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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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police, a neighborhood on lockdown and a suspect in custody. less thanis incident a week after a police officer was shot in prince william county. what triggered this incident in fairfax county tonight? tom roussey has the latest happening on the investigation right now. it is going on five hours since the 19 euros suspect surrendered, but the streets are still shut down as they investigate the home of the distance. that is where the police chief says officers arrived shortly after 5:00, the 19 euros suspect came out and began firing. the 19-year-old suspect was taken into custody after a nearly one hour standoff with the police. the fairfax county police chief said when he allegedly
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an officer, he was frighteningly similar to what led to the killing of a prince william officer sunday. >> officer ashley guindon gave life in the line of duty for the same type of event. tom: this time, nobody was hit, but it began a scary standoff. the swat life in the line of dr the same type of event. tom: this time, nobody was hit, but it began a scary standoff. team descended upon the neighborhood.
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he dropped the weapons, but then allegedly came at the police. they shot beanbags at him and a k-9 took them down. >> our goal is to mitigate, negotiate, and have a win at the roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. --iddle motorcycle accident a fatal motorcycle accident on washington harbor. control,cycle lost struck a poll, and the rider was killed. that is still under investigation. we are on storm watch with a chance of rain and snow. steve, what are we talking about? steve: the windchill factor mainly in the 20's, lower 30's depending on the location. the satellite and radar, nothing to worry about tonight with mainly clear skies. tomorrow, clouds begin to increase in the midday. the
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afternoon into the evening. forecast,e you the plus how much will fall in your neighborhood coming up. leon: thanks, steve. this coming in, a life-saving law saved. maryland law requires all newly have a sprinkler system. lawmakers rejected a bill to repeal that. family members of victims lobby to keep the law. new information in the case of a former prince george's county accused of child pornography. parents of one of the alleged victims are suing the city of glenarden. they say that carraway was able to use the municipal center where he abused a 10-year-old boy. he also worked at an elementary school. the police say that
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total of 17 children. leon: four life sentences for the man who murdered two college students in high-profile murders across the region. jesse matthew showed no emotion as he pled guilty today. richard reeve has with the families of the victims had to say. richard: relief and closure. the deal means no long trial and life behind bars for jessie but there was also anger in the courtroom. jesse matthew's decision to plead guilty came as a surprise and relief to the young victim'' families. matthew admitted to abducting and killing hannah graham. she disappeared after a night out in charlottesville in 2014. >> this wicked man has been apprehended. richard:
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also pled guilty to abducting and killing morgan harrington, who vanished after a concert in charlottesville in 2009. >> they say that it takes a village to raise a child. i know that it takes one to bury child. richard: before matthew was sentenced, the families read powerful impact statements. they said that matthew dumped her body like "a bag of trash to be picked over by buzzards." he was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences in prison, avoiding the possibility of a death penalty. >> child. richard: before matthew was sentenced, the families read powerful impact statements. i think it's important to him to give closure to all the people who have been affected. >> today's events do not bring hannah back to us. richard: hannah graham's mother
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serial rapist who had been hiding in plain sight for years. live in the newsroom, richard reeve, abc 7 news. 7, more than 100 counts of underage drinking at ans after a party american university off-campus fraternity house. the police say that it took 30 officers to break up a wild party at the fraternity. investigators say that it was so bad that alcohol was dripping through the floorboards and that for our halld 0.09 concentration. there was even violence between the fraternity president and an officer. the alleged host is charged with 110 counts of serving alcohol to minors. leon: a baltimore city police chief and two
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showing interaction between him and a young male. this video was taken at the school, showing the officer slapping the young man across the face and kicking him. dark conflict in reports tonight about whether the young man is a student at this school -- there are conflicting reports tonight about whether the young man is a student at the school. reports were that he was hospitalized for facial injuries and bruised ribs. the baltimore police are investigating. 7 on your side first warned about the dangers of exploding e-cigarettes, and it's happening closer to home. a man county police say was burned after a device exploded in his pocket. it happens when a device like this one comes into contact with metal objects in a pocket. anybody who uses these objects should be cautious. chargellegal to use or electronic cigarettes on an airplane in the u.s.
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tonight? are they all created equal, and is it really better than taking a taxi? uberrly suiters is putting to the test, and joins us live from arlington. hi, kimberly. alison.: hey, we are requesting a cab and uv ber at the exact same time and we will wait and see who gets to us first. we are trying to get back to the station quick and for the cheapest price. meantime, this is what we found out in the race to win your ride. 7 on your side tested uber versus uber, and uber versus cab. we compared it was faster,
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and we went to the red top headquarters to talk survival. millennial's, do you feel like you have a "cool" problem? >> probably. >> i always use uber. kimberly: we took three trips. to the airport, the taxidriver took a faster route, but not by much. my ride was just $.18 more. this time, my driver took the quicker, cheaper route. her driver's a only cost or $.21 extra. now back home to abc 7. driver took a path six minutes faster. mine got stuck the high the trolley on the wrong side of the road. our
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years has been cheaper every time. gainst cabs.ers an this cab ride was faster by two minutes, but cost five dollars more. you miss the exit. this ride back to reagan national was on target to costed next or $60, when the cabbie made a curious choice. why would you choose that route when that was free and clear? he apologized and shut the meter off. >> given the overall business, consumers have voted to use uber. kimberly: although they hate surge pricing for stop you know this, right? >> i think when people need a reliable ride, they are happy there is an option for them. kimberly: cabs
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have no surge pricing, advanced booking, and new ways to pay. cap companies are trying to stop the bleed. >> we cannot compete on price with a company that is willing to spend unlimited amounts of money to undercut the market. kimberly: for the next generation, it may be more about the connection than the cost. >> we will just pay. or wait. if you want to save money all the time, probably take uber all the time, must they are surging, in which case you want to take a cab. there is a cool app that can calculate the difference between uber and a cab. problem is it's only available in new york and london. i asked the creators of the aoppp and they
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might bring it to d.c. as for who came first, our uber here.s we saw a cab drive-by. -- we saw a cab drive by. leon: still ahead -- >> it can change their lives for the better. leon: protecting people with autism by creating a registry. a new
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alison: creating a registry of people with autism, and it could save a life. as jay korff reports, it is an effort to ease interactions with law enforcement. >> i'm printing out labels. jay: they are working on a project in their parents basement that could literally save a life like their own. nevers way, people would fear this anymore. estimatedare among an 3.5 million americans on the autism spectrum. they and their par
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registry that work specifically with first responders. >> we are trying to give officers a heads-up of what they are dealing with and trained them on how to deal with it. jay: registry members get a wearable usb device, a puzzle piece, and a yield sign, which gives officers critical information. people with autism can be sensitive to light, noise, and touch, and have trouble with social cues. >> my oldest come if he gets anxious, he could be combative just out of fear. jay: prince george's county police agreed to be the first registry so they can better and direct with those on the autism spectrum. >> having the officer in a position to know in advance they will have a different perspective on things than other
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voluntary and families can opt out at any time. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: 7 on your side with a health alertpolice agreed to bet -- can a common weed fight cancer. scientists are investigating the milkweed plant. a woman with a precancerous condition was treated with a gel made from milkweed. four months later, her skin was reborn, after some initial irritation. by the way, it's a most always covered by insurance. republicans are preparing to debate in detroit tomorrow night. dr. ben carson will not be among them. tonight he released a statement saying he will not attend the that he does not see a political path forward. he stopped short of saying he was dropping out. he said he will go into more detail later this week. alison:
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blossoms on the mall. the national cherry blossom festival will take place march april 17, and the peak bloom dates, march 31 when apparently 70% of the blossoms will be open. are thed news channel 8 official sponsors of the cherry blossom festival. we will be at the parade. we love it. it will be so much fun. your: three weeks to get allergy medicine ready. last couple times we have done it, we have been freezing. wase: early this morning it 60, now we are at 32 at reagan national. across the
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area, hovering near 30 degrees under mainly clear skies. the temperatures will fall probably another 3, 4 degrees overnight. 22 to 30 overnight, the wind has eased out of the northwest at 8 to 12. earlier we had wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. nothing like that tomorrow except cold temperatures and a lot of sunshine. waking up to 26 bethesda, 25 fairfax. heading out to the bus stop or taking the dog for a walk, bundle up. we rebound into the 30's, eventually the 40's. late afternoon, evening, we have snow on the way. don't think it will be a .roblem, but 6:00 to 9:00 it will overspread pretty much the entire area. after 11:00, this fast-moving 2 inches ofd dump 1- snow on the grass areas. light snow showers possible for the drivetime home tomorrow.
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snow overnight tomorrow night through early friday morning. 8 p.m., we could still be looking at snow across the metro area. will it be enough to cause delays early friday morning for the schools? i think north and west of town, a real possibility. thee the jackpot just to south and east of d.c., across southern maryland. in terms of the snowfall totals, 1-2 inches around the beltway. this may be the jackpot towards the delmarva peninsula. the best news, it will melt friday afternoon, the temperatures well above freezing. we continue the melting process into the weekend. by 5:00.s noontime, 42 we are talking 70 degrees by tuesday and wednesday of next week. alison: whoa, love that. leon: that's what we are looking for. erin: i was thinking the same thing.
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a rowr in
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you get two free bags and zero change fees. because what's the point of an incredibly low fare if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers." erin: brooks laich was back at the verizon center tonight, just th
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tom the best team in the nhl the worst, the toronto maple leafs. a warm ovation from the home crowd. the capitals, their second goal, st goal of thes 41 season. tied at 2-2 in the third, the long-range wrister. caps win 3-2. back to .500 and are riding a four-game winning streak. washington has only lost two games since the all-star break. first half, john wall trying to beat the clock, just gets it out of his hands before the buzzer. the wizards led by six at the half. the timberwolves on a run. theley beal, all alone for three. he had 26. the wizards win, 10
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4-98. dusty baker is undefeated as the manager of the nationals. today was their first game of the spring season, undefeated just the same, beating the tampa bay rays. scott sizemore with a three run homer. max scherzer makes his spring debut tomorrow. michigan's jim harbaugh traded in his khakis. he joined the manager and the staff where he made his grapefruit league coaching debut at first base against the pirates. championime defending oracle team usa capsized while training in bermuda. there were no injuries to the .ailors
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there was only some electronics damage when the boat rolled over. incredible video. joe flacco is the nfl's highest-paid player again after signing a three-year extension with the ravens. his average yearly salary,theres damage when the boat rolled over. $22.1 million. not too shabby. alison: thanks, erin. she was everywhere that you looked in the 1980's and 1990's. she is back now.
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alison: it is a "full house" and affair" this season on "dancing with the stars." finished second a couple seasons ago. stephanie tanner from "full house" is competing this year. 2 of the show will start march 21. leon: who is next, one of the power rangers? alison: that would be interesting.
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alison: final look at the rain moving in? steve:
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snow late tomorrow evening. the temperatures will be of the 40's. fast-forward, tuesday and wednesday, in the 70's. alison: love it. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- morgan freeman -- from "the real o'neals", martha plimpton -- and music from charles kelley -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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