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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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leon: we have two breaking stories. the federal government will open three hours late tomorrow with options for telework. alison: also, one person is dead in a confrontation between law enforcement and an antigovernment militia in oregon.
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according to the fbi, shots were fired as agents and the police tried to make arrests and a member of the militia was killed. seven people, including the leader of the occupation, were arrested. the militia group took over that federal wildlife refuge a month ago. clear if lockdowns are related to the arrest. home, theer to blizzard and things are getting back to normal slowly. snow has fallen sunset or do, but are still people stuck in neighborhoods. alison: most major school districts will stay closed one more day. the list is scrolling at the bottom of the screen. the federal government will open on a three-hour delay with the option of telework. metro buses will begin their service on a moderate weather service plan. open at 5orail will
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a.m. on the red, orange, blue, yellow, and greed lines. green line service -- and lines. silver line service has not yet been restored. alison: in the district, there is mixed reaction to the schools reopening tomorrow. tom roussey joins us with that. tom? the kids have to use the sidewalks to get to school and there is about a foot of snow. there is a sidewalk somewhere here, but they either have to be here or in the roadway to walk to school. it's a mixed bag. that sidewalk is fine. to my right, there is the sidewalk that is in so-so shape. the sidewalks will be used tomorrow because that is dunbar high school right over there. there is some controversy about the public school system's decision to hold class tomorrow
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because of the concern about kids on the sidewalks. or where are the parents going to drop off their kids. in the end, d.c. had decided things had improved enough that it would be ok to hold classes tomorrow. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. a 10-year-old boy was flown to the hospital after a sledding accident in fairfax county. the child was sledding down a 130 foot dam. he was raised to the top with a rope system and given medical attention. he suffered several injuries, but we are told he has been released from the hospital. leon: good for him. rain possible overnight, and that may impact the morning commute. let's get the latest on that from meteorologist steve rudin. steve: right now we are well above freezing across most of the area, so that will prevent major slick spots early in the morning. thursday morning, bigger concerns.
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leesburg, middle 40's d.c., 48 degrees answers. this ability, no problems. further west, a little bit of fog, but that is lifting through the evening. scattered showers, but they will be gone early in the morning. 27 to 35 degrees. more from the belfort furniture weather center in a few minutes. morning aboutous a miskito-borne virus. a virginia resident has been tested positive with the zika virus. jonathan elias has the latest. jonathan: this is very serious and scary. they tested positive after traveling to an infected country. cdc issued a travel alert for the dominican republic, and el salvador, among others. it is linked with birth defects paralysis in
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adults. there have only been i a handful of cases in the u.s. >> if you are pregnant, the cdc says don't go. for others, you've rebalance to reduce the chance that you will get it. jonathan: women and el salvador are being urge to avoid getting pregnant for two full years. there is no vaccine. if you want a full list of the country as there is this warning about, go to united airlines and american will offer free refunds for women who had tickets to visit any of these places. alison: 7 on your side steps in to help neighbors in springfield. last night, jay korff reported from an unplowed street because the plow that residents were relying on broke down. tonight we can report the townhouse subdivision has been dug out.
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after our story, a small plow arrived today and worked for hours to make sure that everyone was clear. we are getting results for unplowed neighborhoods. one of the hardest hit is leesburg. richard reeve was there when the first plow rolled in. richard? alison, this is cranbrook drive. we happened upon the street. it was completely untouched, unplowed. the snow was literally this high. we were just driving around, looking at streets. moments later, a department of public works truck rolled up and everything changed. you may not know what, but under driveat snow is cranbrook in leesburg. >> we are the forgotten street. it has been that way since we moved here. richard: three days after the blizzard, it had been untouched.
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>> here it is tuesday. >> right down there. richard: but then a miracle. dpw supervisor -- >> need him to do cranbrook, the next street over. richard: and around the corner came this front loader. nooks uses, but he says this was, after all, a big storm. ager road's are the first priority. >> we are doing the best we can. >> finally a plow. it has been five days we have been trapped in the house. richard: in this case, the plow spells relief. >> we actually now have our freedom. richard: you should have seen how excited the residents were. they came out with their shovels and snowplows, the whole street came alive.
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there is a big debate in leesburg about clearing off the main streets, making them pristine before starting on the residential streets. that debate will continue. live in leesburg, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, rich. right now, montgomery county is working to make good on a promise. ike leggett promised all streets would be possible by 7:00 a.m. the clock is ticking. roz plater has a look at the progress in montgomery county. roz, how does it look? roz: they have a little less than eight hours to make that happen, but i suspect there are pockets of the county like this one in potomac -- if you look this way, there is a narrow path. that path was dug out for a single car, but that was dug out by the residents themselves. looking this way on windsor drive, all the way to where would be the main road, that has not been touched.
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neighbors say they have not seen a single county plow since the storm began friday. there are dozens of homes still snowden. one neighbor said a handful of residents grabbed snowblowers and shovels and carved out a single lane so they could have a way to get out. >> there is a lady down the street six months pregnant. she was a little worried. undergoinglatedy chemotherapy and she has not been able to get out. a lot of people needed help. they cleared this whole darn straight. people also spoke with in a neighborhood in silver spring. they began digging out tuesday evening. the county truck plowed a main road nearby, but that left a snow bank that blocked off the cul-de-sac, with two elderly women, one whose husband is in the hospital. they cleared enough for one car to get by.
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the plow showed up at about 7:00. as for the folks in this neighborhood, the strangest thing, just a couple minutes before we went to air, a front loader showed up and went in that direction. toon't know what he is here do, but hopefully he is here to finish shoveling out the street so these folks can get access to their main roads. that has happened since 10:00 am so we're hoping maybe they heard us and they are on their way or are already here. roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: let's hope so. has been keeping tabs on snow removal all across the region. stay with us for up-to-the-minute coverage. he prepared for severe weather by downloading our stormwatch app. for the white house, donald trump will not be taking part in thursday's final debate before next week's iowa caucuses. with polls in iowa showing donald trump and ted cruz in a hasistical tie, trump
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accused moderator megyn kelly of fox news for being biased. he had a history of sexist comments against women. be meetingbama will with senator bernie sanders tomorrow at the white house. he held a similar meeting with clinton last month. clinton has a 6% lead over sanders in iowa. homes in danger of falling into the ocean. in a close look at this precarious situation in california. concernsnd collapse here from heavy snow stressing structures. this price can't be right...
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edge, incredible video from the california coast. caused aboutniño 20 feet of land to fall into the ocean in the past few weeks. now homes are in danger of falling. the area has been evacuated and is under a state of her murder the sea. stay with abc 7 as we monitor the situation. leon: that is scary. a lot of folks here digging out from the blizzard, and a lot of concerns about structures buckling under the weight of the snow. we have seen buildings and porches collapse. howon: tom roussey shows us fairfax county is readying for possible collapses. from d.c. to roofs the roof of this silver spring church, we have seen what's so much snow can do.
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thefax county has one of best trained teams in the nation to handle such a thing, the technical rescue operations team, one of 28 nationwide in a fema-sponsored program that travels all over, one of just two that goes overseas for disasters. >> the training and equipment to be prepared and respond to a large collapse. tom: they use the same training and equipment in fairfax county. this technician says this is used when a wall collapses. >> it is intricate way of holding the wall up so it does not fall on us. tom: when snow or anything else causes a roof to cave? >> this is one that we would use for a ceiling collapse. it makes a safe area for us so we can go in and search. video cameras and very sensitive audio equipment to try to find somebody trapped. and they bring trucks with
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lumber and other supplies. it all makes them ready show the snow cause havoc. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: as we mentioned, many schools are still closed, but one district got a little creative with their message. hello it's me it's the voice you love to hear in the face you do not see ♪ alison: that is the anne arundel county school spokesman doing his best adele impression, informing parents that their school will remain closed. apparently his daughter also sings on the voicemail. that is cute. at least it's creative. leon: have to give him credit. steve: the government gets a three-hour delay. leon: what does a three-hour delay mean? steve: if you normally go in at
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8:00, you get to go in at 11:00. attead of a traffic jam 7:00, you get it at 10:00. i do not think be quite as icy wednesday, but thursday morning could be rough with a lot of melting in a hard freeze tomorrow night. reaganees right now it national, mostly cloudy skies. the high temperature 51 degrees. we lost about 3, 4 inches of snow, finally broke the streak of days with below-average readings. today we were above average. tomorrow, near average, slightly below, and we keep that trend going another couple days followed by a nice warm up this weekend. marshall, annapolis 49, manassas 39, 47 fredericksburg. the further west, still in the 40's, winchester and luray. compared with yesterday at this time, we are about 10 to 20 degrees warmer, allowing a lot
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of snow to melt. but a cold front will move through, which is why we have scattered showers at this time. nothing that will amount to a lot, but behind the front the temperatures are in the 30's, and that is the cooler air that will arrive tomorrow. showers on the radar, heading in closer, the capital beltway over here. further to the west, we have light snow, in blue, but will not accumulate. i the time it gets here, the snowflakes will be few and far between. 27 to 35 overnight, showers end. areas below freezing will have slick spots in the morning. the wake-up temperature, 32, fairfax looking at low 30's, same manassas. hopefully we get the rush-hour start it later tomorrow. be the temperatures will well above freezing. scattered showers right now, but look how nicely it within clears
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out tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. grab the sunglasses, you'll need them all day. we keep the sunshine and the forecast thursday, but the temperatures will be cool. tomorrow, 40 degrees, by the afternoon. the next seven days, upper 30's friday, but the cool air is not stick around very long. the weekend has 46 saturday, middle 50's sunday. we stay in the middle 50's monday. . lot of melting going on in about two weeks, a lot of the snow that has not been piled up 10 feet will be gone. leon: that is a long time. flurries,et the snow we are talking fantastic finishes. we are playing college hoops again, finally, at a lot to celebrate tonight.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: for the second consecutive night, and opposing team has swept the wizards. last night it was the celtics, tonight was the raptors in toronto. cory joseph with the buzzer beater. it was that kind of night for washington. four minutes to go in the third, the wiz cut the lead on that garrett temple three, but there was too much kyle lowry. from behind the arc, gets a to go, he finished with 29 as the raptors sweep the wiz. georgetown lost to creighton earlier this month, eager to get revenge tonight. final minute of the game, caleb johnson with a steel and the slam. back at the lead. the final six seconds, rivera
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hits the free throw. creighton immediately inbounds, races up the flo or, james milliken mrs. at the buzzer. hoyas win by one. somehow, someway number one virginia holds on against wake forest tonight. threevaliers hit three pointers in the final 17 seconds. it was an incredible finish. darius thompson hit the game-winner at the buzzer to give uva the edge over wake forest, 72-71, or celebration. abdul-jabbarreem was in arlington this afternoon, series a conversation that brings world-class leaders to george mason university to discuss a wide variety of topics.
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someone asked him why nobody is teaching young players about his famous sky-hook shot. >> everybody is so enamored with the three-point shot. the kids don't want to work with her back to the basket. that's not cool. therefore a lot of them do not learn though shots. if you get close to the basket, a lot more shots go in. erin: that was a genius answer. the carolina panthers owner doing good. he will pay the way for all staff members and interns to travel to the bay area for the team's second super bowl appearance. he did the same thing in 2004 when the panthers went to the super bowl and houston. leon: that is a good boss. erin: i love it. i wish i was an intern there. leon: stay with us.
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this person finished in the top 10 of a half marathon and she has four legs.
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the calall already. alison: this is an unexpected
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athlete. this bloodhounds showed up at the starting line of a half marathon in alabama and tried it with the runners the entire 13.1 miles. no guidance, and she
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finished in seventh place. leon: next year they are going to rename the race the hound dog half. alison:? really leon: yes. alison: and she just joined in. her owner did not even know wher alison: a lot of melting taking
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place. , and 43 lot of melting the high wednesday. by thursday morning, a hard freeze, that's not good because the be a lot of traffic. middle 40 saturday, mid 50's sunday. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a good night. for the r girl scout meeting...
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