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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> i jumped out of the car and ran away. kimberly: right now, a passenger recalls the surprising and frightening ordeal as he flees from an brew driver who went on a shooting rampage in michigan. information on a pedestrian accident on i-270 in montgomery county. it is now deadly. what we know tonight about the victim. >> i was like, oh, my god, it's my yard. kimberly: what caused a driver to lose control and crash in the district. 11:00, abc seven news at on your side. are tryinghe police to connect the dots in a randomly
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tonight, friends and family are gathering for a vigil, this is we learn more about the alleged gun man. here are the new developments. >> ♪ amazing grace reporter: a community and ning, offering prayers for the victims and the alleged gun man in jail. >> shots fired. reporter: the shooting spree 5:30 after saturday, where a woman was walking to her car and shot several times. hours later atr a car dealership. then come outside of a cracker barrel, where four people were killed in their cars. including a 65-year-old retired teacher. >> we have no reason to believe there was more than one person
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incidents. driver, athe uber suspect, was taken into custody. statement, this family said their hearts and prayers are with the devastating crime. -- are with the victims of this devastating crime. >> just very unexpected. he was a quiet guy, kept to himself. reporter: also baffling because uber said he passed their background check and the police confirm he is no criminal history. he could be in court tomorrow. kimberly: investigators are trying to figure out if he was driving for uber at the time of the rampage. we wanted to find out how easy it is to become an uber driver and how they keep passengers say. cheryl conner joins us with the answers. cheryl: it's why we all love the uber app,
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catching the ride. it is so simple, you just press the app and your card is linked to an account, so is needed, but is it safe? this person picked up a a weekme job with uber ago after submitting several forms. >> social security number, driver's license, and they submit a background check. more than a week to get the green light to start picking up passengers. we do have misdemeanors, felonies. cheryl: we wanted to find out the local process after investigators say that uber driver killed six in kalamazoo, michigan. many people say that jason dalton was working around the shooting. >> he was driving through the lawns, speeding away.
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car and ran away. he was with the driver about an hour before he shot four people. 7 on your side consumer reporter kimberly suiters interviewed a . aeral manager of uber d.c few weeks ago and asked about background checks. >> we do adequate background checks, and beyond that we do more than required by law. thatl: a spokeswoman said dalton passed the background check. an investigator says he does not have a criminal record. >> i just think people are going crazy. released ar statement saying, "we are horrified and heartbroken of the senseless violence in kalamazoo, michigan. we have reached out to the police to help with their investigation." after calling the police, the passenger said he tried warning uber
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the response was not fast enough. hotline, their 24/7 but he did not get a response. he also called the police. kimberly: and that was an hour before the rampage? cheryl: just an hour before. kimberly: the rain is moving out at this hour, but the clouds will stick around. devon lucie has the first look at the work week forecast. devon: more sunshine is returning, but we still have to get rid of the lingering showers. of rain could clip parts of the immediate metro. rainfall earlier today, not impressive totals. totals, about .3 of an inch in smith's berg, washington county. frederick county as well.
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spring, rockville, and ashburn. the high was near 60, despite the clouds and rain. real-time temps, still mild, 40's. springfield,e, accokeek. compared with the rest of the temperatures, slightly cooler .orthwest that is where the cooler temperatures slide in. the wave of rain over northern virginia, winchester, front royal, the town of washington, to the south. once we are done with that rain, we are out of the rain for a couple days. chilly start. 37 at the bus stop, upper 50's in the afternoon. then two more rounds of rain. we will take you beyond the next few days in the complete forecast coming up. kimberly: breaking news now in montgomery county
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i to 70 earlier tonight has died. earlier today has died. investigators say that nicolas rodriguez was wearing all dark clothing when he ran onto the highway in the path of a car. he died at the hospital. the southbounded lanes for about two hours, causing traffic backups. the roads are back open tonight. a crime alert in the alexandria section of fairfax county after somebody broke into an apartment and sexually assaulted a woman early saturday morning. a man in his 20's broke into the apartment on black and ship straight. kenship street. police released a composite sketch. what ouro show you cameras capture -- heavy police presence in the neighborhood through the night.
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it has something to do with the investigation and the attack on the woman. the rough winter has left area roads and highways littered with potholes, and one is being blamed on a crash -- blamed for a crash in the district. roz plater is in northeast where a pothole caused a car to slam into another and then into the wall. did you find the offending pothole? roz: we did not, because at this point we believe it has been fixed. there is still plenty of damage visible from the crash earlier, a chain reaction crash that started with a pothole. first, look at this car parked northeast, c streets landing on the curb, its rear end bent. this fence andy, home were badly damaged during a crash early sunday morning. >>
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i knew something had hit somewhere. when i looked out the window i was like, oh, my god, it's my yard. the driverolice a told them he hit a deep pothole on cng -- heading east street. he lost control, jumped across the median, sideswiped a parked car, and landed in the front yard. >> he said it would not stop. roz: we cannot find a pothole along that stretch, although there appears to be evidence of recent road patching. the driver was apologetic and cooperative. >> two passengers in the car, said they were not hurt. roz: now the repairs. her neighbor's car is banged up, and her stonewall fence will need work. as for the pothole come here is what she is asking of the city. >> fix the potholes, fast. roz:
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neighbors tonight were asking if the driver appeared intoxicated. apparentlysaid no, just a freak accident. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: experts say the average driver pays $300 to fix damage caused by potholes. common problems -- alignment issues, bent rims, axle damage, fire damage. if you hit a pothole, you may be able to get reimbursed. find out if it is a local or state road, then reach out to that jurisdiction and document everything. coming up, the pope calling for an end to the death penalty. what prompted this proposal. plus, bill cosby fighting back. this time it is his wife, camille cosby. a last-minute motion filed today. and the aftermath of a massive fire.
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kimberly: pope francis is calling for a worldwide end to thedeath penalty, saying commandment "thou shall not kill" applies to everyone. the comments come the night before an international conference against the death penalty begins, organized by a worldwide catholic peace and justice group. new developments in the war on terror, isis taking responsibility for a day of extraordinary card inch in syria. -- extraordinary carnage in syria. 120 people were killed. the news comes amid a possible cease-fire with rebel fighters, but not with isis. new developments in the legal battle against
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federal government. a mobile app installed on the phone of one of the shooters the teche stopped giant from unlocking it. if installed, officials would have been able to remotely unlock it. the service costs four dollars per month per phone. lawyers for a's wife camille -- arere pushing her her grandreschedule jury testimony. camille cosby is slated to answer questions under oath in the defamation lawsuit brought against seven women that say he sexually assaulted them decades ago. at least 10 people were killed after tropical storm winston hit yesterday.
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closed for at least a week as the cleanup begins in fiji. perwind reached 180 miles hour, knocking out power and causing flooding. an emergency curfew remains in effect. the international airport reopened after being closed for two days. the cyclone was the strongest on record to hit fiji and the southern hemisphere. und made alis-bor bus caught fire outside of caught fireegabus outside of chicago. the driver and passengers got d
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marco rubio when ted cruz want to be the true alternative to the billionaire businessman. georgiampaigned in today, while marco rubio supporters were also working. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to persuade democratic voters come hillary celebrating her caucus victory last night. trailing thenders former secretary of state. sanders rallied more than 5000 people in south carolina today. he was introduced by actor danny glover, who asked the crowd, don't you feel the burn? the police say it is safety, ddot says its traffic flow, driver say it's all about speed traps. a story that you will see at 11 p.m. tomorrow night on abc news. d.c.than 10 years ago, installed its first beta cameras. ever since, they have been frustrating motorists. one
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negative attention. the road has drastically different speeds on either side. and guess which side the speed camera just happens to be on. >> if you are not from this area and you are driving into the by theou are stunned artificially low speed limits, which in traps and ensnares motorists. tomorrow night, government watchdog chris papst will investigate what many consider d.c.'s biggest, worst, most annoying speed trap. a 7 on your side consumer alert -- tonight about the hoverboards. company that makes this board is telling consumers to stop using it. a spokesperson said to comply with the consumer product safety commission requirements, they are asking customers to refrain from using their
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there appears to be confusion in the hoverboard marketplace. pc whensting, the cs the manufacturers they would have to purchase underwriters laboratory certification. the company's website does not mention what is being reported, but it indicates it is wrangling with ul. we have reached out to swgway to confirm -- we have reached out to swagway to confirm this. i still love this board. i feel conflicted tonight. devon: i will not be using it for the weather. kimberly: the battery is dead. i felt that it would be safer. we have a couple of storms that we are tracking tuesday, wednesday. the national harbor, a lot of cloud cover. for this time of the n
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bit cool, chilly if we get the clouds late. d.c., arlington getting the last bit of rain developing, parts of arlington. even prince george's county, bowie, clinton getting showers, annapolis. side as well, anne arundel county. another cluster of rain in northern virginia, tracking southeast. the low-pressure with the leading warm front and the trailing cold front is the bigger picture, and that is what is exiting along the front. tomorrow, we expect more sunshine, though it may come later in the day than anticipated. then, mostly rain coming our way. that is monday, tuesday. coming in closer, very detailed forecast, right now, overnight towards the
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temperatures could be chilly in the northwest, 32 may be too low . lots of sunshine tomorrow. north west zones, upper 40's, lower 50's. the immediate metro, lower 50's with sunshine. southern maryland, northern virginia, lower 50's, upper 40's. the same in the southwest zones. equal opportunity nice day, right about the average of 49. ,uesday, and one set -- onset could have some snowflakes in the shenandoah valley, but this is a rain event tuesday and wednesday, with the second system coming in. the high temperatures drop into the 40's on tuesday. , cloud covercast before daybreak, breaking in the morning. wa
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more sunshine popping out. that is when we get 50 degrees. put the smartphone down, because this is what i want to show, wednesday, watch overnight into thursday, 60 the low, that is not just the low temperature. the air works in wednesday night, just before midnight, and that will technically be the high. then the temperatures fall back down. i want you to be prepared wednesday, upper 40's, lower 50's. it is cool before the warm air comes in. don't think, hey, it says 60 wednesday and thursday, that will be the high. that is not the high. kimberly: kids will wear shorts no matter what. good news for the terps? robert: yes, they got a win today, which they need. we are talking
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madness. sports is coming up.
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toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: terps trying to end a two-game losing streak. in the first
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up, maryland on the move. , robert carter junior with the finish. led by five at the break. second half, melo trimble, to simon stone. 63-58 after that. here is the thing, though, michigan hung around. late in the second, missing the three, but carter is there for the tip. what a finish at the daytona 500. matt kenseth has the lead, but danny hamlin knocks them out of the lead. who won? it's close. photo finish. hamlin literally wins by 4 inhes, the closest finish daytona 500 history. fo
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show" is coming up. we will have kevin she had of espn 980. umass,rge mason falls to
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devon: it will be a little
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could be near 40. we are not dealing with rain, more sunshine popping out. the next few days, just rain moving in. kimberly: don't go anywhere.
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robert: coming up on "sports sunday," maryland battles michigan. joinsplus, kevin sheehan us in studio. and the gw basketball team is going international. their secret to success. robert: please stay off your phones for a little bit and pay attention because you might learn a little something. "sports sunday" starts now. announcer: buckle up, sports fans, this is abc 7 "sports sunday." erin: thank you for joining us. he is robert burton. i am erin hawksworth. robert: we start with college hoops, the ter


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