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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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entertainer in chief. diane: smith is supporting hillary clinton but she says she likes the governor. >> it's a hot mess. i don't understand it. diane: she and others say it makes them re-evaluate the governor. >> i don't know what chris christie is thinking. any smidgeon of respect i had for the man is shattered. >> 'noles is a republican who thinks the support will only hurt trump down the road. >> i'm a trump fan. i think he would make a great president. but chris christie is all over the map. >> other republicans say they disagree. >> trump has enough people backing that one more person no matter who it is isn't going to hurt him. >> with super tuesday around the corner he plans to appear with trump in oklahoma city tonight.
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michelle: thank you. polls show hillary clinton is on track for a big win over bernie sanders in tomorrow's south carolina primary. both of clinton's wins so far have been by six points or less but the polls give clinton a 20-point lead over sanders in south carolina. fueled in large part by african-american support. both candidates are holding rallies in the state today and tonight. jonathan: on the subject of south carolina, lindsey graham predicted that hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states using choice words to blame his own party. >> the most dishonest person in america. who is about to be president. how could that be? my party has gone bat [bleep] crazy. jonathan: i did say a few choice words. super tuesday is a few days
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candidates are leaving out virginia? coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", jeff goldberg has the quiet primary season at least in nova. we have breaking news to tell you about. update on death investigation in frederick. authorities say santos garcia drowned as a result of the storms this week. michelle: the national weather service confirmed at least seven tornadoes touched down in virginia on wednesday. dozen of national guard members are contributing in the effort to assess the damage by air. the death toll from the storms in virginia has risen now to five. yesterday police recovered the body of a woman whose car was swept off the bridge over the shenandoah river in western virginia. shooting rampage in kansas leaves four people dead. police say coworkers say that 38-year-old cedric ford opened fire yesterday. we are learning ford had n-
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past. and a lengthy arrest record. but herring reports from hest -- as elizabeth hur reports from heston the motive is a mystery. reporter: one day after three were left dead and 14 injured the sheriff in harvey county, kansas, said there is one reason the gunman did not claim more victims. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is the officer stopped the shooter. reporter: as many as 300 people were inside the excel industries factory when the investigators say cedric ford armed with assault rifle and handgun began firing. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> ford had already shot and wounded three people before he entered the plant. the bloodshed ending with ford shot and killed in a gun battle with the first officer on the scene. the heston police chief. >> that particular officer is a hero. >> the shooting rampage ranged six miles and three locations believe to be motivated after
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restraining order at work 90 minutes before the first shooting. >> quiet. he didn't say much. he didn't look happy. >> police say their investigation is continuing, as president obama weighs in saying enough is enough. >> these sort of mass shootings that are taking place. we cannot become numb to this. >> the restraining order the court documents say ford's ex-girlfriend was claiming pronext saying he choked her once to where she couldn't breathe and he was an alcoholic, violent and depressed. michelle: years behind schedule millions of dollars overbudget and a couple of miles long. but tomorrow the h street line opens. brianne carter takes us aboard. brianne: smooth sailing so far today as we got a preview on the new streetcar. i'm standing a at stop along the line. i'm all by myself but officials hope it will c
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if you take a look here this is where they will have the treat car to be the announcement of where you are going to get on and off. it launches tomorrow at 10:00. you can see there is a lot of space inside. each one of the cars as they make their way down h street. now one of the things we notice when riding is the streetcar had it come to a stop. if a driver parked on the side has a door open. the streetcar comes to a stop. driver gives them a honk and they hope to close the door to get the streetcar on its i. they have put out information to make sure that they don't do that. advising people not to double park. advice for people as well who will use their bike in any of the lanes. they advise using the alternate routes as well. what do people along h street think about the streetcar? will they be using it when it officially kicks
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we have that answer tonight at 5:00. michelle: thanks. as you might have heard the streetcar line as it stands now comes in at about $100 million a mile. it runs along just a two-mile stretch of h street. but the d.c. mayor muriel bowser has bigger plans. a year ago she called for the line to run all the way to georgetown. jonathan: the deal is on home because they expected them to back the pepco-exelon merger but as it was put forth today, rejected. sort of. sam ford tries to straighten it out for us. it's not dead but it's confusing where it stands. sam: well, it is somewhat confusing, jonathan. a lot of times when you are dealing with the boards and their alphabet soup of acronyms about this or that you scratch your head and you wonder what has
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you can see who walked out of the meeting with smiles on their faces and who did not. the pepco-exelon people seemed happy and the opponents did not. they rejected a mergeer deal between pepco and exelon last august and in the first vote today rejected a deal that the mayor worked out and sent over. after telling pepco to change provisions the board voted a second time to accept the pepco-exelon merger if pepco accepts the changes in 14 days. it would be automatic. opponents like councilmember mary shay were upset but not pepco. >> it's inherent conflict of interest for us with the way we do business to tie ourselves to them. the chair said that directly. >> they were pleased they didn't reject the proposal. we will look at the order when it comes
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say when we have read what they are asking. sam: the delf is in the details. after pepco goes through "it" is likely pepco will accept it to make the deal. looking at the situation now it is likely that they are going to do that. we have more at 6:00. we have a conflict between those who don't like the pepco-exelon merger because they hit the hurts the environment. others who like it because it may save them money on the electricity bill. that is the story from here. sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you for walking us through that. you can see the development o
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by logging on to serge pepco-exelon to see why this is so controversial. jonathan: up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a new view of the moon. michelle: we will show you and let you know where you can see it. jonathan: plus, leaky roof could ruin prom night for some students. michelle: the school making the last-minute repairs in hopes of guaranteeing a good time. kidd: good afternoon. i'm kidd o'shea live from the red carpet in hollywood. do you wonder what it takes for celebrities to get red carpet ready? we sat down with a personal trainer. we'll share it for you in a live report from hollywood. doug: friday afternoon, plenty of sunshine. the weekend weather looking good. i'll break it down in the forecast.
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jonathan: we are counting down. now it's two days until oscar sunday. michelle: you know who pulled a lucky straw? kidd o'shea in hollywood. how lucky is that. with the fitness secrets of the stars. jonathan: they have to get in the suits and the dresses. kidd: good afternoon from the red carpet. one o
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trainers. khloe kardashian in his gym every day. and yesterday he let me in his gym and gave me a workout. >> you have seen celebrity bodies. why don't we start with -- >> why would we touch that? >> you don't need to. >> i thought your name was david after the statue. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we're done. >> perfect. >> gunner peterson put me to work doing push-ups. >> take off. >> cardio. >> catch. >> nice. >> here we go. >> exercises a little different from the norm. >> keep both feet flat. >> for 17 years he has strained sylvester stallone for best supporting actor this year. he trains bruce willis. one of the regulars is khloe kardashian. >> she works hard. >> like an animal.
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she was determined. >> i don't know if it's determined. to me it's a purpose. the purposeful, the way you walk through an airport when you are late to get your gate. versus strolling the mall when you are waiting for a friend. >> jab, cross, hook, hook. >> what does it take to be oscar ready? >> how long does it take to get to point "b" depends where point a is. mentally it will take three, six, eight weeks to kick in that what they do inside the gym can directly affect what they do outside the gym. and how they perform inside the gym. >> melanie griffith, russell wilson a few people at the gym yesterday. he does say it is what happens outside of the gym, the reason that she has been able to make a huge transformation. live on the red carpet this afternoon, take a look behind me. you can see press from around the wor
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live on a covered red carpet. in plastic. that is why you see white right now. back to you in the studio. michelle: before we let you go. two things. we are expecting to see rock solid abs when you return since you were in the gym. and second, with the plastic covering, you have a good face to start with. with the plastic covering how hot is it out there? kidd: the plastic covering over the red carpet is the talk of the town for the past couple of days. they have had rain in the past couple of years at the oscar so it's smart to have it up. the forecast for los angeles is sunny and 80. it is 77 right now and we are on the red carpet and sweating. we heard late this afternoon they will be removing this. we have not gotten that confirmation from the oscars, just a security guard walking around here. the celebrities are in tuxes and gowns. the last thing you want is celebrities sweating
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we are hoping they remove the plastic covering. michelle: okay. we'll be watching to see. thank you so much. kidd o'shea live for us in hollywood. jonathan: it's called the holy grail of the beatles memorabilia. one of the rarest albums hitting the auction block. the album was the first to be pressed and credited with getting them the first record side of the record "he, little girl." on the other "till there was you." english pianist found the album in his home. just happened to be there. expected to fetch $14,000 when it goes on the auction block sometime next month. it was a maliceive truck fire that caught on camera and it caught a lot of motorists by surprise. they were there for a long time. this is the source of a lot of headaches for the commuters around baltimore. what a mess. i was hauling tires and it burst into flames and they burn forever. this happened before sun up on the northbound
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firefighters were there for hours. nobody was hurt. crazy things they are dealing with there, too. get a look at the traffic situation. jamie sullivan keeping an eye on things. friday. a lot of folks getting home earlier and trying to get on the road at the same time. jammed look at everyone -- jamie: look at everyone. they are trying to get out of town or get home. it's friday. we are typically seeing this volume. but as you can see here on the american legion bridge this is the inner loop as well as the outer loop we have to volume. move to the map to focus in on what we are seeing on the baltimore washington parkway. 2 miles per hour. the reason for the delay is because of a crash. keep in mind as you head northbound it is going to be 22 miles per hour. 95, we are a little bit better.
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top side of the beltway, we are okay. a crash on college park blocking the lane. that is where you see the buildup on 795. as we pull out a little bit more, a big picture, yes. slowing in the normal spot. bottom of the beltway and the northwest corner. but a reminder the d.c. streetcar launch is tomorrow. there is a 10:00 a.m. ceremony. but make sure you don't open up the door when the streetcar is coming. back to you. michelle: thank you. nasa is releasing more images of pluto. this is the north pole. it took years to get there and sent back amazing pictures. in the past several weeks. the yellow part is a deep canyon of the pluto north. the wide zest estimated at 45 miles across. jonathan: wow! so if the solar syst
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deal for you. check out the pictures of the moon. part of the smithsonian air and space museum is new moon rises. it opens today. 61 pictures on the way showing the craters that is captured by the orbiter launched by nasa seven years ago. cool stuff. michelle: yeah. amazing. jonathan: still waiting so when one plies over and we see a starbucks or a dunkin' donuts we go wait a minute! doug: something to think about. the weekend is here. i said at the top of the newscast this is the final weekend of the meteorological winter. the last weekend in february. looking good. warmup coming our way. give you a look. we show this at noon. a live shot of the national harbor. the sun ange is higher then but it highlighted how brown the water was in the potomac. that is due to the rain and the recent runoff. that is an issue. if you are traveling around this weekend and you see how, you know, really m
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better in the next few days as the sediment and the mud sets out. a beautiful day. windy and chilly around the area. temperatures now are in the upper 30's north and west of town. been there all day. colder than average. the average temperature this time of year is 50 degrees at 4:20. we are only 39 in the reagan national airport. gusty winds. wind gust to 36 miles per hour. 29-mile-per-hour gusts in leesburg. baltimore the same. over on the by a, 25-mile-per-hour gusts in annapolis. not surprisingly producing the wind childs that are lower. it feels like the upper 20's. the numbers will drop this evening as well. as far as the overnight lows go, they will be in the mid-to-upper 20's across most of the metro area. the winds will make it feel colder. another day of the clouds remaining mostly west of the appalachians. i got an e-mail there. we got 13 inches of snow at the ski resort. plenty of cold air
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for us, it is more about the sunshine. more about the warming trend. monday is 62. that is leap day. february 29. tuesday is the same. a bit of a cold front to give us a chance. more rain could move in saturday and sunday. nice stretch given what we have been through. it's winter. these things happen. michelle: all right. thank you. jonathan: it has been 11 days that we first posted a link to the eagle cam. at this point, two eggs had just been laid by the couple at the national arboretum. it's a huge nest. live picture, h.d., but a mon test nest. we were told it will would take 30 to 35 days for the eggs to hatch. we are close to
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mark to see eaglelets. but it's fascinating to watch the camera. they come and log on and then one eagle lands with food. fish out of the river. they will eat and hang out. the other one with sit on the egg and take off. michelle: awesome to catch a live hatching on air during the 4:00. jonathan: we will hopefully have that. michelle: we have these stories coming up at 4:00. a big fight on metro last month. caught on camera. told to stay off the subway. what happened when the police saw one of them recently? that is coming up. jonathan: first, going one-on-one with the national league m.v.p. erin hawksworth joining up with the first look at the interview with b
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4:25 pm appointments available now. jonathan: the boys of summer are already in action. first they have to get ready for the rebound. a big rebound. last year it ended in disappointment. another fired manager. now dusty baker is taking over and the n.l. m.v.p. is opening up. erin hawksworth is in florida. tough assignment. that is not erin. we're throwing you a curveball. how is he handling the change -- erin: he absolutely -- hey, hello! bryce harper says he loves dusty baker and he ca
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to pick his brain on a daily basis. i sat down with bryce and asked him a bunch of questions. part one of the interview at 5:00. part two is at 6:00. here is a little snippet. >> i know dusty talked to the team today. what was his message to you guys? >> just have fun. enjoy what you do. come together as a team, as a unit. do what you have to do. have fun. enjoy the game. >> so this was today. you can see he has so much respect for dusty baker. now we also talked to him about his diet. and what he does to stay durable for what is a very long season. it's a grind. i will tell you, he does have a cheat day. now what does he splurge on? you have to stick around and watch at 5:00 and 6:00 to find out. you do, too. jonathan: i know. i can't wait for. we are jealous of t
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basketball games are already moved. how much high school athletics department lost because of a leaky roof from blizzard in 2016. even prom night could be in jeopardy. we'll explain up next. michelle: ahead a former d.c. cop, a pastor convicted of sexually abusing young women at his church. then his police office sentence today. how long darrell best will be locked up when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. leon: leon harris in the newsroom where we got word a breach of taxpayer identification on part of the website shut down is bigger than thought. the get transcript is shut down for taxpayers accessed by criminals. now after further review it turns out an additional 390,000 taxpayer accounts were compromised as well. if you were 724,000 people affected the i.r.s. is going to be notifying you through the mail. they will be giving you more information on what to do next. that is all for now. we'll learn more and we will pass it to you. back upstairs to you. jonathan: thank you.
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this is something else that is a big headache for some folks. scene we saw play out time and time again in the blizzard. roof collapsing under the weight of snow. jonathan: so much snow. richard montgomery high school in rockville. it wasn't a sudden collapse. what they were dealing with, was a slow leak. this is continuetology wreak havoc. as cheryl conner reports it could affect prom night. cheryl: a tedious task laying tape to paint straight lines. now imagine covering a gym floor. >> we have pockets of water. so say a pocket here under one of this and a pocket of water over there. >> water damage there the blizzard last month moved games out of the gym in rockville. >> the senior night as well. we felt a rush, because you had two groups to get through. >> i don't think you have that many fans come. >> traveling to different schools hurt him academically. >> we have t
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earlier. so i have to miss three classes. >> the athletic department lost several thousand dollars. >> no soda or chips here along the bleachers but there are cans of paint. no games mean no concessions. that could hurt the afterprogram party. >> the goal is to keep ticket prices for the afterprom party for $15 so students aren't discouraged by the price. parents hope to rebound through the fundraising following a $15,000 shortfall. >> they are keeping them in a safe place, they are not driving around or looking for other activities to do. >> you never know what happens at the parties. it can turn horribly wrong. >> the gym is scheduled to reopen march 8. too late for the basketball season, playoff game and for concession sales. in rockville, cheryl conner, abc7 news. michelle: all right. we are just a couple of days away from oscar sunday. kidd o'shea will be back at 5:00 live from the red carpet. this is a live look at the entrance to the theater. asa
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hollywood's biggest night. they are enjoying some gorgeous weather out there. we spoke to kidd a few minutes ago. he said they were enjoying 70's and 80's there. considering where we are coming from. doug: a nice trend. warming trend in the west that will come across the rockies. we will get a taste of the warm weather unrelated to that next week. we are a few weeks away from getting that turn-around when we think we will have a mild day. michelle: put the coats away. doug: for a couple of days. get a look at the winter green, west virginia. cold and snowy there. there is still good local skiing available. temperature wise it will warm up. windy and cold today. it will stay chilly. the winds are a story. i mentioned before we end meteorological winter as we hit the end of the
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two weeks away from daylight's saving time and 93 days and counting to memorial traditional, the first weekend of summer. unofficial start to summer. if you are getting tired of the rain, something to look forward to. it is below average for late february. but the weather continues will improve. what will happen tonight is mostly clear. the temperatures will drop from 23 to 30 degrees. we have wind chill to the mid-evening but a drop off of the wind speeds overnight. the weekend looks fine. check this out. sunshine. 48 degrees tomorrow. partly to mostly sunny. 61 degrees here on sunday. yea. jonathan: thanks. darrell best was a d.c. police officer, and a pastor, well-known. mentor to a lot of young people in d.c. best was convicted of sexually abusing young women at his church and even at the police headquarters. stephen tschida with the sentence that came
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stephen: darrell best police officer and minister, a man of god who used position of power to sexually abuse two teenage girls. >> what do you think? it ain't enough time. he deserved more than that. >> this man is a relative of one of the girls denounced the 18-year sentence. the judge said he had serious concerns about 18 years. he said he, best, still poses a danger to young girls and he believed best should be put away for life. >> yeah, he did. he thought he should. but the government thought 18 years was sufficient. >> several members of the religious community testified on behalf of best and a couple of his police supervisors. best spoke to the judge said the devil thought me, best, as a threat and caused him to be a sinner. the devil was mad and wanted him, best, defeated. the judge agreed to the lighter sentence to spare the
4:36 pm
trial. >> it hurts to hear that someone done something to a child. but god is a forgiving god. he can forgive him. >> part of the reason that the judge was so upset with best, while he was a teenage he abused a girl here at the headquarters. the other girl was at the church when he was a minister. when stensing best determined he should go to a federal prison to receive treatment and required best to never work with children ever when he gets out of prison. he required that best remain on the court supervision. on probation for the rest of his life. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. "7 on your side" crime alert. police are looking for a group of teens who 17-year-old says robbed her using a stun gun. it happened along 1
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wednesday. they said the teens stunned her on the hand before stealing shoes and money. jonathan: police rearrested suspects in the gallery place metro station. charged with unlawful entry and con sent of court for violating a judge's order to keep away from metro. the teen was caught riding a train after he was part of a disturbance and a fight. michelle: now to a "7 on your side" consumer alert. even flow recalled 60,000 seats because of the harness problems. the company says the children can loosen the arrestness and increase the chances of injury in stop. even flow will send a kit with a new seat pad and a front adjustor assembly. >> controversy involving
4:38 pm
retailer lands end. the company responding to a customer backlash following the feature of the feminist gloria stiinam that ran in a recent catalog. alison starling has the story and the apology. alison: today popular outer wear and the clothing company lands end at the wits' end. the retailer known for the glossy catalogs like this one apologizing for what is inside the spring issue. interview with feminist, journalist and political activist gloria steinam. after they flooded them with outrage over the pro-abortion stance, they released this statement -- it was never our intention to raise divisive or political issue. when the customers saw the recent promotion that way we heard them. we sincerely apologize for any offense. >> it is clear whatever they were trying to do here backfired because they had to pull it. this is not a stance they really
4:39 pm
the fans. >> writing in you are not family friendly. i feel betrayed. after pulling the interview from the website lands end faces the new backlash on the social media. spokesperson declining to comment overnight. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- what would you do if you saw a unforeign running down the street? what happened when the uniform escaped the barn? we will tell you the story. it will have you laughing. michelle: it looks like my little pony. still ahead, america gets a raise. don't just look at the markets. how long it has been since we have seen a big boost
4:40 pm
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jonathan: this is the weirdest 911 call received. report of a unicorn running in traffic. michelle: this time it wasn't mass hysteria. a pony dressed as a unicorn escaped her barn. that juliet, that is her name. she escaped from the barn. it even i
4:43 pm
helicopter before the pony was rounded up. >> the call came out that the unicorn was in custody. i think as tense as the situation was, that was the comedic relief needed at the time. i laugh and i cried. i thank god. >> she got a time-out because she was a bad pony. jonathan: you would run away if you had to wear that, too. michelle: nobody was hurt. juliet looks so sweet. jonathan: they brought the helicopter out because the unicorns can fly, too. that was the concern. michelle: a flight risk. jonathan: exactly. definitely a flight risk. michelle: plus five of the best brain foods out there. these are the stories we have coming up. how to make sure that the next snack helps you to stay sharp. that is coming up when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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jonathan: this week marks the 34th anniversary of the death of a fairfax woman found murdered in a rural county road. investigators are renewing a push for information to help solve the cold case. so th
4:47 pm
northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has the story. >> it seemed like it happened yesterday. but then again it seems like it happened a lifetime ago. >> every day for the past 34 years, heather and bill have lived with not knowing who killed their sister. veronica. >> a really friendly outgoing person. jeff: known as ronnie. >> i still find myself praying at night let there be a break. jeff: on february 24, 1982, ronnie was 20 years old celebrating a friend's birthday at the now closed fancy dancer bar on route 1 in alexandria. she got separated from the group. early the next morning her body was found partially clothed in an area of loudoun county known as gilbert's corner. this is an hour away from where ronnie was last seen and where she lived. the connection to gilbert's corner is a question that still remains unanswered. >> you think about it all the time.
4:48 pm
jeff: virginia state police special agent chris mclure and loudoun county sheriff detectives steve shoshay have been working the cold case for years. >> i talk to ronnie every day. give me something. let me know who did it. jeff: evidence remained thin in a crime from so long ago. ronnie's last known boyfriend in 1982 who the family did not know remains a person of interest. the age progression sketch gives an idea of what he might look like today. >> we have had numerous people on the radar. we still, there are still some people we haven't eliminated along the line we have come up with the person that did it. >> you hope we get a call saying we got him. >> for bill and heather the hope will not go away. >> i don't think we are looking for justice. looking for closure. >> until the day the phone rings with an answer. >> in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> have you have ever any nervous regarding the murder
4:49 pm
information regarding the murder call chris mcclure at 703-803-2655. jonathan: here in the united states, we got our biggest raises since june. that means we are spending more money. in january we increased our spending at the fastest pace in eight months. couple with the news of income going up and it is good news to start off 2016 with a sign that the stock markets aren't, well, they are not the end all be all barometer of the economy. michelle: "7 on your side" with health matters. researchers at the university of texas recently found a link between high-fat diets and memorable loss. improving your diet can reduce that trend. blueberries are effective in improving or delaying short-term memory loss. broccoli and nuts are known to enhance cognitive function. fish can improve brainpower and chocolate can enhance one's focus. i think i need some chocolate right now. a
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cut the risk of heart disease. and lower cholesterol. jonathan: all right. michelle: there is your whole food plan. jonathan: show you something fun. life according to louie. that is a dog. great head of hair. it wasn't a bad afternoon to go out for a walk. bluff skies and sunshine. our "7 on your side" photographer jim jocelyn tested out of a go-pro. this is outside the studios today. well, it gave us a nice view of the world from his vantage point. he is gorgeous. >> good thing it didn't stop before the fire hydrant. or before he met his friend. >> let's start for the weekend. a good weekend outlook. it will warm up sunday and monday.
4:51 pm
it's cold in washington. virginia. i think that is what we are looking at. rappahannock high school. the winds will diminish a bit. clear skies and temperatures in the mid-20's. mid-20's for the extreme, or very the rest of the metro area. through the weekend a nice change coming. wait until sunday. upper 40's. 61 degrees for the day on sunday. seven days the warm weather will continue. a cold front could hit and then it turns colder again for the end of next week. the friday afternoon rush.
4:52 pm
we are going to start off with a crash coming in on route one. this is southbound at buckman road. to give you a reference point at the capital beltway. southbound all lanes are blocked. we have the news chopper 7 to the scene. we will give you the latest once we know. currently all lanes are blocked. i want to take a live look outside. 66. sun glare. you have it. this is passing by the capital beltway approaching gallows road to get closer to 50 and continuing past to centreville. sun glare the whole way. moving back to the map i want to talk about what we are seeing in the area of maryland. 95 as well as the b.w. parkway. a few slow spots. if you have to get between beltmore and the capital beltway, both of those have slowing. if you are traveling in the d.c. area, so far we are okay. freeway, 295 is typical delays. outbound 395 we have heavy volume. pothes
4:53 pm
be careful. that is a look at the traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. we have breaking news to tell you about just coming in the newsroom. a third arrest has been made now in the southeast washington barbershop shooting that happened two weeks ago. anthony chambers is now in police custody and charged with the shooting. two other people were shot including a 21-month-old child. both victims in the case survived. barbershop, some guys walked up, the next thing you know the shooting started. they now have made an arrest in the case. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- if you are in the market for a new home, renter beware. the fake online ads. how you can lose hundreds of dollars just like that. >> coming up at 5:00, skimmers and scammers left on a.t.m.m.'s in
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the home rental scam? where scammers post pictures of homes they don't own to get you to send them a deposit. the scam is taking a turn for the worse as the thieves have come up with an even bolder way to entrap you. courtney greer is a college student searching for a home to rent so she and her fiance found a home on zillo, a reputable site. >> the house looked perfect, doing it on a rent-to-own basis. john: the price was the best part. >> $800. utilities included. everything. >> she called the owner who said the house was vacant and available to tour so she went through it. taking the photos. then called the owner who happened to be owl of town. >> he said he was a pastor doing missionary work. >> told her to wire a deposit. >> he said he was out of texas. the money gram i sent it to was a wal-mart in texas. >> courtney said the man disappeared. no returned calls. the ad disappeared, too. turns out she had fallen
4:58 pm
the home was for rent but by a real estate company for $1200 not $800. she and her fiance are out the money. >> we are getting married. it makes a difference. i work hard for my money, i do the right things in life. >> zillo posts a warning on top of every rental listing to warn about the very scam. how do the scammers find the code to the lock box? police say they call the real landlord and say they are interested in renting the home and get the code to get inside. be careful with the rental ads so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. leon: tonight, welcome aboard. >> after years of delays, a first look inside the moving h street d.c. streetcars. leon: the potential for trouble up ahead. a former candidate steps to the mic. >> my privilege to introduce the next president of the united states -- leon: and surprises everyone with a political
4:59 pm
>> she was always looking out for them. >> a 10-year-old put in a life-or-death situation acts on instinct and becomes a guardian angel. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. alison: more than 50 years after the first streetcars took to the roads of d.c., service is on the verge of starting again. the h street line will start carrying customers tomorrow. but today, our brianne carter had a chance to ride the rails and she joins us live from northeast with more. hi, brianne. brianne: hi, alison. we got a chance to get on the tracks. we started here at 13th and h street northeast. we made our way along the lines of these four stops to union station. today smooth sailing. the first look inside the long-delayed d.c. streetcar. >> where is it
5:00 pm
brianne: hours before passengers get to climb on board for the first time. today was a smooth ride toward union station. but at times the streetcar driver was forced to stop because of an open car door blocking the lanes. when one streetcar stopped they all have, to maintain spacing along the route. >> there you go. cause a lot of traffic, too. >> i mean, i really do. you can see that now. >> the max speed the cars can go is up to 50 miles per hour. the average speed you are moving down h street is 12 to 15 miles per hour. taking it 30 minutes from one end to the other. each car holds up to 115 passengers. there is plenty of seats, space for bikes and three doors to get on and off. the question still remains will people use it? >> i don't know. it probably will be helpful for people who are disabled or old. >> you have a lot of traffic. i don't see how


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