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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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killing all three. this is a hard-hit community. governor mcauliffe was here walking with the team from the state to see what they could do and the help they could provide. i caught up with the governor as he was making the tour. he spent a good portion of the time talking to the folks who were hard hit. they would walk up to him and recount stories of what happened yesterday. let me give you an idea of what the governor had to say and what he heard. >> there were three people there yesterday. they are no longer with us. you think of a 2-year-old child. it just breaks your heart. you know, thoughts and the prayers goes out to everyone. they need help as i mentioned before. i met with the family. they are in shock. they are devastated. they said we have nothing. literally, everything they have is gone. jonathan: a man in his 50's, a man in his 20's and a young boy, 2 years old. they were in the foundation, the trailer yesterday and now it is nothing. 40 yards away.
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come with me. you can see on the other side of the truck, you can go this way. the trailer that looks like it's peeled in half is the home for vincent donald. he has been in the trailer a short time. he was in the kitchen at the time literally when the storm ripped the trailer in half. i have video to show you. i talked to him from inside his trailer a and i asked him what was he thinking when it happened? he said literally he walked in the kitchen to get something out of the fridge. he was going to watch tv in the living room. the living room, in is nothing left. had he been in the living room he would have been dead. this is what he had to say. >> all of a sudden the wind picked us up and slammed us down. the whole car. slammed us back on the ground. all the wind debris broke the windows out. we just lay on the floor. till the wind stopped. till everything stopped. jonathan: i asked him if he felt lucky. he said he doesn't feel lucky. he feels blessed that he is still alive.
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down here, they are tearing down what is left of the trees. they are tearing them out and restringing the poles to get power back. slow process because only so the poles had to be put back in the grown. some were sucked out of the ground and thrown hundreds of yards away. waverly is dealing with the death and damage and destruction here a lot of areas around the commonwealth is hit hard. suzanne kennedy is northeast of richmond in tappahannock with the latest from there. suzanne: we are on a four-acre piece of property here in essex, virginia, owned from a man from fairfax county. when he came down look at what he saw. the dev administration brought through by the storm that came through tappahannock, virginia, at around 7:30 last night. you can see many trees have fallen. buildings are impacted. if you look across here, you can see that the tree has fallen on a structure on the property. all thro
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the impact of the storm. trees down. debris all over. if you look to the right you can see a property here, a home where the care-taker was outside on enclosed porch when the storm rolled through. he talks about the impact that it had when it came through this area. >> it happened so quick. i mean with the adrenaline and all. i don't, i didn't realize anything until i got back in the house. i made it out of the gully over the top of the debris. i made it back into the house. >> the governor declared a state of emergency. it will speed up the clean-up here but the residents know it will take weeks if not months before things are back to normal. in essex county, virginia, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. i want to show you the drone video. the best way to assess the damage is from the air. the tornadoes are indies cremnant.
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and then literally next door there is nothing left of what was a hom but you can see the path of destruction. three miles. it looks as though a giant was walking around with a sledgehammer, hammering the trees and splintering them and destroying homes. anything the path of the tornado was destroyed or seriously damaged. let's bring in doug hill to talk about the attorneyed. you have been doing this a long time. when you see the tornadoes the damage doesn't surprise you. but just the path they take is surprising sometimes. doug: often there are straight lines but they are not often on the ground. you see these things where one house is okay and the other is completely gone. the one you are on the site of in waverly the survey teams came from the national weather service office in wakefield, only six miles from jonathan now. they had the investigators out there early today. 100 to 110-mile-per-hour winds. ef-1 tornado. on the ground for ten minutes from 2:31 to 2:41. it went nine minutes in ten minutes.
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the tornado itself was three football fields wide. in evergreen, in appomadox county that was ef3. top winds that was 106 -mile-per-hour. there were a ton of reports around the area. this is the appomattox county tornado and this is the one closer. the one in waverly. what we have a number of tornadoes. we can't say they are fon injuried yet until the weather service gets on the site to give you an idea what they find. but the certain indications is several more will be confirmed as tornadoes. we are waiting to see what happens next in the tappahannock one, the other one that is 60 miles as the crow flies in the virginia middle pennsylvania. we have more on that and the calmer days ahead in a few minutes. now back to jonathan. jonathan: thank you very much. along with the tornado, there was a lot of rain, torrential rainfall. everywhere you walk is
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serious issues with the flooding. go to brad bell in upper marlboro, maryland with more on that side of the story. a lot to deal with up there. brad: you are right. the ground was already soaked. when the water falls it just runs off. lands on your yard, gets in the storm drain and the creek. this is the water in the western branch ripping through upper marlboro. they have a flood warning in effect. that is why. you can see it is up and over water street here. take a look down in the body of the water now. it looks like a boiling pot of brown soup. it is violent. it is powerful. so much water ripping through here. this is not terribly unusual. we see flooding in this spot once a year or so. sometimes less frequently. sometimes more. in this place the road does
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the bridge is made to handle it. we are not seeing structural flooding in upper marlboro though the flood warning is in effect for an hour and a half or so. they walk through it and they are impressed. >> it's a lot of water. i hope it just keeps moving that way. >> back live look how fast it is moving that way. water is a damaging thing. we have a harrowing story that a man that survived collapse in his own basement. you will hear the 911 calls made by a terrified person
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that is at 5:00. jonathan: this touched so many lives. it touched from the d.m.v. to the carolinas. a long stretch of a storm. throughout it, it had powerful cells that were activated. in demass cushion, maryland, there was severe damage as well. >> this is from a darely farm. last night at 7:30 straight line winds tore through the area. mother nature's grip so powerful it destroyed a three-tour concrete silo. you can see the pieces of the concrete and the rebash scattered across the area. ther
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there is nothing but destruction and damage going on. clean-up started. they are trying to get the ruts out of the ground. the neighbors are still standing over what is left of the trailers. the neighbors are shaking his hand, glad he so okay. a friend was in the drive-time when the tornado hit. it picked the car up, threw it around and dropped it back down. they survived. they came out and gave each other a hug. they were shaking and they haven't stopped since. this is a horrible situation in waverly. the process to clean up to get it back in order is underway. michelle: thank you for sharing their stories for us. we want to remind you when severe weather h
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phone and the tablets charged. we provide live updates on all platforms. you just need a cellular connection. after shooting on green line train and violence on metro. major changes to hope to make you feel safe. what you will soon see coming up. getting a liquor license is nearly impossible. how it could change a small
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michelle: tonight the remaining republican candidates for president will take the stage again in a debate before super tuesday. donald trump is the front runner and some think he can clear a path to the nomination but he has to get through senator ted cruz on cruz's home turf. chief political correspondent scott thuman is in houston for the debate. what should we look for tonight? if trump makes it through this does it say about others in the race and their
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what strategy should they look for? scott: they will need a new strategy. if they can't break through for super tuesday and it comes and goes and trump carries away a bag full of victories they are in serious trouble. this is what we look for tonight. home field advantage for ted cruz. this is one of the few nights that a candidate other than donald trump feels he is on top. he is a senator in texas. a new poll shows him beating donald trump by a reasonable margin. that is one of the only states upcoming someone other than donald trump listed as first place in the polls. that is something to see how he reacts on the his home field. second is teflon trump. anything that happens and you think will take away from his numbers or hurt the momentum you have been wrong. we have seen in the past 24 hours he is engaged in a twitter battle. with mitt romney.
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it shows thathe has an anti-establishment tone, aggressive and so far it's successful for him. the third thing the super preview. we are days away from march 1, super tuesday. 11 states are voting and delegates are up for grabs including in texas 155 of them. what impression can they make on voters before they go to the polls? it's not lost on anyone the significance of having the debate in texas where the immigration issue is perhaps as important as it is anywhere else in the country. donald trump with the controversial stance. will it do well in texas? there are viewers on the hispanic side of the demographic. it's broken down. telemundo is pushing this out to voters. we will see how it sits with them. if he scales back the rhetoric or goes full bore. we'll have repor
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come in. stay with abc7 as we get ready for the debate. we hear from scott again before the debate. to at 11:00 after everything wraps up. abc7 is covering metro as they promise increased security throughout the system. general manager paul wiedefeld says police are adding more patrols on trains, buses and platforms. this is three days after the first shooting on board a train in a decade. series of attacks on the passengers. brianne carter has more at 5:00. check this out. a geyser in northwest washington after a water valve malfunction sending water shooting in the air. the unplanned water fountain at the corner or 14 and k-street only lasted a few minutes before the water crews were able to cut the water and repair the valve.
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we had a lot of problems yesterday. what are we seeing on roads today? jamie: this is the aftermath. flooding in mainly fairfax county. i want to start with a crash. if you live in centreville, heads up or if you're trying to get to centreville it is rough on 66 westbound. the crash near route 29 with the two left lanes are blocked. the stretch heading outbound is 35 minutes from the fairfax county parkway continuing closer to 234. i want to take a live look at the backup to show how congested we are. this is 66th right here route 28. so before you get closer to rout 29 and again it's in fact bumper to bumper. pat hole patches. we heard from the national parks service they will continue through throughout the evening rush. northbound is where we see the traffic on the g.w.
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the work will be done in another lane. traveling now is the top side of the beltway is typical delays. head back to waverly and check in with jonathan elias. jonathan: thank you. coming up for us at at the bottom of the hour at 4:30, there are so many harrowing folks who sur vised this tornado. we talk to a individual who was close to being plucked from the home. so many stories of the people coming through this thing. we have more from waverly live at 4:30. michelle: all right. thank you. what a lot of folks need is a nice dry stretch to begin the clean-up process. doug: we have had flurries in some areas. sprinkles. but generally dry and quiet. start the coverage to give you a time lapse. with the cold air overhead and the sunshine, that is all it took to bring back heavy deck of
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later tonight after the sundown we will see a breakup in the cloud cover to become partly cloudy late tonight. 42 in albany. across the rest of the area the temperatures are chilly. the average high in february is 50 degrees. a little below average. tomorrow is chilly and then the warmup will begin. 28 in fredericksburg. 37-mile-per-hour gusts at the tower at andrews. those are the gusts. the other winds are under control. chill in the air. doppler radar. some of this is in the clouds and not reaching the ground. but this gives idea. farther west there are snowshowers. quite a bit coming across the great lakes. the low level of the cold air. western facing slope and higher mountain pick up the
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for us it's partly cloudy. breezy and cloudy tomorrow. we are in the low 40's. another chilly day. there is more sunshine. getting through the afternoon, things will work out just fine here with a little abatement in the winds. we have 61 on sunday. it's a great day. leap day monday, 64. mild next week. the next chance of showers doesn't come our way until wednesday. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a building falling apart on q street. is it weather-related? how it is affecting traffic and other nearby buildings. a crime alert today at 4:30. a disturbing robbery. was the bad gu
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michelle: in washington, structural engineers are trying to figure out what caused a home to suddenly collapse. diane cho talked to neighbors who no longer feel safe in their home. >> it was scary. diane: brenda heard a loud noise in the storm but didn't know what was going on initially. >> i heard bumping. i knew something serious had happened. diane: by the time she took a look,
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officers were already there. she real olessed a home collapsed on q street northwest. >> it was scary. >> no one was injured when it happened. the spokesman of consumer and regulatory affairs says the cause is still under investigation but they are looking to all possibilities and says the agency is working with on-site structural engineer to secure the building and the residents in the home were evacuated. he said the agency doesn't believe other homes were affected in this, neighbors who live close by say they aren't taking chances. >> in northwest d.c., diane cho. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a woman attacked. was she stalked by the suspect? how closely this resembles a similar robbery just last month. jonathan: also coming up from we have aerly, someone that got out of the way of the tornado in the nick of time.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we are back now live in waverly. the damage here is tough to comprehend. you can see everything that is strewn about. let me show you this. the power and the force of the tornado. this is the siding -- i don't know which mobile home this came from. the straight line here is damaged. this right here you can see this is the siding and it is attached to the wood. it looks like it has been peeled apart like it was nothing. the mobile home peeled apart there was a guy inside that sitting at the kitchen at the time the mobile home was cut in half. there are so many stories of people that barely got out of way of the tornado or rode the tornado out. all of this damage, governor mcauliffe was walking through it. i walked with him and talked to him to get his reaction to what had happened here. the governor was touch and he wants to do all he can to help the folks here who right now have been left
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here is what the governor has to say. >> we have a long way to go with folks in tough physical shape. and the property damage, the homes lost, the damage. it's extraordinary. jonathan: he made it clear there is a lot to be done here. the folks were left with nothing but their lives. they need help. if they want to help they can reach out to the state and the red cross. there are ways to contribute or donate if you want to help out. if you literally all i did was spend an hour walking the line and talking to folks who were left. they are shell shocked. but for all of them they have the one thing in common. they feel blessed they are still alive. sam sweeney has the story of a person here who is among those who feels very blessed. >> if i had moved i don't know if i would have been here. somebody is looking out for you. >> lance was less than 100
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touched down yesterday. >> we hear tornado, tornado, tornado. >> second after the call, lance and the crew jumped in the truck and moved a couple hundred feet away. they had no idea it was path of destruction. >> as quickly as it started it, it was over. >> just feet from the truck, this laundromat, the walls looked like they were sawed in half. bricks shattered. wires and dryers tossed like toys. lance and his crew untouched. >> imagine a smoke grenade going off. you can see. it was clouded up. as fast as it popped up, it went away. >> dance jumped from the truck and went to help the injured. it was the moment he realized the radio call may have saved his life. >> i consider myself lucky. had i not gotten the call, you know, i might not be here talking to
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jonathan: that is one of many stories here. i heard a few standing out here this afternoon people saying they got up to the go to the fridge. a guy said i just got in my car and just locked the door. literally putting on the seat belt when the car was picked up and tossed around. share one more story. across the street, fleetwood farm, an older home. david rude was the owner in the basement with the dogs riding out the storm. he said he anticipated there would be damage considering in the past storms they had seen the damage. he got out and he realized his place was fine. the yard littered with debris. he spent the next hour, maybe hour and a half walking through the woods with the neighbors looking for the bodies of the folks in the mobile home. they have been thrown to the woods. police set up a line. he was one of the men who found two of the bodies. this community is trying to come together to help those who have been leftw
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nothing. they have clean-up to do here. something they are paying attention to now is the weather. when this came down they realized the force of the tornado. >> the tornado was moving through at a forward speed to 60 miles per hour. imagine that. i mean it was like, it was fast. it was here and then gone. in that area we plenty of days with the quiet weather with a warming trend. at the moment the skies are back home in alexandria. we have a little cloudyest in and a patch of blue. a lot of it is suspended in the clouds. more snow to the west but it will stay west of the appalachians as the snow levels are lower than the height of the mountains. 38 to 44. then we will see improvement. it's 43 for the high. we get through saturday and we will start a warmup. 48 degrees. partly sunny skies.
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sunday with the highs of 61. we will back with a full seven-day outlook. steve rudin has that. michelle: a sudden crime spree has a d.c. neighborhood on alert. suspects are targeting people steps from the front door when it is likely they will let down the guard. stephen tschida is live with a warning for residents in northeast d.c. there are a lot of senior citizens here. young people are moving in the community. some of them are on edge. others doing their best to get a warning out to the neighbors about what looks like a new crime trend. >> heart of the brooklyn neighborhood a woman got out of the car and walked to the front door. that is when the suspect jumped to the car, robbed her of the purse and the bag and let her injured on the ground. >> it's horrible. this neighborhood when i moved in it's quiet. >> the recent i
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striking resemblance to one last month. a suspect bolted from the car robbed a woman on newton street and took off in a waiting vehicle. >> i think they need to be at home. i don't know the age range. but regardless, find something else to do. there must be some type of after-school activity. >> communicating with the woman involved in the most recent incident who says actually it was not last night. i was tuesday night. she was slightly injured but she hopes that the warning is substantial for the neighbors. a lot of people are worried about walking to their front doors. michelle: thanks. tonight, two prince george's county school expect to learn the fate. the county school board is debating closing forestville high school and skyline elementary school in a cost cutting move. also in prince
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bizarre coincidence just before the storm hit. firefighters were initially called to a house fire in the 2300 block of ramblewood drive around 4:00 p.m. adds firefighters were cleaning up a teenager ran to tell them the house down the street caught fire. they are not related. ten people lost their homes. the d.c. beverage control board may be poised to lift the oldest moratorium on liquor licenses. sam ford has more on what it could mean for businesses in the area. >> for 25 years, georgetown's moratorium has banned any new liquor licenses in 1800 feet of the intersections of the wisconsin and n. but this week from the a. n.c. to the bid, business improvement district, they went to the alcohol board and called for an end to the moratorium. >> the pendulum swung. they agree time to get rid
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it. it's going. gone in a few weeks. >> look at the businesses on n street in georgetown show symbol of corporate america, able to pay big bucks like $160 a square foot. it's not party central anymore. i would bring them here in georgetown to see the people. >> i did it a year ago and it was dead. >> andrew klein applauds the georgetown push to lift the moratorium and wonders how many restaurants will want to move in. >> the demographic is not appropriate. the rents are high. >> we have fun. the restaurants were cheap. >> that is gone forever. but the neighborhood wants some of its life back. >> basically you want more restaurants here. >> we would love to see more restaurants.
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here. >> it's capped by the counsel legislation we haven't addressed. >> in northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. >> archive of the rosa parks personal letters writing and photos are available online. the civil rights icon 10,000 item collection has been loaned to the library of congress. it was kept away from the public for years as her family and friends battled for legal custody. in 2014, philanthropist howard buffet bought the archive and loaned it to the library. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how thieves are getting into cars without even breaking in. we're not talking about leaving it unlocked. they are getting in without breaking anything. >> tensions as we count down to the oscar sunday. how will host chris rock and other celebrities handle the
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that is next.
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away from the cos cars. how will chris rock handle the diversity controversy? he has been quiet on what we can expect. many are dishing out their own opinions. some calling for a boycott. brandi hitt is in hollywood. >> the buzz surrounding the oscars isn't just about who is walking the red carpet but it's also about who is not. >> i will not be at the academy awards. i won't be watching. >> we are not coming. not going. >> for a second year in a row, all 20 of the nominees in the acting categories are white. resparking the twitter hashtag oscar so white. leading to protest and boycotts. >> passed over for an oscar nod to win screen actor guild award on ntt. >> welcome to diverse tv. >> this is that water shed moment when the academy changes because they are being forced to change.
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initiative to double the number of women and minority voters by 2020. and increase i have tersety on the acked -- diversity on the academy's board of governors. >> systemic bias that needs to be addressed across the industry. >> new university of southern california study on diversity looking at 2014 and 2015 gives failing grades to everyone hollywood movie studio and most tv makers. >> the study makes it clear. hollywood is a straight white boys club. >> all eyes are on this year's oscar host chris rock to told "essence magazine" in the march issue black women get paid less than everybody in hollywood. everyone is talking about jennifer lawrence talk to gabrielle union. >> it will be a memorable monologue because of that particular topic. >> in fact, he threw out the original monologue and has rewritten it to include the diversity controversy. brandi
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hollywood. michelle: up next, breaking into a car without breaking in. how thieves across the country are one step ahead of you. even when you lock up your car. that story when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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diane: i'm diane cho where you can see a large tree came crashing down along two lanes of traffic here. it also took down power lines as we understand it. i spoke to an officer at the scene that told us there were no injuries here but they believe the heavy rain we had last night and the wind is what caused the tree to come crashing down. this is off of 18th avenue northwest. you can see the crews are working to tear the tree apart. to cut the tree apart too get it out of the road an clean it up. they have the area blocked off. if you have to come around the area avoid it if you can. back to you, michelle. michelle: thank you. here is a really crazy story. you click your car remote. you walk away, your keys in hand safely believing that your car is locked or is it?
4:48 pm
digging into headlines about a mystery remote criminals are using around the country to unlock cars. can it and has it happened here? fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan is on the case. jennifer: rock meets car window on a d.c. street and a thief takes what he wants. the break-in was loud and bold. compare it to this. video of a car break in california. only the thief uses a mysterious device to unlock the car. quiet and undetectable. how did he do that? >> unless it's on tape. we could catch the individual and get the device and test it ourselves we will never know. >> if national insurance crime bureau says there are sporadic reports across the country of the thieves using remote like devoices to break into cars. has it happened in the d.c. metro area? >> cars are rifled through and the neighbors felt they have locked the car prior. >> bill mcnavid lives in northeast d.c. five cars were broken into on his block.
4:49 pm
months but no sign of forced entry in any of the cases. >> we started to ask question of the police. the police said they felt there were the wireless universal fob out there. >> they warned the officers about the possibility the key hacking devices exist. however -- >> no devices have ever been recovered as evidence. >> is the technology out there this could happen? absolutely. >> all the cars work in different frequencies. >> there are the scanners that can read frequency of the data admitted from key remotes when clicked. >> you have to be close. i won't travel distance of a half a block or so.
4:50 pm
>> every day i take it to work with me. even if it hasn't hit the streets yet, they said it's a matter of when not if. so stop using cars as the storage units. >> the best overall device in this story -- take your personal items out of the cars. >> we are following a story in waverly are a confirmed tornado killed three people. >> coming up at 5:00, we will talk to the folks in waverly trying to get their head around what happened here 24 hours ago.
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>> yesterday's storm touched so many people in the area. we have the stories coming up in a little bit at 5:00. >> how strong the winds. >> 60 miles per hour. because of it down there, that is why we had extended coverage yesterday. we did not know if those storms could pack that punch up here. two funnel clouds. we were on the luckier side of thins and a different story not far away. it's windy and chilly. it's going to get colder overnight. 46 degrees at reagan national airport. 20-degree difference compared to 24 hours ago. i will show you the temperatures across the board. it's 43 in leesburg. 46 in fredericksburg. 44 in culpeper. that is just
4:52 pm
story. there is not a lot going on. report of snow flurries to the mason dixon line. moving through the day tomorrow it's cool and breezy. we will start a transition that come for the second half of the upcoming weekend. 43 degrees for a high. upper 40 to 50 on saturday. lower 60's on sunday. we take a look at the next seven days. once we get past the weekend we will stay at 64 degrees on monday. don't forget it's leap day. the 289th of february. equability remember the last time we had this many days on 60 or higher.
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at 4:00" -- >> i'm mike carter-conneen. at the smithsonian national portrait gallery. frank underwood reign suprem
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michelle: "7 on your side" with consumer alert and the takata air bag regulation. the report claims the data from the inflator test were manipulated. they cited the internal documents for the past 12 years. the defective air bag inflators explode to send shrapnel with the air bag and have been blamed for several deaths in the u.s. and worldwide leading to the largest auto recall ever. a new portrait of kevin spacey portraying president frank underwood from the series "house of cards" unveiled at the national portrait gallery. he attended the event in character. as mike carter-conneen reports the portrait is now on display. >> i am here to
4:57 pm
underwood. >> "house of card" fans are flocking to the national portrait gallery for the first time to see and take selfies with the sinister frank underwood. >> he looks as scary as his character is. >> i knew we'd have a good crowd when it was announced i was going to be hung. >> he is a coining the throne with a large left foot. >> it's the violence of frank underwood. he is ready to do anything. >> spoiler alert. >> this is days before the march fourth release of the newest season of house of cards.
4:58 pm
>> but don't value of what we achieved. >> there are days i think have we gone to far. i go home and turn the news on and i think we haven't gone far enough. >> the twist and turn of the politics rival the drama of the netflix series. >> reality millics the art -- mimics the art. >> curators make clear this is not and never will be featured in the hall of the real presidential portraits but frank underwood might beg to differ. >> "7 on your side." leon: tonight, crews are fanning out from southern new england gulf coast. michelle: seven people died after dozen of tornadoes in the last 36
4:59 pm
jonathan: four people killed in the commonwealth of virginia. three others killed in a mobile home that is nothing but a foundation. it is powerful storm blowing through the area. the oak tree was snapped out of the ground. this is a hard word tree out of the ground. the guard is on duty. they were assessing the damage to talk to the neighbors and this is confirmed this was a tornado that touched down in waverly that killed three people to do so much damage and left so much destruction behind. in tore mobile homes apart. we will start off with goldman sachs who is also in waverly.
5:00 pm
happening in the community. >> you have seen the power of the storm like we have. this is unbelievable. a tree in the home. the virginia state police taking a look at the foundation of the home. we did see smoke coming from the top. we learned the names of the people killed in the tornado learning that a victim was a 2-year-old boy. the mother of that boy did survive the tornado. she is in the hospital with the serious injuries. a look around waverly and the power of the form is clear. she was in bed when it hit. windows shattered, sending glass everywhere. >> something that you would never see happen.


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