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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we have now recovered it within the last month. alison: o.j. simpson was tried in 1995 and acquitted of the 1994 stabbing death of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. the supposed murder weapon was never recovered. only adding to the mystery surrounding the case. the former lead detective on the case is not ready to jump to conclusions. >> i think you have to try to keep this in perspective. this knife was recovered 18 years ago around the time when several other knives in and around the properties were recovered and turned by people. yammer forensic testing could confirm if it is or is not connected to the case. even if it is, o.j. simpson who is currently in prison on unrelated charges is forever off the hook in this case. >> we cannot charge him with the homicides he's been charged with because he was acquitted. alison: tmz b
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sources tell the website the retired officer who had the knife spoke with a current cop about the case because he wanted to get the knife framed. and have that framed engraved with the case number. we're going to keep you posted on what is going to happen with all of this. back to you. jonathan: what a crazy turn. thank you. today, a d.c. superior counter judge officially moved quandike new trial from may to october. getting a trial in the murder of chandra levy after they argued a key witness gave false testimony. the disappearance caught headlines around the country. we have breaking news now. tv news news chopper 7 is on the scene over an accident between a school bus and a car. this is blackburn road near route 29. paramedics are checking on the people involved. we'll bring you more information when we get it. michelle: right now in vote 2
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scheduled to take the stage at the conservative political action conference in ten minutes. it's taking place at the national harbor this year. about three hours ago, republican front-runner donald trump announced he won't address the conference as scheduled tomorrow. as megan hughes reports that decision came a day after he, senator rubio and senator ted cruz spent the night slinging insults at each other in latest g.o.p. debate. reporter: today, dual donald trump rallies in michigan served up what is typical trump. calling out protesters. >> get out of here. get out. out, out, out. >> hitting the media. >> i have to tell you about the media. they are the most dishonest people. they are worse than rubio and they're worse than cruz. reporter: the day after mitt romney laid out the case against him in salt lake city -- >> will he talk our policy differences or attack me with every
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>> stupid mitt said donald trump will ruin the economy. he is a stupid person. >> marco rubio in kansas encoing romney's concerns. >> if he is the nominee it will split the republican party and be end of the modern republican movement will. >> can trump be stopped? some suggested a brokered convention. the chairman of the republican national committee said the odds are small. he spoke to conservative conference where they were expecting trump but he canceled today. >> there is only one campaign repeatedly beaten donald trump. there some one campaign that can and will beat donald trump. reporter: looking ahead saturday republicans will compete in four contest, democrats in three. they will debate in michigan on sunday. in northwest, megan hughes, abc7
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by chief political correspondent scott thuman. the insult in this campaign are like nothing we have seen before. scott: they are reaching a level where everyone at this point is having to criticize it or denounce just the behavior. we talked to ben carson a couple of days ago before he decided he was no longer going to attend the debate. he said he blames a lot on the media and the moderators for the questions trying to position the candidates against each other. i asked him, but you are the candidates, you have the microphone and the bully pulpit. you can say i'm not going down the road. this is a policy i want to propose. can't you? he said absolutely. he called for the candidates to meet before the detroit debate to have a discussion about being more civil. not a single campaign responded to the call. michelle: if you watched in the first five minutes the way the debate started was something that you'd expect on a playground. >> that is something that democrats are going to try to capitalize on. today hillary clinton's campaign sent out an e-mail calling it
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and saying donate now. we will take as little as a dollar. we need to do everything possible to stop the g.o.p. nominee. >> real quick, cpac, trump announcing he is not attending. a wealthy man, wants his own jet. couldn't he attend both, go there and also to the states where they have the primarys? >> absolutely. he could campaign and make an appearance at cpac. but it goes with donald trump's mantra and formula for success that worked well. buck the system. do what you want to do. not what the establishment is doing. a lot of people probably give him points for this. michelle: all right. scott thuman, thank you for joining us today. and giving us a look at what is happening in this weird and wild -- >> weird and busy. michelle: race for the white house. all right. the tone of the civility or lack thereof in this year's presidential race is one that we want to hear your opinion on. log on to the wjla facebook page to join the conversation. jonathan: senator bernie sanders visiting
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illinois, edwardsville. calling for free education. so far today hillary clinton has not had any public appearances. they are both set to meet in their next debate sunday in flint, michigan. >> not much but a pretty snowfall to wake up to this morning across the area. jonathan: a weak snow fall but it didn't go anywhere. >> it left the roadways clear. >> we are looking at good skiing. fair skiing. a lot of this is man made as they saw a little bit fall last night. the temperatures out there in the 40's. 41 degrees at reagan national airport. 41 at leesburg. we will cool down a little bit moving through the overnight
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if you are going out to get something to eat, bundle up. we have rain on the way. i'll time it out. temperatures in the 70's. jonathan: thank you. this morning's snow wasn't enough but it did convince prince william county to close schools. >> the only snow left is left on the bushes. not even on the grass here. it's stacked to the top. we are expecting kids here throughout the day. some may be going shopping. others may come to see
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it's not bad. snow trucks were out all night. i didn't think it was mess to close the schools. >> snow enough to shut down the roads but don't snow enough to give me a delay. bad drivers hit me. that the bottom line. >> prince william county school district is a large school district. the district says they were concerned about the rural districts and decided to play it safe. that's why they canceled classes. jonathan: thank gary madonna who he mailed us -- e-mailed us the picture of the snow. beautiful. want to see your pi
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the videotapes. send it to us at the station. send it to michelle: this just in to the abc7 newsroom. president obama signed disaster declaration for maryland and d.c. because of january's blizzard. that means federal funding will be available for the state and local governments and some non-profit groups. jonathan: we are tracking a developing story out of northern virginia where several schools were forced to respond for calls for bomb threats today. weird calls. seven schools received robo-call threats. one in arlington, another in falls church, one in loudoun county. no credible threats were found and no one injured. michelle: in the last two hours, deonte carraway appeared in a federal courtroom to answer to child pornography charges. brad bell was also in the courtroom. and joins us live with the details of carraway's
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>> there was an indictment monday. 13 counts of the exploitation of the children to produce child pornography. federal authorities say carraway has given them a written confession. in court today he entered not guilty plea to each of those charges. the former teacher's aid. we have been covering the story over the last couple of weeks. it's alleged that he was abusing children on a regular basis. pulling them from class to film them in porn graphic scenes. in court today for first time, a number of parents of those children say they wanted to see him in person. >> it's emotional for me.
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i can't talk about it. i want to see him locked away. brad: we are hiding the identity to protect the identity of her child. when he come back at 5:00, you will hear much more. in greenbelt, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. update you on breaking news that you saw first at 4:00 yesterday. police trying to track down a second suspect allegedly involved in a botched drug deal. it looked locked down several schools in manassas as a result. last night manuel gonzalez was arrested near the potomac mills mall. if you have any information about the case the police needs your help. michelle: abc7 learned funeral services will be held tomorrow for crystal hamilton. police say hamilton's husband shot her saturday night and then shot at three prince william police officers who responded to her call for help. officer ashley guindon was killed in the confrontation.
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32-year-old hamilton is facing charges in both murders. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the fight over a gun store is picking up steam. michelle: later -- >> i showed it to her. i didn't know he is knew it. >> taking in, what you least expect kids to take in. look at the toddler's call that brought the police running. jonathan: but first -- >> thank you for choosing metro rail. i'm operator spencer. pleasure to have you on board. >> something positive for metro. a social med
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michelle: so often when we are covering metro it's to tell you about rider complaints, more delays or problems on the transit system. this is not one of those stories. we promise what brianne carter has to tell you will bring a smile to your face. jw if you brought a newspaper with you on board, please be sure to take it with you before you exit the train. >> meet rolina spencer, the metro train operator getting glowing reviews from riders. spencer has been guiding metro
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past two years says she love what is she does and seems to be winning over riders daily. in who use metro often complain about the lack of communication or muffled announcements but riders say officer spencer is changing that. >> i'm operating spencer. pleasure to have you on board. brianne: ride four stops with her and hear what the next stop is and which side the doors will open but the location of the car's safety button, where to put your newspaper if you're done reading it. you may get an entertaining moment if your train is forced to wait in the delays on the tracks. >> i want to be an example of the change i want to see. between the colleague and the familiar will it's important. we're the face of metro. with that said i try to do my job with integrity. >> tonight at 5:00, why operator spencer says even when she is having a bad day you will never hear about it when you're riding the rails. brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: i vote they put her in charge of training in the metro. if you have an attitude like that, you only win.
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>> only thing! time for a check of traffic situation. not so civil today on the roadways. jamie: there is a crash near powder mill road. because we have a crash and everyone is looking over to see what is happening and while they have been in traffic for 30 minutes it drops you to 18 miles per hour. 33 minutes from route 32 to the capital beltway. 32 is where the delay begins. 95 is the best option as an alternate for you. it will run parallel and still get closer to the capital beltway. northbound now in the 30's approaching nasa goddard. in d.c. not terrible now. we have crews on scene with an accident eastbound. heading outbound suitland parkway at stanton road southeast. right lane is blocked. stay left. take a live look in d.c. to show you what it looks like
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fourth street. volume is building in. nothing to worry about with the crashes. back to you. jonathan: thank you. astronaut scott kelly says after 340 days in space his muscles and his joints ache. i imagine. kelly returned from the international space station on wednesday. in the last hour he said this return experience is harder than any other he experienced. >> listen. >> i have an issue with my skin because it hadn't touched anything for so long. jonathan: the chief scientist of the international space station program says the goal of the mission was to see what humans need in space for possible round-trip to mars. the last time they talked about it
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mars is five years. a long time to be floating through space. michelle: i wouldn't want to be first on that either. jonathan: they said, didn't you say -- you might know this. it's a one-way trip. the first explorers to mars won't come back. >> that is sad. it's sad. i guess you don't have to worry about the bank accounts if you are not coming back. jonathan: no mortgage. no property tax. >> your family. steve: that is a tough call. michelle: sacrifice. jonathan: no more starbucks or dunkin' donuts. steve: okay, guess who is not going. this one right here! we have a weekend. thank goodness. long week. nicer weather on the way. but we have to wait. wait until you see what is on the way. 41 degrees at reagan national airport. temperatures on the chilly side. cloud cover will stick around for another few hours or so. then we see breaks tonight. temperatures are in the 40's. winds from the north/northwest.
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it is chilly out there now. 37 in winchester. 43 in warrington. dulles at 40. quantico at 43. show you the forecast for the overnight. skies will gradually clear. 25 to 35 degrees with the winds out of the north that will go calm. heading through the satellite and radar the storm that brought us snell for the metro earlier today and the heavier snow across extreme southern maryland, well north and east. it will have no additional impact on the area. as it pulls away. our next weather maker this will arrive late tomorrow evening. even though it is over wisconsin and moving out of the minnesota now, it will take a dip south and move overhead. if you have plans for dinner tomorrow night you might consider bringing an umbrella or raincoat. something to stay dry as the system moves overhead. the clouds will increase. showers head in late tomorrow night and early sunday
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most of it is out of here longer than the model wants to show. the winds change direction. we will see the temperatures in the 70's. in the 70's. tuesday and wednesday. 47 degrees for tomorrow. the morning sun will give way to afternoon clouds. we will see rain develop. 75 degrees, close to it. we move to the middle of the week. we have a weak cold front that is going to bring the temperatures in the 60'sful. michelle: we'll take that. steve: thursday and friday. in ten police department i'll talk about the first 70-degree day for the past five years. some of the dates may surprise you. jonathan: really? all right. steve: some early, some late. jonathan: we'll look forward to that. michelle: coming up at 4:00 -- talk abo
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anaising. just wait until you see how many it took to call this game a final. jonathan: but first, delegate norton holmes
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your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant. jonathan: developing now the lead pipes that caused a water crisis in flint, michigan, ar
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crews began the work digging up the pipes. michelle: as we see, it's the first time they have been able to express frustrations to the top congressional leaders. >> digging up water pipes in the latest effort to fix the contaminated water crisis. >> feels great to know people still care. >> the digging coming after the push by flint's mayor karen waiver. >> the goal, my mission is to get the lead out of flint. it comes 24 hours after a construction crew dug up service
4:26 pm
michigan governor trying to ensure the water situation is resolveed. >> this is something we have great urgency to do. let's get it done. reporter: the outcry of those living in flint in the government response is growing. including leanne waters, the mother who says her home is ground zero of the crisis and is suing for the health problems she says her children suffered due to contaminated water. >> congress is edebating proposal on the $240 million federal age package to fix the infrastructure. in new york, abc7 news. michelle: four fire stations in prince george's county are colle
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donations accepted until march 20. get the addresses at search flint water. michelle: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- putting a face on it. >> the owner of a soon to open gun store in arlington is fighting back to those opposing the store's opening. and the owner is having his 16-year-old daughter do the talking.
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announcer: "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: the owner of a virginia gun shoppe is fighting back against neighbors attack his plan to expand to arlington. as northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg reports it's turning into a real war of words. jeff: the fight continues to intensify over the suspected opening of a gunshot in arlington with the store's owner issuing a forceful press release this morning to those who are opposing the opening of the store. the background on this, two days ago two members of sent a letter to the property manager to
4:31 pm
reconsider the decision to allow mow va armory to -- nova armory to release the store saying it's opposed by the community and adding it could be the night for potentially nefarious and illegal activity including a black market to sell the fire arms for cash or drugs. the owner of the store said his daughter is owner in training. the wild statements sound like what some call dog whistle politics. if politicians are in the market for dog whistles we don't deal with that market. the residents are furious about the store opening up. >> it's densely populated spot in the neighborhood. across the street from a preschool. inappropriate place for this. jeff: the store owner also had strong words for opponents like
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we will explain that coming up at 6:00. >> the snow didn't amount to much. it was hassle free. the clouds are with us. >> the cold weather with us, too. steve rudin has a look at whether it will break in time for the weekend. the fact you are throwing out 70's now, we can't wait for that. steve: people are having when is the average time to see the first 70 degree days. we have had it january 30. that is a couple of years ago. 72 degrees. 70-degree for next week. the rain is developing late afternoon and in the evening hours. i promise the warmer temperatures.
4:33 pm
coinside with the weekend. we'll take it when we get it. 72 on tuesday. 74 degrees on wednesday. coming up i'm going to break out the weekend for you, what to expect if you have the outdoor activities plans. a lot of kids from v practice on saturday and sunday for spring sports. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. jonathan: this is a heart-breaking story from western washington state. a house fire kills three children. the mother is the only survivor. it happened in centrallia. the mom sleeping downstairs when the fire started. >> broke out a window. michelle: the bernie baby
4:34 pm
at 3-1/2 months. he appeared in numerous photos wearing white wig and glasses similar to those of the democratic candidate bernie sanders. jonathan: we now know what killed bobbi christina. whitney houston's daughter. she died of immersion in water and mixed with drugs in her system. it could not report if it's intentional or accidental causes. she was in a chroma for seven months after she -- coma for seven months after being found unconscious in the tub. the 22-year-old was pronounced dead in hospice care in july. michelle: this isco lone cancer awareness month. it is thought of an an older person's disease but younger
4:35 pm
colon cancer patient. >> it happened to me. >> diagnosed four years ago at 28. he had no history of the disease in the family and he was decades younger than the average patient. i started to do research on the colorectal cancer, how did i get there? it's hereditary or it's an in older people. >> according to the colon cancer alliance, 50,000 people will die of colon cancer this year. only 11% of those diagnosed annually are under 50. because of the age, smith's doctors in atlanta ignored the signs of colon cancer as a stage four patient, there is no cure for his disease. just chemotherapy every two weeks there. the goal is to keep me around as long as possible. and wait for the signs to catch up with the disease. >> the chief of oncology at the medstar georgetown university hospital says the number of diagnosed colon cancer patients in
4:36 pm
with no clear reason why. >> it's young and old and men and women. what we're learning is that the different groups of people have actually different colon cancers. >> since the mid-1980's, the survival rate for colorectal cancer has been increasing that is due in large part to early warning and screening. innovative ways to treat the disease. in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. michelle: you can learn more about the warning signs for colon cancer at jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- sitting down to do your taxes this weekend? there is a warning before you start so you don't waste your time and money. michelle: but first -- >> 911. hello? greenville county 911. michelle: knew the right numbers but not exactly what to say. this toddler's adorable reason for calling 911 is next.
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jonathan: trending now in an emergency you know to call 911. more parents teach their children that important series of numbers, three numbers we threat the great stories about the kids saving lives after learning to dial. as we
4:40 pm
little bit more education on what an actual emergency is could be useful. >> deputy sheriff two times. >> 2-year-old little girl named alea was happy to see deputy martha lonus. they sang and laughed together in her home on el dorado drive where the deputy was yesterday responding to a call. >> her grandfather answered the door. and she just comes runs up to the front with half a pant leg on and the other one is falling off. >> martha and her partner showed up at the front door because she called 911. >> greenville county, 911. hello? greenville county, 911. >> wanted me to help with her shoes. then she wanted me to hug her and hold her. i kept saying it made my day. the highlight of my day because shewas so sweet and outgoing. >> her mom said her father sent her a message about what happened. >> she said i answer the door a
4:41 pm
the cops help her put her pants on. so i started laughing. >> her grandfather was watching her at the time and had no idea she had called anyone let alone 911. >> she brought the phone to me. i thought somebody had called. so when i answered it nobody was there. when i hung up, 911 called him back. >> she was watching cartoons. her mom says the fact that she dialed 911 was a surprise. i showed it to her but i didn't know she really knew what she was doing. >> although alea made a call for help for a nonemergency, the responding officer was thankful she made a new friend out of the accident. >> hard intense things we deal with all day long, to have a little girl running up to the front door. asking me to help her put on her pants was the highlight of my day. i loved it. >> she has a good attitude. some other officers would have thought what a waste of time. >> you know they will ri
4:42 pm
office. 911, helping the little girl put on her pants. >> cutie pie. teach her what the emergencies are. michelle: fine points. details. jonathan: putting on your drawers is not one of them. michelle: coming up at 4:00 -- michelle: thigh made it. you would think a buzzer beater like that was enough to seal the deal, right? find out why it wasn't the end of the amazing game. jonathan: plus, speaking of amazing, amazing story of how the washington capitals changed a young woman's life and now
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michelle: we are back with a story winning the web. in the playoffs athletes are taught to leave it on the line. that is what too many basketball teams did with these three buzzer-beating shots.
4:46 pm
>> oh! >> out of bounds. go, go, go. >> how fun is that to watch? three buzzer beaters an four overtimes to top marshall for the win. this is the crazy part. as if it wasn't crazy enough. this wasn't the title game. the victory only pushes them to the quarterfinals. >> how hard is it for the parents. michelle: breathe. jonathan: thank you. washington capitals one of the best teams in the nhl. super hot now. some of the important work is done off the ice. michelle: they have a long
4:47 pm
assist families of the deceased veterans. >> this is a huge opportunity to develop a lovef a new sport i didn't know existed. >> this is the time of year when the caps fan wears the courage gear proudly and root on her favorite hockey team is not just supporting a sport she loves but honoring her past. >> my mom struggled with ptsd with her own service and struggled after my dad died. reporter: she grew up in oklahoma army brat with courage in her blood. when she was 10 years old her father, her hero died while training to be deployed to the middle east. when she was a sophomore in college she spent years fighting to take people's lives took her own. >> two hours already my first
4:48 pm
completed suicide. it happened all over again. i didn't know what to do. >> growing up she was not a hockey fan but the support that they have shown for taps or tragedy assistance program for survivors changed her life. capitals defenseman matt stepped up for the courage initiative in the past two seasons. >> we sell the hats and the shirts and that is a small token of what we can do. >> she reached out to taps. >> 14 years after taking the picture at the vietnam wall she is working for taps. a person benefiting her own brother. 20-year-old sophomore at montana state university.
4:49 pm
>> over $53 million in assistance for the families. >> i'm so thankful that people before me and today sacrifice. >> in arlington, john gonzalez. michelle: winning and doing great work outside the rink as well. many of you will likely spend a weekend ping watching "house of cards" season four now that it is available on netflix. if you would rather get out and get fresh air, this is "good morning washington"'s kidd o'shea with the weekend picks. kidd: do you feel like checking out films this weekend? the d.c. independent film festival kicks off tonight with the pilot episode of district land about five millennials living in d.c. the cast will be on hand to answer questions afterwards. and the capitals host th
4:50 pm
if you are looking for something that is slower pace the quant garm book fair today and tomorrow. check out the rare books and naps. >> this is a fun way i'm excited about. alexandria st. patrick's day parade will take place tomorrow in old town. a car show toed by a dog show and brian van de graaff is master of ceremonies and will take place around noon. whatever you do have a great weekend. i'm kidd o'shea. jonathan: might be this could be in your calendar things to do. national zoo and the panda house are in the plans you might see this. the panda cam. bei bei is
4:51 pm
take a moment to enjoy the video. we caught a pan the playing. the panda got out and played in the snow. but the school district shut the schools down. they didn't want the kids in the snow. how does it happen? michelle: last night at 1:30 when they made the announcement, i thought i know they wouldn't joke about that but i did take a double take. are you serious? really? the kids were like we got -- jonathan: what do you think hay i'll say? michelle: some wonder why they didn't have school. a parent said they have the days to use, so why not use them? that is like using sick days for vacation days. use it when you need them but today was a waste. jonathan: we do, too. michelle: right now looking at the national harbor. steve: clouds are there and
4:52 pm
the storm system that brought some of you snow where they canceled the schools in st. mary's county because they have four or five inches of snow on the ground. the temperatures are 30's and 40's. 39 in frederick. 41 in manassas. partly cloudy skies. winds out of the north at 5-mile-per-hour. tomorrow night if you have dinner plan, grab an umbrella. sunday morning. maybe go to farm ears market. keep an umbrella handy for that. jamie has a look
4:53 pm
traffic. i only talking about the accidents now. on the baltimore parkway not in single digits like earlier. we're in the 20's heading southbound. past potter mill road. it's still in the shoulder. you can get by. closer to the beltway. so favor in d.c. the only heavy traffic is once you cross the 11th street bridge and northbound. we want to talk about the waze map. potholes. king street. keep in mind that the potholes are still out there. a live look at 395 heading to d.c. volume near the 14th street bridge. moving at a
4:54 pm
back to you. michelle: coming up next, why you may be paying too much to terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles.
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john: why pay for tax filings when millions of americans can file free to the i.r.s. website? it's not so simple that is why many people in the d.c. area who qualify don't do it. there are still a few catches. every year people pay hundreds of dollars to tax prep services needlessly when they could have done it free of charge to the i.r.s. website. just visit and click on the free file section. it will link you to a dozen different companies that will let you file free of charge through their website. the biggest requirement is you must have learned less than $62,000 in 2015. but since most americans do that is not a problem for most
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taxpayers. be you may have to pay $30 for the state return. if you choose turbo tax the income limit is not $62,000. it's $31,000. it requires you to be under 56. if you're 57 you may say doesn't that stink? the good news there are options so you should be able to find another service to take you. john: will they ever make it easy and free for everyone? not unless they throw out the tax code. i'm john matarese. alison: tonight, possible answers in the o.j. simpson murder case. the weapon discovered on his property and why it took 20 years to be turned over to police. >> i step off the train, it's not the end they
4:59 pm
i want to represent my company well. >> metro conductor now a social media sensation. why riders are going out of their way to take a trip on their train. a speeding car and rescue on the cap cam, the life-saving trooper shares the story. >> now "7 on your side. >> o.j. simpson in the got of the crime of murder. alison: 20 years after the verdict that shook the nation, has a crucial piece of evidence been found? the lapd now confirms it has received a knife reportedly found buried on o.j. simpson's old property. jonathan: it's now tested as evidence. the story starts with the demolition of his former estate in 1998. when a construction worker said he found a knife buried
5:00 pm
he gave it to an off-duty police officer but the officer kept it as trophy for 18 years. >> i was surprised. i would think that an lapd officer if the story is accurate as we're told, would know you should submit it to investigators. >> but that didn't happen. a murder weapon was never found. the case is open. alison: where does it go there here? karetny joins us live from the museum where artifacts are on dis -- mike carter-conneen joins us live from the museum where the artifacts are on display. >> the armani shoot, white dress shirt and the gold tie that o.j. simpson were the day he was acquitted of murder were gifted to t


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