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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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kimberly: a new arrest and search right now after a 13-year-old from virginia who was reported missing is found dead. the possible connection between her and her accused killer. an alert for your morning commute, a water main shuts down a busy montgomery county road. an eta for the repairs.
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and the final push before the iowa caucuses. the candidates are pulling out all the stops, but does it really matter? we spoke with previous contenders of the iowa caucus. what they have to say, next. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. kimberly: breaking news in now, aery county right situation on university boulevard that will impact your morning commute. a stretch of road is shut down after a water main broke at 7:00 tonight. roz plater is live in silver spring. how was it looking at this hour? roz: a little better. in the middleht of university boulevard, right in the middle of the road. it is shut down in both directions, all the way from carroll avenue come in that direction, several blocks north, then again at piney branch road in the other direction. that will make for a nightmarish
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commute tomorrow morning because university boulevard is a major artery for both cars and buses. the water is beginning to subside, but this is video from earlier, where water is just pouring into the streets. this happened at about 7:00 tonight. , it is a 12 wssc inch water main, 88-year-old pipe. water has been turned off. once they get to the roadway and determine where the break is and examine the road if it is undermined they will begin repairs. 12 inch is not a huge pipe, but it's not small. it can unleash a lot of water. there is still water rolling in there will be damage to the road. it will be a process. it's too early to say how long it will take, but we will be here all night, probably a good bet that it will impact the morning rush-hour. roz: a lot of work to be done.
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there are cracks in the roadway. the crews are beginning to assemble, getting ready to dig. this is one of 300 water main breaks in montgomery county and prince george's county in the month of january alone. a warning tonight, if you are doing laundry, the water may be brown and could stain laundry. another warning, the morning commute, if it takes you through this stretch of university boulevard, you may want to go in another direction. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: that will take a wild to clean up. pond on thehed a virginia tech campus. what we know tonight, a 13-year-old girl named nicole is are in custodye
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come accused of playing a role in her death, both students at virginia tech, both suspects for maryland and recent graduates. cheryl connor did some digging and looked into their past. she joins us from columbia. cheryl, what did you find out? it was on this campus, while blake high school in columbia where david eisenh auer made a name for himself as a track star. now he is accused of murder. on thesearched a pond campus of virginia tech, looking for evidence into the killing of 13-year-old nicole lovell. howard county two neighborhoods, and too many people at a loss as they try to understand the police investigation. >> i think it's so close that this tragedy just hits.
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catherine lives a few doors down from david's home in columbia. the police and blacksburg, va, er enwassenhau an engineering major say that he killed lovell. last seen wednesday after her parents say that she climbed out her bedroom window. saturday, her body was discovered 80 miles away. a second virginia tech student, natalie keepers from laurel, it is charged with helpg dumped the body. a woman who came to the door did not want to talk. >> is very scary. graduatedsenhauer from while blake high school last year and was named the indoor track athlete of the year. >> people are in distress at this point.
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tomorrow, grief counselors will be here at while blake and hammett -- at wild lake and hammond high school. both virginia tech students are being held without bond. video of this just in, an investigation happening now after a car smashed into a home in prince george's county. this happened late this evening in bowie. the driver had a medical emergency. nobody inside the home was injured, but the home and the car had quite a bit of damage. back to school tomorrow morning for some for the first time in over a week. and loudoun county public schools will operate on a two hour delay. fauquier county schools are on a one-hour delay. devon lucie has a look at the forecast. hard to believe the warm weather
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was not enough to melt it away. devon: snow much -- so much snow on the ground it will take a while. the belfort furniture weather center, a live look at national harbor. the high temperatures today well above average, 60's northern virginia, 57 d.c. very warm for this time of year. 56 fredericksburg. tomorrow at the bus stop, you do not have to worry about slick spots. by recess time, 58 in the afternoon. cooling down tuesday, with another round of rain. very mild wednesday. the complete forecast from the belfort furniture weather center in a few minutes. that forecast is important to kids heading back to school tomorrow. and fairfax county schools are operating on a two hour delay because some areas still have snow-covered sidewalks. the yield or vice snow plow
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company says getting the sidewalks cleared and giving the people in place to walk is his top priority. curb,ically it's curb to the sidewalks done within 48 hours. we are on day nine. kimberly: that puts it in perspective. to be safe, some parents are driving their kids to school and carpooling. expect the line to get into school very long. give yourself plenty of time to get to school tomorrow. personalized school delay closing information, we have you covered on our website, , for more information. 7 on your side with a health alert -- the world health organization announcing it will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow about the zika virus. it is linked with serious birth to fax and is "spreading plosively."
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they could issue a public health emergency. on iowa tonight ahead of the caucuses. hillary clinton campaign with former president bill clinton and their daughter chelsea. the newest and more and register poll has clinton and bernie sanders in an extremely tight clinton, 42% for sanders. sanders brought in $20 million in january. he said nearly all of that money came from online donors giving about $27 each. show donaldolls trump took the lead back from senator ted cruz. senator marco rubio is in third place. trump campaigned and i with his wife. his daughter has been involved
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as well with a how-to video for the caucus. senator ted cruz attended church in iowa this morning. on the eve of the caucuses, some are asking, how important are they really? chief political correspondent scott thuman caught up with past caucus winners. rallies,l the handshaking, and tv time, it all comes down to monday night. on the flipside come in can also leave candidates baffled. just ask 2008 winner mike huckabee. >> every time it's crazy. every time there is something unusual about it. this is one for the books. whether a reality tv star on top of the polls or a former president stumping for his spouse. >> the polling numbers what's frustrating. the polls have been horribly inaccurate.
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probably the biggest polling agency in america, gallup, is not pulling this race. polls show that hillary clinton and donald trump are leading the race, but that is not slowing their opponents. strong, hardy, intelligent group of voters. they study the issues and the candidates. they are not easily bamboozled. scott: although not the best at predicting nominees. more successful on the democratic side, more often than not they are wrong in choosing republicans. 2008, doesee wins in not win out. is there a lesson? >> sometimes i will predict the nominee, sometimes not. out caucus winners. scott: scott thuman, abc 7 news. your sourcec 7 is
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for the iowa caucuses. scott thuman will be giving us live information from des moines. coming up, amazing video from --gon come in up close look from oren, in a close look at heavy rain damage. had eyes glued to the tv screen, but is there new evidence in the steven avery case?
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kimberly: new information about a d.c. dentist accused of sexually assaulting patients. he has been formally charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a patient. the alleged incident happened on m street back in 2014. or documents say the alleged incident happened while the patient was under the influence of nitrous oxide. an arrest outside of the white house this afternoon after somebody threw papers over the north fence line. the person was arrested
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immediately. investigated and there was a major emergency presence at the white house. fugitives ares back behind bars tonight after escaping from a maximum security prison in california. two inmates were captured saturday morning outside of a whole foods in san francisco after a citizen tipped off the police. the third fugitive turned himself in friday. the authorities say the men got help from a woman who worked as a teacher inside the jail. >> we are investigating other suspects who may have possibly help them escape. kimberly: they escaped nine days ago using sheets tied together as a row, then repelled down the building. many of you watched hours of the trial on netflix without stopping, steven avery is case the center of the documentary "making of a murderer."
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optimistic,rney is saying she has evidence and technology to clear his name. avery was convicted in 2007 for a murderer in wisconsin. selmer launched an independent investigation of the dna found , even victim's car purchasing the same model car the victim owned. >> i wanted to examine what was not tested in the car that should have been tested. been 2007, there have significant advances in for an sick testing. is known for overturning wrongful convictions. she also criticized avery's court appointed prosecutor for putting him behind bars. tonight inkholes oregon blamed on heavy rains from el niño. one opened up today, just feet from another, a giant sink hole
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that opened last month. both are more than 50 feet and growing. this stretch of highway 101 in oregon is expected to be closed through the spring. devon: a giant hole will do that every time. these are from the storms from el niño, just to clarify. e, and with all the weather temperature fluctuations, we see the contracting. devon: the same thing here with the freezing and thawing, you get the water main breaks. i hope you enjoyed sunday. a relatively mild day monday before the changes come. still tonight, a number of 50's across the area. that a seven degrees above the average high this time of year. nothing really to show except the southerly wind, a very mild day, another mild day to come. eventually this cold front
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brings rain and cools us down. the next two days, very mild tomorrow, rain, eventually cooling down monday night into tuesday. cloud cover in place. that is the big idea the next few days. let's move in closer, tracking the rain. tomorrow, weards are all above freezing, no worry about re-freeze, frederick is the coldest spot at 38. as chance of rain as early 11:00 tomorrow morning for the immediate metro, afternoon. , closer to 3:00, 4:00, that looks like the next likeliest rain. mild, taking the temperatures down a couple. still upper 50's, will above average this time of year. tuesday, more clouds, taking the
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high temperatures down to the upper 40's, still above the average. then we are back into wednesday. , tomorrowskycast morning, partly, mostly cloudy skies, watch as we get in the afternoon. the rain is expected to come down, the cloud cover builds. 58 is still nice this time of year. a very strong southwest wind brings the temperatures up. a chance of a thunderstorm before we cooldown friday and saturday. groundhog day tuesday, punxsutawney phil, will he see his shadow? if he does, that means six more weeks of winter. if he does not, that means an early spring. could be a cloudy day, possibly rainy. kimberly: the whole thing is
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weird, a groundhog predicting the weather. devon: 130 years and going. robert: let's talk more weird, ersacewton's fov pants. has he gone too far with a fashion statement? neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room.
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desk, brought to you buyer local toyota dealers. robert: a touchdown for both super bowl teams, but not the one you are thinking of. both teams touchdown in santa at 6:00, theoncos panthers about an hour later. so far everyone looks good, dressed to kill, but cam newton took it a bit far, with the versace pants. i guess that's fly.
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after the game, his first super bowl, which should he expect -- what should he expect? ok. maryland, the terps led 37-31 at the half. maryland,s to play, the three. that puts the terps up 5. they win 66-61. , rivalryson hosting gw game. the patriots battled back from an eight point deficit. mason eventually takes the lead. gw would make some plays down the stretch. george washington comes back to beat george mason, 76-70. remember, it's all sports 7 sportst 11:35, abc
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sunday with erin hawksworth and scott abraham and your's truly. and former head football coach randy edsall has been hired as the director of football research and special projects for the detroit lions. kimberly: you did not like the versace oppants? can pull itif you off, it's fly. kimberly: doesn't it show attitude? robert: it was a little too loud for me. and a little too tight. kimberly:
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kimberly: 7 on your side with a consumer alert, new competition in the battle to be the first self driving car on the road. has created a team to start the work on the self driving car tomorrow. they are trying to be the leader in self driving technology, a move from viewing self driving cars as a research project to a product under development. pandemonium at the box office, came in first 3" place at the movies. robert gave it five stars.
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robert: yes! kimberly: "star wars: the force awakens" came in third place. the 22nd annual screen actors guild awards happened in l.a. outstanding picture was "spotlight," leonardo dicaprio wopn for his role.
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kimberly: the water main break in montgomery county, what about anything else? devon: the overnight morning temperatures still well above freezing. a round of afternoon rain possible until 5:00. wednesday, whipping wind, likely rain, and a possible thunderstorm. kimberly: stay with us. sunday sports robert: coming up on abc 7
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sports sunday, the broncos and panthers touchdown in california. will go one-on-one with kirk cousins after his spectacular run to the playoffs. i know you will like that. and a major announcement from the sinclair broadcast group. robert: and the leading scorer in college basketball. he is from the dmv. go crazy, folks. "sports sunday" starts now. cray?is this robert: it 's cray. fo


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