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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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kimberly: the issues covered in the biggest attacks of the night. new information about the strange sheen on the potomac river. new information about the impact in the cleanup. everything i wanted to do was for them. kimberly: at a local man and college basketball star opening up about a fire that claimed the lives of four people in his family. that emotional story coming up. now, abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: good evening.
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i'm kimberly suiters. the gopes were high, presidential debate just wrapped up on abc 7 and marci gonzalez is in manchester tonight with the biggest hit in the granite state. marci: the final fight in new hampshire. >> let me talk. >> quiet. >> a lot of times -- [boos] marci: seven candidates battling it out before tuesday's primary. washington, d.c., does, the drive-by at the beginning, then they memorize 25-second speech. coming outs christie swinging, going after marco rubio who is surging in the polls. >> he does not have the experience to be president of the united states. >> i think the experience is not
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just what he did but how it worked out. >> we should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy, and get the heck out. marci: immigration and health care. >> we will repeal obamacare, replace obamacare. marci: donald trump on center stage, at times brushing off boos. in the pollsoints and trying to hold onto his lead. >> we will galvanize the people of this country and we will beat hillary clinton. : tomorrow it's back on the trail for them and the democrats, vying for the voters in the state who are still undecided. kimberly: breaking right now, maryland 295 in prince george's county just reopened after an hours long police investigation. it happened at 6:30 p.m. on the baltimore-washington parkway
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near riverdale road. an officer tried to pull over a car that was serving. the driver then pulled to the side of the road and fired a self-inflicted gunshot and died at the scene. nobody else was injured, no danger to the humidity. northbound lanes were closed for about four hours tonight and have just reopened in the last hour. bundle up, the temperatures are taking a big dip tonight. on the way tomorrow, but enjoy it because we are also tracking the potential of snow monday. devon lucie has the exciting details. devon: the latest information, just looking at it. snapshot at the nation's capital, clear skies, a few clouds. the national harbor, a great shot, the wilson bridge traffic moving just fine. morning cloud cover late sunshine in the afternoon.
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26e freezing and culpeper, the coldest spot. another hard freeze. runners, bikers, watch out. sunday, one bank of cloud cover. monday, tuesday, it's all about the snow potential. we will let you know the best trendingon, what it's towards come into complete forecast minutes away. kimberly: new developments on the mystery of the potomac river after an oily sheen was discovered that has impacted more than a dozen geese. roz plater is in the satellite center with the newest information she learned from wildlife rescue groups today. roz: not long ago tonight we learned an update on the number of wildlife they believe are affected. and so farne duck,
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they have been able to take them all into treatment except for three geese. the coast guard reports the efforts to contain the oily slick seem to be working, that there is no increase in the sheen and it is almost dissipated. and a flyover, investigators got a better idea of the scope. water. it was sucked into the potomac river and basically stretched out for about eight miles. roz: the worry continues to be indlife, 18 geese covered the oily substance were found friday at a sanctuary near reagan national airport. these are pictures of some of the geese being cleaned and bird for at the tri-state rescue in delaware. the troubling site for those who regularly come to the section -- that regularly come to the sanctuary. >> it's heartbreaking.
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it bothers me because it's very precious land. roz: a sample has been sent to the lab for testing and investigators will be checking storm drains as they try to pinpoint the cause. anything is possible, including a theory this could be run off from the blizzard of 2016. >> we have a feeling it could be the snow melt and the recent that was leaving oil residue from the roads to get into the storm drains and out into the river. roz: that is a theory they will be investigating. multiple agencies will hit the storm drains first thing monday morning. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you for that update. it has been two weeks since the historic blizzard. in prince william county, some residents are still dealing with the aftermath. there was a town hall meeting to address that this afternoon.
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she organizedsaid it because of an influx of concerns following the storm. a few residents said their sidewalks are still snow-covered. one resident shared a photo of wheelchair-accessible ramps buried in plow debris. >> it's like we are secondhand citizens. kimberly: even if they address only one concern, the supervisor says that can improve the next storm and they will call it a success. tonight, a crime alert on a metro train. metro transit police say that a group of juveniles assaulted a girl on a green line train last night. the police found out only after the group exited the train at the shaw-howard station. the girl was taken to the hospital, her injuries not life-threatening. she knew at least one attacker. this is after several recent attacks on or near metro stops involving teenagers. the graduate student was hospitalized after she was
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attacked by a group of young girls in uniform on her way to glass thursday night. a suspected drug driver causes dangerous chaos in one of baltimore's more popular nightlife districts, all caught on video. a warning that some of this is disturbing. baltimore police charged the eight-year-old orlando read, with assault, malicious destruction of equity, after injuring a woman and damaging several cars and businesses. it started in a fight in a bar and spilled onto the streets. a group of people's run of the car, trying to get the man out. he rammed the car in front of him repeatedly, then went backwards, then hit a woman and sped off. the 27-year-old woman is expected to survive. drew protesthat for being located near an elementary school in mclean has opened a second location near a church and a school. firearms opened a store in
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west falls church, directly across the street from st. james catholic church. some neighbors say they have safety concerns, but the store's owner says don't worry. will lock the front two doors to keep all the traffic going through the side doors to limit the exposure to the street and the school across the street. owner says all employees have had background checks and have received zoning clearance from the county and state. new health alert about the zika virus. a disturbing finding in brazil about a very easy way to spread it. and a devastating fire in chile took the lives of four family members. now he is opening up about his loss. and a big crowd for saturday, sharing ideas about how to keep
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drivers and cyclists from getting too close to each other.
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paris stadium, where hundreds were injured in november, reopened today for the first time. security was extremely tight. fans arrived for the six-nation rugby match between france and italy. 130 people died last year when islamic terrorists bomb the stadium, bars, restaurants, and a concert hall. koreaports out of south that north korea has fired a long-range rocket. critics say the launch is meant to be a covert missile test the. this follows north korea's claim last month to have tested a hydrogen bomb. this is likely to draw more sanctions and condemnation from -- from thenations
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united nations. north korea said it was a peaceful satellite launch. authorities now say three people have died after contracting zika virus in brazil. concerns are growing after health officials found active virus in saliva, raising questions about whether he can be spread through kissing./ through kissing. so far, there have been 54 cases reported in the u.s., including in our area. colorado state basketball star is speaking out after a devastating fire that claimed the lives of his parents and two-year-old niece and nephew. killed they 19 couple and their two young grandchildren. today on espn's game day, emmanuel, a local basketball
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star, opened up about his loss. >> the last, talk to my dad was when he took me to the airport. i said, i'm going to make it for the family. my books, all my clothing, my shoes. what am i still living for? everything i want to do in life was for them. he knows he said that his parents and the twins are "shining down on him now." last week he played one of the first game since the tragedy, walking onto the court to a standing ovation. he is receiving an outpouring of support since his loss, including a heartfelt video from former nba star kobe bryant. very touching. if you ride a bike, you know about close calls with cars in the district, and now there is an effort to bring protective lanes to the eastern side of
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d.c. as cheryl connor explains, it would come at the cost of highly treasured parking spots. cheryl: sizing up like lanes in the district. street in northwest, there is a designated lane. near union station, there are cones and cement barriers, keeping drivers away from bikers. >> i've had probably 12 crashes with cars in my life. five crashes in the district for martin, who has never had a drivers license. he volunteers with the washington area bicyclist association. >> we are not trying to wipe out parking, we are trying to have a meeting place. cheryl: a meeting held saturday brought 300 people to discuss protective lanes in the eastern district. for lanesof ideas
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north and south on fifth, sixth, or night streets, between downtown and the shawl community. -- the shaw community. >> it would improve visibility at intersections. whetherthe concern is the designated bike lanes would take away parking for church on sunday. >> churches and businesses that need to be accommodated. cheryl: the proposals are being considered in the public and way in through mid-march. >> the barriers make me feel safer. cheryl: cheryl connor, abc 7 news. kimberly: there is nothing that eats away at the bike lanes like a little bit of snow. devon: makes things even worse. we are watching the latest bit of information coming in, but he will not be fully and until late tonight. let's start with a live look outside national harbor.
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what we have right now are individual forecast that have come in. these individually, i will let you know what they said. cold right now in culpeper, manassas, washington temperatures falling back. we had some snow melt that is freezing now. the bigger picture, no big weather features. cloud cover's washington south and east. in discussion about what is set to come monday. let's go when close to where you are, go back overnight in the forecast timeframe. the freezing temperatures could .ause some icing the cloud cover situation tomorrow when the forecast has a butng system off to sea, the earlier forecast had the clouds as far as southeast metro. and west ofnorth d.c. will get sunshine tomorrow.
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south and east will get cloud cover. it is just cloud cover this time around. that will hold temperatures under 50, low 50's in the sunshine. monday, tuesday, the beginning of the high rate is forecast catches the start of rain in the afternoon, evening. then we transition. what we are really watching, the , nearly 70recast different forecasts, it is suggested the upper level low puts the energy on the ground. it begins with rain, then the snow is most likely north and west. watch the track that it took, right over the top of us. we have been forecasting some snow, then the area of low pressure travels over top, like the eye of a hurricane. there is nothing there. and mosthe snow hole,
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likely snow north and west. we may get hardly anything in the washington metro. but the very latest forecast that came and had a very thin swap of heavier snow. it will be a very thin band of snow, maybe about 30 miles. , but be a slight deviation one of these put a ton of snow would know the virginia, the other put a lot north and west of washington. get closer to the event to really know, but it appears the low tracking overhead could be a huge influence. overnight monday into tuesday, still mostly north and west of d.c. for the higher snow totals, but we are not measuring and feet, only inches. before get snow in the immediate metro, southeast, the ground temperatures above freezing, which means what roadways. major roads could be ok.
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we are on the edge of the cloud cover, partly cloudy tomorrow morning, cold downtown, nearly freezing. by the afternoon, sunshine comes back, 48 degrees. the seven-day forecast, we are still watching the front coming in monday through tuesday. because the data is all over the place, the thin band of snow, it is a 50/50 forecast tuesday. tomorrow, super bowl sunday, partly cloudy skies, the cloud cover south and east. kimberly: one model said a ton of snow? devon: but that is less than 12 and just, so we are not talking many feet. we are talking less than 10 inches of snow on the high end. kimberly: we don't want that. devon: right now i would say 0 to 3 in d.c. kimberly: the wizards looked like they had fun. robert: they did, and a game
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they were supposed to win. college hoops also. sports is coming up.
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sportsthe now the toyota desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. their: the wizards crack losing streak with a win over the sixers last night. tonight they were looking to build on that, and it looked like that until the second half. second quarter, the wiz up 14. otto porter, and one. he had 18 in the first half. the wizards led by 10 points at the break. then things got bad. the lead disappeared in the second half. , aseconds left, charlotte up good look from the corner.
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-- jeremy lin score. wiz lose. , first half, rivera comes up with a steal. one on two. hoyas up four after that look at -- after that bucket. , that puts thed pirates up five. georgetown loses its 11th game of the season, 69-61. had a tough game today on the road in purdue. gathers themon loose one, takes it all the way for the floater. maryland up after that. less than a minute to go, baseline, and the foul. terps up 8. 61.yland wins 72-
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gw and vcu. the miss, but kevin larson kicks it act out to joe mcdonald. i'm loving it. vcu with aleft, chance to win or tie. the three-pointer, no good. miss.fensive rebound, gw takes a thriller, 72-69. acc action, uva and pitt. malcolm brogdon, 29 points on the night, forces. uva wins easily, 64-50. hockey, the capitals back in form after beating the islanders. today, facing the devils. late in the third, the capitals trailing 2-1.
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cary,ss in front to paul in on the deflection. guess what happened today -- a shoot out. on the stick of alex ovechkin, backhander, caps win, 3-2. fun -- when you think of one hand it the nfl, odell beckham jr. comes to mind. who holds the record for most one-handed catches in 60 seconds? antonio brown holds the guinness world record now with a little help from redskins quarterback kirk cousins. the new record is now 40. abcmake sure to tune into seven sunday night. 5,orts sunday starts at 11:3 kimberly gets to go home. it is the sports fix.
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and joe jacoby did not make it into the hall of fame. namedm newton was this year possible voluble player in the nfl -- most valuable player in the nfl. kimberly: coming up, that sinking feeling, a surprise for festivalgoers
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