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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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alison: right now, digging out after a historic blizzard. our team ofus, reporters is on the roadways to show you the spots where you cannot take a car and the major art away shut down tonight. west inand we head search of the deepest snow in
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the area, and we found significant damage. the news starts now. now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. jonathan: yes, the snow has stopped falling, the wind is calm, but the dangers are far from over. least 29 deaths are being blamed for the winter storms in 11 states. both were older men shoveling snow. off-duty police officer also died collapsing outside of his delaware home while clearing snow. jonathan: the federal government is closed tomorrow. telework-ready employees must follow their agency's policies. area schools are all shut down. those are scrolling at the bottom of the screen. and local airports are working to re-open after 11,000 flights were canceled nationwide. bwi has partially reopened, with reagan and dulles hoping to follow in the morning. 7chelle: mobile track
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continues to monitor the roadways as the temperatures plunge. steve rudin begins our team coverage with that part of the story. steve: the temperatures are going to continue to fall through the overnight. outside of the belfort furniture weather center, well below freezing. anything that was able to melt today will likely refreeze overnight. degrees chevy chase, 18 falls church and springfield, 15 degrees dale city. fredericksburg 17, single digits manassas, 18 winchester. the reason why it is so cold so quickly, the clear skies and a fresh pack of snow allows nighttime lows to drop into the single digits in the north and west, 15 to 18 inside the beltway. mainly clear skies will help. through the day tomorrow, after
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a very cold start, we eventually warm to near 30 degrees by noontime. the middle to upper 30's for the afternoon highs later in the day. heading out the door later tonight, any treated sidewalks that may have melted water on it have probably frozen over, even treated areas with rock salt does not work quite as well overnight in terms of the melting. things will refreeze, so be on the lookout for slick sidewalks and roadways early in the morning. more from the belfort furniture weather center in a few minutes. jonathan: in addition to the federal government, the d.c., maryland, and virginia governments also closed monday. this was sony and museum, national zoo, at all area national parks will also be close -- along with the smithsonian museum. we have the full list on our website, servechools will breakfast and lunch to students and families at 10 locations in four quadrants.
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the complete list of all school closings in where meals will be served, closings,with all the some parts of normalcy will resume tomorrow. metro plans a partial reopening in the morning. roz plater joins us from the metro station in bethesda with a look at how they are working get things back on track. roz? roz: medical center station is one that will reopen tomorrow. you should know that metro rail is starting underground first. metro rail returns monday with the limited service on the orange, red, and green lines. in the aftermath of the blizzard, the agency will focus first on getting underground routes going. >> 130 miles of above ground track. right now it does not look like the railroad exists. even now there is much more work to be done. roz: the trains will run from 7
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a.m. until midnight every 20 to 25 minutes. monday, it will be free for passengers. run five hours of service from noon until 5 p.m., at the top and bottom of the hour, but only along 22 routes, most of which are along snow emergency routes. >> fourteenth street, 16th street, georgia avenue, pennsylvania avenue, routes like that. roz: and monday, metro bus will also be free. mature access service is suspended until further notice. if you park in metro lots or garages, there will be no parking fees are restrictions until 9:30 a.m. tuesday. the orange line, boston t eastern market only. on the red line, medical center to union station. on the green line, fort totten to anacostia only. is on thenformation
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metro site, and we have a link to that on roz plater, abc 7 news. d.c.'s circular buses will resume limited service tomorrow, from noon until 5:00. they will operate on the georgetown, union station, and adams morgan, mcpherson square routes. jonathan: after being open most of the day, gw parkway is closing for the night. kimberly suiters has that in what else she is sitting on the roads. it's not a pretty picture. kimberly: this is the reason for the shutdown. if you are on the side streets, you risk hitting a pole or a car. if you were on the gw parkway, see that snow bank? the national park service is that could launch you, and below is the icy potomac river.
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to the left are the southbound lanes. so they have shut down gw parkway northbound and they will let the snow plows all the work all night long. there will be a lot of us waiting on those plows. most side roads are so snowy, two lanes are one lane streets, and it's best to allow the plows and heavy machinery to clear the roads. sharing the pavement is difficult. it in groceries, going sledding, or just enjoying the first sunshine. how much do you charge to dig out? these people are cashing in on $25 cars. $50 for aar one, driveway. people seem cheerful, even though many neighborhood roads have not seen a plow at all. and gw parkway needs a lot more. southbound gives england's why the northbound
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lanes are closed. the national park service is concerned snow berms could launch cars that lose control. the digging out continues in the dark, and so did street walking. with sidewalks still packed, people venturing out in dark codes are making it dangerous. it is definitely going to help that government offices will be closed monday. again parkway could close 8 p.m. monday until 4 a.m. tuesday, again to allow the plows to do their work. we will venture deeper into town, into the side streets, around where kids may be waiting for the bus stops. morning.y not tomorrow we will show you why in about 25 minutes. live for mobile track 7, kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. jonathan: thank you. time now to check the roads with jamie sullivan. jamie has been watching that the
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past 72 hours. jamie: oh, more than that. it is been a rough week. we are hoping that we will see traffic get better as we continue through the week as we get more people on the roads. currently not advising anybody be on the roads. see that sheen on wisconsin avenue and western avenue? chevy chase, look how high the snow is on the side of the road. we do still have some people out here which is what we do not want because there are plows trying to get these roads cleared. when we have people on the roads come it does not help, especially with the potential for accidents and disabled vehicles because they take time away from plowing sidestreets and secondary roads to assist. sheen that is wed in some areas, no problems as far as accidents right now because we don't have many people out there. still want to be very careful and watch for pedestrians. still seeing a lot of people
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walking in the streets. back to you. streets: walking in the and wearing dark clothing, not a good combination. all theead -- where snow being removed from the roads ends up. jay: for some, the big dig has only begun. as you dig out, dig out fire hydrants in your neighborhood. fairfax county fire crews responded to this house fire in for bellmore wasting precious time to find and dig out a hydrant. everybody inside escaped, but the home was a total loss.
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michelle: this is then aerial shot of the aftermath of blizzard 2016. powder,vered in white the roof of the shopping center collapsing under the weight of the snow.
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the view from above shows the reason why governments and schools are closed tomorrow. jonathan: four look at why they may be closed for days to come, we go to jay korff in springfield. we are talking about a ton of snow. jonathan, this storm has really overwhelmed a lot of people, their vehicles, and the roads. most roads in springfield are in fantastic shape. the frustration is that vdot does not plow all roads. people do not know that. there are some homeowners theirations where it's responsibility to get the roads cleared, in this neighborhood is not looking so good. for this person, digging out of two feet of snow is her first priority. once she clears from her door to her car, she probably will not >> make it out.
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there is no way to make it out. jay: the piece of equipment used to clear this neighborhood broke down. they literally spent hours trying and failing to maneuver this front car up an incline piled high in snow. a four-wheeling in drive vehicle, and it was challenging for us to get around. from interstates two side streets, sidewalks to schools, the big dig is in overdrive. the next test, clearing hundreds of parking lots and unearthing thousands of buses. fairfax county public schools hope to open by wednesday. sunday, this middle school hill was packed with students of all ages. >> everybody's enjoying the snow day. jay: nobody was contemplating their next quiz or turning in their next assignment. just staying upright. >> kids are flipping and turning
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all over. and they are loving every minute of it. live, we have brightened this image so you can see 100 yards down the road. thisody is down there at hour trying to dig their car out. more power to them. we also want to give you a sense of anything that is not shoveled well or plowed really well, there is a lot of ice under here, so what will be treacherous tomorrow. one other thing, in fairfax county, there is 43,000 sos who walk to schools, it's important for people to take care of their sidewalks so the kids have a safe path. jonathan: we were just talking earlier, they are treating roads en, but aroundte 16 degrees, it's ineffective. steve: and we already have
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temperatures in the single digits in some areas. away, andve that far i decided to check out of the hotel, in that i said, you know what, i will go back to the hotel. that is the concern. especially when it is dark outside, you don't know when you will run into slick spots on a side road. we have better weather on the .ay, i promise you it will be cold tonight, 22 degrees right now at reagan national. we made it up to 35 degrees earlier the day, still well below average this time of year, but something we normally would see after a blizzard. i thought temperatures might be warmer, but 35 is what is in the books. right now, 18 leesburg, 7 manassas,10 culpeper, fredericksburg 17. beenif the roadways have treated, these areas are likely to refreeze overnight. at least there will not be a lot of traffic.
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early tomorrow morning, most people will not be on the road because the government is closed and schools are closed. with enough sunshine during the afternoon, or in the late morning into the afternoon, that will help make an impact, clear things more. it is a lot colder compared with yesterday at this time. it is mainly clear skies. 20, 25 degree temperature difference. 20 pittsburgh, 20 charleston, 25 roanoke. it is cold. 35 boston. is 30 degrees, so this cold air has settled down to the south. the clouds trying to roll in from the north and west, but these eventually make their way in during the early morning hours tomorrow. nothingsee a sunrise, like earlier this morning, but the clouds increase through the day. we will call it partly cloudy tomorrow. degrees, the 18
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wind will be light. the colder air is where we look for the likelihood for re-freezing. windy,dchill, not very but it will be single digits around the panhandle of west virginia. 16 degreesl like early tomorrow morning in the district, southern maryland will feel like upper teens, 20. culpeper, orange, feels like temperatures range between 10 and 15. if you have to head out early, be prepared and bundle up. every halfrunning hour, so check the schedule before you head out the door. next 48 hours, showers tried to move in tuesday. that is part of a frontal system showers end with snow early wednesday morning. highs tomorrow, 30 seven degrees, clouds increase in the afternoon, highs tuesday middle 40's, upper 30's wednesday. next weekend, 45 to 50 degrees.
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jonathan: we need that. steve: i love it. michelle: people will feel like it's summer time. -- snow: still ahead dumping grounds, where tons of snow cleared from the streets are being sent to die. redskins plus, why the say this snow casualty is not as bad as it seems.
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michelle: the winter storm claimed a tip or a casualty in ashton. redskins officials say that the team bubble did not collapse and once the snow melts they will reinflate it. jonathan: the winter weather did not stop the nfl from playing their final four. super bowl 50 will be the denver broncos against the carolina
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panthers. the afc championship game was an instant classic, patriots-broncos, manning-brady, the 17th time. rob gronkowski for a touchdown, within two points of time the game. chased out for two, of the pocket, throws, and that is called an interception, game, set, match. the broncos win 20-18. peyton manning becomes one of the oldest quarterbacks to lead his team to a super bowl. second game, the nfc championship game, a snoozer. the panthers showed up. the other team, the cardinals, not so much. he iswton showing off why a favored to win the nfl m.v.p. the carolina defense to the rest, owning the cardinals. 49-15.a wins in a rout
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the big game is two weeks from today, super bowl 50. head west towe find the jackpot of this historic blizzard. michelle: and where the tons of
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will see a lot of the next few days, plows piling up the snow and clearing streets. in the district, that is being loaded into dump trucks and hauled away. michelle: where does it go? onehen tschida shows us dump ground is the home of d.c. united. n one afterey roll ik another, a caravan of trucks carrying snow. >> probably 25, 30 loads apiece. stephen: the cargo from various locations across the city >> 95, of the interchange. stephen: this is the destination, a parking lot by rfk stadium. once don't, it is pushed into a small mountain range of snow. >> we've been working since friday about 24 hours. stephen: they will keep up the pace as long as there is snow to
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haul. >> we might be running three days, day and night. sets and thehe sun temperature drops, the trucks kept coming. they expect to keep this up the next couple days and for that mountain of snow to get even bigger. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. ahead, we will get an update from mobile track 7. this price can't be right...
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. michelle: welcome back to our
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extended coverage following blizzard 2016. jonathan: the federal government tomorrow in local schools are closed. will resume limited service tomorrow with underground stations, which is how the orange, red, and green lines will run. aboveground trains will run in buses will be running on a limited schedule. the smithsonian museum and national zoo will also be closed tomorrow, airports will resume service in the morning. bwi thurgood marshall already had some flights resume tonight. for the roads, just to get flights we have been giving everybody -- stay off them. we will have dangerously cold temperatures in a refreeze, so there will be icy patches. it looks like anything that is what will freeze tonight. absolutely, even the areas that have been treated because the rock salt does not work well below 20 degrees. we already have areas in the single digits. weatherort furniture
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center, 21 degrees chevy chase, falls church 18, 17 burke, 14 centreville. already nine degrees culpeper, 7 manassas, 12 frederick. we will drop into the single digits, middle teens overnight and early morning. the reason why, fresh snow and mainly clear skies. the satellite and radar, just a few clouds off to the north, over frederick county and montgomery county, not amounting to a lot. nighttime lows anywhere from 6 to 18. the wind will be light, so not much of a windchill factor. early tomorrow morning, bundle up and be careful, the sidewalks will be slick along with roadways, but at least looking at some sunshine in the midmorning and into the afternoon. that should help begin the melting process once again. we will talk about the next weather maker tuesday into early wednesday, and warmer
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temperatures for next weekend. details in just a few minutes. michelle: so far the storm has claimed at least 29 lives in 11 states, but a fast acting becomingept that from 30. he found a man who and suffered a heart attack while shoveling. the officer immediately began performing cpr and continued until d.c. fire and ems arrived and he made it to the hospital alive. jonathan: as hard as the d.c. metro got hit, the folks to the west are eating out for thething far worse, jackpot of the snow. richard reeve has that story. this is an extraordinary example of what kind of power a large amount of snow has on a roof. this happened yesterday at about 5:00, and part of this roof collapsed under the weight of all that snow. it was a lot of snow in this area.
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this is the sound of maximum snow. >> it was a blizzard. you looked at the window and it was a wide-out. richard: shepherdstown, west virginia, buried under 40 inches. >> it has been a long day. four-wheel-drive trying to get a grip on roads that were not snow coated. >> my vehicle was parked in front of the house. my son kept saying, mommy, it looks like a big white whale. richard: more snow here than anywhere else on the east coast. >> i saw on facebook that shepherdstown won the blizzard award. richard: but that can cause problems. >> it sounded like snowballs hitting the window. richard: she was behind the counter when part of the roof buckled from the heavy snow. >> he said that he heard a creek and then it just blew over.
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richard: in harpers ferry, snow was everywhere. thisadults enjoying wintery mix. 20 years or so we get a good blizzard. richard: a january blizzard that will not be quickly forgotten. >> it has been quite an event. i think the weatherman got it right this time. richard: we are told this is a very commuter gas station. look at the roof, how close it came to the gas pumps, and the fact that nobody was underneath buying gas, a real close call involving a lot of snow. richard reeve, abc 7 news. maryland governor larry hogan is urging drivers to stay off the roads. he says there is still a lot of work to be done, even though the storm is now over. the maryland government will be closed tomorrow


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