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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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officials concerned. the c.d.c. today issuing new recommendations for those returning from areas with the zika virus. advising men with a preg innocent partner to -- with a pregnant parter to use protection during pregnancy. there are 2 million people around the world flock to streets of brazil for carnival. when they return home, a new worry. >> will it further increase the spread of zika virus? will we see new hot spots around the globe? reporter: the first case confirmed through blood transfusion confirmed thursday. they are saying donors hold off for giving blood for 28 days after returning from travel to areas with zika. lauren lister, news, los angeles. michelle: so far each case of zika in the united states has come from someone who was traveling. they were bitten by a mosquito while traveling in south or central america.
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even the caribbean. jonathan: that is not stopping any sense of urgency here. in d.c. three confirmed cases are being treated seriously. sam ford caught up with the health officials to find out what they are saying. they are taking it seriously. sam: they are taking it seriously. they are saying in these cases again as we heard in the report, it involves people who traveledded to latin america, south america or other part of latin america. that is the case in d.c. with all the attention to the zika virus suspected of causing microcephaly or small heads. there were three cases in d.c. all involving people who traveledded to latin america. one case found in 2015.
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two cases in 2016. >> a male case and a female case, and she is pregnant. >> what do you do with that? >> we monitor them closely and follow the c.d.c. guidelines. to monitor their health. sam: this was believed this was a disease transmitted just by mosquitoes but now with new information perhaps it is transmitted also by sexual contact. so, healthcare providers are focused on that as well. we will have more on that coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from northeast washington outside of the unity healthcare clinic, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. yes, we are learning more each day. we want you to stay with abc7 for continuing team coverage tonight on zika. at 5:00 and 6:00, a expectant
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mother opens up and tells us why she is keeping her travel plans to south america. an interview you will only see her. jonathan: if you were up early you might have seen snow. mostly south of the city. got heaviest there. the wet stuff. none of it stuck. there is another shot of snow coming up next week. chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. this is the kind of snow we like. it comes and then it's gone. doug: pretty much. today after the storm pulled off the coast, got sunshine. looks like sunshine will be a big feature for the rest of friday but through the weekend. another storm system indeed lurks on monday-tuesday time frame. first thing first. look at laurel high school. 39 degrees. winds are gusting enough to knock the chills down to the upper 20's like in frederick and leesburg. hagerstown is 36. it feels like 32 degrees. elsewhere around the region at this hour, upper 30's north and west of the metro area.
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lower to, you know, 40, 41. lower 30's. lower 40's across the area. dew point are low enough the wind chills are a factor. listen, this is all going to diminish later tonight, the winds. here is what we have. temperatures dropping. clear skies. light winds. we are in good shape there. we head through the day tomorrow, it look like sunday. a lot of sunshine. but monday, go in the studio in a few police department and give you possibilities of another storm system that could affect the area monday, monday night and tuesday, rain-snow. we will figure it out. in the meantime, outside plans tonight. take a jacket, take a coat. it will be clear, quiet and it will be dry. that is the latest from the weather center. michelle? michelle: thank you, doug. we will keep an eye out on the potential for snow next week. get updates from doug and the stormwatch7 team. you just need a wireless connection. we have an update to a story we brought you yesterday.
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the spill in the potomac. half a dozen agencies are working to figure out what got in water. where it came from. we know there is no health risk for people but there is some concern today for animals on the water. coming up news at 5:00 and 6:00, jeff goldberg highlights the dangers. jonathan: talk politics. last night it was hillary clinton and bernie sanders going at it on the debate stage in new hampshire. tomorrow will be the republicans in a debate you can see on abc7. coverage at 8:00. we are joins by david and martha, who are moderating the debate. one of the big storylines is donald trump will be center stage. he skipped last debate going to iowa and now he admits it was probably a mistake. >> you can see the podium between the shoulders here. that is the donald trump podium in the last few debates. he will be front and center. on either side of him candidates that did well in iowa, focus on ted cruz, marco
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rubio. marco rubio we interviewed for "world news tonight" and he said the incoming fire will be ratcheted up. beyond the three is the fight for who survives. new hampshire for many of them could be a last stand. jonathan: it seems that rubio and trump are getting in a squabble on twitter and looks like rubio is coming out the winner on this fight. >> well, i am not going to name any winners on any fight. what we will see tomorrow is a continuation of what you have seen this week in the news and the squabbles between candidates. david and i also want to elephant it to some sense. we want to talk about real issues that are so important to americans. jonathan: let me ask you this question, too. a national poll came out for the democrats with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. some thought this was the coronation opposed to 2008.
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now again, here= is bernie sanders in a national poll gaining a lot of ground on hillary. what do you make of this? >> well, i think it's fascinating. we will have to wait to see whether the poll is an outlier or indication of a tightening between sanders and clinton. it was something to see them in the last 24 hours to have the first debate with just the two of them. you can look at it from this perspective, regardless of which campaign you support or either. it might be a healthy discussion to be having. we have a long time to go before the election day. this forces both sides to talk about it. >> that is the final word. i think we will be at this for a long time. it's a fascinating race on both sides. jonathan: all right. thank you very much. appreciate it. have a good time with the debate. live coverage of tomorrow's g.o.p. primary debate from new hampshire at 8:00. that is on abc7. our coverage from new hampshire continues after the debate into next week for primary day where the chief political correspondent scott
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thuman will have our complete coverage. look forward to that. michelle: thank you. there is a crime alert in washington tonight. after a trinity student was attacked. that student is in the hospital. stephen tschida has the latest on the investigation and what happened. stephen: another violent incident on the d.c. streets involving teenagers allegedly. this went down where i'm standing at 6:30. the victim, student here at trinity university. she said she was on her way to class, walking down the sidewalk when the group of girls, as many of six girls, possibly eight approached her, demanded money. she said all she had was books. that really enraged them according to witnesses. now, we spoke with one of the witnesses. this is how she summed up the assault. >> i just came out and it
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appears that i thought the girls knew each other and they were talking. the next thing i know i saw them started to fight one girl, beating her up, kicking her, knocking her to the ground. i said, "what are you doing? what are you doing?" and they just ran. stephen: right now d.c. police are trying to track down the six girls. they were wearing school uniforms. khaki and blue. but no idea what school they may attend. moments before that another incident a couple blocks away at the brookland station. next hour we will tell you about that and we will tell you about an assault on some bus drivers which we witnessed there today. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. in virginia, state lawmakers are rallying support to allow minor alcohol or marijuana offenses to completely disappear if the crimes were committed before turning the age 21. those criminal records would be expunged five years after sentence ends. a bill is on the way to the
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full virginia state senate. michelle: legislative panel approved a bill to require virginia in schools to use bathroom corresponding to the gender at birth. i would require adults visiting a school to follow the same school. if it becomes law, violators would be fined hundreds of dollars. the u.s. department of education says districts should allow transgender students to use bathrooms designated for gender of which they identify. still coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the cause and why so many women and men are wearing red today. jonathan: this you have to see. the crane that came crashing down in new york city. amazing video from the ground. wait until you see the view from above. the moment that this massive crane just completely fell to the ground. it was all caught on camera. that is coming up. >> maryland governor larry hogan throws big money at a big project. i'm brad bell. when we come back, i will tell you how it can transform the empty lot.
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michelle: today at 4:30 -- property damage after the storm. thanks to a county plow. will a local government pay up? "7 on your side." jumps into
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michelle: tonight in prince george's county a community coming together to heal. a memorial is set for 5:30 tonight at bradbury heights elementary school in capitol heights. people will be remembering neshante davis the teacher shot and killed along with her 2-year-old daughter in capitol heights. daron boswell-johnson admitted to ambushing them. right now he is awaiting trial on murder charges. jonathan: a proposed prince george's hospital gets funding from maryland governor larry hogan. maryland bureau chief brad bell is here to explain how it changes the future of the area. brad? brad the hospital is expected to be a centerpiece for the future growth of prince george's county. in a few years this empty lot a mile from fedex field just outside the beltway will be transformed. the governor's funding giving it a big boost. >> governor hogan striving to the microphones at a hastily
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called news conference. >> i have in my hand a budget. >> announcing money to keep the existing prescription germ's hospital center operating until the new hospital is built on land just outside the beltway near fedex field. the for promising another -- the for promising another $55 million in years ahead and total of more than $160 million in funds for construction. a deal the governor says the hospital can now move ahead. >> it's been a long sad story about the prince george's hospital system. this, we believe, is a tremendous solution to doke hospitals there. >> it's to be operated by the university of maryland medical system saying that the break-through deal worked out with the governor likely means ground can be broken on the new hospital within a year. >> not only does the university of maryland medical system bring a 12-hot isn't
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and statewide presence we have a partnership with the maryland school of medicine. they will bring their physicians. so together we think we can make it work. >> if you're watching carefully you might have noticed that prince george's county executive baker was not at the announcement. a couple of days ago he blasted the for for not funding this project. he was not invited to the meeting today. he was not invited to the announcement. he is not happy with what the governor proposed. when we come back we will explain why. brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. a deadly accident in new york city. massive crane falling this morning onto a busy street below. cameras capturing it all. here it is. watch as the crane just goes crashing down. strong winds taking it down. it slams into some buildings before finally crashes on the street below. three blocks were shut down during the clean-up. new york's mayor called for a
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temporary halt of all crane operation. jonathan: well, uber drivers in the san francisco area plan to create gridlock on super bowl sunday. thousands of drivers want to block traffic around the stadium in neighboring santa clara. drivers want uber to pay them more saying sometimes they work for less than $4 an hour. uber claims it cut prices due to seasonal slowdowns but guarantees the drivers up to $35 in peak times. let's get now a check of the traffic situation. trinise in the traffic center. >> happy friday. i'm hankful to the sunshine. now that the snow is out of the way. we are seeing delays for 270 northbound. if you are making your way to shady grove road a slow trip with the police looking for a possible medical muslim along the way. if you're on the beltway outer loop we had an accident in forestville. according to the traffic line cameras that was on outer loop before richie marlboro.
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it's moving to the shoulder but slow-moving volume for folks in the area. no major troubles on the beltway. we are seeing the regular stuff. on 66 this afternoon you are seeing delays as well. looking good, however, no report of accidents on 66. but it's slow if you are traveling from articling to the capital beltway. then inside the beltway we are not lacking too bad traveling eastbound toward downtown d.c. 395, you are looking decent as well. again, no report of major issues. southbound most of the way from the 14 street bridge. michelle: today is national go red day bringing attention to the toll heart disease takes on women. the american heart association is asking women and men to wear red and donate to help fund research. heart disease and strokes kill a woman every 80 seconds. the vast majority of the vents are preventable. you can learn more at jonathan: since we are sitting
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here all in red, talk about what is happening outside. this is the weather that doesn't make you blue. doug: nice out. came just in time for weekend. the weekend will be fine. sunshine. monday, tuesday, another storm to deal with. there is large storm developing sunday night off the coast. good thing it is not headed this way. let's get started with the snow totals here. as we expected, anything measurable, or impactful was south and east of the district. eastern shore, delaware, jersey and new england. in the viewing area, ridge, maryland, picked up 1.3 inch of snow. one inch in leonardtown. california, maryland. st. mary's county, .8 of an inch. there wasn't all that much around. officially a trace for the capital. give you a time lapse the way it looks at the national park early this morning. in the day it cleared out quickly. it turned into a beautiful afternoon. busty winds. 39 degrees right now. clear skies tonight and the
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diminishing winds we will get colder at or below freezing in the city. colder in suburban areas. 37 in cumberland and hagerstown. 37 in winchester. lower 40's across the region. enough winds to push the wind chills in lower 30's. it feels like 36 in washington now. it feels like 31 in frederick. when you wake up, the air temperatures mostly in the 20's. should be clear skies. it will be in good shape over the weekend. the storm system quickly moved north. heavy snow is ending in boston. coastal maine, a lot of snow. we get through the weekend we will see a pretty big storm system develops off the east coast. a huge ocean storm. the key is it will move away. if the storm had come up with the coast, i don't want to think about it. it is moving out. the weekend will be fine. we pay attention to this system by monday to tuesday. upper level low is going to initiate surface low pressure center developing along the mid-atlantic coast. where it develops and which way it goes will determine whether we get rain, snow, one or the other, both, or any
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accumulation. too early to call. steve rudin and josh knight -- or devon lucie and josh knight will keep you up to date over the weekend. i will be late monday and tuesday if it's measurable. not out of the question but too early to give you significant outlook for that other than saying it's a possibility. chances are 40% on monday. 50% on tuesday. look what happens at the end of next week. we get chilly. it will be sunny but only the mid-to-upper 30's for the highs. i don't know if that is a trend. but through the end of next week and the weekend it will stay on the cold side. michelle: totally against what punxsutawney claimed. trust doug. doug: maybe he will turn it around. we'll see. jonathan: pavlovian. every time you say "punxsutawney phil "he shivers. coming up, the last time the broncos were in the super bowl it was a blow-out. it was embarrassing.
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you can argue the ads were more entertaining than the game. we'll have a preview of what you will see in a break in the action in the big game. michelle: still ahead at 4:30, who is responsible when snow removal leaves damage in yard? "7 on your side" and finds out who pays to fix the damage. that is comi
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jonathan: so funny, we were talking about the favorite
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super bowl commercials. this sunday is super bowl 50. forgive us for not looking past broncos-panthers. the last time broncos played with seattle it was a stinker. michelle: folks are zeroing in on the commercials. you know the commercials have to live up to the hype. so many eyeballs will be on it. alison starling has a preview of what you will see in the breaks. alison: making an appearance at the super bowl this year, marilyn monroe. christopher walken. and icon of tv shows past, scott bayo. >> anybody want to feed scott bayo? alison: a few of the celebs in ads airing in the game. selling everything from candy bars to cars. budweiser enlisted star power. >> hello. i'm helen mirren. alison: with a message for drunk drivers. >> simply put you are a short-sighted utterly useless oxygen-wasting human form of
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pollution. ♪ we're moving on up >> has jeff goldblum scaling a building. alison: taco bell is using mist troy advertise something new. the ads star a green brick. avocados of mexico has aliens touring a museum of earthly culture. >> the white and gold dress that caused a civil war. alison: abc went behind the scene for making and get glimpse of the pressure ad execs face. >> you watch a spot and you look down and wait for ten seconds to see what twitter says. okay. we're good. alison: adds cost $4.5 million for 30 seconds. alison starling, abc7 news. michelle: food ones. jonathan: there are. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- volkswagen is delaying an important report. what is withholding from investors after the massive emissions test?
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we have it coming up. >> a money divot in this front yard. who is responsible? why the homeowner says she is
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: "7 on your side" in wake of last month's blizzard. a lot of snow to be moved out there. plenty of plow off the roads to clear snow off the streets.
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michelle: a resident reached out to kevin lewis after taking issue with the way the snow was handled. kevin: three muddy divots. two small and one quiet large. litter mavis sanders' front yard. she says the snowplows either owned or contracted by montgomery county did the damage following last month's historic blizzard. >> that is what really got me. kevin: so sanders called 311 for help but so far no resolution. caught in what she calls a bureaucratic maze. >> i don't believe the county intends to pay. they are just going through the lip service. check the box, call that person, call that person. we'll come and investigate. by the way, no, you have to fix your own property. >> today, montgomery county executive ike leggett's press office told us it has received 492 plow-related damage claims. yet, those deemed eligible for repairs or reimbursement will have to wait until winter
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ends. >> responsibility for me to try to get it fixed. that is difficult. kevin: even so, the long-time federal employee who just had her own seeded and aerrated is concerned she will pay for someone else's mistake. kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: this lawn looks fantastic. doug: nobody out there. it looks green. stayed green all winter. i might get you in the mood with the temperatures upper 40 to low 50 with sunshine. monday, maybe something different coming. michelle: big changes. this is the car wash cash. this is probably a good time today the weekend wash the car before the next chance of precipitation moves in. one thing i found helpful is having two teenage children and a garden hose. it's a lot cheaper. you can threaten them with
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dinner. maybe a good time to get slop off. especially the undercarriage. it's very important to rinse out under there if you can't go to commercial car wash. the temperatures are 30's, 40's. comfortable. a little breeze. beautiful february late afternoon with the tons of sunshine and blue skies because the storm center that developed and brushed the area, racing northeast. heavy snow maine to napronswick and nova scotia. we are clearing out. the winds are gusty. they diminish tonight. the center of high pressure gets closer to us. future cast stops tomorrow with the clear skies and the chilly temperatures. high pressure in control, we will hang out with sunshine through the weekend. upper 40's tomorrow. lower 50's sunday. sunday night a big storm will develop. big storm will develop and head to see. that is good news for even. temperatures tomorrow starting the 20's. wind up 47 degrees in the afternoon. a sunny weekend. monday, tuesday, time comes in
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from the northwest. it could develop surface storm to give us rain, snow, mix. too early to tell. we don't know where it will form. that is key. it will turn colder through tuesday and end of next week. more coming out about the possibility in the 5:00 hour. jonathan: sign up for breaking weather alerts to ensure you are never surprised by what is coming your way. log on to enter your phone number. that is all you do. we will get updates to your phone. checking around d.c. tonight, police say they haved nearly -- solved two dozen robberies and arrested 13 people. the crimes took place all over the city last fall and in to january. seven of the suspects juveniles. one man, michael williams, is suspected in five robberies and one attempted robbery. michelle: family and friends are speaking out about 13-year-old nicole lovell, who was murdered a week ago. her body found last weekend, now two virginia tech students are behind bars awaiting trial. suzanne kennedy is in the newsroom for us today.
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gosh, this is a tough day. a difficult one for those who especially knew nicole. suzanne: yes, they have gone from shock to grief. part of the state that doesn't see crimes like the one that has been committed. one of the victim's friends offers insight. carrie cook is one of the many blacksburg, virginia, teens who is shocked by the death of 13-year-old nicole lovell. cook considered the fellow middle school student her friend, saying she was the kind of girl you could count on. >> last year, we went on a school field trip to the pool. i forgot my money in my locker. she had money and she bought me food and a drink before she bought her food. suzanne: cook said she noticed a training in the bully's teen demeanor when lovell started to connected with boys online. >> facebook is where she talk told guys. in school she didn't talk to guys there. suzanne: it was online that authorities say she met her alleged killer, 18-year-old virginia tech freshman david eisenhauer. prosecutors say eisenhauer
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exploited their relationship. ultimately manning with another virginia tech student to kill the 13-year-old. cook says she worried about lovell's online communication so much so she alerted school authorities to lovell's cyber relationships with older guys. >> i remember this one guy, he looked older than 18. they were dating. it was, yeah, they were just posting screen shots of how they were a cute couple. suzanne: lovell survived cancer and a coma only to have her life cut short allegedly by a college coed and his friend whose motive is yet unknown. cook says she told the school resource officer about her concerns. school officials say they knew nothing about the issue or they would have acted on it. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: we will be following this case closely. stay with abc7 to see every update we have had along the
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way and how we got here. you can head to our website and search "lovell." michelle: now to a developing story in prince george's county where police have just announced an arrest in a homicide case from this morning in temple hills. 27-year-old tyonne darnell garner is now behind bars. the shooting happened around 12:30 this morning in the court-yard of the south point apartments. witness say a young man was shot in the face. he died. garner is charged with first-degree murder. jonathan: baby jane doe if you lived in virginia in the 1970's you knew about the newborn. michelle: she was a sensation when she was finally adopted. the family was advised to keep the story quiet until now. jonathan: "7 on your side" kimberly suiters has exclusive interview and she joins us live in alexandria with a look at this. kimberly: she was known as the abandoned baby. a group woman now and lives in alexandria. the beginning of her life is
4:37 pm
really a remarkable story. she was left near a busy road in a dirty towel with a tiny piece of red yarn and her naval. police never found her mother. people lined up to adopt her. someone did adopt her and donna joins us live now. i know it is hard for you to hear the details again. what is it like to relive the beginning? >> as we talked about, i have always known i was adopted. i guess it's a blessing. i have had a great life. but to see the actual articles and relive that, it was overwhelming. it's surreal. like i said a little shocking. kimberly: the original information about you being baby jane doe and the abandoned baby doesn't have a lot of information about the woman who left you. would you like to meet your birth mother?
4:38 pm
>> this is how i feel. i have been blessed with a wonderful family. i don't have a hole in my heart that needs to be met by meeting someone. am i curious? i am human. i would love to know do i look like somebody? do i have a brother and sister? what is my medical history? i'm very healthy. my kids are healthy. but that is important information these days. i'd love to have that information. kimberly: quick question. would you want to see a birth mother like yours prosecuting for abandoning a baby? >> kimberly, i would not. i feel blessed to be here. i feel blessed she made the choice she did to have me. and me and my mom truly believe that she wanted me to be found and taken care of. can you imagine how scared, lonely? i mean she did this by herself possibly. she chose to have someone find me. kimberly: we are glad you chose to tell your story publicly. >> thank you.
4:39 pm
kimberly: why did donna choose to tell it now for that part of the story? you have to wait for the special report tonight. abandoned baby at 11:00. reporting live in alexandria. kimberly suiters, abc7 news. jonathan: we look forward to that story tonight, kimberly. thank you for that. still ahead for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- in the battle to lose weight a new brother. no surgery, no incisions. we'll explain and follow one woman tries to turn around her life. michelle: it's a local pre-game tradition. a puppy bowl, of course! this is in rockville. how they are helping predict who might wi
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michelle: turns out. you can dress up everything, even a football. the fashion football were put together by the council of fashion designers of america to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of super bowl. among parties nants betsey johnson and tiffany and company. that was the first one we saw with the diamonds. each one will be auctioned with the proceeds going toward the nfl charities. jonathan: i like the blown glass one. that was cool. michelle: gorgeous. in recent years a tradition has become nearly as popular as the bowles, -- super bowl
4:43 pm
itself. jonathan: puppy bowls are held to predict the winner of the big game. let the dogs decide. a puppy bowl took place at pet dominion in rockville. dogs were rewarded for the exercises with the treats and the organizes hope for a better outcome than last year's missed prediction. michelle: for who they picked, this year the denver broncos were the barkos and the panthers were the panters. get it? i think they got it right. the panters won 42-36. jonathan: it's too close. i think it will be a blow-out. all right, coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we know most of you might be watching a certain football game come this sunday. hmm. there is a whole slate, though of events to fill the weekend planner. we will break it down coming up. >> i don't even realize the balloon is there now. michelle: first, no surgery needed. the weight loss procedure, how it is done. we'll follow two patients'
4:44 pm
journey toward healthy
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4:47 pm
jonathan: so this is the newest breakthrough in weight loss without surgery. michelle: sounds too good to be true. they use a pair of balloons to helm you drop dozens of pounds. we look at how. reporter: in a world full of food, kristen nearmeyer says dieted seemed impossible. >> i have. i have. i have pretty much been on them all. reporter: as a firefighter and e.m.t. her life-long battle with weight was getting in the way, you might say. >> i have always struggled with my weight from 13 on. and this is my heaviest that i have ever been. i'm very uncomfortable. reporter: so she turned to dr. trace curry, a bariatric surgeon offering patients a drastic solution to weight loss without major surgery. called the reshape duo gastric balloon. they are put in the stomach
4:48 pm
with a procedure that does not require incisions. >> it occupies space in the stomach so they are full earlier. reporter: she allowed to us go in the procedure room with her. after insertion the doctor uses a camera and a tiny insertion tube to put balloons in the stomach. they are filled with a blue saline or salt water solution so if there is a problem it can be easily tracked. the pounds come off in the weeks that follow. >> the patients will feel fuller. they will lose weight because their portion sizes will be much smaller. reporter: the balloons will stay in the stomach for six months. however, the total time for exercise and diet for counseling needs to be about a year. we don't know yet how long the results of this procedure last. but many people do have a pretty dramatic result when it
4:49 pm
comes to weight loss. >> that certainly has been true for chris ortman who also opted for the balloon after hitting all-time high of 300 pounds. he has had it now for 55 days and already -- >> i have lost 30 pounds to date. reporter: this is chris now. he is about halfway to his goal of dropping at least 60 pounds. he says at first he did feel the side effects of nausea and drop in energy because you eat less. but not anymore. >> i actually don't even realize the balloon is there now. both chris and his wife made changes to the eating habit and exercise routine. the changes are already helping him meet one of the goals. >> i have been able to get myself off of the medications i was taking. >> as for vicky, she has agreed to let us follow the journey. a week after the procedure she had dropped nine pounds.
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michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer report. volkswagen is delaying the annual earnings report. there are still trying to figure out how that emission scandal is affecting business. the annual earnings report was expected early next month. no exact date has been given. v.w. is postponing the annual shareholder meeting. the german car-maker ard mitted to install -- admitted to installing software to trick emission test in some of the diesel cars. jonathan: two full days before the super bowl. what are you going to do this weekend? michelle: if you are looking for inspiration "good morning washington" kidd o'shea has a weekend roundup of things happening in your neighborhood. kidd: the sovereign opened in georgetown. belgium inspired bar. cracked beer, mussels. sounds great, right? or alexandria with the final day of restaurant week. 660 restaurants offering $35,
4:51 pm
three course dinners or $35 dinner for two. "walking dead" fans will flock to the auditorium where andrew lincoln and executive producers will share behind the scenes details. how cool is that? tomorrow night the kennedy center will show "blazing saddles." afterwards, mel brooks will be answering questions about his legendary career. on sunday night wilco is at constitutional hall. i didn't forget about the big game. super bowl 50. a lot of restaurants and bars host parties. bronco fans should check out stony's on p-street where a peyton manning jersey will be auctioned off. panther fans should go to town hall on wisconsin avenue featuring colorado and carolina themed food..
4:52 pm
i hope you go to the right bar. >> who are you pulling for is? >> panthers. nice to the new addition. she might slug me. michelle: no. steve: the weather will cooperate nicely for the activities, fun ones tomorrow morning. the temperature at reagan national is 43 degrees. look how much daylight we're getting. it's still bright out there. 30 in culpeper. that is only part of the story. 29 in frederick. 33 at andrews. satellite and radar not a lot going on. tonight and the upcoming
4:53 pm
weekend. the weekend forecast looks like this. 47 degrees for a high tomorrow. nice mix of sun and clouds. by sunday, the high will approach close to 50. nice february weekend on the way. focus on the net seven day. monday looking at the snowshowers developing late. by tuesday we are looking at the temperatures around 38 degrees. we could be looking at the measurable snow across the area. stay with us. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- why is the postal servant paying rent to dead people? we follow the money. jonathan: at 5:00, we is a lawsuit a young man fighting a deadly disease and the entire military base pulling for him. michelle: at 6 of:00 tonight investigators reveal how a man was able to get a bomb on a somali airliner that exploded in the middle of the flight. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
4:54 pm
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leon: this is a bizarre case for the postal service. jonathan: abc7 learned they have been paying millions a year to lease property from dead people. watchdog investigator chris papst has details. >> image is everything. when people hear about these kind of ridiculous thing they go there is the post office again. chris: david williams with taxpayer protection alliance is talking about the report released by the inspector general of the u.s. post office. it found the usps has been paying more than $5 million a year to lease 338 spaces from dead people. with the average leaseer being dead for nearly ten years. the i.g. said the lack of overnight puts usps at greater risk of fraud. >> this is a microcosm of what has happened in the post office now. they are not doing oversight on the leases they are paying. so what else aren't they doing
4:58 pm
oversight on? chris: when a leaser dies, family member or somebody takes over the contract but the post office is not updating the books, in a problem the i.g. said could bed easily by working with the social security administration. but the post office refutes the report pointing out that 338 leases account for only 1.4% of the properties. saying it does not, "have the resources to devote to checking the life and the death status of leasers for 23,000 leases." and there would be no discernible benefit to the post office. >> the i.g. went on to say the post office should adopt a new system so it doesn't happen again. because it damages the brand. but top brass at the mail carrier disagreed saying money is not being wasted and people are still getting their mail. in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. leon: tonight -- >> we have great news to announce. leon: maryland's governor with big news that will impact all
4:59 pm
of prince george's county and even people who live outside of it. a mystery substance at the potomac river is spreading. the danger it is now posing for wildlife. >> teens on the attack. >> next thing you know i just saw them started fighting one girl and beating her up and kicking her. >> another person assaulted by a group of young people. what were they after? announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: as the spread of zika dominates the headlines, today comes news that maryland is setting aside millions of dollars to jump-start plans for a new hospital in prince george's county. the regional medical center would be right near fed exfield. that is where maryland pure row chief brad bell is live tonight and he has details for us. big news, brad. brad: you know what? this is just an empty lot. but in the next two years the building will spring up here. it is expected to be a centerpiece for growth in the county. already we are seeing development like this. this building built after this location was announced as the
5:00 pm
site choice. tonight, the governor said because of his action, this will become reality. a new regional hospital center run by university of maryland medical system. on the site of the old cap center in largo. it has been in the works for several years now. the president of the system calling it vital. >> thousands and thousands of people leave the county for care that should be provided in the county. so we believe, you know, building the regional medical center will help to reorganize healthcare in county. >> so today larry hogan announced to release money for the project? >> this is the reaction of the president. >> it's huge. and yet baker isn't happy. >> it doesn't get us where we need to go. >> he wants the county to be reimbursed for $15 million in operating sub sidties for


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