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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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happening in the community. >> you have seen the power of the storm like we have. this is unbelievable. a tree in the home. the virginia state police taking a look at the foundation of the home. we did see smoke coming from the top. we learned the names of the people killed in the tornado learning that a victim was a 2-year-old boy. the mother of that boy did survive the tornado. she is in the hospital with the serious injuries. a look around waverly and the power of the form is clear. she was in bed when it hit. windows shattered, sending glass everywhere. >> something that you would never see happen.
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with the lines down all over crews working to restore the power in town. >> heart breaking to see this in a town. jeff: virginia state police releasing identity of the three people killed after the tornado ripped their mobile home from the foundation. larry turner. devine springfield and ivan lewis 2 years old. the both were found 300 yards from the home. >> they couldn't live through that. >> good guy. good guy. both of them. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe spending today touring the storm damage across virginia in waverly, the organize visiting with the family member of those kill who had tell them they lost everything. >> a sad situation. listen to them say they don't have the money to bury the child. very
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>> everybody needs to come together and help out to bring the community back together. >> you are looking at the breaking news on the scene. the firefighters working hard to put out potential damage. so much damage across town. authorities, police and the fire keeping a very close eye on things. we are going to keep monitoring this. they work to put out the fire. the tree going through it. this is a sad and a difficult situation for people in the town. at 6:00, we spoke with a man who was inside a car when the tornado hit. it landed the car on the road. amazing story. we will hear in an hour. until then live in waverly, jeff goldberg, abc7 news.
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>> in waverly the clean-up is going on. there is heavy machinery to pick up the tree to move them out of the roads to make their pay through here. waverly was not the only community hard hit. in appomattox let me show you drone video. this is the best way for the van tage point of the damage that was done. swath of damage from the tornado that touched down in appomattox was a deadly tornado. it killed a 78-year-old man in the area. >> everybody knows somebody that is affected by it.
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>> brad has more. this is the western branch of the river that is up and over the water street. this is a little bit over the road. massive water coming down this creek. we saw what a little water can do. tonight we are hearing the terrifying 911 calls made after the collapse. >> i heard a tremendous crash. >> it had to be terrifying.
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knees trapped. >> the fire captain recounting the frantic rescue happening after last night's furious storm rolled through the silver spring neighborhood. >> the rain was so hard. we were really scared. in his basement to make sure that the sump pump is working when a section of the cinder block foundation falls. he is trapped. another occupant of the home calling 911. >> he is stuck. he needs help. >> annapolis waking to flooding. >> pete pulled from the
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daughter telling us that he is already out of the hospital. even the firefighters with the damage saying he is lucky to be alive. >> this is the flood gate here. good news shown. hour and a half ago it was up to the 5.5 level now to 5.2. jonathan: that is good news. the governor earlier said it was impacting him he was hearing stories from the homeowners who have nothing left. they can't find anything. they are making the state to get help. the red cross if the folks want to reach out to help. more storm watch coverage coming up. but for now back
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leon: we will get back to you in a bit. we have breaking news from d.c. right now. alison: our diane cho is in northwest where a tree has fallen on a power line. what is going on? >> a large tree came crashing down. they are working to cut the tree up. this did take down power lines with it. we are told there were no injuries here. but the officer tells us they believe the heavy rain and the wind caused the tree to come down. leon: thank you. >> around here is breezy and cool. but not too bad considering yesterday and the storms. >> 24 hours ago w
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on our hands. >> we have three reports of the confirmed tornado in tappahannock and waverly and appomattox county. in a few minute we will give you what the reports said. impressive size tornadoes indeed. we have cloudy. later tonight the skies will clear and windy at times. the temperatures are 28 to 34. more on the tornadoes and we look ahead to the weekend in the seven-day outlook. alison: keeping a close eye on a developing story in d.c. where people are looking over the shoulderrers when they walk to the front door. this is after two robberies that the suspects targeted the victims on
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doorsteps. stephen tschida live in the brookland neighborhood to explain what is going on. >> a lot of people are on edge after a woman parked a vehicle on newton street. got out and injury inches from the safety of the own home when she fell victim to what some believe is a new crime trend. just as she put the key in the front door he robbed her and left her on the ground. >> this this is the suspect with a robbery and the same m.o. the other incident the suspect raced back to a waiting vehicle and took off. >> this is just a terrible thing. i think that things, something needs to be done about it.
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the residents say the rash of crimes, many violent involving the teenagers or young adults recently in d.c. has them concerned and their guard up. >> it has been alarming to see so many in the news. especially on the metro. something to be aware of yourself. >> we have been in communication with the woman in the recent robbery and she says she didn't get a good look at the suspect but what she did see like in so many recent incidents the suspect appeared to be a teenager. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- hooked on heroin. a look at how the local law enforcement officers get together to fight back against the epidemic. alison: late irdon't expect london to roll out the red carpet for the redskins this fall. we explain why.
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>> plus, there are robbery, assaults and a shooting. what the metro transit police are doing in response. >> the republican presidential candidates face off in another debate tonight in texas. chief political correspondent scott thuman is there. we will check in with scott live coming up at 6:00. then tonight here at 11:00.
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leon: new developments in proposed day care regulation in arlington county. hours after the story aired they expressed concern about the 34-page draft document. they said it focus on the suggested practice rather than the code and the zoning to address. alison: metro is planning to step up security after the shooting on a green line train. brianne carter covering metro with details on this. brianne: just within the past month or so we have h
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assault, robbery and a shooting that happened this week. one at the gallery place metro station. today the police chief saying crime is on an uptick. now a plan announced to combat it all. metro leaders are going to put the extra officers within the patrolling of the system. they will be added to train, buses and station. i will have 17 officers responsible for securing money from the fair boxes to the traditional police and the patrolled duty. transit police will warter in with outside firm to handle the revenue responsibility. in the evening rush hour they will increase the number of officers on duty by 100%. in overlapping the shift with the daytime and the night officers. the riders always ask why isn't there an officer on every car on every train? today the metro police chief addressed it.
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the trains and the platform. mezzanine. putting it in every car, 900 rail cars that is not a realistic expectations. brianne: more than 900 rail cars in rush hour and they have the ability to have 479 sworn officers but right now they have 9% of the spot vacant. at 6:00 hear from riders to see if they think it will deter crime. brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: something lighter to consider here. not sure if you thought about this. if you did if you wonder how much it cost to buy one of everything on amazon. the answer is $13 billion. $12.8 billion to be exact. scientist in switzerland determined the average price of the 479 million items for sale on amazon was $26.86.
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alison: if you have prime it's free shipping. leon: that would be worth it! that would be worth getting prime. alison: true. are you calm today after craziness? doug: yes. a lot happening yesterday. we have three tornadoes in virginia. there is a taste of spring for the weekend. the first tornado is tappahannock in the middle pennsylvania in virginia. south of the modern neck. ef-3 reported there with the top winds at 140 miles per hour. the width was 500 yards wide. a big tornado. ef3. the enhanced scale with the
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in appomattox county where suzanne kennedy is reporting was on the ground for 13 miles. they had 135 miles per hour. jonathan elias is reporting that it was 300 yards wide that was 110 miles per hour. the reason it was only on the ground is the fact it only took a few minutes to get from place to place it's moving close to 60 miles per hour. 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts in germantown. we had hailstone close to an inch in diameter. silver spring, three-quarter of an inch hail. now a wintry day. we have had a lot of clouds. temperatures are low to mid-40's. the temperatures will drop tonight. once the skies clear.
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22 miles per hour in leesburg. 30 at reagan national airport. the winds are gusty tonight but the wind speeds will go down a bit. we have had flurry and sprinkles. there is more light snow. running up the against the western slope of the mountains. it is where it will stay. the breezy conditions as well. future cast tracking the day tomorrow with northwesterly breeze. temperatures are chilly. the average high is 50 degrees. tomorrow will be hitting like 41 to 43. saturday we will warm up a bit. tomorrow is a chilly day and then sunshine and we look
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we'll hit 61 with sunshine. leap day on monday. the numbers are looking better to me. alison: very nice. coming up later with will go some place that spring is getting started. one-on-one with the skipper. we talk to dusty baker about spring training with the plans for the nationals this season. >> making a hazard-free hoverboard. will manufacturers do it? i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. why you may not want to throw away the super scooter yet. alison: but first, t.g.i.t. look at what is coming up tonight on abc7 --
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood,
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now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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ja you heard it here first. several retailers are pulling the hoverboard from the websites altogether. kimberly suiters has details. kimberly: amson is the latest retail giant to pull hoverboard. you can see the accessorie
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this is after that there is too much risk of fire and fall for the consumers. issues that "7 on your side" brought up three months ago. >> first there were the falls. the former hoverboard rider tore tendons. >> it turned me in circles. >> then the fires. this 11-year-old in gaithersburg lost his bed. >> we just really really big bang. then like i got really scared. >> to date, 52 fires in 24 states. $2 million in the property damage. >> three months ago you barely heard about hoverboards. i appreciate that abc7 was the first to come to cpsc with the news of the hoverboard dangers. kimberly: each month since then "7 on your side" kept a close tab on the consumer product safety commission asking for the testing video in the rockville lab. where scientists are searching for the causes of all the fires and the falls. >> we don't believe
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why hasn't the cpsd recalled the boards? you issued recalls for far less damage. >> we're investigating. >> we are working to make a case. >> they are not waiting. amazon, bed, bath, beyond, target and wal-mart pulling the product from the online shelves but they are pushing the manufacturers to make a safer ride. telling them to get on board with the brand new underwriter's laboratory standards. >> there are no boards meeting the safety standard. >> what should you do if you have a hoverboard? if you want to get rid of it try to get the money back from the manufacturer or where you bought it. if you want to keep it wear safety gear. don't leave it plugged in unless you are sitting right next to it. keep it close to "7 on your side." we will let you know the
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potentially a safer board on the market. reporting live in the newsroom, kimberly suiters, abc7 news. leon: coming up tonight, dogs on dope. it's portrayed funny thing in the movies but the reality is it doesn't take much pot to kill your pooch. pet hospitals are seeing huge increases in the number of the drug dogs. take one local hospital. friendship animal hospital in northwest. they saw close to 70 marijuana emergencies last year. a few of the dogs did not survive. >> it can be scary for the owners to see them stumbling around and acting drunk and alarming. most people come in and they are scared. leon: tonight at 11:00, "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters dives into this danger. dogs on dope. the penalty you can pace for intentionally drugging a dog. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- >> the heroin picture in northern virginia. the numbers ar
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fairfax county leading the way. coming up, what they are doing to tackle it. >> later learning the lesson of history. a civil rights icon sit down with the local prisoners to talk about their futures.
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jonathan: i'm jonathan elias back in waverly. this is a community hit hard yesterday, probably the hardest in virginia. in mobile home dev stated by the tornado that blew through. this was a tornado that blew through here but this is far from the only community hit hard. in tappahannock an hour north of richmond, that is where suzanne kennedy joins us. i understand that they have confirmed it was an ef3 tornado making it a large tornado that blew through there. suzanne: tappahannock, virginia, one of several virginia communities impacted by wednesday night storm. take a look behind me. you can see the devastation left behind in this communit
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washington. the tornado tore through esex county last night. it left in the wake damage. >> carnage. >> this four-acre property is where fairfax resident ron robinson plans to retire. >> this is a war zone. >> this is a mind blowing. >> elearned of the storm last night and came to assess the damage this morning. >> porches are blown off. sheds were destroyed. >> i was not expecting this degree at all. i had no idea. >> john was here at the height of the storm. >> sounded like a train. just like a train was coming. >> one second on the porch. then i was coming out the ravine. >> go dozen buildings are damaged. half are a total loss including a church. volunteers from
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down to help the attorneyed victims. >> it was unreal. i'm glad to pick up the pieces. >> governor of virginia declared a state of emergency to speed up the clean-up process but residents say they know it will take weeks if not months before the things are back to normal. in tappahannock, virginia, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: virginia, hard from hit hard. 50 buildings damaged. the school leveled. national weather service confirms that this was an ef2 tornado. the fortunate thing is no one was hurt. a confirmed tornado near the virginia state line. this woman that captured the video circled the funnel cloud to see it. several homes were d
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destroyed. but again, i guess this is the fortunate part no one was hurt either. but how about this from indiana? that is snow. a lot of snow. northwest winds got the snow. most of the state got a foot of snow. compounded by the white-out conditions. people couldn't see a thing at one point. we got this. she e-mailed us the picture of the sun rising in edgewater, maryland, this is breathtaking and beautiful to see it and refreshing to see what he have come through yesterday. you can share your pictures with us. go to
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to everybody who took time to do it for us in the last 24 hours we thank you. back live in waverly the heavy equipment is gone for the night. clean-up subsided. getting dark now. there are so many things that could do damage. homeowners are coming back to assess the damage. others are finding hundreds of yards over there that they pick up the belongings from here. if you can see the stick in the ground that is a huge two x four. we have no idea where it came from.
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leon: last week we highlight it would heroin highway. today the agencies in northern virginia announced operation save a life. taking those hooked on heroin out of handcuffs. jennifer donelan was there, too. >> nicholas grew up in great falls. >> i have friends that brought me a lot of drugs. >> he kicked it. but many have not. >> we have people dying from overdose than from car accidents. >> loudoun county. >> we had overdose death yesterday. >> fairfax. >> 2014 to 2515. exploded
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>> operation save a life -- operation save a life is focusing on locking up the drug dealers. >> target the mid-to-the high level dealers. >> trying to help the addicts. >> the important aspect of the operation is not the number of the arrests. >> those arrested were given an option. they could go directly to treatment. those who said yes were taken to jail. saw a judge. released and brought here. >> the crisis center of those who qualified five agreed to begin treatment. >> this is not an easy decision. to xytheir own lives. >> i love it. living the dream. >> in fairfax, jennifer donelan, news. leon: you can see all of her report on the heroin highway at
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we urge you to go check them out. alison: definitely. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- back from the trip. we check in with a local pregnant woman back from south america. her concerns about zika when we come back. leon: get ready for heated confrontations. hours away from a g.o.p. debate live in houston. coming up with a preview a
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steve: i'm steve rudin. 43 degrees for the high tomorrow. upper 40 on saturday. monday and tuesday we stay in 602's. 64 on monday for leap day. around 60. tuesday and wednesday. back after this.
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alison: "7 on your side" in world matters. it's giving women with the zika virus the okay to breast feed. officials say there is no proof the disease can be spread. even though it has been detected if breast milk. there has been no sign of babies suffer severe neurological problems after birth. well, a few weeks ago we introduced you to a fairfax woman who is p
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decided to keep travel plans for south america. she is expecting the second boy in june. she and her family went to argentina. it's not on the c.d.c. watch list an it borders brazil where there are cases. she wore long sleeves and pants as precaution but the people in argentina are offended when she inquired about mosquitoes. she said getting back in the u.s., though, was very easy. >> immigration customs went through smoothly. she didn't ask questions with regard to my health or particular area i traveled to. it went by smoothly. >> she says the doctor see no need for a blood test.
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>> the family is unhappy with sow microcephaly is portrayed. >> i have heard people say devastating birth defect. the poor, poor children. some of them are severe. but the parents don't see it as poor, poor children. they're the blessings. >> medical professionals say the nation of brazil and the health officials have premoo charlie linked it to microcephaly. it's not scientifically conclusively proven. >> coming up at 5:00, back on the field. we will take you live to the nationals spring training. down in florida. >> but first, -- >> never
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you must never get lost in a sea of despair. >> civil rights leader and the icon turned congressman offered words of wisdom to the local young men who were
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"could you double check "scothe envelope?"wins." "best actress, 1984." "and i can't deny the fact that you like me." "life is like a box of chocolates." "you never know what you're gonna get." "we're gonna need a bigger boat." "xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc."
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alison: congressman john lewis was arrested as one of the big leaders of the civil rights movement. this week he went behind bars to speak to the juvenile inmates there. >> civil rights icon walked in thed jail. how are you doing? good to see you. john lewis. >> congressman and his aide were guest authors for the free mind book club whose juvenile prisoners are charged as adults. they have been reading a series of comic books called march where he tells of his life in the civil rights movement. >> someone will walk up and spit on us. put a lighted cigarette in our hand. on the bridge i thought i would die. i thought it was the last nonviolent protest. >> in addition to the war stories lewis told the
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trying the preaching skills on the chickens on the alabama farm. >> some of the chickens would bow their head. some of the chickens would shake their head. they never said, "amen." >> le is the only -- lewis is the only speaker still alive from the famous march on washington. >> in jail on the trumped up charges. >> his mentor was dr. martin luther king. >> if it hadn't been to me, i don't know what would happen to me. i'd probably still be in alabama preaching to the chickens. >> there was q&a and an opportunity to share poetry. >> the youth are in jail and john lewis told them don't lose hope. they can do better. >> you must never give up. you must never give up in a sea of despair. >> reaction? >> put pressure on me. i feel like if he can do it, i didn't even have half as bad as he did. >> in all they spent two hours listening, si
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in southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. >> black history month celebration in the district between the political leaders and the students. israel's ambassador to the united states ron durmurs hosted an event with the maryland congressman cummings and his youth program. the goal of the program is strengthen the ties between the jewish and the african-american communities. >> when they come back they have a tremendous appreciation for everything around them. they have a tremendous appreciation for their education. >> students are selected in the tenth grade. they travel to israel at the end of their 11th grade year. that guy right there, you may recognize him, the nfl hall of fame running back thurman thomas. he was there for the event and he spoke about his first trip to israel. alison: okay. let's get a check on how trips are moving on the roadways. jamie sullivan on traffic watch. what a difference from yesterday. >> i know!
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sky that is different from yesterday. this time yesterday it was dark in some areas. very rough ride. right now all of the headlights that you see are on the capital beltway. this is right near old dominion. we are used to the inner loop days. we had an earlier crash near gallows road has you to 18 miles per hour on the outer loop. pothole patching is still happening on the g.w. parkway through the everything rush. rolling closures will only have one lane blocked each time. 12 miles per hour inner loop and outer loop is a good estimate. flooding still closed off in fairfax county, prosperity avenue between route 50 and the hilltop road. gallows road is a good alternate. we are still recovering today from yesterday. let's hear more about the forecast. doug? >> jamie, you saw on the traffic cam and the weather bug camera patches of blue. get to it. this is a scene in bethesda at the congressional country club. breezy all day. 43 there now. tomorrow morning we will get p
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in the upper 20's to the low 30's. 32 to 3 in downtown washington. weather will be quieter tomorrow. what we see on the doppler now, area of sprinkles and flurries. all of that will diminish. west of cumberland, west of the mountains will be snow. it won't make it east of the mountains. western slope will scrape it off and get awe cumulation there. gusty at times. plenty of sun and 43. 48 with sunshine on saturday. sunday is 61 degrees. leap day monday. 64 and the sunshine. cold front will bring us showers for wednesday of next week. alison: sunday looks great. thanks. the washington redskins facing backlash about the mascot at home. but also abroad. two british lawmakers wrote a letter asking the nfl to consider changing the name or send a different team to their country one that doesn't represent a racial slur. redskins scheduled to play the bengals at wem
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leon: the nats are in a place there is no controversy. nothing but sunshine and smiles in florida. alison: right. erin hawksworth is there live at national spring training. leon: hey, erin. erin: hey, guys. it is a little windy here, i must point out. i didn't prepare for this at all. i did sit down with the nats new manager dusty baker who all the players are absolutely riverring about. even as a joke of the day he is keeping things light. the players are excited to learn from him. here he is making the rounds at the first full squad practice today. the players say he is fun, but he also commands respect. what are your impressions of the nationals so far? >> my impressions are we are going to have fun. the organization wants to win. very dedicated to winning. erin: what is it about the team that made you say yeah, i want to come back and manag
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>> number one, i thought they had outstanding team. they had a great chance to win. i thought it would be a great fit for me. my dad who is deceased, i think my dad would have wanted me to come back. i asked my sister who is younger than me and she is trying to tell me stuff. i asked her this time. she said says, yeah, dad would have wanted you to come back. erin: why do you think he would have wanted that? >> well, he wanted that because he knew that i wasn't satisfied going on the rest of my life with something missing. with the opportunity like this. also my son. he told me is 16, 17 now. but then he was 16. he says dad, you know, this is a chance of a lifetime. i sad man, i am supposed to be telling you that. i started to think about it. it a chance of a
5:53 pm
erin: the nats sure are happy that he is here. there is more to come with dusty baker. coming up at 6:00, i asked him you have managed barry bonds. now you bryce harper. what is that like for you >> hear what he has to say at 6:00 in sports. leon: all right. you got it, see you in a bit. alison: thanks. leon: the government is changing the game when it comes to getting a job. alison: we'll take a look at the website designed to help when we come back.
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leon: the president said his first job at a baskins robins in h
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responsibility. alison: if he left office it's unlikely president obama would have to apply for a job again. thigh are trying to improve it for everyone else. o.p.m. hopes the overhaul will attract and keep the best and the brightest applicants. >> the u.s. obvious are rolling out series of improvement to usa job to simplify the website application process. >> thegoing process throughout 2016 with updates ever six to 12 weeks. >> i wish it was a private industry where you can upload the resume and call at it day. >> they found the usa jobs experience could be frustrating enough for many users to abandon the
5:58 pm
is what do i click on. >> in southwest, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: coming up right now on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- team
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destruction left by the severe storms. we are live with the clean-up that is happening now. >> plus, we are just hours away from a high-stakes debate for the g.o.p. the candidates getting the last chance to face-off before super tuesday. we are live in houston with a preview. >> i salt -- assault, robbery, gunfire. addressing recent crimes on metro. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. ♪ ♪ announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: first at 6:00 tonight, fast-moving severe and deadly storms in tornadoes rolled into the region last night leaving behind a path of destruction. now we are out surveying the damage left behind. maureen: governor terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency in virginia. the area hit hardest was the town of waverly south of richmond. three people were killed
6:00 pm
jeff goldberg starts our team coverage from there. jeff? jeff: everywhere you walk in waverly this is what you see. somebody and sadness all over town. governor mcauliffe saying he expects the damage across the commonwealth of virginia to be in the tens of millions of dollars. it gives a sense of the power as the storm came down. >> dropped the whole car down the aisle. >> the twister hit them directly. >> we hold each other and said we love each other. we were just praying. >> williams survived but the neighbor did not. 50-year-old larry turner and his stepson 26-year-old stringfield were both killed. along with stringfield's 2-year-old son ivan


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