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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 17, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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important milestone in the united states it's continued efforts to engage with cuba and normalize our relations. >> reporter: no longer requiring costly inconvenient charter flights. ralphers can visit the once forbidden island just likeny other international destination. daily flights from the u.s. cos take off as early as this fall. >> we are committed to be able to trade with the two countries on a win-win situation. >> reporter: it's getting easier to do business. the treasury department allowing a u.s. owned tractor company to open a factory in cuba, the first since the revolution. but for the company's co-owner, it's personal. >> i was born and raised there. >> the cuban minister will meet with u.s. secretary of commerce later this morning for a second round of talks discussing even more opportunities. the destination once closed for business opening a little more every day. serena marshall, abc news, washington. thank you so much, serena. i would love to go to cuba. >>
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country. i've been once. i can manuel a lot of people will be getting on planes down there in the fall and winter. we mentioned cj was best in show at the dog show at the westminster dog show earlier in our headlines. here's a show distinctly different sort. >> yeah, as opposed to the 140th westminster show, this is the west hamster show. it's a lot more fun, wouldn't you agree. >> it is fun. hamisters are given the chance to show off agility and coordination. some have more than others obviously. the hamster show was put together by our friends over at mashable. >> this is clever, come on. very creative. what are the odds of a second annual west hamster show? >> pretty low. >> jesse palmer will have full coverage of that. coming up, the toys of tomorrow unveiled today. our toy insider mom is here with fun for all ages.
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to say. also ahead, the hollywood "a" listers playing superman and batman. their inside look at a superhero adventure. >> and secrets of the wwe exposed by a couple who have seen serious injuries firsthand. that is after our forecast map. beautiful 56 degrees in great falls. 81 in miami. if you have beyonce tickets for the miami show, i'm desperate. ♪ everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel. and no one wants that feeling to fade. that's why there's woolite darks. it's free of harsh ingredients, keeping dark clothes looking like new for 30 washes so your love for dark clothes will never fade. woolite darks.
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effect. no. >> something like that, kendis. >> there's some criticism this morning aimed at nfl commissioner roger goodell because of his earnings. the league's newly released tax documents say goodell was paid over $34 million in 2014. more than $26 million of that was a bonus that was negotiated the previous year, 2014 was a difficult year for the nfl as it dealt with a series of high profile misconduct cases. those obviously didn't affect the commissioner's pay. it's a big corporation. that's what they making. > okay. and turning now to another stunning headline from the world of sports, one of professional wrestling's biggest stars suddenly calling it quits over concussions. >> now daniel brian and his wife are going public with a story they say needs to be public. abc's kayna whitworth has that story. >> reporter: former wrestling superstar daniel brian and his wife bre bell they're are speaking out after brian announced his retirement on
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after a string of concussions. some of those concussions even leading to seizures. something brian tried to keep private. at first not even telling bre, a wwe total diva and pro wrestler herself. >> i was with him with one of his seizures after a concussion, and i mean, it scared me so bad, i lost it. >> i just implored her, please don't say anything to anybody. if i tell them if i have a concussion, they're not going to let me do what i do anymore. >> a lot of people think that pro wrestling is fake. is what you're doing in the rick real? >> it's not real and it's not fake. when you get slammed, you really get slammed. i'm helping him slam me. >> reporter: but you're getting injured? >> yes. >> reporter: last year brian was sidelined after having surgery on his neck. the wwe taking him off the roster. >> our referees are taught to look for signs our talent themselves are made aware of signs in themselves and in each
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bella's future, they're hoping to start a family. for wwe fans that, might mean another retirement announcement. and soon. >> feeling and seeing everything he went through with his retirement, i just feel that it's time for me to hang up the boots. it's going to be hard on me, as well but that day is definitely very close. >> reporter: kayna whitworth, abc ws, los angelesing. > we should note that the wwe tells abc news that lawsuit has no merit and they will contest it and fight it vigorously. >> you can just see when you watch the wrestling that it's intense and they do get a pounding. > absolutely. so we'll see how that all plays out. coming up, there are only 311 shopping days until christmas. i know you're counting. >> we know the largest annual toy fair in the western hemisphere just wrapped up yesterday. toy insider mom will be along with this year's hottest offerings.
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♪ all i want to do is have some fun ♪ ♪ i got a feeling i'm not the only one ♪ >> the 813th north american international toy fairs kicked off over valentine's day weekend giving us a sneak peek of this year's hot christmas gifts. toy insider mom laury schacht, good morning. >> if you take seven footbal
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of thousands of toys and drop them into the va javits center in new york city, that's what it's all about. that's a lot of toys. i have sneak peeks of favorites. those are all prototypes. cool tech for little ones. this is a drum sorter by kd group. now we've added some technology. we have noise. we have. >> select a game. >> put your shape in. and listen. the lion. >> so we have shapes, weise have colors. we have animals and music. we also have different modes of play. so you can just put it in. fleas quiz mode. now we're in music. go ahead and hit the drums. >> oh, that's great. >> so it's really a lot of fun. so this is from v tech. it's our touch and learn activity desk. it is a desk. i've taken the legs off on the table and it comes with a great little stool. >> how cute. >> whatever
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all kinds of different modes of play. it's not just that. look what happens. i open this up. this is going to be a chalk board. now we have a place to hang art. it's an art art studio and tons of storage. >> kids are going to love that one. >> so from the lion king which we all know, there's a new series on disney junior called "the lion guard." kion is the main character. he loves to leap and roar. >> well, so this is the leaping kion. he roars. he will also respond to all kinds of different gestures and of course, he's going to roar and to leave. >> okay. >> so now i want to introduce you to real cooke. this is for our aspiring little chefs. we have this set. we have cupcake sets, cake sets, cake pop sets and it comes with everything little kids need with tools that are just the right size. so we have bowls that have suction cups on the bottom. we
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it also comes with mixes. the only thing you need to add is the milk, butter and the oil. i want you to go ahead and start pipe. we'd have these great cupcakes and kids get all of this stuff. they get the frosting, decorations, the mix. so you get to make all of this. it is so much fun. >> it is a lot of fun. the kids could do it better than me. >> that's okay. we'll eat them afterwards. look at these beautiful finished products. >> they are beautiful. >> it's perfect for them. >> throw this on. they love to cooke. they feel so grown-up. >> it really is. and they're delicious. it's all natural. so lion nel is known for trains. train enthusiasts have been following them over 100 years. there's a brand flu system. it's called megatrack. you can build this any way you want. you can twist the track. we have this cool way of attaching your vehicles to the track. it just snaps on. so now, we have our
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>> wow. >> so wherever we put this, it clamps on. you can put this anywhere you want. it's awesome. we could he have held this up and done it. it's really, really cool. kids are going to love it. now i want to talk to you about "star trek." everyone knows the "uss enterprise" but it has never flown before till now. this is our air whos "uss enterprise" which goes where no ship has ever gone before. >> whoa. that's incredible. >> isn't that gorgeous? >> look at it hobering. >> this is the first one that flew. >> like your own minidrone but inside your house. that's rackable. >> it is. let's see if i can land this prototype without crashing it. >> there you go! >> we, that's remarkable. i love these ideas. laury, you always have the best. i can't believe we have to wait till christmas. >> you do, but it's worth the wait. >> laury shekt. for more details on these toys check out our facebook page
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ght... or all day. there. so ben affleck and henry kavlg are about to face off in one of the year's busiest movies. >> batman versus superman. is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. the two stars opened up about their intense training to abc's jesse palmer. >> reporter: it's a match-up of epic proportions. >> son of krypton versus bat of gotham. >> henry cattle,
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superman for the second time facing off against a brand flud batman ben affleck. batman versus superman dawn of justice pitting the crusader against the man of steel or suits as cavill likes to call them. while mankind grapples with the hero it really needs. >> he has the power to wipe out the entire human race. >> why the bad blood? >> well, i mean, when supers turns up, when he shows himself, he makes a bit of a mess. i would say bruce is probably one of the few people who thinks i could probably find a way of stopping this guy if need be. and so i think it's out of just being careful. >> reporter: but superheroes aren't built in a day. the leading men training for a year before stepping into their suits. >> yeah, i saw the first movie he was in, it was kind of like wow. i don't know if i'm going to be in that quite good a shape. he definitely set a high bar but he has to be in that high bar
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because he's an alien. i figured i had a lower bar to reach. i'm just a man. you know, after all, but -- >> putting on about 20 pounds of muscle which was really hard to do. certainly at my advanced age. >> reporter: jokes aside, affleck admits there is some pressure to live up to fans' expectations. >> i really care about it and i wanted to do well. i feel like i got to work with really talented people. and it was -- i'm really proud of what we were able to do. >> reporter: jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> going to go see it. >> i'm going to go see it. jack? let me know. know how it goes. >> it opens march 25th. >> there's another character. >> oh, when am i going to get my paychecking for this one? >> i love that we have the theme music. do you remember that theme music? ♪ wonder woman >> when do i get my check.
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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather on both coasts. >> the tornadoes that slammed the south and the snow and ice storm that caused hundreds of accidents in the northeast. now there's a new threat today. details from accuweather. >> emotional concert. the american band on stage during a deadly terror attack in paris returns to the scene. the raw nerves as they performed last night. papal excitement. crowds await the pope's arrival in a city just south of the border as new details emerge about a scare on his jet. and later, top dog. the intense competition last night at the westminster dog show. the finalists and today's most celebrated canine in the country. it is wednesday, february 17th. >> announcer: frim


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