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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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tonight, with tomorrow looking messy, with heavy rain and thunderstorms. alison: when does the rain hit and who could see the first storms? steve rudin has the answers. steve: a lot of rain on the way, especially in the afternoon and early evening, we are talking to inches by the time the system moves out. we are in the lower 40's by noontime. just about 52 degrees. afternoon,m-up, late early evening, lower 60's. a better chance of stronger thunderstorms across the immediate metro. how will this impact the commute? early in the morning at all see a problem, but later in the afternoon expect delays, especially the capital beltway and 270. early morning, if you are traveling to the south, north and east towards the afternoon
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will be the issue with air travel. the complete forecast in a few minutes. leon: stay with abc 7 for stormwatch team coverage. tune into "good morning washington" starting at 4:24. alison: a terrifying ordeal om,ide of a dorm ro students robbed at gunpoint. jay korff has the latest. that oneite the fact needs a swipe card to get inside of montgomery hall, a gun man got in and got what he wanted. the we spoke with who live inside montgomery hall at the university of maryland college park are on edge. >> i don't know what room it happened in, but to know that it was that close where i sleep, it was very scary. suspects,y night, two one with a handgun, forced their
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nobody was hurt. monday, the students reported the incident. tuesday, the authorities informed the student body. >> i wish they had reported it sooner. i would have been more cautious about locking my door. according to campus crime stats, larceny and theft was up 2015, and armed robberies are unusual inside of a dorm room. curious to see, wondering what happened. they are hoping the guys get caught. investigatorsour, a rack for suspects. they have some good leads. activelyigators are searching for suspects. they have some good leads. jay korff, abc 7 news. loudoun county schools be closed tuesday because of the expected crowds for super tuesday voting.
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fairfax, prince william, and spotsylvania counties have all made the same decisions. leon: a big night in the race for the white house, the nevada caucuses closed moments ago. a roller coaster week. staff shakeups, you name it. the big question is who is coming out on top tonight. she's political correspondent scott thuman is live from nevada chief political correspondent scott thuman is live from nevada. i know we don't have the final numbers, but what about the turnout? scott: the turnout was part of the problem tonight. i just got finished speaking with the head of the republican party in nevada, in charge of the caucuses. they have had long lines and short tempers. they had a shortage of ballots at some facilities. there was a lot of concerns and complaints from several of the campaign camps about other issues. for example, they we
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might shorten a precinct at a caucus site, and the worker handing out ballots may be wearing a t-shirt or hat for a candidate. it is not against the rules, but it is frowned upon. the heads of the gop in the state have encouraged their workers not to do that. issuesone of several tonight. some people were complaining double ballots were handed out, some were saying ballots were handed out with the of candidates who were out of the race. what we are seeing tonight's some people are claiming it's chaos. the party says that's not true, but all are hoping to avoid what we saw in 2012, when it took three days to count roughly 33,000 ballots. they are telling me they believe they will break their record for turnout tonight. 45,000was 2008 with republican voters. they think that will go out the window. leon:
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scott thuman reporting live from vegas. the democrats faced voters on cnn tonight. bernie sanders and hillary clinton took part in the town hall. primary m accredit scheduled is saturday in south carolina, and super tuesday when 12 states will be voting. police are investigating a homicide in falls church. this was the scene at the skyline towers apartments. officers say that it adult man was found shot to death. there is no word on exactly what happened. stay with abc 7 for updates. in theew developments ongoing child pornography investigation and prince george's county, federal charges caraway,gainst deonte giving a cell phone to whitley 17 children so that they could use it to film sex acts. although them are under the age of 13. the federal charges
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victims will not have to testify in open court. a federal criminal complaint also used in the except of his confession. he is facing up to 120 years in prison. a well-known girls basketball coaches accused of having inappropriate relationships with a teenage student. george logan coaches at highland high school in warrenton. he is facing a list of charges. jeff goldberg joins us with the case against him. george logan currently in the prince william county jail, facing for charges related to his alleged inappropriate sex ual relations with the 16-year-old girl. to his home,r allegedly, about five miles from here. george logan turned himself in last night, not long after the police searched his manassas townhome, where the authorities say he had sexual
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>> you would not expect anything like that. logan was the varsity girls basketball coach at a private school in warrenton. the 16-year-old girl is a student at highland. the authorities say the appropriate relationship started last month and included inappropriate text messages and pictures sent by logan to the victim. the police say other students learned of the relationship, then yesterday reported it to school officials, who immediately called the police. highland's website touted logan as a veteran trainer and basketball coach, recently married to a woman who was a sports writer for a local online new service. the page was taken out the day following his arrest for sexual assault. >> makes me worried for my own child. i have a 14-year-old daughter. it's disgusting. jeff: this woman lives a few doors down from george logan.
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about that lately. i don't know what is wrong with the world. after the investigation began, officials at the highland school told logan not to report to campus. we reached out several times tonight to school officials, but never got a response. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: developing now, gunshots on a metro train in the middle of the afternoon. that is the first time that has happened in over a decade. teenagers accused of pulling the trigger. richard reeve is live at metro headquarters with the latest. rich? leon come this had to be terrifying. this happened in a train sitting in a metro station, the accused unmanned just 16 years old. a lot of folks are talking about security on the metro. it was a frightening scene. 12:45 p.m. tuesday, the police got a report
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the anacostia station. with the help of witness and surveillance video, the police accused the 16-year-old unmanned, on the right, and his 19-year-old coppola's, both apprehended on the south capitol street bridge nearby. no relationship between the suspects in the victim. they believe this was a robbery or attempted robbery, but the weapon has not been found. some are wondering if there should be more transit officers on the trains. >> they need security right here. i think it should be more transit officers on the trains and on the buses. actually in the car is coming yes. cars, yes. in the >> hearing at they 16 your perpetrator, that makes me sad because it's just a child. richard:
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face charges of assault with intent to kill. they are due in court in the morning. we asked metro about transit officers on the train. they said they would rather have them on the platform so they can respond quickly to calls like this. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: you first saw this case ne savagely mari beaten and robbed at a d.c. mcdonald's. tonight, a d.c. boy and girl are under arrest. they believe that they attacked chris marquez, leaving him with serious injuries. a detective testified about a witness account saying the teenager surround it marquez and asked if he supported the black lives matter movement. the witness said the 17-year-old boy thought he said marquez use offensive language prior to the attack. marquez is receiving treatment for a head injury. coming up --
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fbi. protesters in the district. what happens next?
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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at least three people are dead and several injured after a tornado ripped through louisiana,in flipping trailers and leaving debris. at least 30 people were treated at the hospitals's, seven in critical condition. the national weather service said that at least seven tornadoes hit louisiana and mississippi. leon: new battle lines between the fbi and apple. protesters rallied in support of apple. a necessary, is it tool for the investigation or to overreach that makes us all less safe.
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public battle. supporters gathering outside of apple stores across the country and in the district, protesters outside of fbi headquarters. all of this stems from an fbi help themng apple to break into the iphone of the san bernardino gunman terrorist. information to the phone could be vital to the investigation, but opponents cite privacy concerns and say this is a slippery slope. sethat is what apple has itself, that this is a pandora's box, and by giving the back door to the iphones, it opens up all sorts of possibilities for malicious hackers to get into our electronics. and it's not just the iphone. apple said this would be a master key to get into all sorts of electronics. it's an important moment in time when we have to stand up and fight for our privacy. jonathan:
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protesters said, there is a new poll, 51% of americans think that apple should unlock the iphone. 38% say no. there is a long cord radel, which could go all the way -- there is a long court battle on the way, which could go all the way to the supreme court. apple is expected to respond to the judge on friday. leon: 7 on your side with a health alert and new information about the spread of the zika virus. the cdc is investigating 14 cases spread by sex and not mosquitoes. sexual transmission is also now possible. zika has been confirmed in 23 states and the district. the rolled health organization said 4 million people will be infected in the next year. alison: 7 on your side with this alert, paying with a selfie? mastercard is rolling out an app
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yourself to confirm and process payments. mastercard said this will be mainstream to elegy in the next five years. the company is also reportedly working on heartbeat scans, iris scans, and voice authorization to replace traditional passwords. leon: people using phones for everything except making calls. will beanother, volvo selling cars without keys starting next year. they will replace it with -- you guessed it -- your cell phone. bluetooth-enabled smartphone becomes digital keys. alison: "consumer reports has its top picks for cars this year. the chevrolet impala was named the best large car. the best compact car was the subaru impreza. the best midsized car
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toyota camry. leon: the camry is always on that list. it's like the 1968 celtics, always a winner. alison: so the rain will be worse tomorrow? steve: and i think as we move through the midday, afternoon, early evening, that is when the worst will arrive. in the morning, getting out the door, not a problem. grab the umbrella, you will need it for more of the day than less. 43 at reagan national, a little bit of fog, but nothing causing significant travel delays overnight. is, 36 frederick, 37 leesburg and hagerstown. -- 39 manassas. have a freezing rain advisory in frederick county, washington county, everything shaded in pink. that does not include the immediate metro where we are well above freezing er
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the satellite and radar, patchy drizzle, scattered showers, not amounting to a lot. the bigger story today, the stronger storms they had earlier across the deep south with seven tornadoes reported. this moves our way but will modify. we are not looking for severe weather. however, tomorrow, stronger thunderstorms and maybe some severe thunderstorm warnings. overnight, the temperatures fogge from 46 to 42, developing, but no big travel delays with the wind out of the northeast. if your travel plans take you to , those areas, the outer banks of north carolina, they will likely get strong storms. the immediate metro, showers and thunderstorms develop late in the day, evening, especially the northern neck and southern maryland. this,turecast looks like as we move through the midday, the temperatures will be above freezing
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50's, eventually lower 60's. indoor recess tomorrow for the kids. rain in the lead afternoon starts out ok, but things rapidly deteriorate by about 6:00, 7:00, stronger storms moving across. all of this moves across the north and east, the wind changes direction, and the cooler air arrives along with windy conditions thursday. so much rain in the forecast tomorrow, 1-2 inches, or as a flood watch for the district, arlington, alexandria, everywhere in green, montgomery county. the best likelihood of localized flooding. once we get this out, things will improve. 52 the high tomorrow, thunderstorms in the afternoon. sunshine for the day thursday and friday, cool temperatures saturday. sunday we are looking at a high temperature close to 60 degrees. alison: come on sunday. leon: se
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time, but the wizards have some stuff to think about tonight, four games under .500. tonight, taking on the pelicans, martin gortat had 21 tonight. later, the newcomer, morris with the steel. -- with the steal. morris is fitting in well. wiz win 109-89. team president bruce allen all but confirmed what everyone has known for a long time now -- robert griffin d.c. are done. the team will part ways with him before march 9, when his bonuses do. allen: i see robert getting an opportuni f
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we have heard from some teams that are interested. i think you will have a choice of a couple of teams that will let him excel in the future. onert: d.c. united taking the first leg -- don't look at me like that. minute, the blast gets past eper, 2-0 thekepper, 2- final. and can some of you tell me what this is? cespedes pulled up in something that dead pool would drive if he had a car. half-million a million dollars, but surprisingly is only 25 g's. the nationals full s
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reports all week long. alison: she will be riding around robert: town and one of those. robert:just be careful. alison: never give up hope is this next story. -- a lost wallet
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch?
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novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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alison: an incredible reunion, an iowa man got a lost wallet that after 71 years. it had been buried in the floorboards of an old movie theater since 1944. the 85-year-old said he remembers losing it when he was about 15 years old. it is believed a worker found a, stole the money, then lodged it in the floor. and there were ration coupons from world war ii. leon: and you can see the telephone number, 8. alison: amazing. leon: telephone number 8. alison: that is a cool story.
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alison: final look at the weather? steve: a lot of rain on the way. tomorrow, high temperature in the low 60's. stronger storms late in the day.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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