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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. kimberly: ahead heartbreak at fedex field. the redskinssend packing. what is next now that the season is done? plus, from warm to cold to snow? >> my car has been hit by lightning, the redskins made the
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playoffs. anything is possible. man hit by lightning now hoping to hit the billion dollar powerball jackpot. the news at 11:00 starts now. it were season is now over for the redskins. good evening. on kimberly suiters. the team could not get it done against the packers, but there's always next season. erin hawksworth, this is the one they were supposed to win. erin: i don't know that it was a lock. , the savvyrs veteran, and the packers proved it's the playoffs. in the second quarter, the skins leading 5-0. kirk cousins throws over the middle, 24 yard touchdown. washington was rolling 11-0 at that point. but aaron rodgers and the
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packers got going. the pitch,s takes scampers in for a four yard touchdown, giving the packers the lead for good. the redskins lose 35-18 and their playoffrun comes to an end. : i think that gives me great opportunity to thank the fans. what i like the most is the environment. from walking off the bus to the warm-ups to pregame to the game itself, our fans were phenomenal and outstanding. biggest reasons i want to be back years to play for those people year in and year out, because they are phenomenal. isn: the redskins' season over, and we have big questions to be answered, like when will get done and deal where will rg iii end up next season. really? kimberly: fans are frustrated after the loss.
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a lot of people spent much of their sunday night glued to the andr drowning their sorrows a frosty beverage. for that part of our coverage, we turn to roz plater. roz: this is a tough loss for the fans, probably a third of the room cleared up before the game was over. they had come to this game with such high hopes. [cheers] roz: it got off to a really good start, two points on the board early, and the fans were in the game. >> totally psyched! roz: but that was short-lived. shifted, 17 clearly unanswered points later green bay had pulled ahead. ande were winning steadily, as the game progressed a got worse and worse and worse. everyone at the bar is sitting there shocked. roz: as the packers racked up points, some fans drowned their sorrows. by the start of the fourth
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quarter, even the most loyal fans began heading home early. >> it's sad. we were really excited about the game today, and we are still redskins fans, but it's a heartbreaking loss, -- loss. roz: some chose to look on the bright side. >> we made the playoffs and we won the nfc east championship. the phrase after every disappointing season, "there is always next year." roz plater abc 7 news. kimberly: we would love to see your pictures from the season. if you want to a game and have a great memory captured on camera, send us your pictures and video at now the dramatic change in the weather. if you have been outside, you know what we are talking about. high wind knocked out power in frederick, maryland, and it's cold outside. is tracking the
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forecast. how are the roads going to be traveling? any ice? devon: none whatsoever. the belfort furniture weather center, a live look outside, national harbor, a little grainy , it is dark, clearing skies. still a breeze. 62 degrees today in washington, the shenandoah valley 50's, 60's, mid 60's eastern shore. real-time temperatures 39 washington. the two-minute window average at 15 to 25. it feels more like 30 in washington, low 20's in some spots. the satellite and radar depiction together, the arctic cold front moves through. the cold has been rushing in. the bus stop forecast tomorrow, the kids need the winter gear. bright sunshine, it will feel like 28 to 32.
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frigid arctic air wednesday, even some flakes of snow in the forecast in just a few minutes. kimberly: keep track of all the changes with the stormwatch 7 weather app. up-to-date forecasts and weather alerts on your tablet are smart phone. a developing story from southeast d.c., metro police are investigating a homicide at the block of park drive were a man was found dead tonight. his name is up and released. this shooting is part of a string of violence that started friday night in the district and has left two dead and eight wounded. aw information tonight on story we brought your earlier -- the police have released the name of a woman whose body was found on a prince george's county highway. 33-year-old tiffany story of upper marlboro was found face
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down, fully clothed that the northbound side of crain highway. her body was discovered just before 9:30 last night near the exit ramp for pennsylvania avenue. they are asking for your help if you know anything. whoe are looking for people may have been in the area, who may have witnessed something, to please call the forest bill barracks. it's still under investigation. revealed an autopsy that story died of multiple injuries, but they are trying to determine the cause of death. there were no signs of suspicious injury. we areor court cases watching tomorrow. first, jesse matthew, the charlottesville man charged in the death of hannah graham and morgan harrington. the will be a pretty tom morrison -- pretrial motion hearing in the case monday. we are expected to hear new details in the case, including more about the prosecution's case against him. then the second officer
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accused in the death of freddie gray will go on trial tomorrow. he was the driver of the transport van that freddie gray was writing and when he died. he is charged with second-degree murder. the trial of william porter, the first officer to be tried, ended in a hung jury. we will be following everything going on in baltimore. stay with abc seven and for the latest. president obama's final state of the union is tuesday. a look at who will be in attendance and a preview of the speech. plus this -- a man excelled at his job as a part-time music minister. why was he forced to sit in the pews. tt: powerball fever sweeps the
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supporters rallied behind a local man who was fired at ahis part-time job germantown catholic church after they learn he was in a same-sex marriage. >> a lot of support. exiled from the church choir, jeffrey higgins students out in quiet protest. gay andatholic and i'm i don't think they are in conflict with each other. reporter: in 2013, he married a he was attending catholic university. no issue until a person or found his photos on facebook. a priest asked him to resign. church i have belonged to for so long and participated in and raised my children and because i believe in it says to
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all gay people they cannot be married and participate. it's wrong. in a statement, the archdiocese of washington said in part, "if somebody chooses to live publicly in a manner incompatible with church teachings, their work in the ministry becomes untenable." yet many parishioners do not agree. >> i'm not the only person who has been fired from the his job because he is a gay catholic man, and it needs to stop. somebody has to stand up and say this happened to me and we want a more loving and accepting church. isorter: jeffrey higgins considering taking legal action but is not talked to attorneys yet. parish is seton allowing him and his husband to still 10 services, but say they cannot lead worship in any form including in music. in germantown, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. president obama will
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make his last and final state of the union address tuesday night. in a preview of the speech, he promises to focus on a grand vision for america and will avoid policy-heavy topics. of 24 guests will be sitting your the first lady to symbolize mr. obama's presidency, one of them a former homeless veteran from las vegas and an empty seat next to the first lady to symbolize victims of gun violence. president obama obama has 11 months left in his term. to powerball, wednesdays jackpot is the world's largest billion. as we have full did before, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning. what happens if you have been hit by lightning, do you play? people are well aware it's extremely unlikely to win the powerball jackpot, but some people are more hopeful than others having experienced
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extremely unlikely offense happening -- extremely unlikely events happening. you have a much better chance of getting hit by lightning, about one in 700,000, than of winning the powerball jackpot. million. in 292 most people are understandably discouraged by those numbers, but not dan. >> it burned all the way to the running panel. last year, hisof were cedi was hit by lightning and completely destroyed while parked outside his arlington home. >> the reality is people do get hit by lightning and bit by sharks, all that sort of thing. it's possible to be that one in 200 million person who wins. played powerball the past few weeks and will play again this week, in hopes of winning the record jackpot, now estimated to be $1.3 billion by
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wednesday's drawing. >> i do it when there is real money. matt: a lot of people to the country feel the same way. more than a half billion dollars of powerball tickets were purchased this weekend alone by people like d.c. resident jane may. >> i think the magic number, after $700 million, you should play. matt: jane's boyfriend said he was motivated by money and love to buy his tickets. what do you think of $1.3 billion? >> as long as it's enough to buy a house and mary jane, it's great. wins wednesday, the lump sum payment could be about $800 million, which even in the washington area should be enough to buy a house. love that, $700 million, than it's worth playing. before then, not so much. devon: we have some winter
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weather coming back. we may even have some flakes coming along. a snapshot of the nation's capital, a live picture from national harbor. we could see if there was more light a couple of clouds in the sky. the real-time temperatures, mid to upper 30's. that is down from the 60 degrees high today. the 20's and like below freezing when you take into account the wind west northwest at 15 to 25. the satellite and radar together, the arctic cold front blew through this afternoon. moderate shower activity. northwest wind gets more westerly through the region. the big picture the next two is heree breeze
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tomorrow a little bit, the cold settles in. chilly tuesday. tuesday afternoon, does not really come through until the evening, the arctic cold front. it is cold tomorrow, but the coldest day yet wednesday. that is the general idea the next few days. reset the forecast, going in closer. low to mid 20's, 30 degrees in the morning. take that down about 5, 10 degrees because of the wind. it will make it feel like about 20 to 25. scarf,oats, gloves, earmuffs. the high temperature upper 30's about 42. anythingll not feel like that because of the west wind, northwest wind 10 to 15, wind gust of about 20. the wind shifting direction, clouds coming back tuesday. there is the arctic front.
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it is still to the west by 4:00, so it's not here until after sunset tuesday. when the arctic front is through, we will plunge. we could even see some brief snow squall possible, about a 30% chance. reset the forecast one last time, the abc 7 skycast, clouds late to make him up at sunrise crystal clear, 30 degrees, feeling like 25. 42 in the afternoon, beautiful blue skies. was cold,nk tomorrow wednesday, the truly arctic air in place, 32 in place, but it will feel colder. the flakes that we will talk about our tuesday. northern virginia drivers, break out the sun glasses, you will have to fight the sun glare again. even tomorrow evening, the wind will be about 10 to 15.
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kimberly: it will be a difficult monday morning. devon: for a lot of different reasons. kimberly: not so much the cold. depression sets in. robert: but so much to take away from this. i will not let you. a bittersweet ending of the redskins season, a loss to green bay, but lots to take away.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: there is no doubt this was a very successful season for the redskins. last year a 4-12 finish, no playoffs. this year, nfc east champs. first quarter, 2-0 redskins. kirk cousins to desean jackson,
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and he is in for the touchdown. maybe not. the ball did not cross the goal line, so they settle for the field goal, 5-0. second quarter, this time cousins goes over the middle to jordan reed, his favorite target. washington rolling now, 11-0. but the packers scored 17 unanswered. kirk cousins with the keeper. three yard touchdown. redskins, but the packers continue to push the ball down the field. still in the third, james sparks, scampers income of four yard touchdown. redskins fall 35-18. erin hawksworth was at the game and was in the locker room after the game. erin, what was the mood like after the loss? erin: the players were sad, disappointed, frustrated. us, othersd spoke to
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just wanted to get out of there and did not want to talk. for the ones who did speak to us today, i think there was a real sense that they had some momentum and positive things to carry into next season. >> congratulations. erin: in a season where nobody predicted the redskins would make it to the playoffs, despite losing to the green bay packers in the wild card game, the team feels they are headed in the right direction. >> absolutely, you can see it. >> we have something to build on. we set a great foundation the season, a lot of new players coming in. i feel like we did a really good job. the team looked totally different, but we always came together. kirk: i think this catapults are off-season, ok, worded we fall short. good enough to make the playoffs and further. we have to change and grow and take this next debt to get back here and -- to take this next
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step and get back. win. chris: we made it to the playoffs were nobody gave us a chance. it was basically we had three playoff games at the end of the year. this all season has been memorable as a team. erin: the players rallied around kirk cousins and believe he will be with their team next season. >> kirk had a great season. we had ups and downs and he played great all season and deserves the accolades. year: this was the first actually being a four-year starter in going out there. he did a great job. erin: in his first season as general manager, scott mcclellan is trying to encourage his players after the game. said we are going in the right direction, don't hang your heads. this is just the start of things.
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, and weave us a chance cap fighting and battling -- we kept fighting and battling. >> he is proud of us. we are building something great here. it comes down to each individual this off-season getting better and helping this team. erin: now that the redskins' season is over, it's time to sit back and see when kirk cousins' deal will get done and what happens with rg iii. the season is over, so it's also time to focus on other teams. i hear the caps are doing some good things, especially one alex ovechkin, robert? robert: oh, my goodness, can you say 500, erin? the caps hosting the senators come in history tonight. alex ovechkin, with the wrister,
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the 500th goal of his career. he is the 43rd player in nhl history to get there. he gets mobbed at center ice. his family was in the stands to see it. he gives the crowd a way. the caps also win, 7-1. women's hoops, the terps women beat iowa. a good day in sports, except for the redskins. however, bittersweet, a lot of good to take away from the season. kimberly: the building blocks have been laid. you've convinced me. robert: yes! kimberly: coming up, gas prices keep dropping.
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kimberly: aaa says gasoline prices could fall to about one dollar per gallon in some areas. that has not happened since 1999. today is national average for a gases of regular $1.96. gases of regular $1.96. thank tumbling oil prices
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies.
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mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios.
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the amazing springlike temperatures we had today. which are now -- devon: long gone. 42 high tomorrow, but will feel like 35. 32 wednesday, which will feel like teens to 20's. chance of snow tuesday, but don't get too excited. we are tracking the cold arctic air. kimberly: that's the way to go through life -- don't get too excited, don't get too upset. but a little boring. i prefer chocolate. more news and weather ahead.
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