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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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autopsy is conducted to determine how the teen died. 19-year-old natalie keepers was also arraigned today. she is charged with the improper disposal of a body and accessory after the fact. both are held without bond. they are eng nearing students at virginia tech. a search was conducted on the pond at the virginia tech campus. no word if any evidence was uncovered. both will be back in court. leon: david eisenhauer and natalie keepers are both from maryland, columbia and laurel. neither had any criminal record prior to the arraignment. >> this is where david eisenhauer went to work. we knocked on the doors and
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talked to people. we didn't find anyone who could see this coming. >> this is david eisenhauer in high school. last spring. star, middle distance runner at wild lake. good enough to win an award from the baltimore sister station wbff. >> i hate to lose but i'm okay with second place if i run a fantastic time. >> that is the day they remember after two years after a cross country family move from washington state. the principal saying he is stunned to see the image of the engineering student eisenhauer as accused killer. >> excellent student athlete. focused on the academics. >> nobody answers the door at the home. neighbor saying there was no sign of trouble. >> it was unbelievable. >> because? >> they seemed like the nice
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people. >> that is the reaction in natalie keepers laurel neighborhood. she is charged with helping to dispose of the 13-year-old nicole lovell's body. at home her reputation is spotless. >> nice people. >> keepers was involved drama and writing. strong student. >> sounds like she go involved with the wrong people. >> both students went to big high schools. the principals knew them well. they were star students. they were involved. at 6:00 you have an opportunity to hear from natalie keepers' principal. she has nothing but good things to say about the student she knew. in columbia, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. now to a developing story in d.c. where a popular nightclub is shut down for 96 hours after a stabbing there.
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it happened at barcode near the may flower hotel. diane cho has more. diane: a notice of closure sign on the front door. they are now reviewing the surveillance video inside the club after they say >> she is trying to come to terms with her son's death. >> they know that. >> they were called to the barcode restaurant and bar sunday night at 11:40. they wound two men were stabbed and taken to the hospital. powell pronounced dead.
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>> what happened? >> she describes her son as hard worker. >> now she just wants answers. >> please. >> if anyone can help find the person who did this to my son, please. have police say at this time they don't have enough information for the description on the suspect. the other is in stable condition in an area hospital. >> d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of its officers from the early this morning. jonathan: new information in last year's amtrak crash in philadelphia. the national transportation safety board reduced 2,000-page document including interviews with the train
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engineer. the documents know no problem with the locate motive, track or signal. they were fine. alison: am track is investigating a new understand don't on the same stretch of track. something hit the express on the way from d.c. to new york. 200 people on board at the time. no one hurt. leon: gray and rainy tonight. what a difference a week makes. you can see grass in front of the white house. alison: amazing. doug hill has a check of the forecast. moving along with the melting. doug: south and east of washington the snow is gone.
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the temperatures are in the 40's. 60 at midday. 47 at the airport. live look at the belle haven country club. there is area of rain to deal with through the evening hours. by 7:30 or 8:00, most of the rain or the front then we'll see improvement. steady areas of rain to contend with here. the rain is coming to an end. some areas north and west could drop below freezing and that could mean patchy ice. most people involve freezing will wake up to sunshine. enjoy the day tomorrow. the rain could be heavy at times. more on that in a few minutes.
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>> thank you. alison: after a year of campaigning it's here. what do we learn from iowa caucus with the race going forward? scott thuman is live in des moines. scott: the first canvassing started two years ago in the campaign. what lot is at stake. look at the history. no nominee has ever done worse than third in iowa. >> caucus day in iowa. presumably winners announced in hours. extreme times call for extreme
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measures. >> we drove a thousand miles on monday. >> one of the reported volunteers here. the biggest ground game in history. if you believe the polls that hasn't been enough to top trump. >> they want us to look like maniacs. the small town are most likely profiledded here, it could be a different group to tip the scales. >> we have hired digital media staff on hand. we are reaching out. >> she works to make sure that the fellow coed caucus and says candidates social media strategy do the rest. >> do you think it works? >> i think it works. i saw marco rubio on snapchat. if i see it and i share it the friends will get it, too. >> in the final hours this is about firing up the first-time voters, fighting against all odds.
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>> i don't quit. scott: presumably a winner by the end of the night. we don't always know. they have been given an app for the smart phone to put in the results. last time it was 16 days before an announcement of the winner. leon: see you soon. >> coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> i'm disgusted about the metropolitan police department and d.c. public schools. >> this teacher is fighting to get a job back after falsely accused. >> taking the steps to stop
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the zika virus as it's an international emergency. >> many public school districts like school. but were they ready? >> it wasn't snow. but a truck that caused problems this morning. you can see why. if you see knews send us them to us at we may share it on the air. back after this.
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jonathan: so kids went back to school this morning a week after theably salved blanketed the region with two feet of snow. some of the kids went in late despite temperatures over the weekend. loudoun where some folks are still digging out. tom? >> i am standing on the sidewalk. this looks bad, right? somewhat of an optical illusion. the sidewalk is wet but perfectly passible for kids. we found the conditions are
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improving here. every parent agreed it was time to go back. >> but were the schools red de? the sidewalk was not clear when the children arrived this morning. we found snow removal work in the parking areas at belmont station elementary school. after being off the friday the storm began and all last week the loudoun students came in two hours late today. some parents say the school system got it right. >> they needed to close it because of the snow. >> is that the right call today? >> i do. everybody stayed safe. that was the priority. >> i don't understand loudoun
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county. >> some think the time off was excessive in areas like ash burn. here the conditions are not that bad. the school got complaint calls from the parents because of the sidewalks like this one. there were concerned about the bus stops that needed to be moved because of the snow piled up. two school buses were in situations they were crowded in by the snow. they needed to be helped. alison: thank you. the kings dominion law could be a part of virginia's past. the republican controlledded house passed legislates to allow the schools to open before labor day.
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ill was created to help the tourism industry. not sure if the senate will approve the measure. jonathan: talk about the weather. doug hill is joining us. he brought a furry friend for the assist. doug: for years i have done weather i give punxsutawney phil a hard time. this is west virginia bill. he has had the ground hog for 30 years. mark told me he found him in west virginia, and bill passed from natural causes. wink, wink. jonathan: lead poisoning is what we heard. doug: i don't attention to that mean man there. he is here to wish us luck for the forecast tomorrow. i can't wait to see what phil says. six more weeks of winter and an early spring, who knows? michelle: who cares? doug: keep alison happy. michelle: this is freaking me out. i'm not a fan. doug: if his eyes mink we are in trouble.
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jonathan: you never thought you would spend time with a stuffed rodent, did you? alison: a little close. doug: rain in the air, temperaturest dropping from the 60's at lunchtime to the 40's. 46 in win chester. the same rain everywhere. nothing heavy. as i said earlier a different story coming wednesday. stronger and a more dynamic front and the storm system. 45 in anacostia. 46 in springfield. dale city in 45. the rain on doppler. northeast of baltimore to the i-95 corridor. patches of rain to move out. give this another couple hours.
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most rain is east of the by a. some of the rain could refreeze. watch for that. icy spot. we could have clouds in the an. by tomorrow night especially. what we find is a quiet weather day tomorrow. with the snow melt and water to the ground not out of the question. the best thing is this looks like a one day deal that will come in and move out.
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28 for the low. 39 in the city south and east. a look at the projected overnight lows. 29 in leesburg. through the day tomorrow sunshine. early on i think. give you a heads up for this weekend. saturday 2:00 in the afternoon it's freezing for a reason. great charity to get wet and cold. let's talk about tomorrow. groundhog day. the question is will phil see the shadow or not? wi will find out tomorrow. i may not make breaking news but we will talk about it to see what phil has to say.
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wednesday a big weather day. 90% chance of rain. windy and warm in mid-60's. thunderstorms. clearing skies. breezy on friday. the weekend is dry. with this pattern we will melt most away. we hope it doesn't melt it too fast. michelle: we have been chatting chatting with the ground hog. doug: if you stare too long it's creepy. michelle: he thinks spring is coming early. jonathan: we will leave you kids. retiring deputy went out in style. the dance party on the elevate over the camera. watch. ♪ ♪ jonathan: two things come to mind. he is so excited to be out of
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a job. he had no idea the camera was there or did he. that is el paso deputy tom who is requiring. now formal when everybody else is on the elevator. he recruits others to the dance party. screeches to a halt when the chief deputy boards the elevator. oh, no! the sheriff steps through the door and he is in on it. had to know that is rolling. alison: cute. very fun. doug: he could nene with parts of him might break off. i don't want to do that. alison: we don't want that to happen. jonathan: 30-year-old stuffed an mall there. alison: we'll be back shortly. first, popular grocery chain wants you to know the truth about the promise of free groceries. jonathan: then later for us -- >> the scammers know what they are doing.
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they know who to go out for. i was a perfect victim. >> a college student lost the bank account and the credit nearly ruined by a clever scam. michelle: plus the world health organization declares international emergency. what you need to know about the fight against zika next. alison: but first tonight on abc --
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alison: "7 on your side" in health matters. today the world health organization declared the spread of zika an international emergency. michelle marsh is here now with the details. michelle? michelle: several countries particularly in south america are spraying for the mosquitoes that carry the. today the world health organization convened an emergency meeting to address what they are calling the explosion if spread of the virus in the americas. independent experts helped sound the alarm after noticing a link between the arrival in brazil last year and the spike with the number of babies born with abnormally small heads. the agency says there is no definitive proof that the
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virus is responsible if for birth defect, the director general says the level of alarm is extremely high. >> the lack of vaccine and the reliable diagnostic tests and the essence of the population immunity in the any lu affected countries were cited further cases. further cause for concern. michelle: the world health organization calling for coordinated international effort to address zika. deputy director general is hoping a phase-one trial for vaccine could start in the next four to six months. it could be able in next year. back to you. >> thank you. reminder you can learn more about the search "zika." coming up at 5:00 -- >> we have jokers on my staff. it is so hard to believe. >> a local coach gets a call
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of a lifetime. he will make emotional trip to bowles -- super bowl 50. details on the way. >> the third d.c. shooting in a d.c. neighborhood in six months. that's next on abc7 news. >> career says his
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jonathan: a local teacher fighting to get his life on track after a false accusation. ware was acquitted a few weeks ago after being charged with inappropriately touching wasn't of his student, a charge that the accuser reclined. stephen tschida is live with a story you will see only on 7. stephen: this started here a year ago and ended in a d.c. superior courtroom days ago. but leroy ware, the teacher in question here says his life is far from back to normal. >> a student at the minor elementary school made an allegation and suddenly a teacher faced sex abuse charges. one year later a judge exonerated demarcus ware. but his life still is in turmoil. >> this devastated my life. i'm just recouping,
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rebuilding. >> getting his life back on track is proving difficult after the 9-year-old student alleged ware touched him inappropriately. even though during the trial other witnesses testified about the accuser. darsha's son told the judge the allegations were fabricated. >> my son said the other child made it up. at the end of the day i feel like justice was served and never should have got to this point. >> the accuser made the sentence clear to other children. her son acquaintance of the accuser testified the boy said he would do something to hurt ware. >> it was basically him not liking mr. ware because he was gay. >> the judge's remarks while acquitting him left him reeling. >> the judge acquitted me. he said he didn't like the m.p.d. tactics and he thought it was disturbing. i felt devastated and disgusted about the situation and the metropolitan police department. as well as the d.c. public
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schools. stephen: the accuser did not recant the original testimony. as far as leroy ware is concerned he is talking with an attorney for his best next possible option. >> checking the top stories, two maryland teens were arraigned in the killing a 13-year-old girl. david eisenhauer charged with first-degree murder. the classmate natalie keepers accused of helping him dispose of the body. investigators say that eisenhauer kidnapped and killed nicole lovell. neither defendant entered a plea in the court appearances. alison: the national transportation safety board released 2,000 pages of documents including the engineers with the train -- including the train engineer. it crashed last may.
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final report on the crash and the safety recommendations expected this year. jonathan: powell of riverdale, maryland died after being stabbed at barcode last night. a several person survived the attack. barcode is closed for four days while the investigation goes on. alison: we have a story in the district where a police officer shot and killed a man this morning. >> now for the third time since august the police have been involved a shooting which brought a comment. >> we have to make sure the community is safe as well. >> cathy lanier responding to
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the questions why police shot three people in one complex in the last six months. most recently around 2:00 this morning at 53rd and clay northeast where the police say a man acting suspiciously took off running >> the suspect fell to the ground and the gun disloged from the suspect's clothing the suspect then down on the ground was attempting to gain control of the weapon. the officer gave the demands and the suspect did not comply. >> the officer fired a shot and killed the suspect. in november a man confronted a man with a hunting knife. and august when a woman withinis stood face to face with the police officer yelling for her to drop the weapon.
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maria peterson heard about it and now witnessing another one. >> police are shooting kids. i i don't know what they are doing. >> police said they have not positively identified the man killed. the chief did reveal this about the gun. >> replica of a semi-automatic handgun. b.b. gun. >> they asked if the police had body warn camera. the police said no. only officers in filth and seventh have them. these won't come for six months. alison: wegemans says a 200-dollar giveaway on facebook fake. better business bureau doted a section of the website. warning people.
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jonathan: coming up for us at 5:00 -- >> they need to face a judge. the police can't find them. the wall of justice is next. >> i'm kellye lynn in northeast. using art as therapy. i'll tell you about the funding to make it possible. that story is coming up. alison: coming up at 6:00 -- the announcement today that could put chipotle back on track. after the e. coli case created p.r. nightmare.
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doug: we have a stronger cold front this way on wednesday with heavy rain. jump to weekend.
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at the next seven days, wednesday, and the big weather day. turning cooler for friday and pleasant heading through the upcoming weekend. stay with us. upcoming weekend. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" returns in i do everything on the internet but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's t the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here (husband) i heard that. switching to better inrnet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios.
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jennifer: i'm jennifer donelan. police across the area need your help to find fugetives that have escaped capture. can they escape the "fighting back: wall of justice." martinez wanted on three counts of robbery and three counts of using a firearm in the commission of a felony. move no the district where they are adding lawrence jennings this evening. he is facing credit card fraud charges and wanted in multiple jurisdictions. they are joining dominic williams in d.c. but for murder. two arlington county fugitives thompton and ramirez are wanted in separate assault and battery cases are on the loose. let's set the wall of justice in motion. tonight the spotlight is on dominic williams. d.c. homicide detectives need help to find williams and fast. there is a d.c. spear your court warrant out -- superior
5:41 pm
court warrant out for the 23-year-old's arrest. he shot and killed a 39-year-old man in september of last year in the 3200 block of 28th street in southeast. >> the community can hemp put them behind bars and ensure the community is safer. >> he is 5'9", weighs 150 pounds. 23, brown eyes and black hair wanted for first degree murder. police want him off the wall of justice and put him behind bars. homicide detectives have been looking for him for four months. if you can help call the police. we'll see you next week. i'm jennifer donelan. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- >> i wish you were here. get a kick out of it. he is a big part of it. >> inspired by loss. the emotional story of a local high school coach honored by the nfl. >> but first, targeting the care-givers.
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what you need to know about a scam preying on babies a
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alison: one of the popular ways to connect to babysitter and nannies is but con artist are using the sites to cheat care-givers. kimberly suiters went to bat for a college student who fell for the scheme. >> i got an e-mail who said she was deand -- deaf and moving to the area. she said for the love of god, my mother is sick. send money. >> she pressured you. >> she did. >> she never believed she would hold two checks. close to $3,000. i felt like she trusted me and
5:46 pm
i should trust her. >> she deputed it on the credit account. she watched the $5,000 move from a total balance to available balance. she assumed that the checks were good. they weren't. weeks later -- >> i check account and it's negative $5,400. my heart dropped. when she confronted rose via text she acted surprised and denied nid harm. they sent out a warning about the scam but too late for her. she reported it. the detective said the fraud is faceless and untraceable. after pleading the case to three representatives the credit union closed the account. >> does it make you feel like the criminal rather than the victim? >> definitely. i am not a criminal. i was trying to help somebody. >> "7 on your side" helped
5:47 pm
her. we reached out to the largest credit union in maryland. >> i apologize for that. after learning more about the situation she was a victim. >> "7 on your side" brought it to your attention. >> we didn't know the situation. once we found the situation we didn't want to damage her credit. she was dupedded by nobody by somebody looking to make profit. >> they reduced her dead. reinstated her account. make sure there were no ding on the credit. if you get a check from someone you don't know, wait a week before you cash out. don't take "funds available" to the bank. kimberly suiters, abc7 news. alison: you can contact the "7 on your side" team by calling --
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jamie has a look at the roads. james the inner loop is heavier through the stretch from tysons heading north to 270 in the afternoon. a solid stream of the bumper to bumper traffic. we pull up the map. at 9 miles per hour. bottom of the beltway. seven miles per hour per hour approaching the american legion bridge. silver spring in place. eastbound stretch. these lanes are blocked. another area with a water main break is closed. that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: okay. thank you.
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tonight the fall-out from the republican party decision to scrap the pledge policy. we talk about that. plus, tiny homes in d.c. pick a big problem? a councilmember thinks so. we will tell you how big the homes would be. and more importantly how much they would cost. that is ahead at 6 zephyr. jonathan: the weather was rainy but warm. alison: mild. doug: at 11:00 this morning when i did the news it was 66. wi dropped to middle 40's.
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batches of rain. nothing heavy. the heaviest rain now is west of the richmond area. this is going to stretch the view out. the skies will clear overnight. that happens. we could get to 20's for an hour or two. that is a possibility of ice in spots. the day planner through tomorrow is a chilly start. turn out to be a pleasant day. 48 for a high. sunshine. thunderstorms here for the day on wednesday. we will look at the screen there. clearing skies for thursday, friday and the weekend. looks nice.
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the next chance of rain wednesday will come our ware on monday. alison: thank you, doug. jonathan: talk about sports, erin hawksworth joining us now. >> i had a chance to sit down with a coach in leesburg. >> are you sitting down? >> yes, i am sitting down. be we have the exciting news. >> the nfl called football coach burnett to tell him he won coach of the year he thought it was a prank. >> i have a jokers on my staff. i thought it was an assistant coach. it's hard to believe that somebody like this at a national level would happen to me. erin: burnett isn't the typical coach. he was a lawyer until he realized he wasn't fulfilled. >> i said i'm going to walk away and start over. start teaching. the minute i did it, i knew it was the right choice for me.
5:52 pm
>> part of the fulfillment is working with his best friend adam fortune who was his assistant coach until he died suddenly after suffering a heart attack. >> unfortunately, he passed away. a year and a half ago. before the beginning of the last season. >> i wish he were here. he would get a kick out of this. he certainly is a big part of it. i carry him with me all the time. erin: it has been difficult for him to coach without his buddy but he loves his work so much and it shows. >> football is the most selfless game. >> would you trade your life for the old attorney life? >> not for a second. not for anything. erin: he won $10,000. he is going to put it in his kids college fund, whatever is left after his wife goes shopping for new wardrobe
5:53 pm
after heading to the super bowl this week. they will attend the fun parties and walk the red carpet. good for him. humble guy. cares about the kids. jonathan: following his passion. good stuff. mayor bowser working to empower young men across the city. alison: a look at the latest efforts when we come back.
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alison: the empowering males high school is the first all male high school in the district and open next school year. muriel bowser says it will have a heavy focus on the college prep affidavit hope to change the directory of the young men in the city. >> it's important for our kids who come from every, every background. every starting point is to understand the people who look like they do and have
5:57 pm
experiences like they have are successful. more than that, care about their success. alison: the deadline to apply for empowering male high school or any school with the grade nine through 12 is midnight tonight. jonathan? jonathan: another way to empower young men of color is through innovative programs. in the spotlight on education, kellye lynn shows us how the d.c. public school system providing millions of dollars in grant money to bolster the laves of the students. >> everything around us. >> the fifth grade class is using shape to create art. >> i think it's fun because you get to make different things. >> the next school year art will be used in a different way. as a form of therapy for boys suffering from trauma, loss or other stressors. >> a way to get to the root of issues that may be are hidden or holding people back and need to come out some way. art is a perfect way to get
5:58 pm
out. >> when you give them a piece of paper or a mound of clay, different emotions can come from that. kellye: bunker hill and other schools will share $35,000 in grant money to implement the art therapy program. award is one of 16 empowering males of color innovation grant provided by the d.c. public school system. nearly $1.7 million in financial support to improve the lives of male of color academically and socially. funding that doesn't only support art therapy by mentoring, international travel and technology programs. students will lead the art therapy session at bunker hill. some of the young people even those who hasn't suffered loss can attest to healing power of art. >> sometimes i'm sad. doing art i feel better.
5:59 pm
>> kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: that is all for us at 5:00 but right now "abc7 news at 6:00" -- >> what police are now using to try to track down the person responsible for stabbing at a popular bar. alison: searching for a motive. two students accused of killing a 13-year-old girl. how the hometown react to the news. jonathan: who in the clear and now says chipotle console outbreak is over. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: a popular bar in d.c. will be closed for 96 hours after a deadly stabbing there late last night. ment to the mother wants answers as they look through surveillance video to find the suspect. we spoke to the victim's mother from the scene in
6:00 pm
northwest washington. >> this is a notice of the closure here that is posted on the front door signed by the police chief cathy lanier explaining what happened last night. in the later it states they were called out to barcode after a fight. by the time they got here they found two men had been stabbed inside. they found a bloody knife on the barroom floor. powell later died from the injuries. his mother describes him as a quiet person and hard worker. she is asking anyone and may have seen this incident to call the police. >> she has that message for the person responsible. >> i want to tell you my son.


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