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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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anchor: up it goes, where it stops, nobody knows to the billions. like april lot more and january. the dramatic changes in weather happening right now and the arer problems high winds causing. plus, mystery on an area highway. police are trying to figure out facedown,n wound up dead on the road. the news at 6:30 starts right now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] first, the redskins. good evening, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters. the skins are locked in a battle with the packers right now. it's halftime. fans are packing bars to groups
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the team on. roz plater is still live in arlington. are they optimistic or worried? reporter: not as much cheering here as there was earlier. nobody is leaving. the house is still packed, every tv on and every eye -- all eyes glued to the tv. are off right now. do you still like that? >> yes. reporter: you have not given up? >> no. go redskins! reporter: [indiscernible] >> no, not at all. i'm kind of surprised, but the reds can answer it. let's go. how do you have this giants fan here? >> i'm here to make sure the redskins go down and make sure nobody from the nfc wins this
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year. i don't know if you might survive getting out of here. have to am right now. are you nervous? not at all. reporter: they are still going to hang into the end. we will see what happens. them.e all that works for back to you. imberly: led by captain kirk, like that. high winds out there tonight has caused a power outage in frederick, maryland. parts of downtown are without power, including traffic signals. police are saying if the light is out, treat it like a four-way stop. those winds bringing that dramatic change in temperature. meteorologist devon lucie is tracking both for us. devon: are watching those wins
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go down from previous periods, there have been gusts near 50 miles per hour. we will take a live look at national harbor tonight. when starting to a rusher in that colder air. the winds have kicked back down. we're aiming for 63. all the way to the 40's, right on track. 39 in winchester. winds gusting at reagan national. you look north and west, it swings around a little bit. the wind advisory has been canceled early, was the one to go until 11:00 tonight. this is for school, you will ves, maybe, coat, glo
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air muffs and scarves to go along with it. talk about some really frigid air on wednesday. our complete forecast in just a few minutes. two majorthere are court cases we are keeping an eye on tomorrow. the first is jesse mathews, the charged in ale man death in northern harrington. there's going to be a pretrial motion hearing in the case tomorrow. beenkey witnesses have subpoenaed to testify. we're expecting to learn new details in that case, including more about the prosecution's case against him. the second officer accused in the death of freddie gray will be on trial tomorrow in baltimore. driver of the transport van said freddie gray was riding in when he died. his charges are said to be the most serious of all six officers charged in gray's death. the trial of the first officer ended in a hung jury.
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we will be following everything going on in baltimore. stay with abc 7 and for the very latest in both trials. aw tonight, d.c. police say man shot friday night in southeast has died. this brings the district homicide total to 2 in 2016. police say the 30-year-old was shot around 11:30 friday night on pomeroy road. he was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries yesterday. mystery facing detectives tonight. police need her help to find out how a woman wound up dead facedown on a highway. diane cho reports on that investigation and how you can help. state police are still trying to figure out what happened in the moments before a woman's body was found in the middle of the road. >> that's very unusual. woman troopers say the was 33. two drivers passing in this area around 1:01 saw this
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woman's body and called police. >> not sure what had occurred last night. diane: troopers say the woman was lying face down when she was discovered just before 9:30 on saturday night. that somerange thing buddy would be in a place where they could even get hit there. it's not a place where people cross a lot. diane: a spokesperson for the maryland state police said the cause of death was multiple injuries. at this point were looking for people who may have been in the area, witnesses or anything to please call. it is still he case under investigation. diane: upper marlboro, diane cho, abc 7 news. kimberly: coming up on abc 7 news at 6:30, the secret meeting by a major hollywood actor with now capture drug lord el chapo. job -- atelled at his
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kimberly: "rolling stone" magazine reporting drug kingpin guzman met with actor sean payton for a secret interview in the months before his capture. the article, written by penn, aks."ntitled "el chapo spe it was published saturday along with video clips. penn revealed he went to mexico to see el chapo in october and the interview lasted seven hours. said he agrees my discussed various topics, including -- he and guzman discussed various topics, including donald trump.
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he defended his business, saying the poor mexican economy left him no choice. president obama will make his last and final state of the union address tuesday night. in a preview of that speech, the commander in chief promises to focus on a grand vision for america and will avoid policy heavy topics. sitting near the first lady, a group of 24 guests will president obama up a presidency. one of them is a homeless veteran from las vegas. mr. obama has 11 months left in his term. coming up on abc 7 news, billions and growing, the world record powerball jackpot, just ahead.
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kimberly: supporters rallied behind a local man who was fired from his part-time job at a germantown catholic church. this happened after the church learned he was in a same-sex marriage. kevin lewis with more on the quiet but visible protest. reporter: several horn honks. exiled from the church choir, jeffrey higgins stood outside the parish in quiet protest. >> i'm a catholic and i'm gay and i don't think they're in conflict with each other and i been fired for that. reporter: higgins married a man he met while attending catholic university. no issue until a parishioner from the 29-year-olds wedding photos on facebook and reported him. in november, a priest asked higgins to resign. when he refused, higgins was fired. >> the church that i belonged to for so long, and participated in
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and raised my children and because i believed in it, can people that they can't be married and can't participate. it's just wrong. that really hurts. statement, the archdiocese of washington says, if someone chooses to live publicly in a manner that is incompatible with church teaching, their continued work in ministry becomes untenable. parishioners, like this man, don't agree with the church's stance. >> on that the only person who's been fired from his job because he's a guest -- gay catholic man. it needs to stop. somebody needs to stand up and say, this happened to me and we want a more loving and accepting church. reporter: jeffrey higgins said he is considering taking legal action but has not talked with any attorneys just yet. thehould point out that parish is allowing higgins and his husband to still attend services but say they cannot lead worship in any form, including in the way of music. in germantown, kevin lewis, abc
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7 news. kimberly: powerball pandemonium. no one match the numbers, pushing that jackpot to $1.3 billion. the lump sum payout is a mere 806 million ducks --806 million bucks. the huge jackpot is exactly what powerball officials hoped for when they change the odds of matching all the powerball numbers from about 1 in 175 m illion to 1 in 292.2 million. i can't believe we are talking -- that's in the millions. how high could it go? conceivably? devon: we could be going closer to $2 billion. just months ago i thought the $1 billion lottery would be months away.
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there is a live look outside national harbor. look at the springtime temperatures from the highs today. 60's, long gone now. 49. feels like 41 degrees. we will see sustained winds, average wind speeds. our temperature there feels more like 41. let's get right into the forecast. clearly we had that cold front blow through earlier today. tothwest winds out there, 20 30 gusts even higher. at one point there was a wind advisory. big picture over the next few days, those northwest winds, cold tomorrow. tons of sunshine. direction. tuesday evening, arctic front comes in.
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next time we might see a few flakes. winds still around 10 to 15. those tomorrow, 20's to around 30. inds tomorrow, a bit breezy at 10 to 15. upper 30's to around 40 degrees they combine the wind, the windchill factor. clouds.a look at the after sunset, temperatures should fall enough. maybe a snow squall at the heaviest. high temperatures recover back to the 40's on tuesday. it will be chilly that day, but an even colder wednesday. this is our abc 7 sky cast. beautiful sunrise looking east of 30 degrees, feels more like 25 with the addition of the wind. beautiful blue skies throughout the day. feels more like 32.
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especially temperatures moderate, there could be showers by this time next weekend. look at wednesday, that's the high temperature of 32. upper 30's to 32. -- to 42. there's a little bit in the way of flakes coming in tomorrow. the sunshine is back in full force. like 20. 36 feels more like 30 when you're coming home at 5:00. at least it is dry for all commutes tomorrow. save yourself a few extra minutes. heavy coat, hats, gloves, ear muffs. kimberly: from shorts to earmuffs in one day. the reds have got their mojo back, don't you think? >> they do. kimberly: keep going.
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>> coming up in sports, your update.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your toyota dealers. >> redskins and packers going at it as we speak. the redskins lead green bay 18-17 in the third quarter. we will have reports coming up tonight.x 11:00 we posed this question on twitter, would you rather see the redskins win the super bowl or would you want to win $1.3 billion? this was an easy question for me, but here's what you said. 80% say show me the money. the other 20% say they want a trophy. you can still hit me up at abc 7 .
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of course, kimberly once lombardi trophy. trophy. the lombardi he's 88, walks out for the corn toss with a golf shirt on. what's happening? 9-0 vikings. 9-7 vikings. less than 30 seconds to go in the game. blair walsh, 27 yards out, no good. poor guy. nextwill play carolina week. steelers add bengals, people were saying this was the catch of the year. grab, maintains progression as he flips over, and it's touchdown steelers. how does he hold onto the ball? maybe it is the catch of the year. pittsburgh would get the win,
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the final 18-16. in college hoops, the terps women responding well after their loss to ohio state. today,road in iowa breanna fraser with the main crossover. 40-30 at the break, moves to the third quarter, 56-42. pass in the corner. string music. that puts the turbo 17. -- terps up 17. they win 76-56. gw on the road with dayton. a good the wire, jones, look in the corner and she's got range. colonial's 62-59. five seconds left in this one. dayton gets 2 opportunities to win the game. jones grabs the final board. gw gets the win. 62-61. a final note, the caps play the senators tonight. alex ovechkin going for career goal number 500.
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that's a lot of goals if you ask me. i'm not a hockey player. kimberly: if you watched him last night -- >> two of them. two on one. kimberly: it was like, is anyone going to challenge him? redskins. come onk, let's go, buddy. redskins. come onk, let's go, buddy. >>
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-- soly: stoves stately stately, so elegant. should you be allowed to wear a hawaiian shirt inside? that would be quite a change from the current rule that requires full business attire. representative, a hawaii
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democrat, send a letter to the speaker of the house, paul ryan. his office observes a low have fridays by wearing hawaiian shirts. no word yet. what would you guys think? we could do a twitter poll on that. i like that washington still has some formality and to corum, especially on the hill. >> casual fridays on the hill? maybe like a couple of times. in the midwest you just wear anything plain. kimberly: tomorrow morning you will be wearing gloves.
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