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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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current wind chill reported of 17 degrees. it feels like 5 in hagerstown and 11 in baltimore. 11 it at andrews air force base. not much on doppler at all. it's quiet now. mainly clear skies, we will drop like a rock. 14 to 20 are the overnight temperatures. only good news is winds diminishover night. put it together have the forecast for the holiday weekend in a few minutes. alison: we have new information in the murder of the two sheriff deputies in maryland. senior deputy patrick dailey and senior deputy mark logsdon were shot after responding to a call for a suspicious man inside a panera restaurant. jonathan elias has the latest on the story. jonathan: a horrible story. david evans' son said his father had emotional problems but he never spoke poorly about police so investigators are trying to figure out why he shot a d
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and killed the other in a shootout before being killed himself. >> these mens are hero. they served this county. they served this county faithfully. honorably. they their lives doing what they love. jonathan: david evans had two outstanding warrants for an arrest and one was assaulting a police officer in florida. flags are flying at half staff across maryland in honor of the deputies. as we hear, they served in the sheriff department for more than a decade. >> outside the southern precinct, the flags are at half staff. black flag is draped across the entrance. tribute for the officers who were killed. nonstop line of strangers to deliver tribute.
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mark logsdon. >> i met with the family yesterday with the sheriff. reporter: the cap hayne looks at what -- chaplain looks at what is left outside the police car. he knew both officers. >> sorry for your loss. reporter: dailey had been with the department 30 years. logsdon for 16. >> we lost two good men. the families lost two good men. >> some deliver the tributes in silence. a constant stream of mourners. the constant pain of heavy hearts. >> he is too little to understand, thank god. >> deputies who were also dads. together they leave behind five children. >> children losing parents and all. it means a lot to show the support. all lives matter. reporter: they had served t
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in the marines. is there we are all one -- >> we are all one. reporter: logsdon in the army. >> this is a loss for all of america. not just harford county. reporter: today they honor two harford county deputies who carried many titles. now have "hero" added to the list. >> i salute them. ["taps"] jonathan: so many heart-broken. deputy dailey was a marine. logsdon served in the army. survived by his wife three children and his parents. i'm jonathan elias, abc7 news. back to you. leon: thank you, jonathan. in the last two hours we learned that the driver who hit and killed officer noah leotta last december has been indicted. jeff goldberg is standing by at the live desk with the latest in the developments in the case. jeff: l
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turned himself into authorities after 1:00 at the montgomery county sheriff office. this morning the grand jury indicting reluzco on charges of manslaughter and failing to change lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle. emergency on the morning of december 3, when officer leotta stopped another driver for suspected d. u.i. that is when he hit him. police say reluzco had been drinking and doing drugs before the crash. yesterday, leotta's family was push n annapolis pushing for stricter d.u.i. laws in maryland. noah leotta's father said his son complained about the laughs being too lax a week -- about the laughs being too lax a week before his death. there is a press conference for tomorrow afternoon. noah leotta's parents will be in attendance. we will bring it to you live on our sister
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alison: also tonight, the member of the prince george's board of education will meet
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and the school c.e.o. maxwell and the chief of police briefed the media on the glenarden child porn investigation. tonight they will face angry parents at sylvania woods elementary school most looking for one thing. >> answers. pretty much. answers. brad: every parent we speak to today plans to be at the meeting, upset over the allegations that the 22-year-old teacher's aide deonte carraway victimized at least 11 young children in the school having them perform sex acts he recorded on his cell phone. a lawsuit alleging the now suspended principal was told of abuse concerns by parents and teachers and did nothing about it. >> how is it possible to happen? >> it's terrible. as a mother it is terrible. you would think that your children are better present protected and we'd have more information as it happens instead of after the fact. >> according to the maryland law school o
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of abuse in 48 hours. state attorney angela alsobrooks says that law was ignored, then charges will be brought. tonight parents are likely to hear the same message from the school c.e.o. >> if the employees didn't do what they were supposed to do, they should be held accountable for that. brad: the meeting with the parents and the edge kateors, police, county -- educators, police, county official is closed to the media. they want their privacy in there to discuss their concerns. abc7 news will be here tonight to have a full report. in glenarden, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: turn now to vote 2016 and question about the sell gaits and the -- delegates and super delegates. hillary clinton and bernie sanders walked away with the same number of sell gaits even though -- delegates even though sanders won by more than 20 points. scott thuman is live in milwaukee where the
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they probably have south carolina on their minds. scott: yeah, south carolina. and nevada. the next two contests. they are looking ahead to that. what they say in wisconsin will be met for the particular audiences. you can imagine that the message that will be sent will reflect these concerns. first, hillary clinton sending out an e-mail to her supporters saying listen, bernie sanders has more resources than we do. he is raising must have more money than we are. we were out-spent three to one in television advertisement in new hampshire. we have 14 more contests to go before the next big debate. we have to get on our game. they are trying to tackle the purple states like virginia. tim kaine is there and lending support for the clinton camp that has to step up the game. for bernie sanders people are saying he has shown the ability
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that can't be overlooked. he was expected to win in new hampshire. but he tied her essentially. and he almost mathematically did in iowa. as a result he is showing he is a formidable character. look at the money raised afterwards. $5.2 million in 18 hours after the polls closed in new hampshire. he is on a roll. he is going to work at it and try to chip away at the minority vote. the debate by pbs and only two candidates on stage to have more time for the in-depth answers. but also at 4:00, it could be more in-depth attacks as the pressure ratchets up here. we will have a analysis for you. leon: before we let you go we are counting the delegates but what about the race for endorsements. how does it s
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sanders and clinton? scott: well, clinton very wisely her campaign went after them way early in this game. delegates it is tough math to understand. super delegate are not tied to a state result. they can vote however they want. clinton camp went after them a long time ago, got them to say yes, i am on your side. so she holds a huge margin, something like 15 to 1 at the super delegate count. they can change their mind. they are not bound to the endorsement they have given. anything can happen but if you look at the numbers she is ahead in that. leon: but anything can happen. that is what we have seen happen this campaign season. thank you, scott. check back with you later on. take care. alison: a couple of other notes here. on the republican side birthday. no excuse for rest.
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turned 63 but still held a rally in south carolina. you might think as the home to the president of the united states the white house would have had one of these for years. but this sign expressly prohibiting guns and dangerous weapons at the executive mansion just started going up. at the guard post. 1600 pennsylvania avenue. they warn the violators will be subject to fine or imprisonment. "usa today" reports a federal prosecutor advised secret service to add the signs last month but it's not clear what prompted that advice. leon: new information tonight on two dozen u.s. senators they want to bar the policy barring the world war ii female pilots to have the ashes at the arlington cemetery. they are referred to as wasps. they flew the military aircraft in the noncombat role to free up male pilots for combat back
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last year the army and the cemetery officials say wasps never should have been let in because space in the cemetery is limited. alison: coming up here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- how low will they go? find out what is driving a drop in airline prices. leon: then later -- >> i think we are opening a window on a universe. leon: proving einstein. why scientists say they can prove the theory of relatively. alison: from the ears to the eyes. look at bruce springsteen's next venture. leon: but first, maryland first case of zika confirmed. what the state is doing to track and fight the virus.
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leon: michelle marsh joins us now with what we know about a new patient in maryland with the zika virus. michelle: they did not identify the person with the virus only saying he or she traveled to a country
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zika transmission is active and ongoing. recap what the case we know so far. virginia has two confirmed cases. d.c. has three cases including one pregnant woman. zika is mainly transmitted through mosquitoes but can also be transmitted through unprotected sex. symptoms are fever, rash, joint aches and red itchy eyes. but symptoms only affect 20% of people with zika. this is what the maryland officials had to say about how they are dealing with the virus in their state. >> we are keeping a registry of cases as they occur. we are working closely with the center for disease control. all of the guidance we provide the guidance we get that comes s from the greatest authority in the world. center for disease control. michelle: michelle marsh, back to you. alison: thank you. i'll take it. thank you very
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joce sterman told us about the concerns last night. at the live desk with the new information. >> they are confirming staffer at special needs school has bacterial meningitis. they emphasize the strain is not life threatening. they were concerned and they were upset they weren't getting the official word whether the health was impacted. they did confirm the staffer has man united states. they said there is no threat for the staff or the students and how they are at the school briefing the staff. they are working with the maintenance team to coordinate disinfectant to provide peace of mind to parent ands
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the letter will go home to let them know it is safe to send kids to school. joce sterman, abc7 news. leon: thank you. alison: all right. doug is here to talk about the cold weather. it's uncomfortable. doug: just wait until the weekend. this is practice for us. this will get out here. give you something to look forward to. by the end of next week we could be in the upper 40's. next weekend. not bad. get started now. this is on the thinkly side. looking live at the weather bug camera in alexandria at belle haven country club. a little breeze. every time the wind kicks up, the wind chill goes down. 28 at reagan national. 31, warm spot for you in frederick. combination of the cold air and sustained winds. 18 miles per hour in leesburg. 14 at reagan. gusts are higher. that drives the wind chill or the way it feels down
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current time for the wind chills. 9 degree in frederick. 5 in hagerstown. 17 in washington. 11 in baltimore. values temperature wise to the south are doing better. 40 in raleigh. 47 in charlotte. core of the first batch of the arctic air is north and west. coldest temperatures slide east. there is a nastier batch of cold air across canada. that is the air mass coming in here to our area saturday. in advance of that, not much weather. snowshowers across the great lakes. gusty winds. clear skies. metro south. we expect tomorrow early in the morning the storm system to form. off the southern north carolina coast. rare event. winter storm warning for the outer bank. inland of the coastal carolina. i or two of snow. brief freezing rain there. nothing for us to talk about other than the clear skies. for tonight we stay mostly clear. winds will decrease. that is good news. air te
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degrees by tomorrow morning. through tomorrow we have sunshine. high pressure goes overhead. but the clouds increase. through the afternoon, that
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day. plan for it the day planner is cold with increasing clouds and late day flurries. through the holiday weekend. cold weather. monday we warm back up quickly in the 30's. that is the issue. snow possibly changing to rain. through the day on tuesday. alison: speaking of storms this time last year that fenway park was filled with snow as new england saw one of the worst records on record. leon: do you want to see what is filling up fenway park now? we'll show you. you want to see it. >> new images taken inside the command center of apollo 11 that went to the moon. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, we will show you communications between the three astronauts. scott: i'm scott abraham. an amazing story after the break you don't want
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we will introduce you to a young man. who is inspiring many.
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alison: back with this. big air. that is what they are causing the massive ski jump. look at that. the skiers and the snow boarders are in boston for the competition. alison: speaking of young people. there is a young man who we can't wait to hear the story. >> this is a great example of a man overcoming the obstacle
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obstacles. he is known as the vice of the pride at heritage high school. >> welcome to heritage high school. >> perception. >> please rise. >> is not always reality. >> everybody is who doesn't know who i am is about to. >> he was born blind. >> i realized i had to change the way i was thinking i would be a mom. >> blind, and certainly not silent. >> and now for your pride. number three -- >> he has been honing his craft. countless hours inside the home on the mike has
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>> a teenage inspiration. >> i'm living a full life. >> a voice you will be hearing again. >> you might wonder how he knows the name when he announces. it's braille and a very good memory. tomorrow on "good morning washington" he will be live in studio. as our guest announcer. he is amazing. i told him you will tyke my job in ten years. remarkable. alison: he loves weather? leon: that is his first passion. >>
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dark side of sports but the first passion is weather. leon: awesome. keep an eye on him. >> no doubt. alison: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- taking flight. find out why you are paying less for airplane tickets than you have in six years. >> casting a vote. but first -- >> 400 years ago galileo turned it to the sky. we are doing something equally important here today. alison: discovery that is proving one of ion sign's theories and opening the new doors for the future.
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with havertys furniture, your even when life isn't. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys.
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alison: we are back with breaking news out of new jersey. this started before 3:30 on a warehouse on 206 in hillsborough township. no word on what is burning. we will let you know if we get breaking news. leon: i love this stuff. i love the testament of the physics impact we know.
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his theory of relativity proved gravitationm we have as and now they is proven him right. >> what is amazing about the signal is this is what you would expect. the theory of relatively would predict for the two big massive objects like the black holes. they have been considered a holy grail of the physics. the discovery of the ripples in the fabric of the space and time will open up a new way to look at the cosmos. alison: wow! >> we are getting a fascinating look of apollo 11 after it took three astronauts to the moon. a
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look at 3d images. technical and personal. >> you may love this to the moon and back. a step closer to what was happening inside apollo 11 on the trip to the moon in 1969. the astronauts have lockers and designated areas that are holing the personal stuff sometimes real personal. >> what is exciting is to be able to find a scribble on the wall with a number. >> directions had colins linking up with the eagle that took armstrong and aldron to the surface of the moon. there is a calendar that kept track of the orbit
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they sent in the 3d technology inside the treasure. >> we want to get you closer to the technology used. scanning my hand with a laidser scanner that is showing the detail of the equipment there. we got a sneak peek. the images are online in july. >> the kids say it is cool. >> being the first to walk the moon. leon: stay in space. today graham chapman will make the closest visit to earth. the name sounds familiar. it was named for a member of
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montepy thon. call it the dark side of doing business. the production company is facing charges over an accident that left harrison ford with a broken leg. alison: many say that the key to a good night's sleep is 2 mattress you sleep on. if you watch the investigation on mattresses, you may take a closer look at what you are sleeping on. he joins us to preview the findings. take this mattress. this looks good. we bought it at a local store. until you pull the cover off. this is how we found this with a whole in it. you know what that is? that
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there are laws about what type of the mattresses can and can't be sold. how they are labeled. but not every state has a bedding law. there are unscrupulous parties that cover up the old mattresses and sell them. it may be legal to sell used mattress and not even claim it is used. there are unscrupulous parties that will take used mattress and sell it as new. >> what is that? horace: wait until you find out. what we found is unbelievable.
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leon: piston way to cut down on litter, the city is asking smokers to put the receptacles over and ask which super power would you want? flight or invisibility? each costs the city $3,000. we'll see the difference. alison: skill to come at 5:00, forget music to your ears. why your eyes could be in his next project. leon: i'd vote for flight. all new at 2:00 --
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steve: i'm steve rudin. cold weekend. saturday's high 26 degrees. sunday morning is valentine's day. if you are waking up early for the sunday brunch we have temperatures in the 20's. wind chills will be in single digits. we'll warm it up on monday. 34 degrees. chance for snowshowers. maybe mix in with if rain. warming trend. moving toward the middle to the end of next week. temperatures eventually rebound back in the middle 40's. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00".
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks
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ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. leon: "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert about airline prices. ticket prices are now at a six-year low. that is according to the transportation department. prices drop by more than 6% in the last quarter of 2015. now the average $372. falling jet prices and low-cost carriers. alison: art loves can spend a starry night in replica of van gogh bedroom. they deg rated a one-bedroom apartment to look like the painting of his bedroom in
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the room is situationed on the airbnb. leon: you can keep any ears you find. alison: i knew you would say that. i would rather go to the south of france. leon: born to run. he is releasing an autobiography. he began to work on the book if 2009. it will be title "born to run." no surprise there. it is going to tell the stories of springsteen childhood and his drive to become a musician. set to hit shelves september 27. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- local students ge a
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robert burton has details on a special visit in sports. >> first, an app for that. find out how the cabs are trying to keep up with the uber
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leon: don't forget to watch "good morning washington" to win a trip to see kelly an michael day after the oscars. alison: well, d.c. taxis are trying to remain competitive and keep you as a customer. so, now, they are using an app. move they hope to improve the business which has been significantly impacted by services such as uber. suzanne kennedy shows us how it will work. suzanne: it is now easier to hail a cab in the nation's capital. you just need a smart phone and the d.c. taxi app. >> great idea. suzanne: the taxi cab commission pumped money to the technology aimed to compete with uber and other ride sharing programs. they will be able to connect to the app. >> good idea.
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>> this comes in the face of mounting competition. >> uber is great. >> recent years the cabs have been required to make the upgrades including the ability to accept credit cards. the app gives people choosing from a regular, large or wheelchair accessible vehicle. he has been a cab driver for a decade and says the upgrade is critical to the business. >> the business is very slow. so when this smart phone coming it will be help to get more business. >> once you hail a cab using the app the vehicle closest to you will be dispatched. leon: let's see how the roads are moving. jamie: jamie: not fast at all!
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this is the ways map. they check in with how slow they are going. we have a wazer now saying it's going slow. if you continue closer to bethesda to get to silver spring. we have earlier issue that is adding to the normal backup. take a live look to show you. this is near the bridge. inner loop and the outer loop. it's bumper-to-bumper traffic. fure or five-mile stretch. there is a water main break in place. we are closed and the repairs are going to last until
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alison: what a mess. leon: weather wise it's not a mess but it is cold. alison: it is. it's going to continue. >> they will continue and be colder and winder. it's 26 in manassas and gallaudet university. 27 in chevy chase. gusty wind dropping chills down. 9 in fredericksburg. feels like season at the reagan national airport. clear forecast. winds will diminish overnight. we are expecting if traffic to diminish by 14 to 20 degrees.
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high clouds will continue. later tomorrow afternoon we have a possibility of the flurries and maybe now isers. the temperatures are not terrible. lower 30 it. once the front will pass through the region and it will pass through the overnight hours. then it will be windy and cold. the wind chills will be low and uncomfortable. cold front through the holiday weekend. it will take a plunge. 26 at best. 23 in the city sound. warmer on monday. monday will come with snow developing in the day. more than likely changing to rain by the time the major part of the system gets here tuesday. that is it. a cold valentine's and president's day weekend. that is monday and tuesday. back to you. alison: okay. thank you. leon: what is the word? robert: seriouss
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your eyes got big for a good reason. sharon robinson the daughter of the great jackie robinson is the founder of breaking barrier, a program designed to teach young students about the obstacle her father faced. she turned to the baseball academy and spent time to teach the kids. she was a hit. >> i can't believe jackie robinson's daughter is in the building. robert: sports royalty marked through. >> i'm sharon. >> jackie robinson's daughter. >> they are excited to touch a piece of your father. what is that like? >> it's wonderful. >> i am happy to see the kids were not thrilled by the fact it's his daughter and not the man. >> sharon robinson, the daughter of arguably the most important figure in sports, jackie robinson. >> that is how he got that.
5:52 pm
father and what feeling does it get? >> you know, it is a very good feeling. he was very catch henceive in his project. he was looking at the total men. i includes family component. post baseball career. kids don't look into that. robert: robinson is an educational programming consultant for the mlb. she doesn't need a classroom full of students to teach. >> most important to my father is that we have equal justice. >> the fact that i'm doing something with the kids. doing something with kids. he would be proud of that. it makes her feel good that we have been able to find ways to continue legacy with young people. >> this is the 20th anniversary of breaking barrier. the organization doing fi
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and she said what she is most proud of. it has lasted 20 long years. not jackwy robinson -- jackie robinson but a piece of the greatness. enough for them. leon: they see the video from the stadium and the 42 and know what it is about. awesome. all right. moving stuff that may not be. we have breaking news of barricade situation. brianne carter is in the mobile track 7 and mad her way there -- made her way there. or nearby. what is going on? brianne: well, we just got here. i'll get you out live. police here. lassy court in lorton area. they told us they war called out here from if man suffering from emotional distress.
5:54 pm
he is the only person in the home but there is no threat to the public. people in the area are still allowed to come and go from the homes. a large mispresence. here on the scene. this man suffering from emotional distress and we w
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alison: few of us want to admit when we are starting to feel the effect and the sign of aging. in maryland a push is underway to make sure we're all still if it to be behind the wheel as we get older. kevin lewis went to annapolis and get details. kevin: in 2014, michael and josie's daughter lauren was hit and killed on a sidewalk. the driver an 83-year-old man. >> he confused the pedals of the brake and the accelerator. he hit her and killed her. kevin: today the family testified in a
5:58 pm
renew the license more frequently. >> it's common knowledge. once you reach a certain age things start to diminish. your reaction time, your hearing, your sight. testing like that needs to occur in person. kevin: according to americans for older drivers' safety, maryland is in a three-way tie for the most lenient driver's license renewal policy. maryland, mississippi and tennessee only require drivers renew in person every 16 years. for context, 27 states require in-person renewals between every two and four years. >> if you are 70 years old, you don't have to renew in person until you're 86. that is not acceptable. kevin: opponents highlight the importance of elderly mobility and independence, benefits they say stricter laws may jeopardize. >> it is very touchy. people think you are taking away their
5:59 pm
drive. it's just a privilege. it's not a right. kevin: in annapolis, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". we are following several big stories. right now at 2:00, -- at 6:00, the number of accusers in a child pornography case grows again. tonight the parents get a chance to demand answers from the school leaders. plus -- >> they were heroes. alison: mourning deputies killed in the line of duty. what we just learned about the deadly confrontation and the lives cut short. breaking news from new jersey tonight where fire is riching lex.ugh a warehouse complex. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: a 12th child has come to accuse a prince george's county school volunteer in child pornography case. now word of another law
6:00 pm
charged with sexually abusing children and forcing them to pose for pictures and videos inside sylvania woods elementary school. jay korff is live from the school where a parents' meeting is set to occur. jay: more twisted allegation in a deeply disturbing story. moments ago brad bell got ahold of the lawsuit filed on behalf of an 11-year-old boy in fifth grade. i was able to look at the lawsuit briefly. in a nutshell it is similar to what was filed yesterday on behalf of a 9-year-old boy who is against the suspect deonte carraway. the principal at the school, the allegation is sexual contact between the child with carraway here at the school and at the glenarden municipal cent.


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