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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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leon: democratic and republicans both criticizing the candidate. the white house saying that the trump comments disqualify him from being president. the republican speaker of the house also taking aim at the comments. >> normally, i the not comment on what is going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what the party stands for and more importantly it's not what the country stands for. >> the campaign for months now has had a vacuous sloganeering to the outright lies and the fake hair. the whole carnival barker routine that we have seen for some time now. >> the question now is about the rest of the republican party and whether or not they will be dragging the dust bin history with them. leon: the local muslim
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community is reacting to trump's comments as well. maureen: for that part of the coverage we southern to suzanne kennedy. suzanne: disappointing and shocking are what some local muslims call donald trump's latest political statement. >> it's the latest controversial statement by the republican presidential front-runner. one that has the white house saying that donald trump is not good for office. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> this muslim says the statements do not reflect the american values she has experienced since she came to this country a year ago from egypt. >> it's not only that but it's offending and discriminative.
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it's exploding a bomb of hatred here. within the community. >> she says trump's comments reflect an attitude by some in the u.s. that the word should be connected to terrorism. she worried that the impact the candidate proposal would have on a country that she has grown to love in the diversity and the tolerance. >> the country is united. it's united. americans have to keep agreeing on this. >> trump is standing by the call to block all muslims from entering the country. he says he is a response to terrorism and only a temporary solution. live in the satellite center suzanne kennedy abc7 news. maureen: thank you. tonight's twitter poll asking you whether you think trump has gone too far with the latest comments. cast your vote on the abc7 news twitter feed. leon: to san bernardino, now where there are new developments in the terror attack that killed 14 people. new emergency radio
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transmission show police identified syed farook almost immediately as the shooting played out. farook and his wife went to a shooting range several times before the attack. >> he presented what appears to be a valid i.d. he came in and acted the way he normally does. using the range. leon: authorities say they found an empty go-pro camera package shooting targets and tools inside a car belonging to farook's mother. to this report he got a $28,500 loan from an online lender just before the shooting. join us wednesday night for a town hall discussion to examine america's security versus america's freedom. "the new normal" is on our
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sister station newschannel8 at 8:00. maureen: a frantic search underway for a teen who went missing on the way to the airport. katelin akens' stepfather says he dropped her off at the mall and she was heading to the franconia springfield metro station to take the train to the airport saturday but the 19-year-old never arrived at reagan. yelled her luggage was found -- yesterday her luggage was found in a drainage ditch. if you have any information about her call police. now to a local neighborhood riddled by gun violence. leon: residents at an apartment complex say that the violence needs to stop. but the police say the owner of the complex needs to step up. sam ford is live tonight to explain what is going on there. sam? sam: it is not often you hear that a property owner is not cooperating with them but that is what they say about the property owner that runs the properties behind me.
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a large complex some say is out of control. >> these are the bullet holes. bullet holes in the front right here in the front. sam: elaine lewis showing us what happened to the 2015 jeep s.u.v. she said she arrived home at 4:00 a.m. sunday and told her son to find a spot to park her car when a crew that had been hanging in the complex opened fire, shooting up the car and causing her son to crash in another car. he said he fell out of the car and played dead. >> he is blessed. >> what did he say to you? >> he was shocked. sam: neighbor showed the car the son hit. she doesn't want to be seen. >> pow, pow, pow pow pow! i jumped. i'm handicapped. i told my son, get away from the window. sam: whether they go on camera or not the people here at the apartments have a story about a group of shooters who started hanging here.
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>> this is every weekend. multiple gunshots. >> i am so tired of hitting the floor from the gunshots around here. >> they have a security guard and ran one off the property. >> the police district commander parker says the property manager is of no help. >> like to install the cameras including the one you are asking about that has occurred on the property. it would have been great assistance to us. >> she says that at this point they were thinking about trying to have george declared a nuisance property owner because he has not been cooperating with the police. we talked to the management office here and tried to get in touch with mr. george. so far he has not responded to the efforts. this complex has had two homicides this year. numerous armed robberies. and assaults with a dangerous
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weapon. reporting live in southeast washington sam ford abc7 news. leon: thank you, sam. ahead at 6:00 a possible change in policy and the way police investigate their own. the change the maryland panel is considering. >> also ahead at 6:00, new fines for distracting driving in the district. a proposal before the council and why it might let bike riders roll through stop signs. maureen: "7 on your side" is on your sinswers to your questions about your pets. we have experts in the newsroom. ready to take your calls. the number is on your screen. document temperatures still 50 degree -- doug: temperatures still 50 degrees outside the belfort furniture weather center. mild temperatures today and much more mild in the weekend. i have the seven-day outlook
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: the city council are looking at several bills to beef up penalties for traffic offenders and one would suspend your license for a year and a half if you get three distracted driving citations. there are proposals to have bicyclist yield instead of stopping and it would allow the cycleist to roll through the traffic signs. maureen: paul ryan says short-term spending bill will
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be necessary to avoid government shutdown. congress passed a $1.1 billion budget by the deadline this week. ahead at 6:00 what is next in the trial of porter now that the prosecution rested the case? >> en effort to reduce right of police officers accused of violent acts is gaining steam. i'm brad bell and will explain coming up. maureen: "7 on your side" with the an answers to your questions about your pets. experts in the newsroom waiting to take your calls and questions. the number is on your screen. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. coming up in sports as bad as things were for the redskins all is not lost.
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i'll exp
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leon: both off and on the field last night in the redskins-cowboys game a number of fights broke out in the stadium and the parking lot. this was caught on camera of the concourse stadium. a knife was recovered by nobody was stabbed. two cowboys fans were arrested. the redskins fan was not. maureen: prosecutors rested their case against one of six baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death. afterwards the judge rejected once more defense motion to dismiss the charges against officer william porter. prosecutors called 16 witnesses in total. officer porter is charged with manslaughter assault and reckless endangerment. the defense will start presenting its case tomorrow morning. the officer is expected to testify in his own defense. a panel in maryland is looking at the ways to dramatically change how police officers and the department operating. leon: maryland bureau chief brad bell explain what the changes are and when they will
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go into effect. >> prince george's county police officersantiago was caught on camera screaming and holing his gun to an innocent man's head his supervisors sent the case on for prosecution. santiago isn't have to answer investigators' questions for ten days as he couldn't be immediately found. >> how dare you. >> santiago now convicted and in jail was protected by the law officers' bill of rights that gives officers a week and a half to get a lawyer. a provision long criticized by civil rights advocates. >> it gives them time to change their story. >> now formed in the wake of the freddie gray case in baltimore announced plans to make changes to the police bill of rights with the ten-day period likely cut in
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half. >> this should be on both sides. if they have ten days we should have ten days. >> prince george's state attorney alsobrooks who oversaw the conviction of officer santiago agrees it's time for change. >> a maker of peace to the community. it's fair for the police officer. >> the police reform panel will meet to finalize proposal in january. two days before the legislative session. leon: how about the weather? literally hot. maureen: mild. doug: five or six or seven degrees above average for day. december 1 we were below average that day but every day since and up until probably christmas will be above average. maureen: is this record-setting? not yet but it could be in the process.
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we are still 3.5 degrees above average for the month so far. doug: let's look to the city. 56 is the high for washington. 38 was the low. day after day after day of this becomes a big deal climate to logically. if you are looking for the cold air not found. 50 right now at reagan national. 43 in frederick and culpeper. 50 in the nation's capital. but tomorrow it's cool and chilly but not cold. not december cold as the temperatures will continue to be above average in petworth and northwest where it is 40. 37 in germantown. 39 in dale city. we have frost this morning but
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not tomorrow morning.he temperatures down and maybe 52 for the high. the pattern will continue. more significant pattern change will develop here thursday and friday when the high pressure recenters to the south. that will drive temperatures well above average. this will give us cloud cover in the afternoon. this will move to the tide water and middleton and they could get a brief sprinkle of shower. everybody else has clouds.
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light southerly wind not impossible to see areas of fog. more clouds will drop the temperature a couple of degrees. thursday is mostly sunny. 60 degrees. the average high is 49. then we go from 56 to 60 on thursday. 52 on friday. mid-650's over the weekend. mild monday when a cold front might give us a shower. tuesday turns cooler. not colder. gold weather expected saturday morning at the arlington national center for wreaths across america. in the mid-50's. christmas parade on saturday night. pardly cloudy skies in annapolis. through the evening temperatures in the 50's. it's pretty sweet for december night. back to you. leon: great. okay. let's see you have had 35 minutes to think about it. have you figured out what jackson was trying to do in figured it out? erin: i don't think he knows what he was trying to do. leon: what a mess. leon: enough about the redskins. erin: that was a mess. talk about another local team
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someone doing well. the only team hotter than the caps, that is the detroit red wings at the verizon center. hear why
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erin: the redskins miss a golden opportunity to distance themselves in the standing and instead find themselves in a three-way tie for first. with the giants losing to the jets sunday redskins had a chance to give themselves the two-game cushion between them and new york. but because of the loss to dallas the redskins flipped to a tie with the first for the giants and the eagles who have 5-7 records. >> you think about throwing the game away. you live to fight another day. we control our destiny. >> you have all of your chips in. make or break. you have to play a great team. go out and be that team. erin: maryland back in action
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taking on the back in action taking on the huskies at: maryland back in action taking on the huskies at madison square garden. they fell on the road to the preseason number one tar heels. since then they looked like one of the best teams in the country. capitols host the red wings tonight at the verizon center. the caps won four straight at home. but the redwings are on a hot streak. over the past three mings, detroit is -- three weeks detroit is 7-0-3. this is the third time they played the redwings. they expect a different team. >> they are a good team. consistent team. with that comes sometimes you go on win streaks. i don't expect a big difference. they were good the last two times we played them. expecting a hot team. erin: before we go if you want to hear more on the redskins' loss to the cowboys if you're not depressed enough join us for newschannel8 after the game. leon: i know you weren't counting but it sounds like you saw five and a half pounds
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of facial hair. every single one of them. erin: good story for me this week. maureen: get them ready to play santa claus. leon: they could. doug: no major outbreak of cold air in anytime soon in the next week or two or beyond. settle in the above average pattern that is continuing. in the next few days is 56 tomorrow with the partly cloudy skies. there are indications that clouds could keep it cool. but this trend is set. 60's on thursday. low 60's friday. mid-60's over the weekend. cool every but not colder by next week. steve rudin will be back with the weather to update the numbers. leon: dreaming of a white christmas folks. like san diego. love it. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir u
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tonight, the abc news exclusive. breaking right here. donald trump, one-on-one with barbara walters. his first on-camera interview after calling for a ban on muslims coming to america. outrage from his own party. >> are you a bigot? >> and tonight, barbara asks trump, are his words actually empowering isis putting american lives at risk? also breaking developments involving the terror couple in california. tens of thousands deposited into their bank account right before the attacks. and the shooter's own mother now added to the terror watch list. the new outrage tonight in chicago. the police releasing this video. the suspect tasered, dragged away, later dying. major storm hitting tonight. dangerous flooding. and now, the rescues. and after an e. coli scare


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