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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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kimberly: right now, democrats fighting for momentum as republicans gear up for the big debate two hours away. who is expected to come out swinging? and same concerns, different location, controversy surrounding a new business in virginia and why it may sound familiar. plus our next snow event? the problems that still persist from blizzard 2016. >> now abc seven news at 6:00, on your side. kimberly: candidates are pushing for votes before tuesday's primary in new hampshire. we are just a couple hours away from the big gop debate.
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seven candidates will battle it out on stage, and we have a look at what to expect. marci: the stage is set for what is expected to be a slugfest. republican presidential candidates out stumping today before facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primaries. >> you will see a difference on the stage. we will make sure that you see a difference between those were prepared to lead and those who continue to talk. marci: the latest polling showing donald trump with a 19 point lead, followed by marco rubio, the target on his back getting bigger. >> he is willing to break his word with voters and make deals. marci: ted cruz's supporters hoping that he can push ahead. on the democratic side, hillary clinton going door to door, too. >> i need your help tuesday.
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marci: fighting for momentum as she leads bernie sanders in the national poll by just two points and is behind in the granite state. >> if we bring out a decent vote tuesday, i am confident we will win. marci: a lot of confidence from candidates on both sides republicans are hopeful that success in tonight's debate will translate into votes tuesday. kimberly: the same gun store that drew protests after opening near an elementary school in mclean is now opening a second location, this time near a catholic school and church. richard reeve is live in falls church with the reaction from the community. what are they saying rich? richard: kimberly, some folks are not happy this gun store is here, others are neighbors. behind me, there is a catholic church, a school across the
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street. the owner says he has gone through a thorough vetting process and has every right to open his business here. there is a new business open in falls church. >> we understand people don't want guns near schools. richard: not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat. nova firearms opened its doors on west broad street without to much fanfare. the shop is directly across the street from st. james catholic church and its school. >> is it scary? i don't know come is that the best option we have here? richard: some neighbors have safety concerns. >> we don't need that kind of enterprise here. richard: on this busy first day of the shop -- >> is not necessarily that the guns are there, it is who is going. richard: he has had background checks of all employees, zoning
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clearance, as well as state and county permissions. >> where keeping traffic in and out the side door. >> what are you going to do? it's a freedom people have. richard: she is a member of st. james, her children attend a class there, and she believes in second amendment rights. >> if my kids were there, i think i would have more of a hard time. richard: some of the windows are frosted over so kids cannot look in. there is one door, which is for security. the owner says he is not faced. -- he is not phased. the more people talk about it the more customers walk through the doors. kimberly: that is probably true. cool but clear conditions today. devon lucie has a look at the rest of the weekend forecast. you are talking about snow, 12
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days ago, and outlooks like we are getting more? devon: that is monday, tuesday time frame. a live look at the nation's capital tonight, a snapshot. we have cleared off the cloud cover late in the day. we had a blanket of clouds. the national harbor, looking west 6:05, still see a little bit of daylight in the western sky, sunset. we are adding daylight. a hard freeze this morning and culpeper, 44 the high temperature today. the cloud cover kept us under the expected 47. tomorrow, another cold freezing start. we will have clouds and sunshine tomorrow. we will discuss the details of monday into tuesday and we are starting to get a clearer picture of what is going on full stop the complete forecast in just a few moments. kimberly: while we gear up for
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potential snow, some communities are still dealing with the aftermath of blizzard 2016. residents of prince william county had a townhall this afternoon. we have a report live from woodbridge about concerns about the community's snow response and how they could do better next time? reporter: absolutely, and residents brought up issues like this, huge piles of snow covering the sidewalks and blocking handicapped accessible ramps. this supervisors says in the aftermath of what her area is callingq-zilla, they are hearing concerns from residents -- what they are calling snow-zilla, they are hearing from residents. >> i wanted to get a visual on what they were talking about. amy: now a townhall.
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>> it's nice to hear their voice. amy: some of the sidewalks are still covered. >> it's compounded by the fact that vdot throws all the snow on to the pedestrian facilities and has no interest in doing anything about it. amy: other issues centered on snow filled walkways and handicapped ramps. >> it's like we don't count, we don't matter. amy: these photos prompted the meeting. supervisor anderson says the town hall gives the public and county officials a chance to give their feedback and share with they were dealing with. >> my goal for this entire meeting today is even if we have one thing we can improve upon for the next storm, i will call it a success. amy: some of the other major
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talking points today were communication issues and how to get those who want to help in contact with those who need help. anderson's office is planning to meet with a group of boy scouts who were help looking for ways to help clean up after the blizzard. amu aubert, abc 7 news. kimberly: rescue efforts are underway right now after a power full earthquake in taiwan overnight. more than 450 people were injured. at least 100 people are still missing. this video shows rescue crews finding children and one of the buildings. rescuers are climbing through the debris to pull people and pets trapped under mountains of debris. the earthquake hit as many in
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taiwan were preparing for a winter new year's celebration. new developments in the mysterious sheen on the potomac. tri-state bird rescue is working to help clean the geese who were affected by the oil. officials today were searching for two other reported oil shee ns. still no word on what the petroleum-like substance is or where it came from. it was first spotted near reagan national airport and has drifted south to the wilson bridge. coming up, dramatic video of a popular baltimore neighborhood. how this started and what they say is miraculous. new developments in the search for answers into the new york crane collapse.
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kimberly: a dangerous incident involving a suspected drunk driver in baltimore. a warning, some of this video is disturbing. [yelling] kimberly: baltimore police charged 28-year-old orlando with assault after he injured a woman and damaged a number of cars. the police say it started with a fight on south broadway street. a group of people surround the van, trying to get the driver out. it ramped the car in front of it repeatedly, then accelerated into a woman, before speeding off. baltimore police same or recklessly the 27-year-old woman who was hit is expected to
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survive -- baltimore police say a rack illicitly the (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates answer the call already.
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kimberly: learning new details about the deadly crane collapse in new york city. the crane smashed onto the street in lower manhattan friday. this cell phone video capture the moment when it came crashing down. a wall street worker died. crane operators have been trying to secure it. investigators have recovered the crane's movement recording computer. >> it will likely give us the angles of the boom, the pieces
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that were in action at the time. if he gives us more than that, that would be bonus, but i don't want to set expectations too high. kimberly: the city authorized large tower cranes to resume work today, but the crawler cranes similar to the one that collapsed yesterday will have to be inspected one by one. will stream the super bowl online for free. you can watch the game using the cbssports app google chrome cast, or other devices. a beautiful day, but there is snow that might be coming? devon: it is one of those as people started talking about it a week in advance -- kimberly: you were talking about
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a 12 days ago. devon: we are starting to get a clearer picture. i have a lot to cram into this forecast. 6:17, still seeing daylight from national harbor. i love that, adding daylight. we are in the 30's, 41 degrees real-time temperature. just a few clouds overnight. the next two days, cool today, chillier tomorrow. we are right along the sun/cloud line. the beginning of the system monday starts with rain before transitions. tomorrow morning, lowe's tomorrow, a hard freeze -- lows tomorrow, a hard freeze. watch out for patchy ice. class more likely washington south and east. that will hold temperatures under 50 with the cloud cover.
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monday into tuesday, the beginning of the system, if we get precipitation, it is starting as rain. not until overnight monday into tuesday that we get the snow potential. this is the overall idea all stop the upper-level system drops in, developing low pressure with the surface low. most of the forecasts have the surface low developing on washington or south. if you don't like snow, that is what you want. when the low pressure tracks over top of you like the center of a hurricane, so is this low pressure keeping things from going on. there is a snow potential, but the low may track over top of us, limiting snow potential to the north and west. the tail end of the system, if it intensifies as we are seeing,
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snow near the eastern shore. the way it is shaping up, it looks like snow at nightfall. most of the storm is north and west of washington, and we are only measuring this in inches. the temperature is above 32, so that means the major roads will be faring well. right now, i'm thinking 0 to 3 inches at most for washington and the immediate metro. 33 tomorrow morning, cloud see her in the afternoon. the clouds build back with a high of 48. the seven day forecast, the system right now does not appear to be that impressive. if you like snow you need the low-pressure pressure to drag further south and southeast. but we are only talking about a few inches of snow even on the high-end. kimberly: even a few inches --
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devon: still can do a number in d.c. kimberly: absolutely. we are talking soccer. robert: happy birthday, kimberly. erin hawksworth has more. the caps can't stop, won't stop.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: caps back in form after beating the islanders. today against the devils, the caps trailing. puck goes in on the deflection tied at 2-2. today, issued out, all on the
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stick of alex ovechkin. the caps win 3-2. it is just too much. terps had a tough one today, on the road against perdue. racine sulaimon gathers the loose ball, the floater. less than a minute to go, again baseline bucket and the south. maryland wins 72-61. gw and vcu. the colonials trailing. drives, missing. kicked out to joe mcdonald, who nails the three. 10 seconds left, vcu with a chance to win or tie. the three-pointer is no good, gw gets the board and it's the
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thriller, 72-69. acc, uva and pitt. malcolm brogdon had 21 points with four assists. uva wins easily, 64-50. in soccer, d.c. united kicks off their season march 1, but today fans got to get up close and personal. erin hawksworth has more. erin: d.c. united players scored when it comes to their new uniforms. what you think about the new kicks? >> it's nice, stylish, looks good. i think they did well with the new emblem as well. erin: this was the first opportunity for fans to purchase the new uniforms. why was it important to attend today? >> i'm very excited to purchase a jersey. erin: for season ticket holders this is a chance to meet their
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favorite players, take pictures, and load up on gear. the fact they have this hands-on event and the kids meet the players, how cool is that? >> the best day of the year. >> it's a good time to mingle with the fans, get some face-to-face interactions. it's exciting. erin: erin hawksworth abc 7 sports. robert: and virginia tech beats clemson. kimberly: what did alex ovechkin do again? robert: it was quick, it was a backhand.
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kimberly: a hungry sea lion in california has high class taste. video of the uninvited guest is blowing up social media. experts say he was looking for food and likely warm high ground, which is a problem in that area. the little sea lion was rescued by sea world san diego. robert: but the guy eat. kimberly: i will sit next to the sea lion, please. devon: monday night into tuesday, but we are watching is rain, possible snow by nightfall. most of the snow will be north and west of washington. we are measuring in inches, not feet. if we get some snow, the ground temperatures are above 32, which means the roadway should farewell. kimberly: thank you for joining us.
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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." the high stakes showdown right here in new hampshire about to begin. the republicans prepping for the spotlight. their last chance to plead their case. we have the all-access pass, just moments away. the candidates stepping up their game. >> i almost want to just go in and pray. >> and stepping up the attacks. >> he's willing to break his word to the voters. >> just three days until new hampshire, voters weigh in, and the results could send some packing. the urgent new warning about one of the biggest scams in america. fake phone calls demanding back taxes, threatening arrest. why you're more vulnerable now than ever. and tonight, the health alert for women. do not drink alcohol. now, the growing backlash and the apology.


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