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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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point a gun at a mother and her toddler. and pull the trigger again and again. this is neshante davis's facebook page. her 2-year-old daughter chloe's picture front and center. a relative says the little girl was the center of davis' life. >> beautiful, beautiful mom. would do anything for anybody. >> this morning at 7:00 a.m., mother and daughter head out for the day. as normal. from their townhouse on palmer road. then neighbors hear screams and gunshots. neshante davis is found dead in the parking lot. little chloe strapped if her car seat. both are shot multiple times. with a killer on the loose, this relative wants the identity hidden. >> a big family. everyone loved everyone. brad: from public records we learn davis recently won a paternity suit in $600 a month in court-order child support payment from her daughter's
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father. police who swarmed the scene say they are following strong leads. >> the notion that someone would be bold enough to take the life of a child, take the life of a young woman, and think that there would not be consequences, simply unacceptable in prince george's county. brad: state attorney angela alsobrooks say it's not acceptable. >> grief-stricken. enraged that another baby lost a life here in our community. brad: police have not named a suspect or person of interest but we're told they are working on vie i -- viable leads. leon: she worked at the elementary school in capitol heights. kevin lewis continues the team coverage from the school. this has to be devastating for community.
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kevin: a hard day for teachers and students. she worked here for a year but her impact during that time was apparent. learning the second grade teacher neshante davis was shot and killed outside her fort washington home. >> are you serious? kevin: her daughter attends the head start program. >> she commented on my dress and liked the color of my hair. she asked how i got the color. i told her. i thought she was somebody's mother. i didn't know she worked here. kevin: the school sent home the letter that referred to miss davis as a beloved teacher. >> nice lady. like most school teachers. just sad. i mean, really sad situation that you see someone one day and then teach our kids going a great job and the next day they're gone.
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>> it hit home. it really hit home. >> smith's son coached basketball at the school where e met miss davis -- where he met miss davis. >> for sometown to kill a teach -- someone to kill a school teachers is not right. she died at a young age. 26. sad. >> she was also woman of faith. her bishop robert picks. >> had a beautiful daughter. she took care of family. a hard worker. you know, something else i can say. >> now friends tell us neshante davis was heading to work this morning when she and her 2-year-old daughter were murdered in their down home community parking lot. understandably, staff members here still too distraught to speak publicly this evening. live in capitol heights, abc7 news. leon: thank you. this morning a few dozen people rallied outside of real co guns in marlboro heights as part of a nationwide campaign calling for an end to gun violence and reforms to the gun industry. coming up on "abc7 news at
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6:00" -- we take a look at why protesters chose this particular store for the site of the protest. alison: leon, absolute heartbreak in blacksburg as well today. we heard for the first time from the mother of nicole lovell. the 13-year-old girl abducted and killed over the weekend. >> her favorite color was blue. she was a loveable person. she touched many people throughout her short life. i can't do that part. alison: before being overwhelmed with emotion, tammy opened up about her daughter's love of dancing, her dream of being on "american idol." this afternoon prosecutors revealed the 13-year-old was likely stabbed to death. two virginia tech students are charged in lovell's death. in the next half hour we look at what we now know and what
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we still do not know about this case. leon: sad case. get back to breaking news in arlington where water main break shut down wilson boulevard near courthouse. up the road from ben's chili bowl if you know the area. richard reeve joins us live. what have you found out now? they are starting to dig down low to get to the water main that broke at 8:00 this morning. trying to figure out how extensive the damage is. to see if it's a small crack or the section replaced. that is the issue they are dealing with now. the other issue is traffic. chris will pan over to show us, they are diverting all the traffic in this section of wilson boulevard to north quinn street. it is in the middle of rush hour and this is a major
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intersection. they are diverting people around it. how long will it take? they are guesstimating around 10:00 tonight. they are not sure. it depends how much they have to do work here. but again, major traffic issues as they continue working on the broken water main break. in arlington, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: okay, rich. thank you very much. well, a frightening scene in montgomery county after a school bus slid right into a guardrail. and off the road. it happened just before 7:30 this morning on avery road which is in rockville. the driver and students on board were not hurt. they were dealing with the melting snow and below freezing temperatures. after the sun came up, things warmed up in a hurry. tomorrow things get bumpy. chief meteorologist doug hill is here on storm watch to tell us about it. doug: it's very nice. still sunshine getting out. through increasingly high
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cloudiness. coulddiness is the story and the rain. thunderstorms tomorrow. look at the live shot from the weather bug camera down the river. belle haven country club. brighter green areas are actually flood warnings. with heavy rains coming there will be creeks and the urbanized areas that we'll have flooding issues because of the heavy rain and the snow melt. at the moment, temperatures are comfortable for the second day of february. 51 in fredericksburg. 48 in the nation's capitol. by the morning the coolest air will be west of washington. western zones. even there it will remain above freezing all evening. temperatures tomorrow are up to the races. the rain and the gusty wind develop ahead of the frontal system, pushing heavy storms through south, tennessee, ohio valleys right now. looking ahead to tomorrow. 47 degrees. we wake up and a good start.
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skies will be mostly cloudy. through midday we see overcast. 60 by lunchtime. in 60's with showers and thunderstorms and flooding in the afternoon. more on the timing of the rain. and what the weekend will bring in a couple of minutes. leon: you got it. iowa caucuses ended in time for the folks to escape the weather. morning snow hit iowans and lots of it as the political world heats upton after critical wins for hillary clinton and ted cruz. marci gonzalez looks at where we go from here in new hampshire. marci: on the trail, fueled by optimism. >> what a victory last night. marci: ted cruz pulling off a big win in the caucuses ahead of donald trump. the one-time front runner calling the second-place finish an honor and then tweeting he hasn't been given any credit by the voters for self-funding his campaign. on his heels, marco rubio
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talking to voters in the granite space after the longer than expected third place finish. >> campaign confidence for democratic candidates. despite leaving in virtual tie, hillary clinton declaring a victory. bernie sanders pulled ahead in new hampshire welcomed back by a cheering crowd. >> iowa. we astounded the world. [applause] now in new hampshire we'll astound the world again. [applause] marci: mike huckabee and martin o'malley dropped out of the race but the rest of the candidates campaigns now full throttle here ahead of next week's primary. >> i feel good about the opportunity to break out here. ground work we laid will continue tuesday. >> one candidate not here is
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ben carson taking a day off. ted cruz apologized for him today for mistakenly telling people that carson drommed out of the race -- dropped out of the race. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. leon: popular maryland congressman happy remaining a congressman, democrat elijah cummings says he will not run for the open state senate created by long-time senator barbara mikulski's retirement. he says he can best serve people from the district and maryland from the house. speaking of baltimore, a new report found problem with the response to the baltimore riots. they indicated the state's response was hampered by the inexperience of the emergency management staff. the state emergency operation center relied on media coverage. some inaccurate because it
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received few updates from official channels. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- tempers flare and chairs fly in d.c. restaurant. what police say about the violent scene on video. >> the new program that is making bocce ball the hot new sport in montgomery county schools. >> plus -- >> shadow or no shadow. we a roundup of several east coast groundhogs and whether
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leon: well, an all too common sight around the area. drivers spinning out and losing control as water from the melting snow out there began to freeze up on the roadways overnight. but tonight, there is another concern from the snow piled up on the area. and the fear it combined with tomorrow's rain could bring flooding. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live in alexandria with a look at what is being done to prevent that situation since we have a heads up here. jeff: we do. by this point after the blizzard, we have seen the big mountains of snow all over the place. what happens is a lot of the pounds of snow come here in front of the storm drains. a lot of them are low-lying. if you have too much snow in front of the storm drain, rain
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could hit it and lead to flooding or so-called ponding. all over alexandria today we did see storm drains. they were cleared out. the city doing a lot of work to make sure they are clear. but of course with as many storm drains as there are in alexandria in d.c. all over the place, some are inevitable covered from the show. the cities made a lot of efforts to plow the snow to the sides and keep them away from the storm drains but sometimes the snow gets piled up in front of the storm drain. as they continue to do their work, they are asking for residents around the city as the rain continues to approach, they are asking for people all over town to pitch in and try to move the snow from the drain. >> if they see something and they have a shovel nearby in a block of the house, they can clear the inlet. they don't need the clear the butter pass. but open the inlet that way as water comes down and enter there and it will be less of a problem. jeff: again, that is what they
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are looking for. they know things are not perfect, especially if the rain comes in heavy. they are asking for help to make the situation better. coming up at 6:0, we'll head across the river to washington where residents feel good about how the city responded to the issues with the drainage issues. we did find a few situations where people say they are concerned. until then live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: okay, thank you very much. weekend and a half after that historic blizzard most of us are ready for wenter to be over already. apparently that desire translates to the animal kingdom. take a look. >> potomac phil did not see his shadow. so it's going to be an early spring! [applause] alison: that's d.c. resident stuffed rodent prognosticator potomac phil. we are in for a spring-like warmup. phil wasn't alone in his prediction. look at the rodent roundup, shall we, doug?
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your favorite thing. this shows the world most famous groundhog punxsutawney phil also called for early spring with statin island chuck, and the south's general bouregard lee. only one, freddie, thinks there is six more weeks of winter. going rogue. leon: contrarian groundhog. alison: we want to know how much stock you put on the forecast. we have a poll on the facebook page. at last check it was a dead heat. you can weigh in for yourself right now. leon: dead heat. okay. that says a lot. alison: i know. doug: between all the critters and the old farmer's almanac we'll be out of work here soon. trying to compete. alison: i don't think so. doug: interesting to see what happens. nice thought. early spring is something that
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would make everybody happy. leon: somebody has to make an groundhog app. alison: there probably already is. doug: don't give any ideas. we are in the 60's. a big change is coming. melting snow and heavy rain. let's get started the the coverage here at the moment it's gorgeous. look at the shot this morning from the nationals park. put h.d. weather bug camera in the time lapse modular the day to cap -- time lapse mode to capture blue skies. 49 at the ballpark. enough blue skies remain with the high clouds moving in. we are set up in many areas for another absolutely spectacular sunset tonight. the sun set at 5:28 this evening, i believe. so 15 minutes afterward it should be great. more clouds move in overnight. it will become overcast as well. that combining with the winds turning east and the southeast tonight will keep the temperatures mild. we are at 48 at reagan national. 43 at winchester. 45 in frederick.
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baltimore at 47. 50 degrees now on the midshore. with the clouds and the southerly, it will stay mild. melting will continue through the wherever night as well. temperatures are mild across the mountains to the teeth of the frontal system developing. strong winds developing. 74 now. clouds and knoxville. 70 in nashville. 59 in charlotte. 60 in raleigh. we get rain and thunderstorm. gusty winds and mild temperatures. satellite and the radar shows the high thin clouds here. this is a mess down south. we have one, two, three, three, tornado watch boxes. there are a number of tornadoes. other spots there. when the whole zone comes eastward tomorrow. we get gusty winds and the rain and the heavy doingpours and the thunder but we don't think we have the right combination in the atmosphere
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to produce the severe weather here. the future cast gives us timing moving through the day tomorrow. 11:00 tomorrow the showers are moving across the western zones here. we put it in motion for you. it's moving across i-81 and the blue ridge. that should shift quickly. we will see clearing before midnight tomorrow night. we have a nice string of days. we have been running the commuter models of the rainfall from the system. we run it and we get different numbers but it will wind up the samem average between one-and uninch of rain tomorrow. that with the additional snow melt and water from the melting snow will give us flooding potential in the metro area here. high 64 tomorrow. winds gusting at times to 20 miles per hour.
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a lot of melting tomorrow. we get through seven days to see temperatures head the other way on thursday. we will see nationals park again, because i pressed the wrong button i am thinking. if you had the groundhog here, you could see the next seven days. alison: leon missed it yesterday. he had a groundhog on the set. i won't say if it's live or dead but it was here. leon: with doug, i could bet. doug: it hadn't moved in 30 years. i was a real groundhog. very pleasant. leon: i wonder what he had to say about you. moving on. still ahead at 5:00. memories that brings tears.
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>> dreams of being on "american idol" some day. leon: new details emerging about the murder of a blacksburg teenager and the arrest of two students from maryland. alison: plus, the positive effects of sports. the new program that is teaching life lessons and making bocce ball the hot new sport in montgomery county. 's am
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that includes special needs students and regular education students. leon: abc7 sports reporter scott abraham reports team and family are the name of the game. >> try to stay focused. scott: it's one of six bocce teams competing in the tournament. >> it makes me feel like i'm athletic and good. good at everything. scott: a sponsored sport. >> what is your call going to be? scott: where special needs students are the stars. >> i love winning. yes, i love winning. scott: to most people playing a game of bocce is something you would do at a family reunion or a family gathering. for these special needs athletes this is a big deal. it's almost like their super bowl. believe me. there is a lot of pride and
5:26 pm
passion inside this gym. >> when it comes to crunch time, it's time to do what they do the most. positive energy. get on a roll. >> to be the best you have to beat the best. scott: making life memories together. it's really motivating. once you are a team, you work together as one. >> camaraderie. smiles. >> good job. >> and competition. scott abraham, abc7 sports. leon: how about that? montgomery county bocce championships will be played this saturday at paige brad high school. i love that. could have been a harris' heroes. >> it could have. leon: way to go, scott. still ahead here, like a scene from an old western. calm in a restaurant until a chair flies. then a melee takes place next. what sparked this scene caught on video in the district. alison: first, though, the district attorney who declined
5:27 pm
to pursue sexual assault charges against bill cosby a decade ago takes the stand. why he says he did not act. despite believing that cosby is a sexual predator. suzanne: i'm suzanne kennedy. i have the story
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alison: more information about the death of a teenager. suzanne kennedy has more about what we are learning about the story. suzanne: tammy could barely make it through the statement before she broke down talking about her murdered daughter. a heart-broken mother describes her teenager daughter allegedly killed by two virginia tech students. >> she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing. dreamed of being on "american idol." suzanne: nicole snuck out of her bedroom window to meet david eisenhauer. and prosecutors say he stabbed the girl and the 19-year-old
5:31 pm
freshman natalie keepers disposed of her body. as a young child, nicole lovell survived a liver transplant and six-month long coma. her mother said she was bullied from her classmates and may have sought approval online. >> her favorite color was blue. she was very loveable person. she touched many people throughout her short life. suzanne: authorities announced upgrade of the charges. no motive why the coeds killed the teens. at an afternoon press conference, the police chief acknowledged the anguish the family endured since lovell disappeared. >> we will not let the balance define us. this is still the place of anywhere else on this earth i would live, that i would raise a family and i would send my children to college. suzanne: the two students are being held without bond.
5:32 pm
and back at the end of march. nicole's funeral will be held thursday. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: pain and controversy in newtown, connecticut, over something meant to bring healing. newtown high school covered up a mural to the 26 people who were killed in the sandy hook massacre. the reasonit's upsetting too many students. the mural that was posted on the facebook page about the sadness the controversy brought. she says she rejected a request to paint a new mural that would be subject to the administration approval. the school system wants to remove references to the 2012 massacre from the schools. alison: checking the other top stories, prince george's county police are searching for the person who shot and killed a teacher and her 2-year-old daughter. police say neshante davis and her daughter chloe found outside a condo complex on palmer road in north washington this morning. police say a person of interest but did not provide details.
5:33 pm
leon: it was a big win for ted cruz at the iowa caucuses as he topped former front runner donald trump. hours ago hillary clinton was announced the democratic winner of the caucuses beating bernie sanders by the slimmest of margins. now they're rallying in new hampshire focusing on next week's primary there. alison: traffic alert. water main break in wilson boulevard in arlington is expected to impact the evil commute. we have a live long at wilson boulevard where it is closed at north quinn street. traffic is being detoured. expect buses to be delayed. leon: a former district attorney who chose not to prosecute bill cosby a decade ago testified in cosby's defense. bruce caster confirmed he had an oral agreement with the comedian because of the red flags in the case including the fact that the accuser contacted lawyers a year before telling the police. current d.a. maintains that because the deal was not in writing it's not legally binding. another attorney involved in a
5:34 pm
separate civil case with cosby agrees. >> i find it a bit ironic that mr. cosby would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave qua lose to women -- quaaludes to women when that was the testimony. does he want to exclude the truth? leon: cosby was charged with drugging and sexually violating a former temple athletic department employee. alison: d.c. police are asking for your help to find individuals who were involved in a fight at a local restaurant. take a look at this. this happened in 1600 block of lamont street in northwest. surveillance video shows a suspect approaching a victim and then suddenly attacks him. that is when another suspect threw a chair at the victim. so then a massive fight breaks out. three more chairs are thrown. if you know anything about this, anyone involved, contact the police. leon: anheuser-busch taking departure from the normal line
5:35 pm
of the super bowl ads and turning to helen mirren to help them out. check it out. >> if you drive drunk, you simply put are a short-sighted utterly useless, oxygen wasting human portion of pollution. darwin award deserving selfish coward. if your brain was donated to science, science would return it. so stop it. leon: she reminds me of one of my old coaches. the video is a one-minute shot of the 70-year-old actress throwing out unique insults for those driving drunk. the last time the beer maker paid for anti-driving drunk super bowl ad was 2005. alison: clever. hopefully it will be effective. leon: here is hoping. still ahead at 5:00, no mail since the blizzard. alison: where the entire neighborhoods say they are getting little to know mail. what is being done to fix it coming up. leon: plus, what d.c. council is doing as they debate marijuana use in specific
5:36 pm
clubs. alison: ahead at 6:00, calculating the cost of blizzard 2016. the state that is now nearly out of money because of it. how it plans to pay for potholes.
5:37 pm
steve: looking ahead for the upcoming weekend. sunshine in the forecast on saturday. temperatures are upper 40's. around 50 degrees. mix of sun and clouds on sunday. but from now until the upcoming weekend we have rain. a lot of rain on the pay. especially during the day tomorrow. maybe even a chance for a few embedded thunderstorms. look at the high temperature around 65 degrees. falling temperatures on thursday. cool end to the work and the school week with the temperatures in the middle 40's. abc7 news at 5:00 continues after this.
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alison: sam ford spent the day with the council and is live next to explain what is next in the pot debate. hi, sam. zach hello, alison.
5:40 pm
while the d.c. council kept in place a ban on use of marijuana in private clubs it also voted unanimously to to create task force for how pot could be smoked communally without violating the laws from d.c. they say you must grow your own marijuana and use it at home but in the discussion they talk about private places, perhaps one in eight wards where people can smoke away from home. the idea some people don't want to smoke around their children and public housing residents are prohibited by federal law from smoking in their homes and could be facing eviction if they do. >> this legislation creates a task force. it doesn't rush into anything. >> proponents insist it does not violate congress restrictions. >> you must stay away from taxing marijuana, selling marijuana or reducing the
5:41 pm
penalties to be in harmony with the congressional writer. sam: also today the council as part of a crime bill passed a measure that would give sometimens to up to -- stipends to up to 200 individuals who are considered higher risk not to commit crimes. richmond, california, tried this and said it resulted in a 77% drop of homicides there. so far mayor bowser has not signed off on this. the measure will be have to be passed a second time before it would be sent to the mayor's desk. reporting live from northwest life, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: thank you, sam. the number of the new cases of hiv in the district continues to decline. that according to a new report from the district of the columbia department of health. the report shows 396 new hiv cases in 2014. 29% drop off from 2013. 70% drop off from 2007 when the new cases were at the
5:42 pm
highest. the numbers mark the seventh consecutive year that the new hiv cases declined in the district. alison: coming up next at 5:00 -- a week and a half now with no mail. what is being done to get postal service on track in some communities that haven't had services since the blizzard. leon: plus, remember this kid. our robert burton took him on in a game of "horse" and beat him. the kid showed him the moves on youtube. check this out. in sports we will tell you and show you what happened when an nba team gave this kid a call.
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leon: more than a week after the snow stopped falling and people in northern virginia are still paying the price, they haven't had full mail service since friday the snow started falling. amy aubert looks at why. amy: for people in douglas park, this is music to their ears. >> we hadn't really received full mail service since the friday before it started snowing. amy: they hit the shovels early and even with the clear roads, they are still waiting for a consistent mail delivery.
5:46 pm
>> most of us dug out our mailboxes to make sure they could get to there. amy: but most have been empty since before the storm. >> for whatever reason i have a backup. amy: usps say they have a lot of mail to make up for lost time. they are asking you to call the local office if you have an issue. the neighbors say they voiced concern and waited in long lines. >> we heard the same thing. today is the day. it's on the mail truck. then 7:00 there is still nothing in the box. amy: they hope today's delivery marks the normalcy again. amy aubert, abc7 news. leon: taking a look ahead at
5:47 pm
what is coming up at 6:00 -- a guilty plea from a white house staffer. most of the snow might be gone but the cost is piling up. how thlizzard 2016 broke some state's storm budget. also peyton manning at the super bowl. his words before the big game coming up at 6:00 right here. alison: all right. chick on the roadways. jamie sullivan is watching traffic for us tonight. we have a water main break. jamie: we do. some of the issues we are seeing now in the area is potholes and water main breaks. this is a live look in the arlington neighborhood. on wilson boulevard. the closure is from quinn street continuing that issue. get closer to the rhodes boulevard. go to the map. i want to focus in on what you need to know with the biggest issue with this. that is getting around it. going to the map i want to show you what you need to know. that is a stretch that is blocked off from quinn street to rhodes street. 16th street is a best alternate. this is rosslyn toward
5:48 pm
courthouse neighborhood in clarendon boulevard. that is the issue. 16th street runs parallel. that is the best option. clarendon is one way in the opposite direction. typical for the afternoon drive along the capital beltway. but north on 270, we are in the teens. a class closer, take a live look at the beltway before you get to 270. you request see a solid stretch of the bumper to bumper traffic. alison: the h.o.v. lanes will be closed overnight. vdot says this is needed for assessment for future extensions. closures start at 9:30 and reopen in northbound direction at 4:30 a.m.
5:49 pm
thanks to uber you will be able to pet a puppy and help out a good cause. animal planet is teaming up with uber tomorrow. open up the app and dr. puppies d.c. to unlock the special puppies option. you will get 15 minutes of cuddle time with the rescue pup. the $30 payment goes to support the shelter and the rescues in the area. leon: the uber drive might need cuddle time if he is driving all day with a untrained puppy in the car. alison: and a car wash. very sweet, though. leon: puppies and dogs. herorism helped free a trapped dog. this says it all. the large yellow lab fell through the ice and stranded 50 feet from shore in a monday. firefighter aaron lovell wore a rescue suit and crawled to
5:50 pm
the ice and used a ladder to rescue the dog. he, himself, fell through the ice but the water was shallow so he and the dog were both taken to the shore safely. the dog was taken to vet for treatment and doing okay. alison: so nice. the ice is melting. warm from the skies. doug: tomorrow is middle 60's with the potentially heavy rain. overnight it will continue. snow is disappearing rammedly. the trend will continue. look at national harbor. light in the sky. close to 6:00 in the evening for february 2. clouds rolling in for the west/southwest. mid-to-upper 40's. warmer temperatures are headed this way with the strong winds developing. look at the overnight.
5:51 pm
35 to 44. 44 is like the average high. warm overnight. patchy fog. showers develop around 4:00 to 5:00. look at the active weather now. tornado warnings now. southwestern section of alabama. big tornado on the ground there. tracking it locally. moore just southeast -- more southeast of memphis, tennessee. intensity of the storms will diminish tonight. by the time it rolls in the area tomorrow we may have thunderstorms but we are mostly expecting warm temperatures, gusty winds. rain showers some on the heavy side. records tomorrow in the mid-60's in the area. 64 is the forecast high. record in washington is 65. we could tie it or break it. not out of the question. let's go through the next seven days. show you what is to come after the warm day tomorrow. falling temperatures through the day on thursday. 50's in the morning. 40's by midday. system temperatures next week with chance of monday and tuesday.
5:52 pm
that's it. leon: so, your partner gets his butt kicked by a little guy, by a 12-year-old and it turns into a happy ending. erin: it does. we did a story on noah cutler, the hoops phenom from leesburg. it went viral. shortly after the interview noah posted his imitation of steph curry, the reigning m.v.p. the warriors got wind of it and contacted us wanting to get in touch with noah. they flew the kid to bay area to meet steph curry. noah was given the royal treatment and the warriors even produced a video about his trip. >> give you something to remember tonight. >> oh, man! >> hold on. >> a little bigger than yours but you can grow into them. i probably wouldn't wear them. take them home with you. erin: we spoke with noah's dad today who says they have been
5:53 pm
getting calls from all over the country. he has been offered sponsorship deals already. his fame continues to rise and he is 12 years old. i wish he was a little younger because maybe he could date riley curry when he grows up. earlier today d.c. city council meeting a special recognition. our own glenn harris, d.c. and the newschannel8 legend attended a special ceremonial resolution in his honor. harris is a howard grad. he has been on newschannel8 for 25 years before he retired in december. >> i really appreciate everybody that has ever appreciated me. i guess i had touched a lot of people. i didn't do any of this -- i did it for fun, really. i never thought i was going to be a broadcaster. but it's been great. for my family, for all of the people that are here that know
5:54 pm
me. i appreciate everything. thank you very much. erin: i just love glenn. that was him giving a heart-felt speech. nobody knolls more about d.c. sports than again glen. i only had a chance to know him for months but he had an impact on the area. leon: truly is one of a kind. was, he is still with us. leon: truly is one of a kind. was, he is still with us. love you, man.
5:55 pm
you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with sociaial security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to kp it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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5:57 pm
alison: delaware norton wants to make mothers more comfortable when nursing. stephen tschida has the information. stephen: eleanor holmes norton found it a violation of federal law and forced the change. >> we need employees, we need it for visitors. stephen: she wants to require all federally leased buildings
5:58 pm
or federal buildings to do more nursing visitors. she wants a space set aside to pump or nurse. >> it needs not be a large space. it needs to be private. it cannot be a restroom. it needs to be a space set aside for lactation purposes. but obviously it can be used for other purposes if necessary. there would not be a designated lactation room that would sit empty if no one needed to use it. she believes the nursing mothers among the visitors to the capitol need to be better accommodated. >> good for moms and babies so i think it's great. stephen: she said when she visited d.c. and finding a place to nurse the son was challenging. >> i nursed him on a bench at the national galleria bart. union station. and other places. stephen: norton is optimistic
5:59 pm
about the chances of passing. helping nursing mothers is an area there will likely be bipartisan cooperation. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". here is what is coming up tonight at 6:00 -- a gruesome murder of a young woman and her 2-year-old daughter. the manhunt underway and how it deeply affects the law enforcement community in the area. ahead at 6:00. sun today. rain tomorrow. threat of flooding and how virginia and d.c. are preparing. and the presidential campaign move on to new hampshire now. the winners of iowa and who is now out of the race. the news at 6:00 starts right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00", on your side. leon: at this hour a manhunt is underway for the killer of a 26-year-old teacher and her 2-year-old daughter. alison: prince george's county police say the two were shot
6:00 pm
after 7:00 this morning outside a condo complex in the 1300 block of palmer road in fort washington. maureen: maryland bureau chief brad bell is life tonight with more on this story. brad? brad: maureen, tonight police have not announced a suspect or a person of interest in the case but a number of sources are telling me they do have very strong leads and are getting closer to solving this crime that has absolutely outraged the community. it's just about 7:00 a.m. when police raced t there community on palmer road. shots fired. victims down. they find neshante davis next to her car. then, officers open davis' car door and find 2-year-old chloe davis-green in her car seat. here are the pictures from the facebook page. both mother and daughter are


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