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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 12, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," democratic face to face. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders and their first debate since the new hampshire primary. the tense back and forth over issues from foreign affairs to feminism. our political team has it covered. prison scandal. it's not inmates in handcuffs. it's prison guards. dozens of them. the investigation into drugs, money, and corruption. tax man in trouble. the former irs agent busted. was he granning favors to a marijuana dispensary? ♪ >> and later defying gravity. okay, look for maximum impact with a new music video. are these special effects? it's friday, february 12th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. >> i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we're going to begin with the democratic showdown. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing in debate number six. >> the two candidates faced off in milwaukee last night. tangling over health care, immigration and big money donors, and they each made a pitch for the crucial minority vote. >> it's your voice, your vote. our coverage begins with abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: still smarting from her double digit defeat in new hampshire, hillary clinton sounded a new hard line against the man who beat her. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is -- madame secretary, that is a low blow. one
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obama. i was not that candidate. >> clinton now hoping to get a boost from a strong turnout of minorities. >> african-americans who face discrimination in the job market, education, housing, and the criminal justice system. >> reporter: sanders hit clinton again on her finances. >> secretary clinton's super pac as i understand it, received $25 million last reporting period, $15 million from wall street. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? guess just for the fun of it. they want to throw money around. >> reporter: donald trump rode his landslide new hampshire victory into louisiana as the campaign trail winds south. >> here's your next president, donald trump. >> reporter: and he made this bold boast in south carolina. >> if we win here after winning so big in new hampshire, all of these characters are going to give it up. we're going to run the
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>> reporter: some of those characters have other ideas. >> do you want an entertainer in chief? >> negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. >> reporter: the republican presidential candidates fast pace off again in a south carolina debate saturday night. and after the debate, the candidates are heading right back to the campaign trail. hillary clinton in south carolina today. sanders expected in minnesota and nevada. reena, kendis. >> our thanks to bazi there. our focus back to last night's debate and the democrats laying out their differences. >> bernie sanders restating his call for a political revolution. as hillary clinton aligns herself with president obama. abc's political director rick klein cline takes a closer look. >> reporter: a reality check of a debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring over who is best equipped to actually move the democratic agenda. hillary clinton suggesting that bernie sanders' plans plain unrealistic, cannot happen and trying to suggest that she is the true heir to president obama's
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criticizing bernie sanders for standing in his way at times. the two sparring on foreign policy, domestic policy but in a more subdued wayy in the past. the first debate since the new hampshire primary, the shocking win by bernie sanders revealed the new could tours of the race. hillary clinton digging in for a long haul recognizing these two candidates will meet time and again. i think trying to delay the yound work a little bit for fights to come. toward the end of the debate, hillary clinton suggesting bernie sanders is a one issue focus focused on campaign finance reform. hillary clinton making a broader play than that. rick klein, abc news, washington. and speaking of the secretary, come can tomorrow, the government relations hundreds of pages of controversial clinton e-mails from her private server. a federal judge audioed the state department to release the remaining batch of e-mails in four installments after saturday, another release is set for february 19th, that's just before nevada's democratic caucuses, the final
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february 29th right before super tuesday. a national wildlife refuge in oregoning will remain closed for weeks now that an armed standoff is over. the last four holdout who's had occupied the refuge for 41 days surrendered peacefully yesterday. they were arrested and will make appearances in court today. the whole dispute was over federal control of public land. now there's a great sense of relief in the area. >> i am so glad this is over. >> i'm proud of my friends and neighbors. i'm proud of way that you stood up to this stuff. >> also in custody right now is a man named cliven bundy, the father of one of the oregon standoff's leaders. he's being held on charges tied to a different anti-government incident two years ago. dozens of prison guards in georgia in custody. federal custody this morning busted for smuggling contraband and accepting bribes. an fbi undercover operation has revealed what's called staggering corruption. abc's pierre thomas has the details.
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>> reporter: georgia state prison guards are the ones wearing handcuffs today, busted in an fbi sting, accused of taking bribes from inmates and drug dealers. they allegedly helped inmates get drugs into the prison and helped them transport the drugs through the state, while wearing their uniforms, so that the police would be less likely to stop them. >> allegations range from smuggling in contraband, but also using their official capacity as officers to protect what they believe to be drug transactions and drug shipments. >> don't overlook anything. >> reporter: raids like this coming as the fbi and state officials vow to clean out compromised guards and illegal activity inside prison walls. the arrests, the latest example of apparently wide-scale corruption within georgia prisons. more than 130 inmates, guards and outsiders charged just since september. 1 georgia corrections officers is have ever been charged with protecting inmates who were using cell phones for outrageous sxamz including posing as law enforcement officials and demanding that victims pay fines. pierreho
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washington. in northern mexico, a prison riot turns deadly killing at least 49 and injuring a dozen. it starred as a brawl between rival drug gangs in an overcrowded penitentiary. the prison has 3800 inmates. that's more than twice capacity. authorities say no inmates escaped. it took place on the eve of pope francis arrival for a six-day visit. >> the miller is expanding the number of air strikes it is launching against isis. sources claim there have ever been about 20 american strikes against targets in eastern afghanistan. only in the past three weeks. those strikes doak place after president obama authorized the pentagon to attack isis in afghanistan where its numbers are growing. secretary of state john kerry is in munich working with other diplomats on stopping syria's civil war. early this morning they agreed on a temporary truce set to begin next week. kerry said the test of that truce is whether
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military and rebels can actually implement it. that would set the stage for a full cease fire as well as peace talks. that would be such a big deal. in new york city, five people arrested and four charged with mon manslaughter for a deadly gas explosion that leveled three buildings last year. prosecutors say the suspects tampered with gas lines in their rush to renovate apartments which would rent for up to $6,000 a month. a restaurant worker and diner on kay date were killed in the explosion. dozens of others lost their homes. >> a southern california well leaking natural gas since october is now under control. at least for now. fumes from the leak drove thousands from their homes in an upscale los angeles neighborhood. residents suffered from headaches, nausea, nose bleeds and other symptoms. the leakk stilleeds a cement seal before it's declared permanently plugged. the price of oil plunged to a 13-year low for several reasons. among them were the continued growth of domestic stockpiles and one analyst'
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prices will remain depress flood the second half of the year. price of a barrel slipped to its lowest level since may 2003. stocks are suffering because of those falling oiling prices with their losses yesterday. the three major averages have fallen every day this week. all of them opening this morning down at least 10% for the year. most markets across asia fell overnight. >> are you okay about that. >> i know. you ma i can fun of me. during the commercial break. >> she panics about the marks. >> i google the words recession. is recession happening in the next year. you laugh at meet. >> this is a fund reena has on commercial breaks. i on the other hand am googling the zombie apocalypse. same thing. >> we'll keep the world abreast. >> whole foods 365, the cheaper spinoff of the upscale chain will feature more than organic fruit. desperate to entice millennials, the stores will feature juice stands and even tat parlors. wh
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its wallet buster image and attract youker shoppers. the first 365 store opens in los angeles in may. >> interesting to see how that goes down. >> yes. might sign up. would you think that a $15 cup of coffee would be hard to sell? 15 bucks. kind of crazy. >> labeled with starbucks, maybe. >> there you go. >> actually, in fact, take a look at this brew. it's the fink chka sophia. so popular, it's completely sold out in one of the few san francisco bay area shops where it's available. the reason it's so expensive it, took eight years to produce the first crop of beans which are grown with special fertilizers in the mountains of panama. >> coffee connoisseurs say this blend differs from ordinary coffee sort of like the way the finest wines can differ from the two buck chuck. there's a difference. i've grown to appreciate that. in college not so much but yeah, i understand now. >> coming up "in t m
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finding romance on valentine's day courtesy of heather throb fabio. >> also ahead, going to great heights to make a music video. okay go uses zero gravity to make an impact. >> and an investigation involving drugs, money and the tax man. irs agent in big trouble. >> and look for us on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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you're looking at what is a huge warehouse fire in new jersey that sent up a dark plume of smoke more than 50 miles long. it took firefighters hours to contain the fire to just two buildings. storing furniture, records, and plastic pellets. the cause of the fire still unknown at this hour. the fire so intense crews could be on the scene dousing hot spots for several weeks. also new jersey as the captain of that storm battered royal caribbean cruise ship comes under increased fire, two passengers have ever been busted for pot. the men from central massachusetts were arrested as the anthem of the sea" returned to port for possessing marijuana. apparently during the confusion of the ororm, a crew member smelled that telltale smoke coming from their room. it was a long cruise. >> it was a long cruise. i was just grateful -- >> they thought they were going to die. >> i was grateful it wasn't the captain because you would have said, oh, well that explains that one.
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it apparently wasn't the captain. someone else on the ship. >> say into a hurricane. the fbi apparently smelled the telltale sign and it wasn't just marijuana. it wasn't marijuana but of corruption. >> is this our pot block? >> it seems like that. >> a former irs agent found himself in a little bit of trouble because the net of undercover fbi sting. here's abc's clayton sandell to explain. >> morning. >> what's going on? >> reporter: this is the moment prosecutors say an irs agent accepts $15,000 in bribe money, captured by an fbi hidden camera. that is now former irs agent paul hurley, meeting last year with the owner of this seattle medical marijuana shop, being audited. hurley allegedly told the owner, his leniency during that audit saved the business more than $1 million. >> the way i wrote it up is like, there's no money here. we're never going to see the money. >> reporter: in exchange, hurley allegedly wants owner ryan kunkel to pay up
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but kunkel goes to the fbi. a sting secretly records their first meeting at a coffee shop. >> you think we're going to be okay, though? >> i'm 99.99% sure we're good. >> reporter: hurley's attorneys claim the 20 grand was not a bribe, but was payment for a job to perform accounting services. right after this meeting, hurley is busted. he's pleaded not guilty. a jury is now deciding hurley's fate. if he is convicted of bribery, he could go to prison for 15 years. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. quite a sting. all right, coming up in our next half hour, a touch screen gloves not even sub freezing temperatures can keep people from tapping away on their smartphones, but with regular gloves, forget about it. so how effective are those hi-tech touch screen gloves into but first taking music videos to a whole new level. anti-gravity. how okay good did upside down and inside out. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ upside down and inside out you can feel it ♪ ♪ upside down and inside out you can feel it ♪ >> okay. so we have seen some pretty innovative music videos over the years and outlandish ones in recent years. this one may take the cake. the band okay go pinched their single in zero gravity. here's abc's dan harris. ♪ don't stop till you feel it >> this new music video shot entirely in zero gravity is racking up millions of hits ♪ >> the song is called "upside down and inside out." the band called okay go. the video fearings the band members and dancers in flight attend"
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stunts while flying in a plane thousands of feet above the earth. >> it is truly unbelievable that be everything just came together. >> reporter: it required three weeks of training at a russian cosmonaut center. >> we flew in a plane that beak goes like this. what you feel is 20 seconds of double gravity while the plane is throwing you into the air. you feel weightless about 27 seconds while you go back up the top. >> you've lost a lot of altitude so it takes four or five minutes for the plane to gear back up to do it again. >> we wanted the whole video to be weightless. >> we cut up the song into eight chunks each to fit in a single period of waitlessness and performed them all in order and later cut out the long waiting periods. >> okay go is known for creative videos. ♪ >> they ran their way into the national consciousness more than ten years ago with "here it goes again." ♪ >> then they turned a car into a
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musical instrument for their "needing getting" video. and they wowed with these impress you be aerials in "i won't let you down." but this shoot presented some
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really creative music videos that you do in the middle of the night between commercial breaks. >> talk about zero gravity.
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to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ >> what is that? >> so say you get all dressed up for valentine's day and you don't have a date for valentine's? >> well, you would never run into that problem. >> i'm sorry. >> your well dressed. >> apologies. >> yes, just in case this doesn't work recent here's something that would work. fabio is doing a live stream or has done a live stream for valentines where. >> come on. >> remember fabio where he's a perfect date on and he begins with fabio lounging on rose petals bear skin rug there, cats are available for adoption that joins lim. he asks about your day. >> does he ask about your suit,
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kendis. >> >> no, that's when he throws up the champagne. poor guy. >> if that's not your thing, how about a fluff ball of love. this is exactly the valentine's i'd love to have. look at that. this the pomeranian giff. he has more than 2 million instagram follow why wouldn't he? @jiffpom. >> it's the face that has launched so many gifs all over the world. valentine polka. ♪ who needs plaurs who needs sweets ♪ ♪ pledge your love with tests and sweets it's the valentine polka ♪ ♪ even if you're not a hunk you can always sext your junk that's the valentine polka ♪ ♪ if you're not that popular and can't attract a mate, take a plea an yord con you're bound to find a date. >> reporter: every bachelorette
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this morning on "world news now," political confrontation. hillary clinton on the defensive after bernie sanders' victory in new hampshire. last night's debate and what's next for the candidates. challenging donald trump. his tirade with jeb bush and how bush is responding. the fight for votes in south carolina. new this half hour, a difficult scene on the highway. >> the police pursuit, the speeding car and a violent crash. what the officers did that's considered heroic. and later in "the skinny," lamar odom's first public appearance since his health scare. and kanye west was part of the excitement. it's friday, february 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone on this busy friday. i'


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