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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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alison: breaking news in rockville, a woman randomly shot in the leg while driving her car. leon: the woman was on her way to pick up her son at the when she metro station was hit by bullet. she drove to a police station for help. roz plater is on the scene. roz: leon, this bizarre incident
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ended here at this firehouse on rockville pike. 8:00.rted just before this is video of the car, with a single bullet hole in the driver side door. the driver of the car which shot in her leg, expected to be ok. she was on her way to the rockville metro to pick her son, heard a loud noise, and felt a burning sensation in her leg, but continued driving, picked up her son, discovered she was shotand drove to the nearby firehouse to get help. this is the area the police have been searching tonight, looking for evidence. this is where it started, the victim driving near the rock terrace school and the rockville swim center when she was struck. callers to 911 said they heard as many as seven shots fired. the police are using flashlights tolv search the school and the park nearby, also using canines to try to figure this out. >> we had officers in the area
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shortly after the initial call went out, but we have yet to find anything. that is the tough part for them, they have no lookout information, so it is tough for them and they are hoping that somebody will give them information, some of the callers to 911, but they have no suspects and they are searching for any kind of clues. live in rockville, roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: also breaking right now, d.c. police on the scene of two separate stabbings, the first in the 700 block of 24th street. the condition of the victim is not known. a man was also stabbed on the street nearby. stay with abc 7 for updates. leon: even more breaking news, this time in prince george's county, a victim in serious condition after being shot and capitol heights.
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tom roussey just got an update from the police. tom, what did they tell you? tom: leon, this happened at the benningf valpo and road's and capitol heights. the shooting appears to have happened inside, the focus of the investigation on the third floor. lots of things, -- they are taking pictures of a lot of things. a man was shot inside of that apartment building. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. we are told by prince george's county police this does not appear to be a random crime. just a few minutes ago, we saw a family come out of the building and there was a woman not in custody, but indicating she was heading to the headquarters at palmer park to talk more with the police about what happened here. the victimshat
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condition is other than it is serious. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: thank you, tom. no indictment in the death of sandra bland. she was found dead and a texas jail cell last summer. tonight, a grand jury decided no felony crime was committed by the sheriff's office or jail workers. they are still trying to decide if a trooper who arrested her should face charges. questions the finding that she killed herself. leon: fake credit cards discovered during the holiday shopping rush and two men are under arrest. are accusedl walker of using fraudulent credit cards at tysons corner center. officers recovered $14,000 of counterfeit merchandise and also thousands of dollars in gift cards. alison: a christmas gift will go
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back to its rightful owner after being found on a path in chantilly. a man found a torn up package with the address still on it last week. the family thinks that a thief discard at the unwanted toy. they are trying to return it to the family who ordered it. tonight we heard from the grandmother who think abc 7 for helping find her granddaughter's present. it was delivered to the wrong house last week and they have been searching ever since. could be delivering records, looking at temperatures possibly in the 70's christmas eve. before that, we have rain on the way. steve rudin has a look at the outlook. the way tomorrow morning, so grab your umbrella. you will need it in the morning. the temperatures outside right anacostialls church,
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56 degrees, showers beginning to move into winchester, woodstock, harrisonburg just along the i-81 corridor, and this will overspread early tomorrow morning. i time lows 46 to 52, patchy fog. 52.nighttime lows 46 to now, fairfaxning county police are searching for a suspect who may be connected with seven armed robberies. all of the robberies happen near the corner of route one and pokertek road. they began in september and the earliest cap -- the latest happened early this month. it walked up to the victim, showed a gun, and the minute money. >> when i get to my car, i look with ways and get out quickly. i run back into the house. tom: how much better would you feel if they caught the guy? >> 110% better.
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alison: that neighbor has seen a increase in police presence. the woman suspected of plowing into a crowd on a las vegas strip is on suicide watch tonight. the police say that she deliberately drove her car into the crowd in front of the paris hotel. the question is, why? streets of sin city, as this oldsmobile runs rampant into the crowded sidewalks. that 24-year-old holloway with her three-year-old daughter in the backseat and intentionally slammed into dozens of bystanders, injuring more than 30, killing jessica valenzuela, a mother of three. >> we got the child out of the backseat. she accelerated and was mowing people down. >> it did not even look like she was slowing down for stats she was looking straightforward. there were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle. leon: the famed las vegas strip
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shut down. >> we don't know what the intent was behind it. we don't know enough of her background to make a terrorism determination. leon: little is known about holloway's background. they believe that she was originally living in oregon and drove to the vegas area, where she had been living in her vehicle for days or weeks. they believe she was under the influence of some kind of stimulant at the time. holloway is facing charges of murder with a deadly weapon, with more charges pending. alison: campaign news, lindsey graham is out of the field in the race for the white house. this out republican -- a south carolina republican senators announced it on social media. the new hampshire primary is 50 days away, and that is where the rest of the field is focusing. donald trump is demanding an apology from hillary clinton and it's over this. mrs. clinton: he is becoming
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isis' best recruiter. they are showing videos of donald trump insulting muslims and islam. >> i demand an apology. marco rubio, chris christie, ted cruz are all running tight in new hampshire polls for the second-place spot, behind donald trump. leon: 7 on your side with a health alert, the cdc reports five more illnesses tied with the chipotle restaurant chain. they are in kansas, north carolina, and oklahoma. all of those who were made sick reported eating at chipotle the week prior. it is not known if it is the same strain that has sickened more than 50 people since october. alison: the police are working to prevent dw why this holiday season, patrolling the roads. montgomery county police officer noah leotta was killed after
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being struck by suspected drunk driver while he was on a dui enforcement detail. an average of 11 people will be killed in drunk driving crashes this month. leon: parents are warned about a possible disruption to school service in charles county. some bus drivers may bring kids to school in the morning but may not return in the afternoon to take them home. a letter were sent to parents saying the schools are preparing just in case that happens. parents are warned the buses may run later than normal. good news for virginia drivers -- the dmv is reversing its policy about smiling and drivers license pictures. in 2009, they adopted a neutral expression policy to accommodate image verification software. that technology has now advanced enough to handle facial expressions. alison: not a lot of people smiling in orlando. it was a scary couple of hours
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for guests stuck on a ride at sea world in florida. about 50 people were trapped in the sky tower ride for some three hours in orlando. fire officials say that all guests were brought to safety and nobody was injured. no word on what caused the malfunction. it is with the- holidays are all about. giving back to those less fortunate. tonight, a group of police officers, firefighters, and volunteers pulled off a special surprise. >> it means a lot to us. it shows that others care. alison: the emotional story next.
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discover the w world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids disver the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] holidayheartwarming surprise and glenarden, the police and firefighters got together to help kids in need. alison: the christmas caravan was not just for the children. jay korff has the story tonight. jay: this mother offour knew
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her kids were selected for some christmas presents, but she had no idea the number of gifts and how they would be delivered. ens] jay: dozens of first responders in prince george's county reminded us that protecting humanity community comes in many forms. park police,nal prince george's county officers, and others went on a remarkable call monday night. >> the kids went wow. jay: delivering much-needed christmas gifts to a family in need. >> i cannot believe this is happening. and her four children were chosen as the recipients. she goes to school full-time, works part-time, and had to make a tough decision when her car broke down. >> i said this is my christmas money. jay: members of law enforcement
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brought christmas to the family. >> merry christmas. the big surprise, thousands of dollars in gift cards that will sustain them far past the summer 25. >> we will have a very special christmas. >> giving is better than receiving. >> we have to get santa claus back to the north pole. jay: they grew up here, struggled, and made it. he sees himself in young antonio and knows it's time to give back. it's always for something negative, but not today. today was positive. antonio will remember that. she alicia carter says when gets back on her feet, she plans on giving back to those in need. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: more breaking news, coming from the district, these are live pictures of a car being pulled out of the anacostia
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river. it was found at 10:00 tonight. the police have no other information that we can report, but we are at the scene, looking for developments and will have the information right here as soon as we learn it. alison: first, let's transition to the weather. it continues to be mild. wesounds like christmas eve, have not felt one like this in a really long time. steve: it will be one that we rember for a really long time. could not only be breaking records but shattering records by multiple degrees. leon: that's saying something. this hour, theat daytime high today, 58 degrees, 45 is where we should he. looking at the calendar, only one day, saturday, below average. now we have another yellow square, and we will put those squares up pretty much the rest of the week, even into next week as the trend shows temperatures above average for this time of
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year. outside, 55 degrees at reagan national, 10 degrees above the average high for the date. and this is past 11:00 in the evening. across the board, still mild for this time, 54 degrees leesburg, 52 frederick, same in winchester and luray, southern maryland coming in at the low 50's. plenty of mild air all the way from the coast inland. columbus, detroit, indianapolis, louisville, all in the 50's. don't see that very often this time of year. the moisture on the way later tonight into the early morning hours. this moves across the d.c. metro, eventually towards philadelphia and new york city. if you are traveling tomorrow, it will be wet up and out east coast. apple radar, dry around the beltway right now, but northern montgomery county is where the showers are developing. not amounting to a lot. the mask is an barnesville,
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poolesville, light activity at this time. tomorrow morning, grabbed the umbrella heading out the door. you will need it for the morning and early afternoon. patchy fog,rnight, not enough to cause delays, the wind relatively light at five miles per hour. tomorrow morning, upper 40's waldorf and la plata, dale city 48 degrees, petworth, cleveland park, dupont, 50 to 52. the wet weather moving in just in time for the rush-hour commute, 8:00 the heaviest well to the south. fredericksburg, then out of your midday. the drivetime home tomorrow afternoon and evening, the skies begin to clear a little bit. the wind still out of the south, so still mild. been more rain in the forecast wednesday, this time for the rush-hour commute. we keep the shower activity the entire day wednesday. wednesday night, we clear things out. the forecast looks like this,
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moving through the day tomorrow, the high temperatures just about 60 degrees, cloudy skies to start, a break in the clouds midday. early afternoon. the christmas forecast, 74 degrees the daytime high at reagan national christmas eve, upper 60's christmas day. the extended outlook, the temperature still well above average not only the next couple days but for at least the next seven days. a white christmas, not happening. want a taking anything away from us like what happened to miss universe. it will be 70 degrees? steve: we will not take that away. hello, steve harvey. erin: his name is steve, but the last name is not harvey. the capitals looking to win their sixth straight game in carolina. plus, watch out, santa claus.
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you've had it tough.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: most of the talk today has been about the redskins' success, but you cannot ignore with the capitals are doing on a consistent basis. in the first, the caps on the attack, shoots, cam ward cannot corral it. the caps take the 1-0 lead. in the second, in the carolina zone, the caps control it. john carlson lets the long slapper fly. the capitals hold on and win, sixth straight win. the wizards looking to make it to straighten a, hosting the giving mood. martin
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garrett temple getting some extra playing time lately. makes the most of it, the drive in the tough leon, 24 for him. wall with a career-high 19 assist. the wizards beat the kings, 113-99. kirk cousins tied a season high with four touchdown passes during sunday positive three over the bills. chemistryordan reed's has been on fire as of late, not to mention cousins continues to gel with desean jackson since he has returned from injury. since week 12, cousins has thrown over one 1100 yards and seven touchdowns with just one interception, and nobody is happier about his progress than jay gruden. coach gruden: i think the trust factor is starting to grow. kirk, with all the receivers, quite likely, you see the back shoulder throw to jordan reed, the over the shoulder catch to ierre garcon.- to peirre
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the throwsipating and putting it up for the receiver. erin: odell beckham had three personal foul's yesterday, including that helmet to helmet hit. beckham will appeal. espn, this was influenced by a pregame incident, and he said he felt threatened by a panthers player carrying a baseball bat onto the field, reportedly motioning with it, making comments towards beckham. apparently that's what set him off. his appeal is expected to be heard tuesday or wednesday. leon: millions of people saw what happened. it does not look like he wants to give him a hug. we could all use a couple extra
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bucks this time of year, and a lottery is giving out money.
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leon: if you have a few bucks to spend tonight, spain's el gordo billion.ill pay $2.4
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anybody can purchase a ticket online. it costs $218. the annual christmas lottery dates back to 1812. alison: entire villages will pull together and buy a ticket. leon: wouldn't you? i would collect cans until midn ♪
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records christmas eve. will we see them? absolutely, we will smash the record high at reagan national, degrees is the scheduled time for the forecast high christmas eve. the next seven days, wet tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's the "jimmy kimmel live: red shopathon!" tonight, bono -- scarlett johansson -- snoop dogg -- olivia wilde -- and matt damon -- and music from the killers, with cleto and the cletones. and now, if you haven't heard, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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