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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> at 11:00, winter weather is hitting the d.c. areas right now. the morning at commute ahead. >> our other big story, the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the battle for the bench already brewing on capitol hill and the campaign trail. investigationin into how a virginia scam artist ended up dead inside of pickup truck. announcer: this is a winter weather alerts. we begin with the weather alert right now. facebook liveoing leading up to this. richmond, we will get to as many places as we
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with it was getting snow right now. first a live picture at national harbor, not getting snow just yet. we will start with the morning advisories. undergton and baltimore winter weather advisory's. more when you get to morning. in this case, it is more about precipitation types, and more likely for possible ice. the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, especially the allegheny. blu-ray, youe a also see low temperatures that is still cold, having a tough time melting that snow. it was getting snow right now? winchester, warrant, maybe fredericksburg. west, out to south and and ground observations. local airports, manassas, and blu-ray to name a few.
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baltimore it starts a northward movement. in montgomery county, everybody is getting just a bit of snow. just after midnight, the initial round of snow will come through. we just said that they the morning rush will be a little bit dicey. we may flip that because it is a ow, and then a break. in the afternoon and evening, that might be the real dicey in the future. all over inn is tuesday. we have a lot to cover. from who is going to get what, how much, and when the changeovers began. kimberly: a good day to stay off the roads with presidents coming -- president's day coming. crews will be preparing for this storm. we turn to cheryl conner who is inside. ?
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more will leave this lot in givens berg around midnight. engines are now fired up, crews c, and virginia will be on the road before the snow falls. leftovers were go along way on maryland road. they are banking on pretreatment from friday's snow to help them over night. >> you can drive on the snow pretty easy enough, but when it is ice on the road, it doesn't matter. salt or not, you are sliding. , only thethis family father will have to move around. the forecast calls for snow and sleet, but many of us have off for president's day. >> we believe we save lives by doing what we do. reporter: crews are saying that valentine's day is laying salt in virginia. >> these roads
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taking care of business so they can stay put on monday. >> there will be too much stuff going on tomorrow and we don't want to do it. reporter: muriel bowser is sending out lousy starting sunday night. the holiday comes with more sales, but the owner of this another stormd could keep her sweet treats inside, after she left for daysrs -- left lost four during the blizzard. if you are ready for spring, you are not alone. there is one more round of winter. ,> i don't like the summer because it is too hot, and i don't like the winter. i am waiting for spring to get here. oforter: as we have thoughts spring, we can't forget how cold it was this weekend. that means the snows all
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-- snowfall, we are starting to see light flurries and it will probably stick to the pavement. kimberly: on top of the presidents' day holiday, we have additional school closings. all pennsylvania county public schools, prince willing, charles county already closed for president's day. those of us with canceled activities, same with arlington. for more closures, go to our website at good morning washington starts at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow on your side for tomorrow's commute. as we track the winter storm, the stormwatch winter 17 will track wherever you are. -- can job of this app download this app. we are going to turn to get supreme court justice antonin scully up. the medical examiner says he died of a heart attack. we have also learned his body is on the
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arguings are already over who should name his successor and when. the country wonders how the courts will keep doing business in his essence. -- absence. reporter: the battle for the bench has already started. >> barack obama will ram down our throat liberal justice. >> it is called delay, delay, delay. filibuster -- will you filibuster any of the nominees? >> of course i would send somebody, but the division is real. reporter: the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia adding a new divide to the election-year. >> it is the job of the president of united states to nominate supreme court justices and the senate confirms. >>
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, 2017.anuary 26 served on theia high court for three decades. he died at a ranch in texas during a hunting trip. what happens now? president obama has already pledged action. obama: i plan to fulfill my presidential responsibilities to nominate a successor. reporter: but republicans written to block any of his nominees. in the meantime, the court will continue to the deliberate. >> one year, 18 months of 4-4 decisions by the court is completely un-progressive. reporter: the court is going to hear major issues including abortion and labor unions.
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supreme court, the white house, and the capital building worth flown at half staff in honor of scalia. as diane cho shows us, many people braved the cold, and&% st at the steps of the nation's highest court. reporter: throughout the day on sunday, terrorists and those who lived in the area came to a respect to the justice. it me a greater appreciation for the courts. father of nine was found dead at a ranch in texas on saturday morning. -- a chance tents to meet scalia after he came to his office several times. >> i did not agree with him on -- he was, but it was right for me. he was still a good guy. >> i, antonin scalia, sol
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duringr: he was sworn in 1986. flownent obama had flags half staff. to visitmade a point the supreme court for him. most people said it did not matter whether you believe him or not. >> if ginsberg died, i would still be here. kimberly: we have complete coverage with the death as well as what happens next. you can also get updates 24 hours a day at or on the news cap -- app. in prince george's county, police are investigating after a one time convicted
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was shot dead in a car. we have the investigation from leesburg. reporter: he was reported county, andalcolm deputy spent several days looking for him. he was a victim of foul play more than 50 miles away in prince george county. saturday afternoon, neighbors told police that after finding a suspicious truck near an abandoned property -- >> he noticed there was a dodge --ck nine to the house behind the house, and he was going to go over and see if anything shady was going on -- reporter: investigators found the body of a man who had been shot to death. a 37-year-old leesburg man reported missing wednesday. he had been seen at a business meeting and capitol heights.
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there was no activity on his cell phones or credit cards. he was charged with fraud in 2009, captured convicted to 12 years in prison. behind bars he became a star witness for the prosecution, againstestifying one, then another. those are told us on friday, he seemed to have turned the corner. >> there have been a personal problems. we don't know. reporter: no investigators have their work cut out for them looking for the suspect in the motive. i spoke to both his family and friends tonight, who are just learning the news today. to speak on want
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kimberly: i'm sure they were. investigators are reconstructing a collision that spent two people to the hospital with serious injuries. this happened after 2:00 on travel road in potomac between river and stony creek road. one person was excellent trapped in all of that wreckage. they transported to people with dramatic injuries. -- traumatic injuries. 11:00, pope news at francis in mexico greeted by huge crowds. his message as he visits one of the poorest parts of the country is the head. and we continue to follow the winter weather headed our way. the complete forecast in your backyard is coming up next. season, but someone may be it to the punch when it comes to firing your refund for you. you don't want that to happen. tomorrow at 11:00, the team shows how they will do it.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: pope francis continues
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he visited one of the most for parts of the country. .e arrived for a five-day visit the pope urging the nation to combat corruption and drug violence. he had a clear message to the masses saying "with the devil, there is no dialogue." a high schooler's sweet gesture made him the talk of the town, and now it is unforgettable for the girl at his high school. >> i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day. kimberly: he ordered all the flowers themselves -- himself. he passed them out to every girl at the school. at a local a bagger grocery store and saved up $500 to spend money on 800 flowers. like thatd your money takes someone with real heart. >> watching every one of those
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big smile on their face makes me very happy and proud of him. kimberly: she is proud because she is godfrey's girlfriend. that he had a little love of his own. to warm on valentine's day during the annual love the run with 5k this morning. singles and couples participated, and parties. they were wearing a lot more clothing than they were for the underwear run the day before we had devon: that was funny. cancelingclose to that run today, have a gotten 20 with the windchill. kimberly: it is a record cold up north, to. devon: we are talking snow first, and it is already flying from port tobacco. stephen city, winchester, springfield. it is already selling where you are. he
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washington, the farther west, the shenandoah valley, the allegheny, winter morning in place. not just snow. see four to six inches, but ice potential is there. washington, and already a picture shows us a place covered with snow. road treatment is almost ineffective. here are the exact picture of where that snow is right now. we are going to bring you to demons burg, columbia, and shady side. let me show you where i have seen reports in the general west and south. , fortfield, arlington washington, prince george's county, and for the southwest. doppler radar motion shows that growing a little more northward,
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soon. there is westward movement out of the snow shield. the main snow event is through the day tomorrow. let's look at the bigger picture is. snowfall transition, warmer air changes it to sleeping -- freezing rain. a lot to go on for the next two days. we will really break it down hour-by-hour. we of snow starting, and the latest forecast shows it well. earlynow continuing to morning hours. we may get an inch or two out of this, but to tops. two tops. low 20's in the morning, so any falling is looking for a problem. tomorrow, more snow
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morning, midday, afternoon. at 11:00, the changeover starts to come as we work through the afternoon. first, sleet and ice pellets that hit your windshield or the side of your house and window. then there is a potential for freezing rain. that is rain it comes down around 42 degrees, freezes into a shield of ice and cuts on the power lines which is the worst. work five around the in.on, so to to five right andest total is southwest beyond. the ice situation that i just mentioned with freezing rain coming down, that is where the winter storm warnings out west. for virginia, charles town, hagerstown, to name a few, you are in the zone. possibly inch to be dangerous and bring powerlines down.
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good whatsoever. cold air gets locked into the shenandoah valley, warmer air moves in over the top, cold, denser ayers locked in place. -- air is locked in place. the nighttime hours, freezing rain coming down. we'll transition the rain in baltimore and washington metro's, so we could melt monday into tuesday. tuesday we should have more wet roads and everything washed away as we go through tuesday midmorning. bullet points for you, very cold even a main road might be slick. we work a transition through the afternoon. tomorrow evening, already ice is the biggest for this going on in the west. if you have generators, that would be great. power outage a potential if we have strong winds. the winds will be fairly light.
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outage. aaron is going to talk about one of our favorite people. reporter: we are talking about maryland, and the women of northwestern. also kobe bryant suits up for one last nba all-star game. sports is next.
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announcer: and now, the toyot
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your local toyota dealer. erin: we begin with the and all-star game in toronto, which was kobe bryant final appearance. he plans to retire at the end of the season. john wall making a third altar appearance, wizards playing it cool in the intro. this was a special moment, kobe bryant the last player introduced in the 18th and final all-star game. he received a huge round of applause. the day,nd, kobe has and all he can do is smile. wall looked good in the first half. he was 11 points, finished with 27. they went 92-90 at the half. russell westbrook gets a pass to zach, and he knocks that down. -- the west goes on to win
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the maryland women at northwestern. withri walker-kimbrough last --nts, and they walker-kimbrough again. she is so good. three at the half, 22 at the break, 27 for the game. maryland wins. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget the sunday night sports , so is a tonight at 11:35 stick around. we have great local stories, and we will be talking about the all-star game and spring training. stay with us. abc sports sunday is right after this, and the dw women's baseball took care against dayton. not a ton of defense.
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kimberly: marvel profane and sarcastic superhero dead pool had a record box office opening for an r-rated film. there was $135 million at the domestic box office. that eclipses the matrix reloaded which opened with 97 kelly --
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>> good morning washington is on it 4:00 tomorrow, writing the snow on the latest snow. >>
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coming up on abc seven sport sunday, during a for the second half of the nba season. we are joined by christy winters scott. she will break down the wizards and local college use. >> tensions in a week. , varro and jimmie johnson weigh in on the season. local-high school freshman. >> let's take a trip down memory lane from 15 years ago. sports sunday start now. buckle up sports fans, this is abc seven sports sunday. sportselcome to abc 7 sunday. he is robert burton, i am erin hawksworth. so glad you could be with us. >> for the neck cap hour, it is all sports. erin:


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