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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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felt over a large part of the area. the transition from snow to rain and sub freezing temperatures the national weather service continued the storm warning. the area in pink will run until 4:00 in the morning. everybody else in the viewing area is under winter weather advisory. as far as the temperatures, these are so critical now. we are waiting for the surface temperatures to get above freezing. when they get to 33 or higher things will start to improve. we are not there yet. in fact, many areas not only in our region but south to north carolina, south carolina border have temperatures below freezing now. it will take a while for the warm air to work in. so until then we will have freezing rain. yeah, a little snow still showing up on the doppler and a touch of sleet. everything we'll see from here on out will be in the form of freezing rain. the good news is it is fairly light amount. the heavy, steady rain is still to the west where it's warmer than we are. that is just rain there. east of the mountains we have patches of freezing rain and sleet. that is the story for the
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at some point later tonight we will do better with that. in fact, the temperatures expected to rise overnight above freezing. by early in the morning the metro area and points south and east will be above freezing. even the northwestern suburbs should be better by then. the future cast, the patches in purple and the different colors of the freezing rain and sleet. that is the story through late tonight and overnight as well. the freezing line, the coldest air will start to shrink. it's about this wide now but overnight it will shrink and lift out of here. warmer winds will start to melt things. the next problem is tomorrow morning. the rain will get heavy. we are under flood watch for the area area with rain of an inch to inch and a half could cause localized flooding and ponding of water. that is the local. we'll have more. steve rudin is in the weather center. we'll be back in a couple of minutes. jonathan: thank you. one part of maryland in the jackpot for snow was southern maryland and central vass.
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michelle: this is route 301 in brandywine not far from waldorf that also got plenty of snow. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in la plata. you were telling us earlier while you were getting there you saw wrecks on the roads. are things getting any better? brad: you know, it has been an interesting day. we did see a lot of wrecks. right now things are better. port tobacco road, the lane closest to me is wet pavement. the far lane is slush. now the snow has changed. this morning it was powdery. right now it's perfect snowman snow. it is really sticking. how much we got here, you can see on the ruler about five inches. now we have seen as much as seven. but the worst of the traffic conditions by far this morning. take a look at some of the video. you mentioned the crashes we saw. i actually witnessed a couple of them happening in front of me. cars spinning off of the road. cars spinning. there was a three-car collision in annapolis. one person
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a ramp and ended up on top of a snow bank. we saw cars in ditches. the plows doing the best they could but when the snow was falling down, some motorists just found it was far too treacherous. >> switch lanes and i started sliding. once you start sliding, you're done. the further south we got, the worse it got. brad: well, back live now. take a look at what we are showing on the umbrella right here. you see that? that is icicles. this is the result of the little bit of freezing rain we have been getting hitting that umbrella and freezing. on the stormwatch7 app on my phone i can see 28 degrees. we do feel a light rain. as doug hill said, that is a recipe for freezing rain. we will be back at 5:00 and let you know if the conditions are getting worse or better. in la plata, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: on the outer loop, a tractor-trailer crashed tis
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jackknifed and several lanes closed down as a result. jonathan: brianne carter has been tracking road conditions this afternoon. michelle: we know you got out with vdot crews. what did you encounter while you were out there? jonathan: brianne? brianne: the plow driver movedded the snow. you can see that on the roads. if you take a look on the roadway the slush that is left behind is going to be the concern now for all of the more than 4,000 pieces of equipment that are out on the roads here in northern virginia. take a look at the video. behind the scenes. with the plow truck and the officials today out there on the road. they say the crews have been working hard to get the road clear. now the concern is the wet and the slush left behind. they are concerned with freezing rain moving in and the cold temperatures, that that is the problem moving in the afternoon and the evening. so to
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using salt but mixing in sand for the mixture as well to try to add a little extra traction on the road. they say with the ice, there is really no treatment out there. they tell drivers don't be fooled. it does not mean that it is not really slick on the roads. the biggest concern the officials tell us today is as we head to the hours right now, where people will be coming back from a long holiday weekend. so what will they look out for? take a listen. >> one of the big concerns, too, a lot of the places that the chemicals are working, the snow is melting. we come through and push the slush off the roads. that is what is going to freeze later on. brianne: now coming up tonight at 5:00, why it's not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to treating the secondary roads, main roads, gravel
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reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. around d.c., december pilot the snow. the lincoln memorial received a big monetary gift this president's day. the u.s. secretary of the interior announcing $18.5 million donation to the national park foundation. that will help repair the lincoln memorial, expand access and educational opportunities as well as reveal areas that are not currently seen by the public. this ceremony was held at the south interior building because of the bad weather. michelle: looking out over the city now, conditions continue to change. the d.c. snow team got to work before the first flakes fell yesterday and continue to work in our nation's capital. bureau chief sam ford is live on constitution avenue with a look at where things stand out there. sam? sam: well, the two agencies, vdot and the d.c. department of public works have been busy since 11:00 last night. the city is in what it calls "full deployment." that means
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trucks at all times. in the city, roads were for the most part no problem. the city got out early with the salt and the sand. the snow was extremely differenty but it wasn't extremely slippery and the cars moved about. an capitol hill where snow sledding was restored by law the kids were having fun today as the parent once did before there was a need for the law. the slopes were the best along the southwest lawn of the capitol and alive with kids and parents. there was a dog named carmen who pulled her own sled having fun. d.c. is a tourist town. among the visitors the tourists from china stood out in a colorful dress. one visitor said the snow is welcome. >> we love it. they don't have snow where they live in china. sam: okay. is this the first time they have seen it? >> it has been a long time.
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of public works say they basically satisfied with how things have gone thus far and now they have got to concern themselves with this evening. they have a good base of the roads. the question is how to deal with it. they started last night at 11:00. one shift worked at 11:00 today. another shift working until 11:00 tonight. they are going to keep this up until they have a full deployment of 200 pieces of equipment. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, sam. while we talk about getting around, metro buses are on a severe snow service plan so it's limited to major corridors only with some detours. the only exception to that is the 1a service not operating because of the snow conditions. 52 and 54 service is only operating between colorado avenue and downtown d.c. there will be no service north of colorado avenue. metroaccess is operating. however, riders
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delays because of the conditions out there. michelle: stay with us as we provide updates on all platform. you only need access to the web when you are away from the tv. reminder "good morning, washington" kicks off at 4:00 tomorrow in an early start to help you get back to work on time. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we will continue to bring you updates on the winter storm. michelle: it is far from over. we have so much more to talk about. keep it here. jonathan: plus, remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia. plus, putting aside political differences. he was a member of our community for more than three decades. how he was known here beyond the bench, we'll have that coming up. michelle: today at 4:30. a year after a four-alarm fire in washington, a family returns home. the woman brought back to life twice and the rescuers reunite. but first -- >> d.c.'s first h.d. eagle cam goes live. i'm chris papst. why t
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and where you can watch the nest 24 h
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michelle: just a reminder right now that a winter weather alert is in effect. you are looking live now at 270 in north bet
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the storm is not over yet. as we see a transition from snow to sleet and then some freezing rain, we are expecting some problems on the roads. right now you can see it's easy breezy as the traffic moves along. you want to keep it here. stay with us and the timing of all that snow and the freezing rain is what you want to pay close attention to. doug hill will have it coming up. jonathan: overnight, supreme court justice antonin scalia's body arrived at dulles airport. he died over the weekend in a hunting trip in texas. today people gathering outside the nation's highest courthouse to urge the president and congress to fill the now vacant seat on the court. >> we want a congress holding -- michelle: scalia's reputation on the court came with a big personality. he was also a lightning rod. he was here in d.c. with his family for more than three decades. jonathan: he was a fixture in our community. church, schools, restaurants, even the opera. jeff goldberg has more on how the larger-than-life justice is remembered in the community. jeff: we spoke to people who
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what we heard were stories of a kind and caring man with a great sense of humor. and stories of an individual despite the status as a supreme court justice did not talk down to others or act with arrogance. we visited diego's hair salon in dupont circle in northwest washington where he would get his haircut with the other powerful players. we stopped by a restaurant in d.c. where scalia enjoyed italian food, we are told. he loved pasta. he was a member of st. john the beloved catholic church in mcclain where he remembered as a humble man devoted to faith and family. >> never give distance like he was a judge. he was very, very nice person. we talked about a lot of things together. jeff: what you
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there, italian was a huge part of scalia's identity. and a history and a culture he was proud of. we have more on that part of the story at 6:00. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you, jeff. a viewing is taking place right now for one of the harford county deputies killed in a shoot-out last week. senior deputy pat dailey's body was brought to the mountain christian church in joppa. you can visit tomorrow from 2:00 to 9:00. the funeral will be held at the same location wednesday at 102:00. jonathan: let's look outside to see how the traffic is moving. jamie: we are checking in with the waze community. we have the heavy traffic on the baltimore-washington parkway. the roads are slick. we seeing the slush. this is maryland or
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suzanne kennedy is in mobiletrak 7 in alexandria. how does it look out there? suzanne: we are on eastbound duke street. you and i were talking a few minutes ago about a possible accident over at van doran street. they must have moved it out of the way. we did check out an accident at the mile marker 163 on i-95. it was cleared out rapidly. look at the roadways in alexandria. a steady rainfall coming down. not a lot of traffic here. being a holiday we are not seeing the flow we could normally see around 4:00 in the afternoon on monday. people choosing to stay inside. that is probably a good idea. the virginia state police saying they responded to more than 530 accidents since midnight last night. a busy 14 hours and it will
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icy conditions this evening. we'll stay on the roadways and keep an eye on things. back to you. jamie: right now we take a look at the bigger picture for you. traveling along the capital beltway, seeing mostly green. this is a look at arlington. we have conditions that are slushy. that is what we are seeing on the secondary roads, the side roads and the ramps. keep in mind that you fill up on the washer fluid. if you are driving behind someone and their tires are kicking this up, that is going to make the visibility worse for you. just on your windshield if you aren't fully prepared with the washer fluid. move to maryland. the 270 spur. you can see in the camera, that is frozen. earlier it was a drop. now we are freezing. so we see this moving at a nice pace. we recommend that you do still stay at home.
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back to you. jonathan: thank you. just in time for president's day, you can watch nesting bald eagles in h.d. in the capitol. michelle: this is cool. a story you first saw this morning on chris papst broke the story. he joins us now. chris, anytime you have an animal, live h.d. camera, you are gold. jonathan: and babies. michelle: yes. exactly. tell us about it. chris: we have babies in a couple of weeks. we will get to that in a little bit. this is wild and something that is a viewer warning. if you start watching this video this is addictive and hard to look away. this nesting bald eagle, the dad is probably out hunting. these are the first bald eagles to nest in the national arboretum in 70 years. last year was their first year here. after they raise the babies and left and migrated the department of energy and environment in d.c. set up these caçmeras around here hoping they wo
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on wednesday, this girl right here who is known as the first lady. she laid her first egg. saturday on valentine's day she laid her second. for the past five days i have been watching the video. one picture i found that was neat. this is mom and dad together with one of the begs. this was taken on friday. the dad had just brought a fish. they were eating it. now they kind of, when the mom gets a little stiff if you will, she flies around for a little while. the father comes in and sits down on the egg. the other picture you will see here is taken from today after the second egg was laid by the mom. she is standing over it. protecting it. if you watch this for a couple of hours you will see the mom, the dad, the interaction, how it happens. coming up at 5:00, we tell you more about the nest. why it is important. coming up at 5:00, we will tell you when the eggs will hatch. you can watch the bald eagles grow in real-time, live, in h.d. in the newsroom, chris
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abc7 news. michelle: love the story. thank you. all right. carol butler sent in pictures. a lot of folks sending us pictures. from ottawa, canada. she is visiting her 'cuzzen in columbia, maryland. she sent us a picture and says the last time she visited we saw nine inches of snow. we can blame this on carol. jonathan: don't forget to send us picks. there are folks graping the great ones. e-mail at we will share them on air with you. if she is from canada this is balmy compared to what she is used to. doug: typical ottawa winter day. jonathan: spring day. doug: we are making the transition. we have sleet, no. everybody is on the freezing rain. how long before the temperature is above freezing when the freezing rain becomes plain rain? that is the story. start with a time lapse. take you south to king george county. that area is part of the reason with the heaviest
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king george and eastward to maryland and southern maryland. it was heavy snow in the day. the temperature, 26 degrees. so they have a long way to go before they get above freezing. freezing rain is an issue there. i will tell you king george county public school, stafford county public schools and spotsylvania county public schools announced the schools will be closed tomorrow. oz far a what is happening locally, we continue with a winter snow warning. this is in effect until 4:00. adjacent to purple and winter weather advisory. in any case, combination of snow and sleet. sub freezing temperatures making for a difficult driving cans tonight. the number didn't budge at reagan national. it's still 29. 28 in manassas. frederick at 25. a lot of areas have a long way to go to get above freezing. what is interesting we haven't seen a budge in the temperatures. we will check the n
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an indication that a warming trend is on the way. it will happen and it will happen tonight but it's just how soon it will happen. we know the temperature in charlotte is 30 degrees. 31 in raleigh. that hasn't changed all day. we have a wedge of cold air that is locked up and down the midatlantic to new england. even though it is 60 degrees in hatteras, it will take a while for the warm air to get in the area. that is a concern. to the west it is warmer. in the area west and west virginia and kentucky they are having the rain. you can get farther enough south and west, they have terrific thunderstorms and tornado warnings as the big storm develops south and west. ultimately tomorrow we will get the heavy rain. noticeably warmer temperatures. we have a long way to go. on doppler radar we see freezing rain. this is an gor rhythm to guess precipitation type based on the temperatures. farther north and west chance of sleet and snow. we think it will
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farther south it's spottier. precipitation in batches. we think through the evening and the nighttime hours we have patches of the freezing rain. we will check the temperatures to watch them come up. until they do, freezing, it will be a problem. especially on trees and the winds, branches, power line and the windshield. tomorrow everything changes. we have a flood watch in effect for the entire day and the region because we could see an inch or more of rain. inch and a half on computer models. inch in washington. so heavy rain. warmer temperatures. take you through the next seven days. 100% chance of rain. heavy at times. but warming to 52. a lot of the mush and slush is melted away. maybe the localized ponding of water. cooler wednesday, thursday, friday. saturday and sunday partly cloudy and near 60. michelle: nice turn-around. jonathan: will it melt everything out there now? doug: it should. yea
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thanks. michelle: bring out shorts. stay with abc7 as we continue to follow the track of this storm. precipitation that comes with it. you are looking at the mobiletrak 7 in alexandria. roads covered in the snow still. others are just fine. jonathan: next for us a month long abc7 investigation. we have special report from the highway from maryland, virginia, west virginia. we have a fi
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jonathan: back now at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- live look outside, and you can see the woodrow wilson bridge. shoulder work going on. they have it closed down. the winter storm warning is in effect until 4:00 in the morning. keep it here or download the stormwatch7 app for updates around the clock. police refer to this as heroin away. it's crushing lives in the area. michelle: in an hour, "7 on your side" begins a week-long journey along a section of interstates that begin in baltimore, run through maryland, west virginia, virginia. the local heroin epidemic like you have never seen it before. fighting back against crime reporter jennifer donelan has a preview on this special that is coming up. jennifer: i tell you what. we have been waiting for this moment. we have been
4:28 pm
our part in raising awareness. we have been working on this for months. kicking off tonight for the beginning of the heroin highway. in baltimore. it has been a stronghold for the drug for decades. now a new wave of addict that were abusing pain pills and turned to heroin. it's an opioid. but the heroin addicts are driving to baltimore to buy the drugs, sometimes twice a day. what is done in baltimore to stem the supply side? how do you police your way out of a situation that most everyone from the family of the dead to the doctors and the government officials agree is a public health crisis. not a law enforcement matter? >> you can't put handcuffs on a heroin addict and think you will save the world. >> you can't legislate or police your way out. >> that is a 30-year aaron
4:29 pm
addict. the epidemic isn't getting better. it is getting worse. we will see you in an hour. jonathan: all right. look forward to that. thank you. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- despite the snow an emotional return for a family that lost their home in a fire last year. the woman who is brought back to life not once but twice. she and her husband will meet the rescuers coming up. doug: with the freezing rain falling now, up to an tenth of ice in metro. and quarter to the west. we tell you what to expect through the evening when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns after this.
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announcer: this is a stormwatch7 winter weather alert. jonathan: hopefully you had monday off. but if you didn't you can expect outside of alexandria. the roads are wet. as far as the slickness, that is a concern. those have been treated. now we are starting to chill out. doug: that is the key. major roadways with a lot of traffic, still have the residual chemical and salt will do better than the secondary roads. if you plowed your driveway or shovel it would sidewalk then you get the freezing rain on top. that is slick quick. michelle: the big concern for the next few hours. doug: through the night in many areas until it's warmer overnight. it's no
4:33 pm
here. south florida but not here. 25 on the rockville campus of montgomery college. parking lot is melting out. we are under a winter storm warning for several more hours. in fact until 4:00 in the morning for the entire metro area. howard, and anne arundel are around advisory. we have a transition to sleet and the freezing range. in this area here, d.c. metro north and east to the shore. to the west where it's colder longer it could be up to a quarter inch of ice. not good. in stanton they are at 32. 31 in packs river. 32 in
4:34 pm
all of this light rain will freeze. it will hit 33 and it won't freeze any more. 46 at 7:00 a.m. you can see why it will change. when we get to this pattern there is no ice. the national weather service have the region under a flood watch through tomorrow. localized flooding. the temperatures are heading through the 40's to 50. the hour-by-hour is a high of 52. if you are tired of the cold, come back in a little bit. steve rudin will share the weekend outlook and it will look
4:35 pm
michelle: joce sterman is in the newsroom with how the storm took over social networks. you might as well post your pictures to send them to us. they knew they didn't have to go to school or work because of the federal holiday. why not have fun? look at this girl down the front yard. joy on this one. this is walking through downtown d.c. to show you the commute. it was slick and messy. but you have to manage. this is the supreme court. the flags are at half staff. they are having moment of silence today for the fallen justice.
4:36 pm
the vietnam war memorial covered in snow. it this is not a fun snowstorm unless you get dogs. this pup is pitching in. even has to do their part in a snowstorm like this. lovely photo. this is from intoo fram. this is flooding in a tribute on president's day. she is as good as sledding on how d.c. handles the snow. knock on district of columbia but she is poking fun at herself. beautiful photos. look at the canal in georgetown. it's gorgeous in the snow. this is how i feel. typical snow day behavior from nelson the pug. we want to bury our faces and get the heck out of here from this winter. back to you. jonathan: those are fun
4:37 pm
according to flight, reagan national airport has 144 flights cancel today. 41 canceled at dulles. 80 at b.w.i. make sure you check the airline before you head to the airport. you can save yourself headache and time as well. michelle: metro buses are on a severe plan. so it is limited to the major corridors with the detorial. metro rail on saturday schedule. there is no v.r.e. service. stay with us for the continuing coverage throughout the evening and tomorrow. "good morning, washington," getting an early start to get you back to work and school after the three-day weekend. live coverage at 4:00 in the morning. jonathan: a woman brought back to life not once but twice. they went back to meet the people who saved them. diane cho has their emotional
4:38 pm
michelle: a d.c. couple who lost their home in a devastating fire last year had a chance to thank the firefighters who saved her and her husband. this is the first time they were able to walk through the home since it was completed. debra and her husband were asleep in the home in april. the smoke was so intense the firefighters said they didn't see her until they tripped on her. she had to be resuscitated twice. once outs of her home and the other time at the hospital. >> they brought a rid owe to me so i could see the fire. >> they responded to the call and the ok stalls to overco
4:39 pm
in southeastd, diane cho. michelle: the convicted con artist that turned star witness found dead. what police look rat now. jonathan: how long will the ice threat last? that is the beltway near the national harbor.
4:40 pm
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michelle: prince george's county police found a former con man turned star prosecution witness shot to
4:43 pm
tonight while investigators try to track down the killer, el atari's friends are speaking out. stephen tschida has the story. stephen: when investigators closed down on the bank fraud in 2009 he ran. last week he disappeared again. this time the friends and the business associates said he had no reason to run. he got a dozen years from bilking bank banks from ten of millions of dollars but got out early. he helped convict a man of aiding islamic terrorist. he appeared to have the life together. he had a business meeting and then he vanished. he was found dead in a pickup in upper marlboro. someone shot him. his girlfriend sent us a statement that reads., "i don't know who did this. obviously this was not a random shooting or some accident. someone wanted to hurt him."
4:44 pm
this is heartbreaking shocking." we got e-mail from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous he says my suspicions to go to someone he testified against. he testified against muslim terror group, rapist and murders. they don't have motives or the suspects at this time. his friends believe they will eventually focus on the federal out and the trials where he offered crucial testimony helping the prosecutors win convictions. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: we are on the winter weather alert. the conditions are changing ahead. potential for flooding is a real one. that is coming up. as you look live outside of our abc7 studios in rosslyn.
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michelle: a lot of people have off today and they are playing in the snow. this is sent to us. cute. family of s
4:48 pm
semper k-9 assistance dogs in manassas. this is lizzy, the 9-week-old black lab will eventually be a service dog for a veteran. but today she is enjoying the snow. >> the mustache will melt. michelle: like she has been drinking milk. keep the pictures coming. send them to jonathan: it is never too early to talk about the weekend. michelle: no. jonathan: being that it's monday, here is what is interesting about this weekend. this weather we are enjoying now or not enjoying is going to totally change. steve: everyone will be like i don't remember when that was. jonathan: exactly. steve: it will be so nice out there. we have the rough weather out there now. freezing rain into the overnight. tonight, we have show at 1:00, live for a full -- at 10:00, live for a full hour and then abc7 news at 11:00. this is ocean city, maryland. snow on the ground. ur
4:49 pm
will be in there sun suits, bathing suits. enjoying themselves. not the case now. 40 degrees with the winds from the east/southeast. we still have a round of freezing rain before the temperatures will rebound to above freezing. how much ice can we expect? upward of a quarter of an inch. further west you go. inside the capital beltway maybe a coating, up to a tenth of an inch. but a little ice causes big problems. tomorrow, the bigger issue may be localized flooding. we have a flood watch posted tomorrow. everything in green. showing you the satellite and the radar. it's switching to freezing ain. it will take another few hours
4:50 pm
rebound above freezing. overnight the temperatures will make it to the 30's, around 40 degrees. look for areas of fog to develop with the winds out of the southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. then for the day tomorrow, high temperature, lower 50's. rain will become heavy at times. look at this upcoming weekend. it doesn't get better than this. if you are going to the farm ears market or whatever you are doing outside temperatures are around 660 degrees. that is in the future. let's talk about the present. jamie? jamie: the future is better than the present. overturned accidents. first, start off in german town in montgomery county at
4:51 pm
we are crews responding. suzanne kennedy in mobiletrak 7 with more on the crash on 370. suzanne: we are headed to the crash. want to show you pictures of montgomery county fire and rescue p.i.o. he tells us that the ramp i-270 is where this has taken place. single vehicle that isover turned. two adults and a child trapped. the lanes are blocked. we are headed there now to check it out. montgomery county fire and rescue are responding. we have wetpayment here. we are not seeing frozen precipitation unless i am not seeing this cor
4:52 pm
people are driving at the speed. we haven't seen the incidents now. this is going to get trickier. jamie: most of the interstates are in the 50's. the side roads where it is icy. pedestrians, watch out for the cars and the cars need to watch out for the pedestrians. if you are traveling in arlington nothing to worry about. 395 we are okay. slowing on the 14th bridge. look outside to show you what we see on 270. near tuckerman lanes. the d
4:53 pm
here. now this continues down. not seeing it on the interstate. on the side roads and the city streets. back to you. jonathan: you know when the cameras are freezing up, it is cold out there. thanks. we do remain on the winter weather alert. stay with abc7 for the updates to the evolving storm. michelle: we are watching this with you. stay with us. >> frigid temperatures throughout the weekend i talked to a group who opened the doors to the homeless. i'm amy aubert.
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jonathan: we are following breaking news on the roads. live picture in montgomery county. over turned car at 370 to 370. that is the ramp. suzanne kennedy in mobiletrak 7 on the way. we'll check in with her at 5:00. if you jury
4:57 pm
careful. for people who don't have a place to go, they are braving the elements. michelle: amy aubert shows us the effort to help people without a home. amy: freezing temperatures means hitting the road. >> it's our responsibility to open up ten shelters across the city. march shelters to ensure that the clients are take care of. that nobody dies on our watch. amy: she works with catholic charities and is doing all she can to give those who call the streets home out of the deadly temperatures. it means emergency shelters are gearing up to open their doors this evening. >> you can see the different cots that the women will use. >> ryan is a membe
4:58 pm
church and says he has helped transform the empty room to a functioning shelter. >> nobody plans to be here. it is part of life circumstances. we are all one paycheck away from being homeless. amy: the district website shows this is one of two cold emergency night shelters for women in the d.c. area. >> though they don't open until 7:00, robert says a woman waited outside in her car with no gas, and nowhere to go. >> you are going to follow me. i will put gas in your tank. amy: just more than one of a thousand people that they have helped out of the weather this weekend. >> just comes back. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. leon: first, the snow. then the ice. >> the lanes and started sliding. once it starts sliding you are done. leon: we are
4:59 pm
next phase of the storm. heartbreak on the heroin highway. how towns along two roads are overrun with the heroin and what is done to save lives. on this president's day, where you can watch the bald eagle cam and see what this bird is protecting. leon: right now the snow is and do the ice is moving in. hopefully the rain is close behind. alison: spotsylvania, king george, stafford county schools are closed tomorrow. we will let you know if we hear anything from local system. leon: we have the team coverage of the winter weather alert with the crews spread out across the region. let's start it off with doug hill standing by in the stormwatch7 weather center. doug: we made transsix from slow to sleet and the freezing rain. couple spots with snow northwest of the metro.
5:00 pm
dealing with the phrasing rain. continue a live look at the weather bug camera. live at national harbor. the wheel is not spinning. you can see rain. the story through the evening hours are continuation of freezing rain and freezing drizzle. freezing drizzle will ice over faster than the freezing rain. i make the distinction because on the doppler radar we have the area of both. warning, the pink area is under a winter storm warning until 4:00 a.m. ajaysesant are under winter weather advisory. both for the same cause. possibility of accumulating ice up to a tenth of an inch from the freezing rain. metro area points east and south. up to a quarter inch in a few spots farther west. the reason for that it is expected to stay colder longer in those areas. it is all about the temperatures. completely about the temperatures. once we hit 33 degrees, above freezing, our conditions will start to improve.


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