nowhere to be found. while this arlington bank is closed, when it was open last night, guess who showed up. this person said columbia pike outside of the capital one bank
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was surrounded by arlington county police friday evening after "the forever loyal bandit" struck again. >> it's scary to have something happen like that. jennifer: he earned his nickname from the fbi because of the logo on a t-shirt during a steady spring of -- steady string of bank robberies in falls church, getting three banks three months in a row, walking in with a note, demanding money, and escaping. 7 on your side featured him on the wall of justice in june and we talked with the fbi violent crime task force. >> he was very particular about how he struck. jennifer: until two weeks ago when he hit a capital one bank in falls church, then last night in arlington. will he try again, and where? >> more than likely. everybody needs to be on alert. jennifer when banks reopen
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this week, will the "forever loyal" bandit show up again? $5,000 is putting up reward if you have information. call if you can help. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. kimberly: d.c. police have positively identified a man who was found dead inside a dupont circle hotel in northwest. from 59-year-old lesin russia. he was a longtime adviser to russian president vladimir putin. the police were called to the hotel after he was found unresponsive. thursday morning, an autopsy was performed, but a ruling on the case -- the cause of death is pending further investigation. new developments in the crash of a russian airliner in egypt. the fbi has joined the investigation into last weekend's crash that killed 224.
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the russians want help analyzing the debris. investigators are trying to determine the calls of a noise heard in the cockpit voice recorder. the lead investigator said could be a bomb, but it could also be a fuel tank explosion or some other cause. >> initial observation of the aircraft records has not yet to define the origin of the in-flight breakup. group with ties to i claimed responsibility for the crash. other joined the u.s. and countries launching airstrikes against the terrorist group. dr. ben carson firing back. how he is responding to accusations that he lied about several personal stories. plus, an autistic student save his friends life kimberly: an autistic student in
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new york saved his friend from choking to death, and he says it is thanks to the hit cartoon "spongebob squarepants." he performed the heimlich maneuver on a classmate that began choking on an apple during lunch. he learned the life-saving technique by watching the cartoon years ago. his parents are proud of his quick thinking. you think they are at a level they cannot do anything, but you have no idea. kimberly: a lot of people know now. the school celebrated his her oism. dr. ben carson is on the offensive over allegations he lied about stories detailed in his best-selling book and often reported -- repeated in speeches and interviews. applied toe never west point and was never admitted but was recruited. he has lashed out at the media.
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>> you don't have to believe it. wait, don't lie. it will be my kindergarten teacher who says ip even my pants. kimberly: donald trump is hosting saturday night live then hitting the talkshow circuit sunday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders words speaking with voters in the carolinas, trying to draw in women and black voters, expected to dominate the state's february primary. maryland governor larry hogan push for a high-speed magnetic levitation train is getting a boost. the federal government awarded the state a $28 million grant to study the trade. baltimore.nk the traffic alert for part of northwest d.c. -- rose from foxhall road will be closed from
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six in the morning until 5:00 in the evening. emergencyrforming work on manholes and dealing with ponding water on canal road. the mag lev. devon: how nice would that be? kimberly: awesome. devon: bypass all the traffic. maybe some of the pothole work because of the rain from this morning. a lot more across the region. the complete forecast, starting with a snapshot of the nation's capital. if you clouds beginning to clear tonight. real-time temperatures, low to mid 50's, a light breeze, comfortable temperatures tonight. may not want the windows open like the last few days. and radarite together, as we quickly zoom out, the cold front pass-through way early in the day.
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with westwind starting to drop in. that wind will bring us the chilly pattern, especially with the northwest wind and the clouds in cumberland, hagerstown, martinsburg, clearing now. the big picture the next two days, cool tomorrow with tons of sunshine. the week, monday, cloud cover is quickly back into the forecast. that's the big picture, finishing the weekend, going into monday. let's reset the forecast and pinpoint where you are, the low temperatures tomorrow morning, low to mid 40's if you are up early, bright sunshine. , kind of cool and chilly hagerstown, ashburn 59, dale city 59. foggy bottom about 58.
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59 la plata and waldorf, 60 fredericksburg. just under 60 in culpeper. it will feel nice with the sun. the cloud cover overtakes the region, the rain showers hold off until monday night. overnight monday into tuesday is the next main rain event. 50 degree day monday, cloudy. confirms clouds are going away in the morning, just some wisps of clouds, then upper blue skies, sunny, 50's. the seven-day forecast, the most likely round of rain is monday night into tuesday, beautiful veterans day, 66. a cold front thursday will drop in cooler air into next weekend, i've only 55. -- high of only 55.
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across therunning bridge tomorrow, upper 40's at the start, low to mid 50's near the end, almost picture-perfect running weather. 10, sost wind that 5 to a great day to run across the bay bridge. about six miles i think is what that is. kimberly: if you are the coach of the redskins, what do you say to the team before kickoff? robert: give it your all and we will see what happens, especially playing the patriots. 94-15 at home,s, impressive. 50 turnovers in the last two games. i'm not a coach, but that does not help. and we have an upset alert.
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>> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the wizards needed a pick me up after losing to the celtics. in atlanta tonight, third nene besthis might be play of the season. , catchingrnovers fire. not a good look for the wiz. wiz droptwo straight, 114-99. and maple leafs. in the second, alex ovechkin, his 283rd career goal. in the third, time running out for the caps, it's not over until it's over, nicklas backstrom with the tying


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