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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> breaking in the murder of a virginia teenager. tonight, two other teenagers are in custody, and the search for acts -- evidence is underway. plus, a look at the roads and sidewalks as your kids go back to class, some for the first time in a week. >> and, an emergency meeting. urgency for the world health organization as the zika virus spreads rapidly. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> as friends and family mourned the loss, we learned new information in the death of a 13-year-old girl. nicole lovell was reported missing last week, and her body was found this weekend. tonight, police confirmed two
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arrests in connection with her death. david eisenhauer and natalie keepers, both from maryland, are in custody tonight. diane cho has been following this all day. she joins us live from the satellite center. diane: authorities say natalie keepers was arrested this morning. divers with the virginia state police are helping clarksburg authorities search for evidence in a pond on the virginia tech campus. police say 19-year-old natalie keepers,. a sophomore at virginia tech, now faces charges for improper disposal of a dead body and accessory after the fact in the commission of a felony. this comes after a search for 13-year-old nicole lovell came to a tragic end on saturday afternoon after virginia state police found her remains. >> she was located just inside the north carolina border, on route 89 in surry county. diane: she was last seen in her blacksburg home on wednesday night. police say 18-year-old david
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eisenhauer, virginia tech freshman, was arrested on saturday on first-degree murder and abduction charges. he was a former member of the virginia tech cross-country team. he graduated from wild lake high school in columbia, maryland, where he was a three-time state champion. we went to his family's home today, but nobody answered the door. investigators say that david eisenhauer and nicole lovell to each other before she disappeared, and he used the relationship to his advantage to abduct 13, then kill her. keepers, investigators say, then helped abduct her and dispose of the body. the university issued a hope the, saying they entire virginia tech community extends their support to nicole's family and friends. kimberly: so sad. thank you, diane. it is back to school tomorrow morning for some kids for the first time in a week. right now, fairfax and loudoun
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county schools are operating on a two-hour delay. foster kenny schools are on a one-hour delay. we are going to take a look at roads and sidewalks in just a moment. first, meteorologist devon lucie has a look at the forecast. all the sunshine was not enough to not the snow. devon: it will be around for a wild. the next several days will really do a number on the snow that is still around. at least we won't have to do with icy spots tomorrow. hear from the belfort furniture weather center, looking at national harbor. if you look at the distance, there is a last glimmer of daylight. 6:30, still aur, little daylight. 60's in northern virginia today. in the 50's tonight. southwest breezes are holding temperatures up. you can see the southwest wind, and temperatures up for another mild day before the front in the midwest brings a chance of rain in the afternoon. at the bus stop, not acf the
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sidewalk -- not icy on the sidewalk. rain is possible in the afternoon. the train is likely in the washington metro. treasures are down before coming back up. we will talk about -- temperatures are down before coming back up. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a few moments. kimberly: fairfax and loudoun county public schools are operating on a two-hour delay on monday. that's after a week of snow days. after all that time, are the roads and sidewalks ready for your kids? we sent out a meal there to take out there to take a look. amy: parents say their biggest concerns are the clear sidewalks like this one here, leading to snow-covered dead ends and forcing pedestrians into the streets. for ted, getting the sidewalks
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cleared and getting people a place to walk is a top priority. >> you have to get them off the street, because there's nowhere for them to go. nowhere for the cars. if you don't, it's a disaster written in front of you in big letters. : he's no stranger to hitting a plow truck, but he has never seen anything like this. >> typically we are curb to curb, sidewalk done within 48 hours of a normal snowfall. we are on day number nine. amy: neighbors in ashburn can relate. >> temperature rising, it is melting, so the snow is a little heavier. amy: a big job that parents like chris foley say needs to get done. >> left is luck to school. even though it is right behind our house, they have to get through. amy: they say the two hour delay on monday is crucial. but until he feels the sidewalks are safe enough for his kids, he's getting other plans. >> ba couple neighbors will do a carpool system, so we have to worry about them on the roads.
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amy: his two kids are excited about heading into hours late, but they understand -- in two hours late, but they understand the dangers of walking in the street. >> what if the card is and see us, because i am so sure? -- short? [laughter] i might get hit. amy: snow-covered sidewalks like this one are not the only reason for tomorrow morning's delay. the school system is helping to ease some of the rush hour traffic congestion as well. 7 news.ashburn, abc kimberly: the carpool lanes will be very crowded. for personalized school delay and closing information, abc 7 has you covered. just visit for more information. an arrest outside the white house this afternoon after somebody through papers over the north -- threw papers over the north fence line. was arrested, and
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the papers were investigated and declared safe. new information about a dentist accused of sexually abusing a patient. bilal ahmed a well-known dentist in the georgetown neighborhood. he has been formally charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a patient. this alleged incident happened in the 2300 block of m street in 2014. court documents say the alleged incident happened when the patient was under the influence of nitrous oxide. happening now in anne arundel county. police need your help investigating a murder in annapolis. the victim, an adult male who was shot and found on newtowne drive saturday night. if you have any information in the case, contact police right away. all the hype is reaching a fever pitch in iowa tonight. we are just one day away from the pivotal caucuses. how important are they, really? our chief political correspondent caught up with two past caucus winners.
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scott: it all comes down to monday night and iowans possibly forging a path to the white house. on the flipside, it can also be candidates battle. just ask 2008 winner mike huckabee. is this the craziest iowa we have seen in a while? governor huckabee: every time, there is something unusual about it. this is one for the books. scott: whether it is a reality tv star on top of the polls or a former president stumping for his spouse. >> polling numbers, that is what is frustrating. the polls have been horribly inaccurate. probably the biggest polling agency in america, gallup, you said they are not doing polling in this race. scott: right now, polls show hillary clinton and donald trump iowa has a way, but way of producing surprises. they are a strong group of intelligent voters. they study the issues and the candidates. they are not easily bamboozled.
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scott: although not the best at predicting nominees. more successful on the democratic side, but they are more often than not wrong at using republicans. >> mike huckabee wins in 2008. in scenario. is there a lesson to be learned? >> sometimes iowa will predict a nominee. sometimes jimmy carter can rise from obscurity. you can have rick santorum go to work and be a caucus winner. scott: with all that said, you can look at iowa like a horse race. you may not need to win, but it's important that you still place or show, because in recent history no candidate has ever finished out of the top three and still become the nominee. in des moines, scott thuman, news channel 8. kimberly: abc 7 is your source for the iowa caucus. chief political correspondent scott thuman will be live throughout the day tomorrow for
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up-to-the-minute information from des moines. coming up next, a potential bombshell ruling from the world health organization. the emergency meeting happening tomorrow about the zika virus, and what could happen next. and, new competition in the and what could happen next. and, new competition in the self-evident car are (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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our next president needs a real plan to ep social securityty strong. (elepht noise) hey candidates. enough talk. kimberly: new competition the
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battle to be the first self driving car on the road. general motors created a team of people to work on self driving cars starting tomorrow. the goal is to figure out a strategy to make gm the leader in self driving technology. viewing a move from self driving cars as a research project to a product under development. a health alert tonight.
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the world health organization announcedl they will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow on the zika virus. the mosquito-borne virus is linked to serious birth defects and is "spreading explosively." on monday, the world health organization will look at ways to fight the virus. they could issue a public health emergency. if that happens, it is similar to a global amber alert for public health. coming up next -- a big night for the awards show season. the big winners from the sag awards, next. and taking a live look outside. time to maybe take your brother with you. a chance of monday.
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kimberly: a big night in
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hollywood last night -- the screen actors guild awards÷x happened in adelaide. outstanding performance by a cast went to "spotlight." we are in rio got best actor for androle in "the revenant," brie larson got best actress for her role in "room." the academy awards is coming up on february 28. you can watch right here on abc 7. winning weather today. star-studded, awesome. beautiful sunny skies. devon: 60 degree reading. this might be one of the better days we got this week. i'm glad it arrived on the weekend, before we have to get back to work, to school. national harbor, looks great tonight. let's get into the forecast. temperatures will be in the 50's here. breeze's health cold temperatures up tonight.
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a very mild day in the forecast, especially by december and january standards. we do have a cold front coming through. that is for tomorrow. the big picture over the next few days, very mild tomorrow by winter standards. then we have a front. expect the rain to come on in. it gets pretty chilly. we could have more class in the forecast as well. let's go closer to where you are and talk specifics for temperatures. oncking rain where you are monday. we will reset the timings towards tomorrow morning. the good news, for icy spots -- all these temperatures are well above the freezing mark. the low end is 38 in frederick. mid 40's in downtown washington. we could see light rain as soon as the late morning hours. all the information today shows that after the noon hour we had some scattered shower activity moving through the metro. pushing out as we go toward the evening rush hour.
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do expect it to be a little left in the evening rush. not that in the morning. tomorrow -- wees will go to the upper 50's. 60's south and east. 14 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. some more cloud coverage on tuesday. keeping it mostly cloudy, if not completely cloudy. temperatures bk in the upper 40's for the highs. we are still above the average high this time of year. the sky cast nails this pretty well here. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. we start off at about 45 in downtown washington. shower activity is possible in the afternoon. there you see it, falling on down. 58 for the high in the afternoon. seven-day forecast for us. front.ay, a strong cold then a very windy day brings temperatures to the 60's before we cool back down. day, whichthe cold
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is punts of honey phil's big -- which is phil's big day, groundhog day. we will watch it closely. enjoy --antime, it enjoy going up and down and up again over the next few days. kimberly: i love that he is on everybody's mind. devon: maybe every meteorologist's mind. kimberly: that's it. a little college hoops. >> got some good stuff. not a lot of time to celebrate, when you have ohio state three days later. and a big rivalry, gw and george mason. spor >> now, the toyota sports desk,
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brought you by your local toyota dealer. >> terps are fresh off a big win
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over 30 iowa. could not celebrate too long, because you have ohio state today in columbus. terps out 2. comes up big with the steel. oop to jake layman. terps ledled 37-31 -- 37-31 at the half. this was close throughout. noah trimble lays it in with the left. just over two minutes to play. 57-55. finds him in the corner for a three and drains it. that puts the turks up by -- winning by five, 66-61. the revolutionary rivalry returned. gw made the short trip to battle george mason. >> rivalries are one of the best things about sports. you can pretty much through the records out the window.
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george washington and george mason is one of the better rivalries in this area. on the basketball court, this series has been one-sided, with the colonials winning the last four meetings. another great atmosphere at eagle bank arena in fairfax. the andre a with the slam -- deandre abram with the slam. patricio garino with two of his game-high 19 points. george washington comes back to beat george mason, adding another terrific chapter to this rivalry. >> the rivalry is good for the area. i wish all the local teams would play. ir detached on that enough in the past. >> it is indicative of that there is great basketball in this area. and teams then maryland georgetown here. i think it is great basketball community. >> make it five straight wins for the colonials in this series. next up for gw, a home date on
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wednesday against davidson. scott abraham, abc seven sports. >> thanks for that. a touchdown for both super bowl teams today, and not the touchdown you are thinking of. touchedms touchdown -- down in santa clara. the panthers touched down about 20 minutes ago. super bowl 50, one week away. exciting. remember, all sports tonight at 11:30 tonight here on abc 7 sports sunday. one final note -- randy wittman l not be on the sidelines the next two days as he grieves the unexpected loss of his older brother. kimberly: our condolences. >> he's still
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office this weekend. 3" made firsta place at the box office this weekend. came in third place, though they are about to hit another record. devon: everything is above freezing tomorrow. you don't have to worry about icy spots. even the coldest spots are well above freezing. prepare for afternoon rain coming in. a little light rain. in thectual rain coming afternoon, making for some wet pavement. some limited visibility.
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there are still snow piles. kimberly: thanks. there are still snow piles. kimberly: thanks. see you back at 11:00.
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k pepepepeek there are still snow piles. kimberly: thanks. see at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. woman: she does look like she's going fast. all: ooh! [ cats yowl ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now, here he is, the host of our show, alfonso ribeiro! hey! [ cheers and applause ]


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