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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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images, a man who survived this cr first, unbelievable images from a serious crash in oxon hill. -- ambulance was sideswiped in a car impaired by a power pole. the driver was ok, but the poll came down inches from his head. first that i, freezing
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temperatures all across the d.c. metro area. in fact, it feels like the single digits. several schools in the area are already on a delay for tomorrow, including prince william, loudoun county, and frederick counties in virginia. there is a complete list scrolling at the bottom of the screen. scarves,t the gloves, hat, mittens, whatever you have come you will needed to keep warm. 15 degrees falls church, 14 degrees ashburn. with the windchill, heading up the potomac, the windchill factor in the single digits, and it is cold, cold, cold. frederick maryland feeling like six degrees, three below and hagerstown. we have a windchill advisory in effect overnight through noontime tomorrow, including montgomery, frederick, and loudoun counties.
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tonight, the temperatures 7 to 16, with the windchill factor above0 below zero to 5 zero. we will talk about the cold weather the remainder of the day tomorrow and the potential of snow. i will tell you when from the belfort furniture weather center in just a few minutes. for up-to-the-minute information on the developing weather situation, download the stormwatch 7 weather app, and follow us on facebook, twitter, and leon: the breaking news in prince george's county, where the was a crash involving an ambulance in several cars. one of those cars was impaired impaledsty impaled by -- by a pole. tom: we also spoke with the driver. he said he is very fortunate to be alive. on thecident happened
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inner loop of the beltway. this is video from earlier this evening. prince george's county fire and ems said the beltway in the left lane that sideswiped the ambulance which was now the on the way to way call, causing the ambulance driver to lose control, crashing on the side of the road, hitting a pole./ onriver in a toyota prius his way home to alexandria pulls up behind the ambulance and it goes through the roof of his prius and through the floor as well. here is the whole experience in the driver's own words. top,see something hit the and it was the pole that came in all the way through to the floor of the car. tom: how close did it come to hitting you? >> about six inches, close to my head. in: he says he is a believer
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god and god was watching a for him tonight. if it had been a few inches back, he would not have survived. as far as the balance, two fire and ems employees were taken to the hospital, but they will be ok. the driver of the vehicle that is believed to have sideswiped popped a ways up the road from here. no word on if he is facing charges. tom roussey, abc 7 news. that is unbelievable, tom, thank you. now the other big story we are watching tonight -- >> thank god we are alive. alison: terrifying moments inside a prince george's county home when a gun accident will he goes off, ripping into a woman's house. tonight she says she and her daughter are lucky to be alive. jay korff has this story. jay: this local mother is
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grateful she and her family survived, and now she is calling on gun owners to be more careful cleaning their firearms. her upper marlboro home make it hard for this mother of two to imagine what could have happened. thursday morning, she heard a loud noise, thinking it came from a nearby construction site. >> i came to my bedroom and i saw the bullet holes. police,ording to the her neighbor accidentally fired a shotgun while cleaning it. it ripped through the walls of the bathroom in the adjoining bedroom. what terrifies her is only 10 minutes before the incident, she and her daughter were in the better of. >> i was crying because i could not get the picture of me and my daughter, especially my children, of my mind, god for bid getting shot. jay: loss he remains upset, she
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does not hold a grudge against her neighbor who has apologized and has locked the gun and a relative's home. she believes that gun owners should take safety more seriously. >> to know that firearms are so easily accessible to anybody, and if you don't have the proper training, you could have killed somebody even if you do not want to. the police say it is up to the state's attorney's office to decide if charges will be filed against the neighbor. jay korff, abc 7 news. an arrest at the san francisco bay bridge as protesters shut down the bridge the start of rush hour. protesters cite recent police shootings and say they want to increase the health and well-being of black people in oakland and san francisco. demonstrations in annapolis as
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well, dozens of protesters for police reform. they say that this rally hold special meaning on this martin luther king jr. day. roz: state lawmakers are looking recommendations for reforms that would increase police accountability. the protesters say that is a good start and are vowing to keep the pressure on. >> ♪ shall overcome we shall overcome ♪ roz: dozens of dedicated bitter coldndured temperatures to call for an end to police brutality. and they did so on the day the nation celebrates the life and legacy of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. >> i think he would be one of the keynote speakers. he would be out here pushing for accountability, just like we are. coalition assembled in
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front of the maryland state house, urging lawmakers to take action. the newnt 2016, legislative session, to be the beginning of what people will one day say will be the end of police misconduct and violence in the state of maryland. roz: as the names of victims were red, there was a symbolic die-in. this woman's brother was shot and killed by the police in 1990. >> he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back, he was face down on the ground, and they said the rifle went off by accident. what is happening now is nothing new. we really need to find solutions. group says they will focus on more civilian oversight and police transparency when it comes to misconduct investigation. roz plater, abc 7 news.
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obama and thet first lady celebrated martin luther king jr.'s birthday by attending a community service event at lackey elementary school in southwest. the president and first lady packed up books and bags for children in need and planted vegetables. two woodbridge men are due in court tomorrow, accused of trying to join isis. the police arrested the two men on friday after learning they had made arrangements to travel to syria to join the terror group. if convicted, they could face 20 years in prison. freedfive americans tonight after the white house negotiated a prisoner swap with iran. the youngest hostage is back in boston after being detained in iran for 40 days. a reporter and several others are getting much needed medical treatment in geneva, switzerland. a former marine was held for
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nearly four years. his sister was beaming with joy of news of his freedom. >> we are very excited. leon: in exchange for the hostages' release, the white house agreed to release seven iranians charged with violent in u.s. actions and drop arrest warrants for others. at least one family is forced to continue to wait for news of a loved one held in iran who disappeared in iran in 2007 while working for the cia on an unapproved intelligence mission. his family said they are devastated. he is the longest held u.s. hostage in u.s. history. iowa caucuses are two weeks away and the presidential candidates are stopping and nothing to get their points across. gop front runner donald trump spoke at liberty university today. during his visit to the christian university, some say that he fumbled a verse from the
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bible referring to second corinthians as "two corinthians." fact, being a consistent conservative? not has adopted conservative limits on the campaign trail, but has walked the walk? alison: hillary clinton and bernie sanders also went added at the democratic debates, clinton accusing sanders of voting in favor of guns on amtrak trains. sanders accused clinton of receiving more than $600,000 in fees from goldman sachs. ahead, anl investigation into the governing agency of international tennis about match fixing. with the atp is saying. and apple says we have a problem.
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alison: an intense investigation
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into claims that tennis matches involving top players were fixed. that includes matches at wimbledon. they're also claims that the governing body of tennis covered it up. the association of tennis they rejects says any suggestions of match fixing has been suppressed. leon: sad news to pass on from the music world. cofounder and singer for the eagles, has died. eagle don henley said, "he was like a brother to me, a bond forged 45 years ago never broken." alert andconsumer investigation happening at apple, looking into why the is not6s or 6-plus accurately displaying battery life, in some cases phones shutting off without warning. a "black-lash" against the
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oscars, with all the candidates for the trophies white. that is causing a boycott. jaiteh pinkett smith posted a statement to her facebook page today. i will not be at the academy awards and i will not be watching. we pull back our resources and put them back into our community come into our programs. smith,n: husband, will was not nominated for his role in the movie "concussion." none of the academy award nominations went to a person of color. also voiced his disappointment at the nominations and said he will boycott as well. the president of the academy says she wants to make the award show more diverse. working inside of the
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academy in order to make sure that we have in collusion. -- that we have inclusion. jonathan: chris rock posted on whiter "the oscars, the bet awards." he is hosting the show, soul be interesting to see the kind of humor that he brings with him. alison: he will have a lot to say. we had a lot to say to a very good friend. say happye had to retirement to our friend, peggy. leon: she got a very special sendoff this morning. check this out. ♪ right, that is peggy dancing with the ballou marching band. she is a diehard fan of the
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marching band. the martin luther king jr. parade today was her last assignment with us at wjla after 42 years. tonight and this evening we had a chance to tell her how much we will miss her. happy and healthy, and hopefully a long long life in retirement. alison: she was a trailblazer, a female videographer in the trenches, wearing that skirt every single day. she did that because she wanted ao let people know i'm in job that most men do, but i'm still going to look like a women. steve: it is really cold out there right now. we are looking for the potential of the first big winter storm later in the week. feels like 10 degrees at
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quantico, current temperature of 17 degrees at reagan national. we will stay cold tonight, 34 degrees was the high today, will below average this time of year, normally in the lower 40's. 18 leesburg, 15 andrews, 17 in southern maryland. are the 24-hour temperature changes, about 15 to 20 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. these are sustained wind, leesburg, the district, 17 miles per hour. the windchill factor in the single digits leesburg, feels frederick, three below zero in hagerstown, a good indication of what you will wake up to when the morning. we have the windchill advisory until noon tomorrow, including montgomery, loudon, frederick counties come everything in light blue. does not include fairfax, alexandria, the district, but it will be plenty cold in the morning.
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7 to 16 degrees with the windchill feels like temperatures 10 below to 5 above. the windchill will stick around just about all day. later tomorrow, into the day wednesday. the wind will change direction, more out of the south, meeting the windchill factor will go up. let's talk about friday, saturday, but potential of winter storms. will we have enough cold air in place? looks like right now we will. the big question is the low-pressure tracking across the country, will arrive in bring a snow, rain, a mixture, or nothing at all? dependingof this low, on where it goes, if it shifts 50 to 70 miles, it could mean a huge difference on the impact across the immediate metro area. the stormwatch forecast team will keep you updated through the weeks with updates tomorrow morning, and of course tomorrow
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with chief meteorologist doug hill. 30at noon, upper 20's near 4:00. theextended outlook, temperatures taking a dive, 35 degrees friday. whether we will see the snow or rain, we will find out sooner rather than later. alison: we will stay tuned the next few days. leon: terps fans may have to cross their fingers now. erin: coming up, we will explain why it was a bad day at the coach tjr head durkin.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. a rarehe wizards posted
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matinee game against the trail blazers today. they lost their 13th home game of the season, which is significant because they have lost more games at home this season.han last the wizards struggling with injuries all season, and head coach randy wittman says that is not an excuse. we have already lost more games than we did last year. are we a already at the halfway point? i don't know, it's the mindset that we have to change. that's my job, i've got to figure that out. erin: bad news for the maryland football program, good counsel decideder jones has to commit to ohio state. the is not the only one. quarterback did the exact same thing. for theheir commitments
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2016 class have left the team high and dry. the number three quarterback says it has always been his dream to play for the buckeyes. no word from maryland, but urban meyer's tweeted this from ohio -- wow, big day. the panthers are rolling this season, except when it comes to hoverboard. rivera does not what to gamble with his team's health, so he has suspended their use to the end of the season. that is mike tyson taking an ugly spill. alsor national dan uggla wiped out. goes to show these are probably not a good idea for players who are in the playoff hunt. you do not want to risk that kind of injury. no word on how cam newton is taking the ban, because he has been riding his hoverboard
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all season long. up, it is a flower, but it marks a huge
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leon: after two years, astronauts on the iss can now say mission accompanist.
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this is the first-ever flower grown in space, taking years of effort. scientists a this will offer better understanding out to grow plants in zero gravity, which they have to do if they are going to mars. alison: and he ♪ ♪
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(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom?m? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he ss it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what t you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? alison: a final look at the
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frigid weather. steve: it is going to be cold in the morning and there are some school delays. loudon county, prince william county, two-hour delays. a lot of questions about friday and saturday. eileen whelan is in bright and early with "good morning washington" with the freshly updated forecast. leon: fingers crossed. jimmy kimmel live is next.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sir elton john, and comedian whitney cummings. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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