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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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he gave it to an off-duty police officer but the officer kept it as trophy for 18 years. >> i was surprised. i would think that an lapd officer if the story is accurate as we're told, would know you should submit it to investigators. >> but that didn't happen. a murder weapon was never found. the case is open. alison: where does it go there here? karetny joins us live from the museum where artifacts are on dis -- mike carter-conneen joins us live from the museum where the artifacts are on display. >> the armani shoot, white dress shirt and the gold tie that o.j. simpson were the day he was acquitted of murder were gifted to t
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former manager. also press credential, reporter notebook and televise the trial of the century now with a shocking twist two decades later. mike: most museum goers are shocked to learn they are investigating the stabbing of nicole brown simpson and goldman. a knife allegedly found on the property was kept for many years by now retired lapd officer. >> how can they -- as a police officer why would you not turn that in? >> you hope that you can trust the police to do the right thing. people are human. >> for in the case is front of mind with the f.x. series "american crime series" revisiting the trial.
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simpson cannot been tried for murder because of the double jeopardy clause and the statue of limitation probably expired for any other charge. >> it's unlikely to find some crime that is different from the original charge of murder and get it for him now. >> lapd crime lab amlizedding the knife. they are looking into criminal charges that could be trialed for the officer that held on to it. simpson is still in prison in nevada for a 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. reporting live inside the museum, mike carter-conneen. abc7 news. leon: just to remind you that simpson is serving a 33-year
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rob -- sentence for the las vegas robbery. this is far from the first knife to surface. investigators were focusing on a 15-inch knife that simpson bought prior to murders. the defense produced what was a knife at a hearing but it was in pristine condition and never mentioned at trial. a red stained kitchen knife found not far from the scene of the murders but it never made it to trial. one member of the original dream team cold the "l.a. times" the new discovery isry did -- ridiculous. we have more details on the history on alison: another famous murder case headed to trial this fall. judge set october 11 start date for retrial of ingmar gaundique who was convicted in the 2001 disappearance and murder of the congressional internal chandra levy. retrial was ordered after key witness in that case was called
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new tonight donald trump dropped out of a speech at cpac. this is hours after the debate that saw a three-way fight where nothing was off-limits. suzanne kennedy joins us. the debate ises no like we have seen before. >> there was a moment that had many people wondering allowed did he really say that? now today comes criticism that donald trump's comments have no place on the road to the white house. call it crass or classless the comment that has never been heard in presidential debate. >> look at those hands. are they small hands. and he referred to my hands if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem. i guarantee it.
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it was eyebrow raising. >> on national tv who does that? can we be normal? we have to be outrageous on tv? is that what it is about now? >> disgraceful. it doesn't belong in a political debate at all. is this high school? >> less than 12 hours after the debate, marco rubio, pressed disappoint at the ranker displayed in the campaign. >> donald trump for the last year made it one of the most vulgar spectacles in political history. >> etiquette expert was shocked the off-color topic was brought up in the political forum. >> people will say rude things and everybody's level of crassness is in a different spot. but there are certain things that shouldn't be brought up in a business setting. >> i guarantee it. >> that would be one of them. >> bottom line it drew boisterous laughs but the question is did the political front-runner cross the line. reporting live in north west washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7
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alison: it has some wondering if presidential politics hit a new low. coming up at 6:00 tonight, scott thuman show us whether candidates are reacting and look if they can rise above the fray. >> we have breaking news in the newsroom now. police pursuit just ended in northeast washington. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is there now. you can hear the sirens in the background. what is going on, sam? sam: this is 295 south. you see the white car with the doors open. that is a car the police were chasing. there was alert in the car following a homicide. the u.s. park police spotted the car that was suspicious to them. they gave chase to the car. and after a high-speed chase it ended up right here 295 south. the car is turn around. facing the
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police have a person they are detained. this car is suspicious. the bark police following a homicide heard about a car that fit a description. they gave chase. the driver fled and it ended up here. this is where we are, the southbound lane of the interstate 295. that the car. in will be here for a while. in rush hour traffic. they have had to close down one lane of traffic because of the situation here. as we see it right now, that is what we are looking at. back to you. leon: thanks. prince george's county teacher's aid accused in a sickening child pornography case pleaded not guilty to federal charges. deonte carraway a
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court for the first time since being indicted on the new charges. brad bell is live with new information for us. this is the indictment they returned on monday that includes excerpt of what the feds say is car consider's written con investigation to the crimes. you said in court today the lawyers pleaded not guilty. parents of the amounted victims leaving federal court surrounded by marshals. they are angry and hurt. >> it's very hard. as you can see. this is very hard. >> we are concealing her identity to protect the identity of the young son abused she says by deonte carraway. >> it's alleged he recorded the
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>> he done a lot of damage. again, i don't even know what to say. he has done a lot of damage. >> carraway in court in orange prisoner's jump suit. the distinct tiff hairdo still orange. answering the judge's question with "yes, sir, yes, sir." his lawyers entering not guilty pleas. >> the parents in court silently cry. >> this is my first time seeing him. i don't know how i'll react. i am glad he is locked away. carraway returned to the jail and even though he pleaded not guilty today
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the case will go to trial. leon: for part of the area this is a blink and you miss it snowfall. the roads are clear. what do we expect to start the weekend off? let's check in with steve rudin. we would like the 70-degree temperatures. steve: they are coming. we'll take what we can get. it is friday. the skies are clearing out. patches of blue sneaking in. 41 in leesburg. 37 in winchester. the winds speeds begin to ease. anywhere between five and 14 miles per hour.
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chill factor. you will want to bundle up. the clouds will diminish and then we are just on the heels of the next big weather maker that will bring us rain come tomorrow. ly have the exact timing in a few minutes. alison: we will see you then. high school basketball player recovering after being shot in the back. it happened last night hours after a big playoff win for woodson high school. d.c. bureau chief sam ford spoke to the player's mother. sam: woodson high school number two player was on the winning squad in the game against gonzaga high school which went to two overtimes. after the game in his clay terrace neighborhood -- >> the boy called my house and said mom, i've been shot. come get me. i call the
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>> his mother showed us the picture of the bullet wound. deep graze. what led to the shooti? >> my son was arguing. the police report said he doesn't know who shot him. >> he does know. they know what is going on. >> there have been numerous shootings, three homicides in the past year. >> you take my child away from me. tired of the people getting killed. nothing needs to stop. it needs to end. >> montgomery is 17. his team woodson warriors are undefeated this year. his mom has eight children and 13 grands has hopes. >> my son is going to make it. i want out of here. time to go. >> hoping he can help you out. >> i'm
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24 is too much. >> after the win against gonzaga woodson will play friendship on sunday for the citywide championship. and his mother says he wants to play in the game. and she thinks he will. reporting from northeast washington, sam ford. abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead at 5:00, progress in the fight to get safe drinking water in flint, michigan. alison: plus a significant disrelationshipry in the zika virus and what they say about the impact on children. >> thank you for choosing metro rail. i'm operator spencer. pleasure to have you on board. jonathan: wait until you meet operator spencer. the metro train everybody wants to ride. what makes the trip memorable? we'll show you. >> the end of the era at metro. what you need to know the next time you go through a
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jonathan: a fair card farewell. the end of the paper fare card is upon us. today is the last day you can use the soon to be relics. you have been warned. starting tomorrow metro rail fare gates will only accept
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the metro machines stopped dispensing paper cards in december. 90% of the riders are using the smart trip cards. anyone who still has a stockpile of the paper cards you have until tonight to either use them up or trade them in. alison: take a lot of rides and use them up tonight. spielal of metro it is -- speaking of metro it's becoming an internet sensation. or one of the train operators have earned her own hash tag. the reason is the riders can't get enough. brianne carter introduces us to operator spencer. brianne: she is quickly becoming a local social media sensation. tweets describe her as the best, informative, fantastic, #daymade. >> i checked out twitter and now i know people like what i say to them. >> it's not just what the train operator says but how she says it that has the riders wanting to catch her orange line train every morning. >> 'm operator spencer. a pleasure to have you on board. >> many riders complain about the lack of communication and
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the muffled announcement in the system, ride four spots with operator spencer and you will get clear safety information. >> it's a red button with a four-digit card number under it. brianne: all with a smile. >> i don't want them to know if i have a bad day. they pay to ride metro rail. if you pay you should get customer service you want. >> it makes the ride a lot more positive. like nice experience. brianne: operator spencer says the positive at stud she has on the rails carries to her personal life where she is a proud mom to three girls. >> those are my girls. brianne: spencer says she does it from the heart, not for the recognition.
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>> we're look iting at each other like what? alison: weather wise we have the weekend here. steve: it's shifting ahead by two days and then it would be perfect. it's march. i think we are done with snow for the season. we will take that. a lot of people can't get enough of it and we will head to wintergreen via the weather bug network. folks are enjoying the snow. this is man made. with the 70-degree warmth on the way the snow will have a hard time surviving. recap the jackpot area, southern maryland over six inches in california. prince frederick saw four inches. two and a half in damascus. we are at 40 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. we look at the white house. no snow left on the ground. we had a light coating. a lot of it in the trees.
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39 in falls church. same in chevy chase. aspen hill in upper 30's. wind chill making it feel colder out there. if you have plans early on this evening, want to bundle up, the temperatures are going to slowly fall. but the winds are going to diminish. luray is the cold spot in 30's. the winds are starting to ease. winds in the 7 to 15 miles per hour range. this map here, we have a core of the cold air across the mid-atlantic and the great lakes. what you so across oklahoma, dallas, houston with the temperatures in the 60s and 70's. that will move our way as we move through the upcoming weekend. unfortunately it's not going to make it here in time for this weekend. but i promise you, as we move in the day on tuesday and wednesday. you will say it feels great out here with the temperatures
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show you what is going on with the wider view satellite and radar. this right here is our next weather maker that is now beginning to move to wisconsin. it will take a dip south. a few breaks in the clouds. you will notice it as the temperatures fall and then a good deal of sunshine today and tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. the calm winds for you. the future cast give us an indication through the weekend. waking up tomorrow, sunshine for farmer's market. this should be dry around here. if you are headed to dinner tomorrow night and plan to stay out late, bring rain gear. rain is on the way. moving to early sunday morning off to church or the morning services you will want to sta
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mid-day hours. sunshine on the way. the winds change direction. look at this. high pressure to the south of us. tomorrow not as warm. the next seven days. call at it streak? lower 70's, then middle 70's. i say a cold front on wednesday that will drop the temperatures in the 60's. alison: all right! steve: that is my kind of cold front. take it all year round. alison: we are ready. all right. thank you. jonathan: new risk coming to light about a way to quit smoking. >> looks like the pants exploded. how often the e-cigarettes are exploding in our area.
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atthews: for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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alison: breaking news of a double shooting in southeast washington. tom roussey is on the scene where it's unclear if it is related to that pursuit that sam ford reported on a few minutes ago. do you have any information there, tom? tom: this is still unclear at this point whether or not it is connected. it is looking more like it might not be. but we are not sure. let me get out of the way. you can see where the shooting
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happened a little while ago. a man and a woman shot. we are told the woman was still conscious taken to the hospital. the man was unconscious and unresponseive and also taken to the hospital. you see a crime scene van out of the scene now. this is an apartment complex in southeast where this happened. a lot of kids around here. to give you a sense of where this is that is the suitland parkway over here. very near the exit to alabama avenue. we are working to get more information on this. i talked to the police literally in the last minute. the man that was unconscious is still alive. that is the latest so far. reporting live, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. just ahead for us at 5:00, a police chase ends with a fiery crash. but for an officer involved it didn't end there. the heroic action and caught on video.
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>> an e-cigarette explosion hits close to home. injuring a howard county man at work. i'm joce sterman. coming up what investigators say is the cause and how many cases like this maryland has investigated already. >> local efforts to help out those in flint, michigan. i'm amy aubert. i'll have that story coming
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: just this past tuesday night the "7 on your side" i-team told you about an explosive danger, the e-cigarettes that spontaneously explode injuring the users. now a case close to home sends a man to the hospital. investigator joce sterman is here now with the details. this is scary. >> absolutely! you have seen the shocking video. e-cigarette exploding in a man's pants pocket sends flames shooting out the side there. that happened to a howard county man on wednesday. i got off to phone him. he is okay. he was burned here on his stomach and here on his leg. he was back to work today. he said it was totally unexpected, no warning. now the fire marshal office is wrapping up that investigation. the sixth one in maryland since the start of 2015.
5:31 pm
were coming out of his pocket. joce: one of the most unique investigation captain robert ferguson has been involved with. urban legend come to life. >> this is a real thing. >> a real explosion that brought an engine from station 11 in fulton around the corner to this medical building where a man working was burned by his electronic cigarette. >> we did conclude that a battery failure is what caused the explosion. >> this local story spreading as quickly as this video. which shows the same type of explosion last week involving a man in a kentucky convenience store. this incident burning up the courtroom of the stores that make them. >> ill is dangerous, going to hurt people and kill someone school. >> evan was in a coma for three days after cigarette exploded in his mouth. >> splitting up blood but pure black. >> vaping advocacy group say the
5:32 pm
rare. they may be blamed for the battery not for the device. >> people who use devices use them consistent with the manufacturer's recommendations. joce: the department of transportation explicitly banned electronic cigarettes from all commercial flights this week but not because of the explosions but the chemicals inside the devices. but that is the reason they banned them from the check bags last fall. joce sterman, abc7 news. alison: all right. thank you. the family of four mariners who died after a cargo ship sank reached a settlement with the ship's parent company called tote maritime. the el faro was headed to puerto rico from florida last october when it disappeared in hurricane
5:33 pm
the main propeller failed and all 33 people on board died. the amount of the settlement was reportedly $500,000 each. >> a nur lab study found -- new lab study found zika virus has an effect on embryo's brain. research published by the journal "stem cell" says the mosquito-born virus can impact embryonic cells that help form the brain. previous studies found microcephaly in babies. experts caution it doesn't prove that the virus causes birth defect. >> well, the lead pipes that cause the water crisis in flint, michigan, are now being removed. crews began dipping up the pipes connected to the water main in the city. the flint mayor said she wants all the pipe res placed and has had the state for$
5:34 pm
in flint tonight the 25-member congressional delegation is there hearing from people impacted by the tainted water. it's the first time that they have been able to express the frustrations directly to top congressional leaders. group in our area are doing what they can to help out. amy aubert caught up with the prince george's fire department where the water donations there are trickling in. amy: for this crew it's another day on the job. the first responders are used to helping others and now the prince george's county fire department reaching out in a new way. >> there is no hope on the horizon for the residents of flint that their issue with the water will be solved anytime soon. >> a crisis that brady says struck a cord with one of the volunteer e.m.t.'s. >> she said she couldn't sleep at night and knew she had to do something. >> they are collecting water to send to
5:35 pm
before today donations were at a slow trickle. only a handful of cases ready to go. >> this morning they multiplied their donations. one person bringing in 50 case of water. >> we couldn't again be more pleased. >> an effort that antonio palmer knows well. >> how are you doing today? amy: the senior bishop at the kingdom celebration center -- kingdom celebration center said last month they wrapped up a water drive with one of the members. >> it was unbelievable to see everyone come to the rescue of others. >> palmer says the church collected 600 cases of water. the effort altogether raking in thousands of cases for flint michigan. with the goal of 1200 cases this fire department is hoping to make a big difference beyond prince george's county. four fire stations stepping up as dropoff sites. if you stop by when the first responders are on the call, leave donations and they will
5:36 pm
amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: breaking news. coming in the newsroom now. it has to do with the race for the white house. dr. ben carson announcing he is officially suspending his presidential campaign. he is out. this is dr. carson right now speaking live at cpac in national harbor. the announcement really not a shocker especially after carson opted out of last night's debate following a poor showing on super tuesday. so the field that was once 17 is now down to just four. alison: still ahead here at 4:00. the police chase ends and then the real drama begins. the police officer life-saving heroism caught on video. jonathan: abc7 salutes a group who leave it on the table for wounded warriors. the sergeant major run. we'll explain what that is coming up next on "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: ahead at 6:00, symbol of american freedom. the bald eagle. one injured in maryland. we'll introduce you to the men and the women helping nurse it back to health. we'll have an update on its
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steve: t.g.i.f. friday is here. saturday the weekend. 47 degrees for a high. we may see sprinkles. i think they will hold off until later in the evening hours. so if you have plans tomorrow night you will want to bring an umbrella with you. keep an umbrella handy early sunday morning. we will see the daytime highs make it to close to 50 degrees. take an outlook at the next seven days. a big warmup on the way. lower 60's on monday. lower 70's on tuesday. we will be around 75 degrees on wednesday. and a cold front for thursday. that will drop the temperatures back down to the 60's. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this. a kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave.
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as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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jonathan: in tonight's 7 salutes we want to tip our hat to a group of athletes that did something that took everything they had and they did it to pay back the men and women coming home wounded from war. it is the middle of the night and yet -- >> pick it up. jonathan: the orange theory gym in arlington is packed. >> glad to see we have a lot of people here for a good cause. jonathan: getting the runners pumped up. they will need it. they are running from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.
5:41 pm
hours. six-person team. treadmill has to keep going for 12 hours. >> this is julie roger's idea doing in honor of his grandfather fighting cancer. he is a retired sergeant major so she calls it sergeant major run. all the money raised will help the wounded veterans heal through physical fitness and train them for triathlons. >> help pay for then, pay for prosthetics and training and everything to get them ready. >> running straight. before i was injured i thought i was super man. got hurt. you humble yourself. now i think i can do everything. >> six years ago he lost his leg. now he will run to help comrades. runners do their time, eat, rest, wait for their time on the treadmill again. >> cause is great.
5:42 pm
you motivate others. >> while the city around them sleeps the runners will push their limits to make a difference to men and women they don't even know. but are happy to help. julie was hoping to raise $1,500 with the 12 hour run. last check she is over $3,000. congrats. as for her grandfather we understand he finished his radiation treatment so we wish him the very best. it was dark in gym. but it gave them a chance to try to sleep. it was blaring music. great job. alison: incredible how many people were willing to do it overnight. jonathan: she said more wanted to come and they didn't have the room for them. maybe they will make it an annual event. alison: fantastic. jonathan: good stuff. alison: i hope so. jonathan: caught on camera, police chase. cars traveling 100 miles per hour and crash. what the officer does next is what you have to se
5:43 pm
news at 5:00". alison: maryland former governor catching heat for how much was spent on furniture. and then taking it home with him at a steep discount. what is now done to prevent so much of your tax dollars from going forward governor's your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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alison: there is an effort tonight to stop future maryland governors from following the former governor martin o'malley's footsteps who has been under scrutiny for the purchase of furniture and then taking it home at a steep discount when he left the mansion. >> this was all bought at a discount. >> o'malley purchased all the furniture at a steep discount. to use it at his home evaluate how it was purchased. >> purchased for 4700. they purchased
5:47 pm
other items were discounted at 99% off. jennifer of the watchdog group common cause maryland says it shorts the maryland taxpayers. >> there is something fishy here. glad to see the ethics commission taking it seriously. >> ethics investigation not been launched but they have asked them to clarify procedures. none of the item put up for the public option raising questions. >> governor hogan said on facebook today none of the 54 pieces of furniture would have been thrown out. it was his intention to leave them at the mangs. hogan's former boss paid for items when he left office in the same way. >> errors were made. we don't know if they benefited through their own back practices but there needs to
5:48 pm
sure it doesn't happen again. jonathan: a missouri state trooper is hailed a hero after he risked his life to save them from a burning vehicle. in pursuit of driver at 100 miles per hour. >> after she was okay. she said i hurt. i know you do. but we got to get you out of here. jonathan: good thing he did. less than 90 seconds later the car exploded. the victim suffered at least a half dozen broken bones including her back. she is expected to not only live but to make a full recovery. he says he is no hero. he was doing his job. that is what all heroes say. time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan is joining us with a traffic watch. it's a mess tonight. jamie: we have heavier areas. we start in d.c. heading from maryland inb
5:49 pm
avenue; a crash at benning road is causing a big issue. police activity with the right lane blocked. we are in the single digits. not backed up to the baltimore washington parkway yet. we move to talk about what else we're seeing we are not seeing too much. lot more green than we do on fridays are a lot of times lighter. 95 southbound in the 20's. take a live look outside. show you what we have now. heading to d.c. crossing the 14th street bridge. not bad at all. metro rail, smart trip cards are all you can use tomorrow. if you go to a date night tonight take paper cards. it's the last time you can use them. back to you. alison: okay.
5:50 pm
thank you. let's see how the weekend is shaping up. jonathan: we hear 70 degrees but this doesn't happen until next week. steve: baby steps but next week we'll be like we'll take it. outside we are lower 30's and 40's. if you are going out tonight grab an extra layer. it will get cold as the skies begin to gradually clear. at least the winds will settle down a little bit. they are between five to 15 miles per hour. that is giving us an added wind chill factor. this is what we have on the way for late day hours. over wisconsin. take a dip to the south. late tomorrow to sunday morning. if you head out now or the next few hours or wherever you're going for montgomery county or frederick county, it will
5:51 pm
lows from 25 to 35 degrees. we will see the warmest or the mildest at 35 inside the capital beltway. the future cast tomorrow. most of the day is dry. for garrett, algany, washington counties. early in the morning in time for the folks heading to church. warmer weather on the way. day time highs around 70 to 75 degrees. in a weekdaylight savings time. it will be brighter through the month. back to the desk. jonathan: time to talk about sports. robert has full plate. >> a surprise for
5:52 pm
we thought about you when we put the story in. i'm kidding. big ten tournament quarterfinals with iowa. pick it up in third. brianna jones finishes with 23 points and 15 boards. maryland advances. well, i have seen dynasties in my life on the prolevel. college dynasties. scott abraham shows us wrestling team trying to keep one alive. >> what do we do? >> we win. >> here we go. >> the final practice of the season for the damascus wrestling team. >> i'm wrestling, i feel every kid on the bench wrestling with me. >> wrestling for one another. helped the program to 102 mysteries, four straight titles and the four straight championships. >> we built an
5:53 pm
conducive to winning where the kids come in that are willing to work hard and do what they do. >> most people think of wrestling they view it as an individual sport. not here at damascus. the team comes first. this weekend at the maryland individual state wrestling championship at the show place arena the swarming hornets are hoping to add to the growing trophy case. >> cool to have a target on your back. they are working to beat you. but you have to work harder than anyone else. the quest for perfection. >> it forces the best out of us. teamwork makes the dream work. robert: can any of those guys take on big jarrett? jonathan: the wrestling, i don't think the people appreciate that it is the
5:54 pm
they have to cut weight and be tough. file one or one. robert: i like to eat. i can't lose weight. jonathan: you'd never make it. discipline involved there. congrats. that is great. alison: coming up we'll put a spotlight on educ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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jonathan: students in prince william county gaining valuable computer skills helping the community. alison: in tonight's spotlight on education, kellye lynn shows how the virginia star program is qualifying the young people for high-paying jobs in the stem field. kellye: inside a computer system technology classroom at forest park high school in woodbridge, old donated computers are getting a make over. >> we take the things and rebuild them to make sure they work properly and install new operating systems. get them up and running and ready to go. put them back out to the community. students who need it. people who need it. kellye: a program known as virginia star which stands for student training and refurbishment. >> honestly with the knowledge i have fro
5:58 pm
go purchase parts and build my own computer. kellye: students at the prince county public school are not the only ones that benefit. the virginia star program in more than 60 schools in the state. 40 different school districts. >> over the course of two of three years of learning the skills, the kids are knowledgeable enough to sit for industry standard certifications. kellye: certifications from computer companies that qualify students for the job market. 18-year-old stephen hall has been in the program for four years and is working toward his second certification. >> the serdfiation that you get here -- certification that you get could land you a job out of high school and one that would pay well. kellye: the best payoff is what doing this does for people who need computers but cannot afford them. >> they sign off on the computer and take it home. kellye: in woodbridge, kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00 -- where is the love? an extraordinary election year has seen diplomacy really j
5:59 pm
thrown out the window. the spectacle that has become the race for the white house. >> plenty of opponents to soon to open gun store in arlington are making their voices known. now the owner is speaking out as well. issuing a threat. i'm jeff goldberg. we'll tell you what it is coming up. >> i was really surprised. it's being treated as we would all evidence. alison: a knife found in o.j.'s house. turned over years after the equit -- acquittal. is it a murder weapon? the strange twist coming right up. announcer: now, abc7 news at 6:00. on your side. maureen: have presidential politics hit a new low? that is what some are wondering after another g.o.p. debate where the candidates fiercely attacked each other with school like insults. scott: one of the evening leading to the political news that dr. ben carson now formally dropped out of the race. but is not j
6:00 pm
it is also about the public appearances. can the campaigns rise above the fray? do the candidates want to? >> breathe. you can do it. >> you are the liar. you're the lying guy. >> are you heard of trump steaks? trump vodka? >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> okay, big don. >> don't worry about italyal marco. >> if it seems like insults over insight it is not just you wondering will it end. >> let's stop fighting. >> there is some policy talk mixed in of course but the bickering interrupting and the name-calling is one aspect ben carson says he won't miss from the trail. >> it's just so infantile. it's very disappointing to me. >> he told us it's why before deciding to stop campaigning and skip the debate he reached out to the others asking to meet and agree on a new more civil approach. his campaign tells us none of the candidates


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