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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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will take to reach a verdict. they are already talking about what happens when that is done. tonight we are hearing calls for calm, calm for peace. >> i'm not service about the case. i think this will play out. i'm more concerned about the citizens of baltimore and anybody that has a love for freddie gray and anybody who likes to protest, that they have the right to do that but not to bring harm to the city. brad: with regard to protester, we do not see any at this point. earlier today there are two people out here demonstrating. police have called an all hands on deck for the foreseeable future to keep the calm and the peace here in the city. the jury has the case. they are deliberating. if there is any change we will bring you the very latest. we will be back here at 5:00 with an update. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. owners of some of the businesses burned or looted last spring say they are hoping for the best but thigh are preparing for the worst.
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sam sweeney picks up our team coverage with that part of the story. sam? >> when we got here, the tuesday morning after the monday riots, it was like a tornado hit. it was the worst thing i have seen in my life. sam: the wounds for the baltimore business owners are still fresh. mark levy lost more than a $1 million in merchandise after the looting. his sports apparel loss was closed for five weeks and he is still fighting the insurance companies. we want to know how mark and the other shops plan to prepare this time around. >> we are not doing anything different. we have a lot of faith in our police department. and the mayor. and they guarantee us that that will not happen again. they will put a stop to it. >> usually what we would do is close up the store, like i said. just for the safety of the employees. sam: every business in the shopping center was looted in april. this beauty supply store lost more than $200,000 in merchandise alone. i spoke with some of the
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owners here and they say there is nothing they can really do to prepare if something should happen again. >> we'll contact corporate and let us know, we will close up early if anything goes crazy. >> our customers are telling us they won't be rioting again. that was a freakish situation. sam: baltimore police spent millions on training and gear since the april riots and now will be working in the 12-hour trips to ensure shop like mark and tony's will be secure. in baltimore, i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: we have a whole page devoted to the freddie gray case at our website. that is where you can also sign up for breaking news, text alerts so that you can be among the first to know when that verdict comes in. alison? alison: the first visitation for a montgomery county police officer killed in the line of duty is just wrapping up in gaithersburg. officer liotta died thursday a
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week after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live at the coveted life church where a second visitation settled to begin three hours from now, kevin? kevin: that is right. officer liotta was not a member here at covenant life, the church has a lank sanctuary that can fit hundreds of people inside. pastoral staff were kind enough to host both visitations today. the funeral taking place tomorrow. this afternoon, hundreds of people waited in the receiving line. many police officers from local, state and federal departments, but there were a number of citizens, too. we spoke with one woman who got to know the officer because they went to the same 7-eleven. there are three photo collages of the officer showing happier time. officer leotta's cas wet draped with the american flag. the family stayed strong as
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they accepted sympathy and shook hundreds of hands. tomorrow will begin at covenant life. it is open to the public. the procession will head to the jew -- judean memorial garden. >> someone should expect it to will take a long time to get through and get pass the family to shake the hand of a family member for a few seconds. kevin: police said that officer leotta died a it the hands of a drunk driveer. they put out red ribbon to support mothers against drunk drivers. next to the guest book it is worth noting officer's legacy could become a push to strengthen d.u.i. laws in maryland. live in gaithersburg, kevin lewis, abc7 news.
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jonathan: thank you. strong wonders from president obama today in the war on terror. the commander-in-chief went to the pentagon to discuss the u.s. strategy against isis. this is a move that comes after apparent lack of warning ahead of the shooting in san bernardino. as elizabeth hur reports now at least one state is calling on the federal government to share classified watch list information to do more in the fight. elizabeth: for anyone wondering what if anything is done to defeat isis, president obama had this answer. president obama: we are taking out isil leaders, commanders and killers one by one. the next message to them is simple. you are next. elizabeth: that message after the rare visit to the pentagon with the top officials talking strategy tackling tarrism. president obama: we are hitting isil harder than ever. last month we dropped more bombs on the targets than any other month since the campaign started. elizabeth: this comes after warnings in the san bernardino attack.
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we have learned that t$7> the primary concern was that it would be viewed negatively if it was disclosed publicly. and there were concerns it would be embarrassing. elizabeth: last year, they had new policies to look at the social media public post but were opposed by the homeland security department of civil rights and civil liberties. >> have they checked out tashfeen malik more? maybe she wouldn't have gotten a visa. maybe the people in san bernardino would be alive. elizabeth: the homeland security department says the current screening process is being revised. according to the insider, even the new pilot program are not a widespread policy. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news.
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jonathan: federal prosecutors have charged maryland man with attempting to provide material support to isis. mohamed elshinawy is accused of lying to the f.b.i. elshinawy, i think that is how it's pronounced but i can't be 100% sure. he is from edgewood, north of baltimore. he communicated with isis members who sent him money to carry out an attack or to travel to syria. >> how much san bernardinos, how many sandy hooks do you need before you have basic sanity that says safety still matters? alison: today marks three years since 26 people died at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. protesters gathered outside the national rifle association headquarters in fairfax to call for more gun control today. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg was there this morning and he joins us live from the newsroom now. jeff? jeff: well, alison, the protesters today talking of course about newtown, about san be tucson,
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aurora, so many mass shootings across the country. protest marking, and marking the third anniversary of newtown at the n.r.a. headquarters in fairfax. [chanting] organizers say more than 350 people turned out for today's event, many holding signs and chanting, calling for tighter gun laws. they accuse the n.r.a. being more interested in helping gun manufacturers make money than public safety. s a speaking today the parents of alison parker, the roanoke television reporter who was shot and killed in august on air with the camera man andy ward. parker's father had criticism of the n.r.a. >> it's a disgrace. and an aider and abetter in terrorism. >> the reckless gun violence has to stop. >> we want sensible, public safety gun control measures to
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stop the violence? jeff: we tried repeat lid to get a comment from the n.r.a., either an interview or a statement but we were told they had nothing to say about today's rally. coming up at 6:00, our inteview with andy and barbara parker who tell us why they are taking up this fight so soon after losing their daughter. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: a lot of drones out there now and they all have to be registered with the federal aviation administration starting next week. drones weighing a half pound to 55 pounds must be registered on the f.a.a.'s website. a $5 registration fee will bewayed for the first month. if you already own a drone, you have until february to register it. if you get one in the future, perhaps under the tree, you must sign up before you take your first flight with the drone. they are hugely popular. alison: very popular. jonathan: a chance for showers around the area tonight. we might get some this afternoon. alison: definitely. our chief meteorologist doug hill in the storm watch weather center.
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when is all this going to roll in? doug: is it in the process, moving west to east across the area. outside the belfort furniture weather center. cloudy. no rain yet. but showers on the way. get started with a live look at the cons the potomac river in national harbor. heavy cloud cover around the area. not to bun expected with the clouds and the showers developing ahead of the cold front. 66 now. we have been in the upper 60's in most areas throughout the day. 70 in manassas. 69 in fredericksburg. here comes the rain, scattered you showers. several waves of showers preceding the cold front that will come through later tonight. the heaviest rain should be out of here. the heaviest showers at 69:00 or 10:00 -- 9:00 or 10:00. clearing skies overnight. forecast for the evening showers. they will clear out of here with the skies clearing by dawn. 46 to 55. tomorrow is terrific. a lot of sunshine. breezy. cooler but still very mild. highs in the lower 60's. there may be cold air to talk about in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. alison: we'll see you then, doug.
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thanks. trending now, you heard about a by and his dog but all around the world today people are talking about a soldier and his dog. the 89th military police brigade posted this picture of rocky on its facebook page. he and his handler specialist andrew brown were injured by shrapnel from an i.e.d. this month. specialist brown arrived at the army medical center over the weekend. there is rocky but he is still being treated in germany. they have both received purple hearts for their service. you know what? rocky actually outranks specialist brown. jonathan: so he is parking out orders all the time. >> good one! jonathan: a bunch of elves are doing what they can to make sure grinches don't ruin the holidays for hundred of kids. alison: plus -- >> when dreams are made to actuality. that is a wonderful thing. alison: well, you can say the dreams of millions are on the verge of coming to fruition
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with the next "star wars" film. we will take you to the premier in l.a. jonathan: a wild crash forces a family out of their home. find out what police say may have caused all this. >> a yacht club destroyed. along with it 150 jobs. i'm chris papst. coming up, how a community is coming together this holiday season to help those most discover the world
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jonathan: back now with a look at the damage that a group of thieves left behind at a temporary salvation army warehouse in d.c. all the bags you are looking at, filled with toys, heading to hundreds of children later this week. that was the plan. two people arrest and others are still being sought. they have the goods with them. so the salvation army is working to replace what was taken. we'll have more on the efforts coming up tonight at 5:00. right now annapolis city larderers trying to figure out what is next after a fire gutted a historic yacht club in downtown. i don't know if you have seen the pictures of this. a huge fire. they just wrapped up a press conference a few minutes ago. chris papst joining us live from annapolis. i'm curious, a lot of folks are, what did they say at the press conference? chris: well, they are trying to figure out where they go from here.
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they don't have the information yet, jonathan. we have a beautiful intact christmas tree. right at the front door. keeping with the holiday spirit. we look at the video here. the pictures are quite impressive. this fire happened late saturday afternoon. nobody was hurt. but when the building was destroyed it took with it. a centerpiece of annapolis. culture and the history, but also about 150 jobs. half of them are restaurant jobs. a handful have come together to offer employees jobs for the holiday season to help the families but until the building again some day reopened. and these are the rivalry restaurants. these are the competitors
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doing it. we spoke to a manager at the restaurant. here is what he had to say. >> i think myself and the other restaurants in the community reach out and pick up the people to continue to earn it. coming up at:00, we tell you what the game plan is. we'll tell you what the mayor of annapolis is and his goal, his time frame to see this back open. live in annapolis, chris papst, abc7 news. alison: thank you. the public will get a chance to weigh in on a proposed upgrade to electric transmission line through the prince william and loudoun county. do moinion and virginia power have meeting for the 24th. it will be held at battlefield in haymarket. gas is down to the national
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average. prices are the highest in the district. the cheapest in virginia and maryland is in between. in the coming days, a.a.a. expects the national average to fall below $2.00 for the first time since 2009. amazing! jonathan: love it. time now for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan has a lot of folks out there burning gas. jamie: yes. leaving d.c. get ready for a crash. 395 southbound. this is near washington boulevard. and they did have lanes blocked off. this has been moved in the gore area. let's go ahead and take a live look to give you a better reference point. you can see the flashing lights. this is a stretch right here. no lanes are blocked anymore. it's right before you get to route one. again 395 heading southbound, not a lot of people looking to see what is going on. as we move back to the maps we are not seeing a delay out of the ordinary. we still have volume on 395. nothing major to worry about. i want to talk about the one crash we are seeing with all lanes blocked in mclean.
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westbound, old dominion drive. blocked off between 123 and hampton ridge drive. all lanes are blocked so here are some alternates. take great falls street to west moreland street and still hook back up with old dominion. again, in this area, a lot of volume for the afternoon commute right now. had earlier issues on the red line with the circle tracking. now residual delays from medical center and friendship heights. back to you. alison: thank you. strong winds are blamed for blowing dozens of train cars off a bridge in texas. 64 cars were blown onto the roadway below. look at this. this happened sunday morning. amazingly, no one was hurt. officials say the train cars were being stored on the bridge and were monitored at the time of the incident. at least four confirmed tornadoes touched down in that state over the weekend. jonathan: you know what is interesting? there is weather happening all around us except for here. we have glorious bubble above us. we love it. not that we are complaining.
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doug: no. we have the stretches and then we is times where many other part of the country are quiet and we are nailed one storm after another, storm after the other. jonathan: it works better this way. doug: selfish thought to have mr. jonathan this time of year. jonathan: we have dug out to know we can be selfish once in a while. doug: let's get started. cold front on the way. the temperatures are still mild out there. give you a time lapse from western from centreville. it's still 64 there now. through the day, limited sunshine for a few minutes this morning. literally. some showers popped on the lens this afternoon. we have a few showers here and there. more to come our way tonight. temperatures, no record officially at reagan national. we hit 68 for the high. record of 70. set a high of 69 at washington dulles. and missed the record of 71 by one degree. at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. the temperatures are mild. still 70 in manassas. 66 at reagan national. 69 in fredericksburg.
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66 in hagerstown right now. showers are on the way. not steady heavy rain. but enough showers to deal increasingly causing issues for the rush hour. i'm sure jamie will report this afternoon as it's closer to the i-95 corridor here. plenty of rain ahead of the front. what is not on the screen will widen the image and show we have bands of showers moving north ahead of the cold front. skies will clear in the early morning hours before sunrise. that is in the future cast. we will start to see the clearing move in. we'll be in shape for a couple beautiful days. i will be cooler and not colder. 53 tomorrow. 59 on wednesday. another cold front approaches thursday with the rain developing through the day and early friday morning. mostly friday should turn partly sunny with a breezy condition. turn colder 48. saturday, 43. 46 on sunday. we will warm up next week. right now if i had to take a guess for christmas eve and christmas day, i'd say in the 50's in christmas eve and 60's christmas day.
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alison: 60's! doug: possibility. jonathan: perfect for a christmas day run. coming up for us at 4:00 -- [singing] forget the other side. find out what adele will be saying hello to d.c. alison: brought to a
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alison: so a trip from new york to qatar came to a sudden stop before the plane even got off the ground. so the cell phone video shows what happened when the plane slam on the brakes. no one was hurt. the airbus a350 was filled with journalists and mthe invited guests for the plane's first play. i was going to be from j.f.k. to doha. they deemed the runway too short. the plane later took off on a different runway. jonathan: loaded with journalists. alison: back here, police are investigating a wild crash that happened in prince george's county. jonathan: it resulted in forcing a family from their own and it sent two people to the hospital. jeanette reyes has the latest on the investigation. jeanette: the debris field as a result of the accident is large. take a look. this is one of the many things that fell off the speeding s.u.v. i want to show you something. further down, the gray car,
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that s.u.v. side-swiped the vehicle. did good damage. kept going. slammed into the tree. then went straight toward that home. now, police tell us there were five people inside. two men, three women. one person is at the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other with serious injuries. now the mother of two of those women tell us the daughters are okay. they are at in the hospital still in shock. they thought they slammed into a stone wall. take a listen, though, to what one neighbor is saying about the accident. >> it's because it looked like people gone crazy. with the drugs and everything. straight into people's houses. we are there and they are going through the streetcar, too. if they don't hurry to change things. jeanette: the property manager tells us the family of four was inside of the home and this all happened. they just moved in over a month ago. they are okay. however they have to stay out until an inspector can come out and look over it. in the meantime, it's deemed
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unsafe. the property manager tells me he saw alcohol inside the s.u.v. that could be a factor. speed was one of them. the accident is still under investigation. police will let us know as soon as they have new information. reporting in capitol heights, jeanette reyes, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> the death of a special education teacher in custody now ruled a homicide. comingcoming up, why no chargese yet been filed. alison: plus, rain is on the way. doug is back with a look at when it should roll in and how much we could see. jonathan: the force is strong in this one. a look at the excitement building in los angeles ahead of tonight's premier of the
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: well, he died in the custody of security guards. today, the d.c. medical examiner's office did rule alonzo smith's death was a homicide. roz plater is tracking the newest information from the newsroom. roz? roz: this is one more piece in the puzzle in the controversial in-custody death. the medical examiner ruled the death of the special education teacher alonzo smith was a homicide. and that the cause of death was sudden cardiac death, complicated by acute cocaine toxicity while restrained and that compression of his torso was a contributing factor.
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he was found handcuffed unconscious in the apartment complex november 1. at the time he was in the custody of special police. those are armed security officers with arrest powers and licensed by the district. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. friends and family have been protesting the handling of the investigation into his death and asking why the guards are not being held accountable. now we should note that so far no charges have been filed. this ruling from the medical examiner does not automatically mean they will be filed. that would be up to the prosecutors. the d.c. police told me a few minute ago they are still investigating this case. live in the newsroom, i'm rosslyn, abc7 news -- i'm roz plater, abc7 news. jonathan: army will let a captain to keep turban if he has a well-groomed appearance. it will be up to the army to decide if it's permanent or temporary. a graduate of west point and veteran of afghanistan, singh
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is stationed at fort belvoire. >> it's muggy. it gave way to a better afternoon. and now rain is on the way. doug is here. doug: we will all be muggy with the showers coming up. temperatures are slow to fall. but fall they will. we won't get dramatically colder. that will happen in the weekend. the numbers in the upper 6 of 0's still. a delightful weather. the average high is 47. 68 now in chevy chase. 68 in springdale and dale city. it's warm around here! the showers are on the way. this is a 30-minute loop, animation here. it is making progress from southwest to northeast. other bands are farther west and southwest we have to deal with in the evening and the nighttime hours. we are thinking that the chance of rain should be out of here by 10:00 or 11:00. maybe one additional shower could pass through the overnight. but tomorrow we will wake up to a different day. it will be cooler. 52 in the morning with
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sunshine. it will be breezy through the day as well but still mild with the highs in the afternoon reaching 63 degrees. as far as the next seven days go. let's take a look. a lot of sunshine. breezy, 63 tomorrow. 59 for the day on wednesday. thursday another stronger cold front with a 60% chance of showers. highs at 57. showers lingering early friday morning. but then you see the cooler air. 48 in the afternoon. weekend looks terrific. 43, chilly, sunny saturday. 46 on sunday. monday in the lower 50's again. i said a few minute ago we have a warming trend all next week and it could be unseasonably warm by christmas eve and christmas day. alison: wow! thanks. trending now, "star wars." and while most people have to wait until thursday knight if they want to see the new film the wait is nearly over for the stars. the celebrities and a few hundred fans because "star wars: the force awakens" premiers tonight in not one but three theaters.
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lawrence listener has the countdown. reporter: the force awakens hollywood for the premier of a highly anticipated film people know very little about. >> i love the secret. >> what i hate is when i go to see a movie and feel like the trailer told me everything. reporter: the plot has been kept under wraps but fans can expect the return of the actors and the characters from the original trilogy. >> chewy, we're home. reporter: harrison ford says he is more excited for this film than when he debuted as hans solo in 1977. back then, he said he couldn't have imagined the success "star wars" would go on to have. >> now knowing that it's daunting. reporter: carrie fisher says she returns in a role she has never been able to shake. >> princess leie, like i'm supposed to go yes. reporter: there are also newcomers playing hero to a new generation. >> my gosh. reporter: also in the film, a new bad guy.
4:35 pm
emphasis on the so-called practical effects over computer generated ones. >> hold on! reporter: and, of course, there is everyone's memories of that first film. >> i was just blown away. the pressure is enormous. reporter: ahead of tonight's celebrity premier the anticipation and secrecy continue. blocks of hollywood boulevard are closed down to traffic. you have to go through a metal detector just to walk down the sidewalk. lauren lister, abc news, hollywood. alison: just to walk down the sidewalk? jonathan: big, big, big. alison: so maybe you are looking to shed a couple of pounds and you can't make it to the gym. what about trying to use the force? jonathan: we are not making this up. some people in new york, check it out. dressing up like jedis from "star wars" and taking lightsaber fitness courses. daniel ricer has been instructing the course for the past eight years and said it is a good way to sweat while having fun. >> where is the fun of just simply watching something? i mean, you look at say a
4:36 pm
football fan. they are going to go in the backyard and throw the football around. it's the same kind of thing. instead of a football we have light lakers. jonathan: -- lightsaber. jonathan: the force is strong. they practice the battles like the one from the films. no matter skill level there is only one rule. once a jedi, always a jedi. don't you think? today's twitter poll is asking are you excited about the "star wars" film? waiting in line? camping out? or wait a few months. cast your vote and let us know. the comments are welcome on the twitter feed. alison? ♪ from the outside alison: well, another hot ticket is sure to be adele. the singer announced today she will tour north america next year. that schedule includes two days in d.c. october 10 and 11. at the verizon center. tight goes on sale thursday.
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you may have watched mary poppens this past saturday night on abc but dick van dyke did more in tribute than just watch. [singing ] >> ♪ when mary holds your hand you feel so grand ♪ ♪ your heart starts beating like a big brass band ♪ alison: the actor took part in a flash mob to celebrate his 90th birthday. folks that gathered at the grove in los angeles dressed up like the characters from "mary poppins" and they sang all the songs from the film. there he was singing along. the actor turned 90 yesterday. what a cool thing! jonathan: it's a classic and it's ageless and the kids watch it today they will still get a kick out of it. alison: he was phenomenal. jonathan: they all were. the whole cast was fun. alison: you are right. jonathan: happy birthday. alison: coming up here at 4:00, the pope wins the web. or does he? the story behind a viral selfie just ahead. jonathan: but first, santa takes time away from preparing all the deliveries to lend a different kind of
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alison: a firefighter is keeping an eye on a massive warehouse fire in columbus, ohio. the two-alarm blaze started 3:30 this moning and it took hours to get it under control. wow!
4:41 pm
several propane tanks exploded causing flames to shoot a hundred feet in the air. we're told it housed a shipping and a landscaping company. no one was hurt. no word on the cause. a fire at an aquarium in utah could have been much worse if it weren't for santa. mr. and mrs. clause toured the living planet aquarium over the weekend when a fire broke out in the kitchen and the pair helped evacuate the visitors and the staff. while the fire crews extinguish the flames. santa says he happens to run the north pole fire department and he had training. jonathan: he is magic, too. alison: that, too. so a 5-week-old polar bear cub has quite the snore. jonathan: stop what you are doing and look at the tv. this is one of the cutest things you'll see all week. watch. [snoring] don't you love the tongue
4:42 pm
sticking out? that noise is snoring. so happy. the zookeepers say the noise she is making is wing of contentment. the baby bear who doesn't have a name yet weighs in over four pounds and she just started to open both eyes and standing all four. that is what she looks like when sleeping. alison: she is cute out. look out later. jonathan: in a year or two, big b a big bear. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- pushing for change. what the folks were hoping to accomplish at the redskins park today. jonathan: but first, latest polls have donald trump and ted cruz neck in neck iowa. a preview of tomorrow night's debate
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alison: we have breaking news to tell you about from reagan national airport now. t.s.a. has an explosive ordnance division. they are at the airport right now investigating a suspicious bag. emergency officials cordoned off an area at the curb. but we are told no flights have been disrupted because of the investigation. airport officials say this is routine. we will continue to watch the
4:46 pm
breaking news from reagan national. jonathan? jonathan: the next big test for republicans in vote 2016 comes tomorrow night in las vegas. that is where the next debate will be before the presidential race hits full stride next year. we are going to iowa, south carolina. ryan nobles has a preview. you check the latest poll numbers and trump is at 51%. no matter who he insults or who he makes fun of, he continues to go up. ryan: jonathan, what is really taking the political class by surprise that donald trump in the poll is 40%. the highest he has been since announcing for president six months ago. there was a lot of convention wisdom throughout the campaign that donald trump had fervent support but it had a ceiling, somewhere in the mid-to-high 30's and the rest of the vote was spread out amongst the various candidates. the fact he continues to grow
4:47 pm
defies the kind of narrative that many people painted about this campaign. this will set the stage for something interesting tonight. this alludes to what you talk about before. it doesn't matter how people attack him or what trump has to say, the standing in the polls either strengthens or gets even better. we have to see how it plays out. but the big difference is ted cruz is surging in iowa now. jonathan: it's interesting. if you look at the poll number, 41% for trump. it lends weight that people really like him. talk about ted cruz for a second. ted cruz and donald trump. trump has gone over every candidate except for ted cruz. they played nice. is this the meeting they will go after each other and spar? ryan: that will be the compelling story.
4:48 pm
ted cruz has even said nice thing about donald trump. i was at the capitol when cruz held a rally and invited trump to the rally. they hugged one another. cruz has gone out of his way to be nice to trump. for the first time, trump is starting to pivot. over the weekend he was critical of ted cruz. i expect the two to go after one another tomorrow night. jonathan: thank you for your time. senior political reporter scott thuman is on his way to las vegas. going there tonight. his live report on the debate. see him tomorrow on "abc7 news at 4:00". alison: okay. well opponents to the redskins mascot, took their fight to redskins park. members of the organization called "rebrand washington football" hand-delivered a petition with more than 1,600 signatures to the team's headquarters in ashburn. the group believes the name is offensive and should be changed. jonathan: she didn't get a
4:49 pm
grand slam this year but serena williams ended the year on a high note. very high note. she was named strait of "sports illustrated" sports person of the year. she finished 53-3 en route to win five titles and fell two matches short of calendar grand slam. she has a few of those. alison: she is pretty deserving. the pope made a slash on social media. look at the rounds early. bill as the first papal selfie. but it's a fake. it's actually screen grab from a video chap last year. the account that posted it what 140,000 followers but it's not an official account related to the holy man. jonathan: talk about the weather situation.
4:50 pm
it looked like it was going to rain and then it didn't rain. alison: dreary. steve: it's raining. alison: it is now. steve: yeah. for a lot of folks. the cold front moving through. this weekend is long gone. holiday season. national harbor and the wheel is decorated for the holidays. green and red. and white. nice out there. it's 66 at reagan national airport. fast forward to this friday. it will be a chilly evening for the frederick festival of lights. it starts at 7:00. temperatures in the middle 40's by 6:00. move through late evening. 39 by 9:00. 35 by 10:00. look at the weekend forecast. daytime high temperatures. 43 on saturday. only looking for daytime high
4:51 pm
of 46 sunday. at least we have sunshine to make it look pretty. don't forget the big football game sunday. at 1:00. redskins. look for the temperatures that are in the middle to the upper 40's. a bit on the cool side but we will warm it up moving to early next week. look at the seven-day outlook. the daytime highs will rebound to the lower 50's. one week from today. hope you had a chance to enjoy the above average temperatures. changes are on the way. jamie has a look at traffic. jamie: we are starting off with a few issues. i'll begin with the heavy traffic slowing on the capital beltway. you can see right here near river road. the volume. you are going to see that on the inner loop and the outer loop. mainly in the stretch from 270 to continue to 66. let's move to the maps. the crash on mclean is cleared
4:52 pm
away. we have an avenue near washington boulevard and that is gone. 66 delays, it will take you 30 minutes to get from the capital beltway to continue toward the fairfax county parkway. currently only averaging 14 miles per hour. the earlier crash in mclean is now gone. heading inbound on the g.w. parkway is clear. if you travel on metro. we have single-tracking earlier on the red line. that is no longer in place. now it's the residual delays from the medical center to friendship heights, especially in the area if you have to get to bethesda. you may have delays. that is a look at traffic. alison: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "star wars" toys can be a collector's dream. find out how to choose wisely so you don't waste your money. jonathan: you still have time to make it an exciting christmas for a child in our area in need. go to to make an online donation to toys for
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i love r2d2. i could date him. we're almost the same height. alison: arguably the most beloved "star wars" character of all time joined "good morning washington" today. r2d2 helped kick off "star wars" week. he helped with the traffic and the weather and joined a segment about the "star wars" collectibles. leon: how cool is that? alison: very fun. they were lucky. jonathan: they were. alison: in a auction last week rare collectibles sold for half a million dollars. jonathan: could you cash in on the childhood memories? consumer reporter john matarese shows us what to look out for. john: thousands of people have been waiting for months for the opening of the most anticipated "star wars" movie of all time. the excitement reaches a peak so does the value of the old "star wars" toy that you might have tucked away in your closet. >> what are we going to shop for today?
4:57 pm
john: david and his dog tell vintage toys at the antique booth. but says the holy grail of the childhood collectibles right now is "star wars." he showed me a joba the hut from the 199's and almost original millennium falcon. the new movie sending the prices up. >> a risings tide lifts all boats. john: if you have "star wars" items from the 1970's, the force is with you. on ebay full set of the action figures for $2,700. bobafette for $1,600. there are millions of the "star warssy" toes in people's homes. how do you know if yours is a collectible that could be worth big money down the road? >> nostalgia is such a driving factor in the market. john: art appraiser morgan cobb showed me a model used in the "empire strikes back"
4:58 pm
building that sold for $180,000 but said the toy must be in great shape and limited quantity. >> the rarity, the condition, many of the variables involved. do your homework. john: original packaging and no damage is key.
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