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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 4, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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on "america this morning" as well as "good morning america." >> following the second high profile attack in two weeks, gun control is a hot presidential campaign issue. hillary clinton is telling new hampshire voters that she wants people to feel safe. she again called on congress to pass what she describes as sensible gun safety measures and on responsible gun owners to stand up to the gun lobby. >> donald trump's reaction to the san bernardino shooting has mostly been to praise police, but there in california and elsewhere at a book signing he said the press has been unfair to law enforcement only showing its mistakes such as white officers killing unarmed black teens. >> we have bad apples and you see only the bad apple. you don't see the good things. you only see the shooting the other day was terrible with the 16 bullets. >> we get a lot of bad things going on. >> he did call the san bernardino massacre "an islamic disaster," and again said at this book signing that parisians should have had guns during the
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attacks there. by the way, in order to view his live stream event, even our crew from abc had to buy a copy of had his book. >> okay. >> chicago mayor rahm emanuel now welcomes a justice department probe of his police department. earlier this week, he had called the civil rights investigation misguided. he changed his mind after hillary clinton as well as the governor expressed support for it. emmanuel has also dropped his opposition to the release of a new dashcam video that allegedly shows another police shooting of a black teen. it will be made public next week. an argument between the drivers of two luxury cars escalated into road rage in south florida. they first yelled at each, then got out and started swinging. the mercedes driver allegedly ended the argument by shooting the guy in the rolls. the gunshot just missed his lungs. that driver is in stable condition. police are looking for the other. lawyers for seven women
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suing bill cosby for defamation have served notice they plan to question his wife camille under oath next month. mrs. cosby is not among those accused in the defamation suit but the lawyer says she has information valuable to their case. the women say cosby's represent it be is defamed them after they went public accusing him offism sexual assault. >> a restaurant industry afraid group is suing new york city over new warnings about salt displayed on menus requiring is chain restaurants to put a salt shaker on items that exceed the daily limit. it says it will confuse and mislead customers. >> no worries about too much sodium in starbucks's newest menu offering called bagel balls. if you're too lazy to spread your own smear, then, yeah, these are mini bagels prestuffed with either cream cheese, veggie cream cheese or maple cheem cheese and they only have 100
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calories, fewer than latte. for now only available in new york, philly and indianapolis. why don't we have these on set today? >> they're about 90 grams of carbs. that's a great idea. >> you know i have no problem with carbs. >> that's true. it was an extraordinary end to the thursday night football game between the packers and the lions. so this should be an amazing episode of greg gumbel's tool book known as sports with reena. >> what an introduction. >> trying to mix it up. >> detroit was ahead 23-21 in what looked like the last play of the game, green bay's aaron rodgers completes a pass and the lateral star, the ball gets back to rodgers who is tackled but there's a face mask penalty. one last play. rodgers makes a desperation heb into the end zone. it's caught by teammate richard rogers >> it doesn't work. >> why? >> only for green bay.
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>> green bay wins innocence hyper dramatic style. 27-23. you have problems with this. why? >> that was fantastic. one of the detroit lions fans tweeted when i die i want the detroit lions to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time. >> and that's a problem? poor guy. so sad. the browns and the lions. >> it was a good game. >> fantastic. coming up from "insomniac theater" the reviews are in for the latest spike lee film and a holiday horror flick opening today. >> a health heart to people who take sleeping pills. the warnings to turning to medication to fight insomnia. >> and the decision delivered to oscar pistorius but a south african judge. first our forecast, 20s in anchorage. check to see what's happening in great falls today. nothing. >> nothing. they know you're going to alaska. >> yes. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by
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let's end this. always nice to see some surfing from there in hawaii. especially as temperatures here on the mainland drop to wintry levels. okay so check out mick fanning the winner of the world cup of surfing on sunset beach. you might recall this scene, from our reporting during the summer when he bravely fought off a shark during a competition in south africa. >> did i ever tell you i was a surfer? i took two lessons in hawaii. dog leash that keeps you attached to the board almost choked a friend who i drifted too close to her. when i almost killed her, i never surfed again. >> did you get up? >> almost. >> okay. well and u.s. prosecutors have actually unsealed a second indictment of world soccer officials. that indictment came as fbi agents raided the offices of a sports marketing firm in miami.
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it's believed that firm agreed to pay bribes to soccer officials in exchange for broadcast rights. as for the indictment it charges 16 men with corruption including several members of world soccer's governing body fifa. this is a big deal. it's really big abroad. >> that scandal does continue. the international sports community reeling from another stunner. this one out of south africa. >> disgraced olympian oscar pistorius now convicted of murder. here's lama hasan. >> there case involves a huge tragedy. >> in the supreme court of appeals in front of a packed room, the judge declares oscar pistorius guilty of murder. >> the accused conviction and sentence on count one are set aside and replaced with the following, guilty of murder. >> overturn agearlier conviction of manslaughter on the grounds that pistorious knowing the person he was firing at through the bathroom door might have been fatally injured. >> if you fire into that
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cubicle, you must foresee the possibility that you may kill the person inside the cubicle and that is what actually happened. >> reporter: following a sensational trial in 2014, the athlete had been found guilty of manslaughter for the death of his model girlfriend reena steen camp in 2013. pis forrous fired four bullets through this bathroom door, killing steen camp after he says he mistook her for an intruder. >> my lady, it's just so improbable, it can never be possibly true and the clear indication of his mendacity. >> serving ten months of his five-year jail sentence in this cell, the athlete then moving to his uncle's home in pretoria after his sentence was reduced to house arrest. but now he faces at least 15 years for murder. sentencing is due to take place early next year. lama hasan, abc news, london. >> coming up, a health alert about sleeping pills. we'll be right back.
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well, many struggle with something important to health. sleep. >> we wouldn't know about that. one in eight adults use over the counter or prescription sleep aids. are they the best alternative? here's becky worley. >> reporter: insomnia, tossing, turning, desperate to get a little shut eye. >> i'm not getting restful sleep
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and haven't for many years. on the average it's between four to 4 1/2 hours per night. >> brenda suffered with insomnia for 25 years. but she ratherly takes medication for fear of becoming addicted. >> i have changed my bedding. i have blackout shades. i've changed my eating habit. >> reporter: but lots of americans do take prescription medication. in 2013, 9 million americans had prescriptions for sedatives. recently some studies the pills may increase the risk of psychiatric issues and cancer for some people though a link has not been established. >> i think sleep aids should be used for an acute need but they're not the best use for long-term care of insomnia. >> reporter: this fast fall, brenda underwent a sleep test at the university of chicago medical center. she had had 32 brief awakenings every hour. now she's trying a behavioral modification program.
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>> i really need to limit my computer work because of the blue light they were sharing with me. eating earlier. no alcohol. >>. >> reporter: the doctor recommends something called sleep restrikds. only get in bed when you're sleepy. no tv, no devices. if after 30 minutes, you can't sleep get up and go somewhere else. >> cognitive behavioral therapy allows the patient to approach the bed and restructure their thought process so the bed is for sleeping and not a stressful experience. >> reporter: employing new behavioral changes can brenda is tracking her sleep. first night netted six hours and a month into the program, she's averaging five hours, improvement she says. >> anything that could help me i'm willing to do because i am goal driven to get this taken care of. >> reporter: becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> one cup of milk doesn't work. >> yes, but the fifth dimension might get you to sleep. >> this is the fifth dimension. >> of course, everybody knows them.
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okay. so time for "insomniac theater" and time to check out what's opening in theaters today. >> we'll start with spike lee featuring samuel lrvelg jackson and angel la bisset, a modern retelling. a child is killed while caught in the middle of gang warfare. the girlfriend of a gang leader persuades a group of women who abstain from sex until their men agree to stop the violence. >> approximately 1500 hours, 75 women took possession of the armory. >> women did this? >> black and brown women. >> black and brown women. >> how many dead? >> zero. >> just wounded. >> nada. >> packing big muscle. >> they appear to be unarmed.
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>> how many? >> approximately 75. >> are you telling me that 75 black and brown women took a united states military armory unarmed? >> oh, chi rack is shaping up to be one of the best reviewed spike lee films in years with one saying something got spike lee real mad. amy nicholson says chi-rac is a marvel. >> spike is back. next up is graham pass, a horror comedy starring adam scott and toni collette. instead of coal, the children of eastern europe have had a darker punishment around christmastime in the form of the beast flamed graham pass. when the squabbling of a family causes a young boy to lose his faith in christmas, the ancient beast is unleashed on the family who must come together in order to survive. >> how many ammo do you have? >> i a couple shells still loaded.
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maybe a dozen in my pocket. why? >> i think our best bet is to stay put. board up all the doors and windows and as soon as the weather breaks, we'll go find her. >> i told you we should have gone to my brother's. >> he sure on a pig farm. >> jesus was born in a barn. >> critics are being naughty and nice on this one. tim robe by saying it's too black hearted to feel like any kind of classic and veneta of the upcoming calling it a refreshing antidote to the persistent yuletide joy. >> if you want something dark go see it. >> you can go see chi-rac. >> i love angela bassett. she's always good, isn't she? >> black and brown. black and brown, chi-rac. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," explosive new details about the san bernardino rampage. >> what investigators discovered in the suspect's home as the heart broken community comes together paying tribute to the 14 people killed. we'll take you live to southern california. surviving the gunshots. the county employee who took a restroom break during the siege. it was break that probably saved his life. his remarkable story and brush with death. political ammunition. the presidential candidates confront terrorism and gun control as they look for votes, the intensifying debate. and military milestone. the decision by the pentagon changing forever the role of women serving in the armed forces. this is friday, december 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now".


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