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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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moody, irritable and aggressive. today in court after hearing the verdict, some parents hugged and cried in the courtroom. >> i'm very happy with the judge's verdict. that's all i have to say about that. it really pleased me and touched me. i'm glad she is in jail. jeff: sarah jordan had no reaction to today's verdict in court. the supporters seemed exacerbated and frustrated by the decision. jordan remains in jail without bond and will be sentenced in may. could face more than 40 years in prison. there is a different trial related to the charges. we will explain more on that coming up at 5:00. until then live in manassas jeff goldberg abc7 news. michelle: thanks. we have now more breaking news. this from northwest washington where homes are being evacuated after an ordnance was found. roz plater has more. what is going on there?
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roz: we just got word from police in the last minute they declared this safe. they are breaking down this area that they had roped off. look here. this is third place, this happened midway the block in backyard of a home. we are told a homeowner found what was thought to be a military ordnance in the backyard. about noon or 12:30 today. they brought in about 20 minutes ago military officers to take look at it. and just now again we have been told that this was declared safe. they did, however, before this evacuate eight homes or so. they had told other neighbors at the end i talked to a woman home with her children not to go in the backyard. but that will be lifted and the people will get back home. we have no idea what kind of ordnance or how it got there or where it came from. we hope to get answers about that as this goes on. in the meantime now good news for the folks who will be able to get home. an awfully cold night out here
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not to get in your home. for now live in northwest d.c. rosslyn news -- roz plater abc7 news. michelle: thank you. alexandria police believe they closed not one but two murder cases in poplar park but they are not connected. the first on the playground at beverly park last november. that is where kevin lewis is live with details on who is in custody. kevin: hi, michelle. the morning of november 9. a woman was walking her dog through this park when she found the body of jose luis perez. his body was underneath the bouncing bridge. on the part of the playground over there. the murder startled the alexandria neighborhood. full of single family homes, most worth $750,000. today alexandria police announced three suspects an adult male, 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. investigators say the two men both now facing charges of first-degree murder. they say the men are ms-13
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gang members. the girl being charged as an accomplice is a gang associate. today police would not divulge a motive but the sources told abc7 news that the killer slashed perez's neck. cops say they could not have solved this murder case without the help of the department of homeland security and the f.b.i.'s regional gang task force. >> it's regional issue meaning the eastern seaboard but certainly in our area. we have a tremendous problem with the gang violence. we have seen it increase tremendously. now it's visited the city of alexandria. which only says none of rus immune from it -- none of us are immune from it. kevin: that is the bouncing bridge where the police did find perez's body. we have learned that all three suspects and the murder victim were not in this country illegally. that is according -- were not in the country legally, i should say. that is according to police. at 5:00 hear what residents
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in the neighborhood say. we're live in alexandria i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: alexandria police also arrested a suspect in a deadly stabbing at four mile run park. 18-year-old edwin umana charged with murdering eduardo almendarez. almendarez's body found in the park december 4 several days after he was reported missing. this murder was also gang-related. jonathan: a pennsylvania girl is dead after her father pulled a gun on a man serving eviction notice. the court officer drew his weapon in response and shot the girl's father but the bullet went through his arm and hit his 12-year-old daughter. the court officer and the paramedics who responded are having a difficult time dealing with what has happened. >> no one is immune to it. no one is immune to the emotion the feeling the anger, the sadness. jonathan: the girl's father faces multiple charges including aggravated assault. local prosecutors are
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reviewing the shooting but the court officer is not expected to be charged. michelle: "7 on your side" i-team has found the new owners of the savapoulos mansion filed an application to demolish the condemned home. the mansion sold for $3 million late last year and is now owned by four cortez trust. the home was set on fire last may following the murders of the savvas savopoulos, his wife amy their son phillip and the housekeeper vera figueroa. the only suspect charged in the case will be back in court next month. jonathan: new information on the ten american sailors freed by iran. state run tv releasing video of the sailors being taken into custody after training boats ran into mechanical trouble and drifted in the iranian waters. the sailors and the boats were released this morning. the state department denies that iranians are demanding u.s. apologize for the incident. >> these are always situation that everybody knows have an
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ability if not properly guided to get out of control. jonathan: kerry says the recent thaw with relations is part of the nuclear deal that helped resolve this situation. the neighously says that the -- navy says the investigation is underway to figure out how they ended up in iranian territory. michelle: developing now. a search is underway for five students missing in an avalanche in the french alps. the students are part of a french school group that was caught in the slide. two teenagers and a ukrainian tourist are confirmed dead. three others are said in critical condition. semple teams are using dogs and thermal imaging to look for survivors. investigators don't yet know what sparked a massive fire in ocean city. this video taken by jessica alger was posted to wboc facebook page this morning. the fire charred a large portion of the five-story condo complex on 140th street. no one was hurt. as most of the complex was
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empty because of the off-season. jonathan: talk about the weather situation. have you gone outside today? first, it's january. bitterly cold today. michelle: finally winter is settling in for us. let's see what is in store for the rest of the week. check in with the chief meteorologist doug hill. he is in the storm watch weather center with a check of the forecast. doug: off the top it will be 12 13 degrees warmer tomorrow than today in many areas. at the moments the clouds rolled in. over top of the belfort furniture weather center. live look at what is happening in rockville. the campus of montgomery college. beautiful day. but few clouds. look at the temperatures, still only 26 degrees now. way below average. winds slacked a bit. 30 in leesburg and manassas. 28 in annapolis. 31 at reagan national airport. the windy min niched but with the cold -- the winds have diminished with the cold temperatures it only takes a little winds to knock the temperatures down.
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feels like 16 in baltimore. 22 in the capital. tomorrow morning we have clouds early on. low to mid-20's around the area. we will get rid of the clouds throughout the day tomorrow and get back to sunshine and the milder temperatures. look ahead to the holiday weekend in a couple of minute. jonathan: thank you very much. be honest. you talk about it or heard someone talk about the powerball. the frenzy reaches its height tonight. that is when five wte balls and a power ball could make someone $1.5 billion. that is with a "b." that is of course before taxes. brad bell joining us from a live spot what people say about the chances and they have the winning ticket. brad: you probably talk to somebody talking about it. everybody is talking about it.
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the ticket machines are working overtime to meet the demand. it is skyrocketing. we can show you video of what it looks like. across the region. tickets are sold. people are lining up. it's one in 300 million but it's zero if you don't have a ticket. we met a man in arlington. he is making no bones about it. >> are you kidding me? give me a break. i want to leave a note on the door that says, "kiss my backside." i win this much money, ain't nobody going to see me on this side.
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>> on out the door. to dream. when we come back at 5:00, we have more on the numbers. how many tickets are sold. how fast the money is coming in. see you at 5:00. jonathan: a lot of people have questions about powerball. how to claim the prize. what is the best way to pick numbers. throughout the newscast we will give you answers to the frequently asked questions. michelle: the powerball could be over $1 billion but that is nothing compared to what terry mcauliffe ising if for the lawmakers. hoping to get supporters for the $109 million proposal geared to education and tax cuts. he is expected to get push back on the proposal to expand medicaid and enact gun
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control. maryland general assembly started today. we look at the big topics for this year's session. >> a cold and blustery day in annapolis. maryland lawmakers return for the annual legislative session. larry hogan hoping they get a warm reception from the democratically controlled assembly, particularly his call for tax relief for retirees and people making less than $53,000 a year. >> the governor is fiscally conservative with the budget. providing tax relief. >> what we want to be up is up. because of the willingness to be prepared for the future. >> proposing spending 100 of
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millions of dollars. we got reaction from mayor rawlings-blake. >> i appreciate being with him and the lieutenant governor. they understand if we continue to grow the neighborhood we need partnership with the state. >> they prompted the leaders to have a panel to look at the police community relations that is now expected to release a series of recommendations. >> the public needs to be more involved. need to understand what police work is all about. in annapolis, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- something that makes serious waves on social media. you may not want to see it but once you start watching it you can't look away.
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michelle: they got more than they bargained for when they asked people to send them lives. jonathan: father of a toddler that died after choking on a grape
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jonathan: a plumber in california finally free after being trapped in a sewer line underground for 12 hours. the plumber was working in the area when the trench collapsed. he fell 15 feet below the street and became trapped in his chest. crews had to use specialized equipment to dig him out. he's taken to the hospital but said to be doing fine. michelle: glad he will be okay. >> this is on the inner loop. we have a lane blocked. in the teens right now from tysons. once you get past the american
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legion bridge we see that normal congestion. there is a crash on dulles greenway. this is right on the old ox road. all eastbound lanes are blocked off. again this is the crash we saw near the american legion bridge. that is between madison and oglethorpe. mickelson street they are on the scene. blocked off and easy alternates to work around. jonathan: this is january. you expect it to be cold. but when you are reminded of it when you walk outside it's tough. michelle: your teeth are
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chattering even inside. it will get cold by monday. beautiful sunrise. throughout the morning and the early afternoon the skies were clear. then you see clouds roll in. that could be story of the bands of cloudiness overnight. plenty cold. 27 degrees right now reported at washington lee high school. 31 at reagan national. 26 in baltimore. hagerstown at 25 degrees. 30 degrees in salsbury. and mid-shore and easton. 31 at reagan national. cold air look at the current temperatures at 4:00 eastern time. 16 in pittsburgh. 17 in columbus. 14 in detroit. we have plenty of cold air. the core is to pull off to the east. 46 in charlotte right now. those are the warmer temperatures that are heading our way tomorrow. the satellite and the radar, we have snowshowers and a
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disturbance in the atmosphere. affects us but the cloudiness will swing overhead. we start with clouds and get back to sunshine. it will be warmer. something you don't see often in january. this is subtropical storm alex. hurricane center subtropical in nation. you can see the circulation. only the fourth time a tropical or a subtropical storm formed in the atlantic basin in january. we will see where it goes. it's headed toward the azores or somewhere close to that. an interesting weather pattern. what do you say? as far as the numbers go tomorrow is up to 47 degrees. partly cloudy skies. we will warm up and even more to friday. 70% chance of rain moving in friday night. the storm comes our way from the southwest. rain lingering to saturday morning. the afternoon sunshine. 49. again in sunday a cold front will come through during the day. gusty breezes. sunshine. dr. martin luther king day. 32. colder on tuesday. another warmup begins
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wednesday. score it out here. up and down and up and down. jonathan: warms up for the weekend. doug: good timing. michelle: a lot of folks have three days. thank you. the season for the school closing and delays if you want text alert about the school district. sign up on jonathan: coming up for us we will take you to a maryland school unique program of addressing the needs of children with autism. michelle: millennials are moving in. so why are they choosing the district? that is next on "abc7 news at 4:00".
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jonathan: millennials are taking d.c. by storm. they found the millennial population rate grew leaps and bounds. so we're joined by bob who is taking the time to be here. >> thank you. jonathan: my are the millennials targeting d.c.? this is not the cheapest rent district. >> so our index looked at millennials from several categories. affordability is highly ranked and we did poorly on that. but access to jobs access to amenities being in a cool down was equally -- cool town was of greater importance.
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access to jobs is number one. if you recall the great recession of 2008 happened. but didn't happen here. jonathan: to a lesser degree. bob: the rest of the world it happened so droves of the millennials came here due to jobs. they were born in 1981-1999. jonathan: missed the bad hair decade. bob: 16 to 35 years old right now. jonathan: who do they bring to the party? bob: they are very very smart. mission driven and the largest population in the world. bigger than the baby boomers. we better pay attention to what they want. they are our future.
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we want to produce good smart millennials and want them to come to washington d.c. jonathan: they have children later in life and work harder and in love with their jobs. they have something that is called just focus on the want and the need and specialness of the millennials. the other thing they jump ship. jonathan: no loyalty. bob: not true. if my career can grow faster by jumping i need to be loyal to me not a ceo or something. ceo's recognize that.
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so they put in the amenities like the free bike share casual every day. the casual fridays. like going back to when you and i were that age. the peck boom getting ready. jonathan: if they pay their bills and buy stuff bring them. we could talk about it for a long time but we have to wrap it up. thank you. >> millennial index. download it. jonathan: who knew? michelle: next at 4:00 the group of the militia that took control of a federal building in oregon dealing with the unusual deliveries. they aren't happy about it. we'll explain up next. >> the father of a child who died is angry to learn a fire lieutenant here may be able to retire before facingdy plinary
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michelle: a loophole allowed a fire lieutenant to retire before facing discipline and he was involved in a choking death of a toddler. sam ford spoke with the toddler's father this afternoon. how is the family doing? sam: the father jose told us
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many times people say they know how it is. but ten months after his son's death he is still suffering. rand so is his familiar -- and so is his family. we are in front of the fire headquarters where they are scrambling to implement the ball. jose with his lawyer told how angry he is to learn that a fire lieutenant will retire before faces disciplinary action. last march his 18-month-old son choked on a grape and died. a fire company mile away was dispatched when the fire engine that was closer didn't respond. i reminds us of mills where a fire lieutenant retired before the disciplinary action in that case where they even passed a law to stop that. the fire department forgot or neglected to implement the
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law. >> ask the chief of emergency by department what will he do to solve this mess? >> the chairman of the d.c. council refused to say nothing will happen. but at this point what was supposed to take place did not. so ill seems like the lieutenant may be allowed to retire. reporting live in northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: putting up with all the elements the siren blaring and the freezing temperatures as well. jonathan: we are all putting up with that. michelle: you need a jacket.
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doug: we had a trace of snow but nothing measurable. we're getting late in the season here. we'll see what happens here. a warming trend coming our way in a couple of days to get cold next week. a time lapse from silver spring. as far as the temperatures go even is at or below freezing. fredericksburg at 32. andrews at 279. 30 in leesburg. 27 in frederick. the forecast for overnight hours are for high clouds to come through. the coldest area is west. 19 in martinsburg. 22 in winchester. 20 in frederick. more r more from the west.
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snowshower too. the forecast, clouds rolling in. partly cloudy. milder heading through the mid-70's. "mid70's." i mean the mid-40's in the afternoon. then we get to temperatures close to 50 degrees for saturday, friday late in the day too. we have a storm system bringing us rain. dr. martin luther king day is cold and 32. only 30 for high on tuesday. that is the latest. jonathan: thanks. member of armed militia took control of federal building in oregon are not happy with the mail they have been getting. one of the organizers wrote on facebook about the group being mailed adult toys. i'm not talking a couple. they are getting a bunch of these things. he encouraged the you viewers to stop wasting money and take action by enjoying them.
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that is showing displeasure. the internet is going crazy with the story. but nothing on what we're about to show you. michelle: there are things that go viral for the right reasons. cute baby videos that kind of thing. others do so for the wrong reason. what is winning the web? alison: i'll apologize off the start to show this to you. but it is getting attention on the internet. this is a man's back hair. he has made a calendar out of this. calend-hair he calls it. this is the easter bunny. a lot of people will talk about it. if you want to see it. i don't know you do. mike wolf from idaho has been called a man-scaping maven.
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he is shaving his back for special occasion. bunny for easter. march madness. american flag. football. happy new year and more. he is spent years and years trying to hide back hair. now he is taking a different tactic. he said everybody makes fun of the guy with the back hair and now it's my turn to shine. that is what he thinks. they cost $20. some of the money is going to charity. if you want to see more go to the website. i wouldn't recommend it. you have probably seen enough. michelle: good. jonathan: he's a picasso. it will be worth a lot of money some day. michelle: the star is the person that did it to him, opposed to him. jonathan: goodness. thank you for sharing. you're a giver.
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michelle: this is something else you don't want to see. bad movies right? they agree "50 shades of day" is so bad it tied for the nomination at the razzy awards. it joins "mall cop 2." jonathan: i liked that. michelle: you did? you must have been sleeping. jonathan: everybody that saw "50 shades" a huge deal about that. 50 shades of crazy. bad. enough of that. coming up next for us it was a kick that cost him big-time. where the kicker is getting support from. we will tell you where it is coming from tonight.
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michelle: what if there was money with your name on it. you didn't know about it. how to check for unclaimed cash. jonathan: frequently asked questions. secrets to winning it all. there is no silver bullet. but it does suggest if you are in a pool to try to buy enough tickets to cover all the red balls. for the record there are 26 powerballs. those are the red ones. you can see more from the fact sheet we put together on the website. back a
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jonathan: the vikings seasons is over. like i told you something you didn't know. but kids are sending encouragement to kicker blair walsh. here is why. he muffed the chip shot. it would have won the game against seattle. enter first grade class at north point elementary school. there is caring and love here. >> dear blair i feel bad for you. you are so good at football. we love you so much.
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jonathan: this is a kicker that made three kicks earlier. the only point option the board came from him. he missed the one that counted. the teachers wanted to provide a good example of empathy. that is a good one. they will take it home to parents frothing at the mouth and turning different color of angry and they say it's okay. he missed a kick. michelle: a farm is offering a unique opportunity. it expects 90 goats by february. they have to be bottle fed and must be kept warm. they ask for volunteer goat snugglers to cuddle and feed the babies.
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>> a happy and hectic time. michelle: i know you are disappointed. they filled up immediately. the farm decided to bite everyone. scheduled april 3. jonathan: what are you doingduled april 3. jonathan: what are you doing this weekend? going goat cuddling. showing the love. jonathan: cadbury changed how they made cream eggs and the saled dropped $8 million this year alone. after they changed the dairy milk with a traditional cadbury milk chocolate. the company maintains the sales drop is not related to the change in recipes. michelle: still ahead -- >> ♪ one-900-mix-allot ♪ michelle: you know the song. why the phone number is
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leading to a big headache. for one guy with a new cell phone number. >> i'm kellye lynn in suitland. in spotlight on education an autism student that goes from vegetable hater to a p
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jonathan: the national transportation safety board unveiled the most wanted safety improvements for the new year. the list covers all type of transportation public and private. top on the list is a reduction in fatigue-related accidents and the other items are improving transit safety and the avoid of collision technology in cars and expanding the use of data recorders. michelle? michelle: the center for disease scroll say one in five have diagnosis on the autism spectrum in the spotlight on education. kellye lynn tells us about a maryland school with a program catered to those unique needs including a 10-year-old in program who is a published author. kellye: when it comes to
4:47 pm
vegetable, 10-year-old brown is sure of one thing. >> i don't like them. kellye: he wrote and published a book about it. "darius hates vegetables." quite an accomplishment for any student. >> it it be his confidence so much. we sold 90 books so far. going well. kellye: he is one of 1400 in school system identified as autistic. a district offers specialized program. >> the goal is main stream the students in the general ed population. >> he is really smart. >> he likes math. we like pizza. >> despite the book title he says there are two vegetables he would be willing to eat.
4:48 pm
>> corn. >> so you do like a veg table? what is another vegetable you will try to eat? >> broccoli. >> reluctant convert who now has a message for his friends. >> try vegetables. >> it's worth a try. kellye: in suitland kellye lynn abc7 news. michelle: if you have an education story you want to us know about, go to the website jonathan: coming up at 5:00 the first in-depth report card for self-driving cars and tens of thousand of miles under the wheels how often have humans had to take the wheel because something went wrong? michelle: plus, maryland sold 11 million in powerball saturday alone. where you government is spending the money is new at 5:00. jonathan: the wait is almost over. the weekend you now will get to see the national zoo newest panda cub.
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bei bei. it weighs 16 pounds. it will be a busy day this weekend. a few days in the white house snap chat account focus on the furry members. they were front and center today. michelle: the white house has accounts on facebook and twitter as well. but hopes that snapchat will help it reach younger audience. jonathan: seattle man getting outrageous offers after a cell phone number mix up with the 90 famous rappers. listen to this. >> ♪ call 1-900-mix-a-lot ♪ and kick the nasty thoughts notice jonathan: remember that? nichols has a new cell phone number and inundated with the strange calls. the number used to belong to sir mix-a lot.
4:50 pm
the rapper. >> i used to get a lot of phone calls and the voice male from luxury car dealers. >> insane pictures and photos. jonathan: he is not going to change the number. it's a fun fact. uses it for the ice breakers. that is funny. michelle: hopefully he has another phone. steve: the other phone is 867-9309. jonathan:ienny! everybody calls that number. are you kidding me? >> i'm dating myself. wednesday. never too early to talk about the weekend. 4:50. the daylight hours are getting longer but we're in the dead
4:51 pm
of winter. the winds will ease. 18 to 26 degrees for overnight low. a long weekend ahead for the m.l.k. holiday. 49 on saturday. summed, what you see here is a chance for snow flurries. we have highs in the 30's tuesday and wednesday next week. check on the rush hour commute. here is jamie sullivan. jamie: we have had a few crashes. clearing away. i want to start with sun glare heading south on 395. get ready for that. 66, we are seeing the same thing. we have the volume because of the solar slowdown.
4:52 pm
this is continuing to triangle. the inner loop the crash cleared away. we are still seeing delays on the beltway as well as the g.w. parkway. heading out from beltway it will take you 20 minutes to get to the capital beltway. a crash in sterling. old ox road. eastbound lanes closed. we will are hearing westbound at the dulles greenway. this is starting today and the midday work for couple weeks. keep in mind this is not involved with that. this is separate. loudoun county parkway is the best alternate. a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. we are focused on the powerball but you may have cash out there already with your name on it. and not know it.
4:53 pm
we'll tell you how can find out. michelle: taking another look at a snippet from the frequently answered questions on the powerball website. in the section asking for any secrets to improve your chance of winning. it specifically says and i'm quoting here this is strange "swinging a live chicken above your head ishing for the future numbers does not work." jonathan: thank goodness. michelle: there is no improvement to be had swinging a dead chicken. although i have not testing it. swinging bucket of extra crispy chicken is not likely to work either. if you want to read more go to our website. jonathan: did
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michelle: thousands of people have money in their name waiting to be pickled up but many don't know about it. jonathan: john matarese explains how to find it.
4:57 pm
john: how about starting 2016 by finding money that is rightfully yours? a woman wanted to know how to go about finding unclaimed funds. laurie is looking for unclaimed funds in her name. >> i found money in my husband's and my friend's name. >> how to get it is when the trouble starts? finding your name on the list is easy. >> they want copy of the social security card. >> claiming the missing funds requires more information than many of us want to share these
4:58 pm
days. start with if you find anything expect to be prepared to show proof you live at the address list and your social security number to prevent anybody else claiming your money. as long as it's the state, you're safe. she doesn't want to share the social with strangers over a few bucks. deal with a state or a federal government trying to find unclaimed funds. if it's a private money looking to find money for you say no. leon: a daycare worker facing charges after allegations of abuse. and the enormous effort against enormous odds. and where it goes. not so fast.
4:59 pm
police get unexpected assist. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: guilty. that is the verdict of a case of a woodbridge daycare worker accused of abusing children she was supposed to be caring for. judge handed down the verdict in the past two hours. jeff goldberg joins us now from the courthouse in manassas. he has the latest and the reaction. jeff? jeff: sarah jordan found guilty of seven felonies and six misdemeanors and could face more than 40 years in prison. she had no reaction today in court after hearing the verdict. supporters of her are expressing anger and frustration and the parents of the children cried and shared tears of joy and hugging in court. sitting through the trial of sarah jordan meant reliving the pain of her alleged actions for parents like blake buckner. >> it hurt. i was trying to hold back the tears the whole time in there. the emotion is deep.
5:00 pm
>> jordan found guilty of child cruelty and abuse related to the incidents at the minnieland academy in woodbridge in 2013. the children just 18 to 24 months old. according to the court testimony, jordan would spray water in the children's faces intentionally trip them and laugh about it. and force kids tonight one -- kids to fight one another. the prosecutor said jordan established baby fight club in her classroom and added what miss jordan did to the children was cruel. saying were abused and neglected. the parents testified the children were sad irritable and aggressive. >> it hurt. reminded me of the pain when i first found out. reporter: minnieland officials said they never witnessed serious problems in jordan's classroom. and jordan defense attorney claiming today the client's action did not rise to level of cruelty, adding that the reaction from


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