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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we begin tonight on storm watch with the weather for tomorrow. rain, gusty wind, possible thunderstorms moving in. we could see some flooding, too. leon: the question is how this could affect the morning commute. let's get the timeline. steve: rain and heavy wind in the late morning, early afternoon. front well toold the west, across ohio, indiana, kentucky, tennessee, moving east overnight, arriving early tomorrow morning, bringing showers at first and heavier rain by the morning and afternoon. the flood watch, that goes into effect tomorrow at noon, extending through the early morning hours thursday, including counties to the north, frederick and washington counties, along with the panhandle of west virginia. not under aeltway watch, but we have the potential of heavy rain.
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7:00 in the morning, grabbed the umbrella and keep it with you all day. the timing of the thunderstorms and the rush-hour commute home tomorrow evening, more on that in a few minutes. leon: folks at home, turn to abc 7 when rain and severe weather moves in no matter where you are. stay in the loop at xt to sign up for alerts. were shot tooddler death in prince george's county, the mother in elementary school teacher. tonight, a vigil in honor of their lives as the police search for their killer. tom roussey has how they are being remembered and the investigation. tom: i checked with police at headquarters a short time ago, still no arrests. meanwhile, family and friends got together to remember two precious lives lost. >> i don't think any of us understand.
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we are just trying to come together and support one another. way community temple bible is the church that the mother went to. imagine howot even they could kill her, and her two-year-old daughter. >> how could you look a child in the face and shoot a child? tom: chloe is described by her girl who waslliant able to hold almost adult conversations. >> she said, auntie, i love you. too. said i love you, tom: as for neshantae. >> she was loved by everybody. she achieved her dream this school year at bradberry heights elementary. this morning, it was all taken away from her outside of her
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home in fort washington. the suspect shot her multiple times. >> i heard three loud shots. tom: the suspect also shot chloe while the two-year-old was in her car seat. heart, anyave any sole, any compassion, turn yourself in. tom: turner says her family is clinging to their christian faith and to each other and their church family. , god canthe suspect forgive you, just turn yourself in. live outside prince george's county police headquarters, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. in rockville after hazmat teams were called to a neighborhood for a chemical spill. neighbors were told to shelter in place for at least an hour. it turned out the smell was an insecticide from a vacant house where squatters were living. the areas now clear and there
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were no hazardous materials. leon: d.c. is opening a door to allowing people to smoke weed in clubs that charge a membership. they will look at how the city could allow smoking marijuana in places other than inside private homes. possessing a small amount of marijuana became legal last year. lot of talk tonight about the new development in d.c. they say that crime does not but the touring crime may have a price tag. the d.c. council approved a bill that approved a plan to pay people a stipend not to commit crime. richard reeve joins us with this. what is this all about, rich? richard: a new twist on the old saying. we came to this neighborhood to take a look. ask people, what do you think about this idea of being paid for not doing crime?
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with d.c.'s homicide rate --rocketing to 162 last year the idea of paying people not to commit crimes -- it is a different approach to stemming violent crime. >> that's not how it worked when i grew up. the package would allow at risk youth to be paid a stipend to keep a clean record. you have to look at all angles of this. councilmember believes the idea would work and points to a program in richmond, california, were homicides drop 77% in seven years. >> if there are stipulations involved to be part of a program , maybe it might work. there are not now stipend amounts, but the california program paid participants $9,000 per year to complete training and stay out
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of trouble. >> it's weird and dumb. richard: he is not a fan of the idea. >> d.c. has better places to spend their money. that is silly. >> somebody can get an education, contribute to their community, but those are more positive. richard: mcduffie not available to comment about the idea, but he issued a statement that said in part, "one homicide in the district is too many. we cannot arrest our way out of crime. we have to take bold and innovative steps." this program would probably cost $640,000 per year. it will take a second vote to pass this and the mayor has yet to weigh in. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: 7 on your side with a health alert, a warning about a possible rabid fox in mclean.
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a woman was attacked by a fox on laverne street. animal control cannot find the animal. you are reminded if you are out pets, keep a close eye on and children. call animal control right away if you see an animal with the symptoms. alison: today in dallas, texas, a rare case of a patient infected with the zika virus through sexual contact. there are at least 40 cases reported now in 12 states. ic officials are encouraging athletes to come to the summer games. they say there is little risk if you are not pregnant. not all athletes are convinced. >> it's scary. alison: the world health organization has declared a global health emergency. they estimate up to 4 million people will be infected with the virus in the next year.
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michigan, flint, residents are suing the city claiming they got legionnaires disease from the water crisis. the city switched water sources to save money, but the water was contaminated with lead. 100 million dollars lawsuit says hospital and state officials did not do enough to protect people. the state has confirmed nearly 90 cases of legionnaires disease and nine deaths between june 2014 and last november. governor rick snyder's office declined to comment. iowa caucuses are over, but the presidential hopefuls are not wasting time, just one week away from the new hampshire primaries. the candidates are re-energized, and donald trump is making a surprising admission. byk on the trail, fueled iowa, inspired by optimism. >> what an incredible evening last night. ted cruz celebrating a big
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victory in the caucuses, beating donald trump. >> had i known we would finish number two, i would have spent more time there. admitting skipping the last of eight may have hurt him. >> i think some people weren't a disappointed. marco rubio in a hacker after a strong third-place finish. offn iowa we were written and we came on strong. leon: despite the closest party finish ever in the democratic side, clinton proudly declared victory. >> i feel really great being back in new hampshire after winning in iowa and having a chance to come here. leon: bernie sanders with a double-digit lead in the polls in his backyard, calling this a political revolution and refusing to concede. >> the political revolution continues next tuesday here in new hampshire. leon: one candidate who is not
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in new hampss dr. ben carson. he took the day off. ted cruz apologize to him today for mistakingly telling iowans the night of the caucus carson was dropping out of the race. withn: 7 on your side consumer news, and bad news for yahoo! the company will lay off 15% of its workforce, impacting some 1,600 employees. this is because of a massive loss last quarter. they say the restructuring will save $400 million this year. chipotle working on a new game plan. plunged 44% last quarter, compared with a year ago. the e. coli scare hospitalized 22 people across the country. chipotle will close stores february 8 to work on health concerns and rebuilding its image. if you have ever wanted a puppy delivered to your door, tomorrow
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you can come and it's for a good cause. uber is teaming up with animal planet. all you have to do is open the tomorrow between 11:00 and 2:00, enter "puppies d.c." and unlock the puppy option. it costs $30 and it will support area shelters. well advised to keep your phone away from the kids. if you look outside and see 12 uber cars pulling up come you know what happened. alison: really good advice. chairstill ahead -- flying across a room during a restaurant fight. the search for the suspect happening now. alison: chilling revelations about the death of a 13-year-old allegedly at the hands of a virginia tech student.
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alison: a fight at a d.c. restaurant led to chairs being
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thrown, caught on tape, and now the police are searching for suspects. this happened in northwest, a massive fight with at least four chairs thrown. injuries, butious if you know anything about this fight, you are asked to call the police. leon: new revelations in the murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell. the police say they believe she was stabbed and two virginia tech students were charged. tonight, her mother spoke for the first time. jonathan: a very difficult, painful moment for this mother. tammy weeks remembering her daughter is a girl who love dancing, dreaming of one day being on "american idol." nicole lovell overcame health struggles, including a liver transplant, and non-hodgkin's lymphoma. said herint the doctor daughter had 1% chance of survival with her diseases. nicole was a very lovable
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person. she touched many people throughout her short life. jonathan: cannot even imagine the painful stop investigators was stabbed.lovell they believe that she met 18-year-old david eisenhauer online. he is now in prison. they also arrested 19-year-old natalie keepers. she was charged with helping dispose of the body, but now she has been charged with premeditated murder as well. that's the latest from the satellite center. jonathan elias. back to you. alison: so awful, thank you, jonathan. we are watching severe weather across the country, winter weather alerts in place across to country from new mexico michigan, parts of a strong storm system that has caused a seven car accident in denver and
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forced the highway to shut down. two people died when they fell through ice near detroit as well. leon: something frightening in mississippi, the dark sky. spanned eights states tonight. schools in nashville closed early because of all this. really scary. alison: and we have some weather coming our way tomorrow. all day event? be all day,ll heavier in the mid day and the drivetime home most of it will be to the east of d.c. good news there, but this is the same system that brought the tornadoes and blizzards. we are not looking for anything like that around here, although we could have rumbles of thunder. , 53high temperature today degrees, the snow quickly melting. most of it will be gone this time tomorrow night, especially inside the capital beltway. 44 degrees at reagan national.
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culpeper,ature now 46 the same in fredericksburg, 43 manassas. frederick 43, same in hagerstown. the temperatures well above freezing. even warmer air off to the west. this is ahead of the cold front, 70 knoxville, nashville 64, louisville 62. that is overhead tomorrow. he will feel the difference. inwill last one day come then the heavier rain moves in and in the afternoon along with gusty wind and a chance of thunderstorms. the satellite radar, the frontal system stretches from ohio, kentucky, and tennessee. all of this moves to the east. around the metro area, dry and clouds increasing. the temperature stay above freezing overnight. 36 to 44 degrees overnight, patchy fog early tomorrow morning, with the wind out of the south and east.
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, and the heaviest of the rain out of here by the evening. falling temperatures thursday, through the 50's. friday.the 40's saturday and sunday, upper 40's, near 50. tuesday of next week, could be looking at snowflakes. alison: oh, no. leon: the groundhog would have been wet tomorrow. steve: i missed it, but i heard all about it. have to dig at the soup somewhere now. 50, they jumpwl on the groundhog day bandwagon. sports is coming up. is now easier than ever.
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only fios has the fastest ternet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. alison: rainy day tomorrow.
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steve: grab the umbrella. indoor recess tomorrow. middle 60's.
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