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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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buccigross and levy at the controls tonight. >> jeff: i like this lineup for the rockets. ariza at the pseudo four but spreading the floor around, one big. >> mike: three to shoot for e'twaun moore. howard on him, howard defends him well. here comes brewer. brewer drives, side steps dunleavy who fouls him and a chance to cut it to six with 1:49 remaining. >> mark: we got on dwight howard earlier for lack of effort. give him credit that possession, guarding the point guard with the clock dwindling down, got down low and defended at a high level. closed out, contested. beautiful defense by howard. >> mike: we've seen the last several -- that's a critical miss right now. we've seen wild comebacks recently. >> mark: so you can do it. this is against a point guard to close out a possession. that's outstanding defense. you've earned the right to trot back offensively.
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>> mike:104-97. the bulls have led the entire second half. most of it by double figures. gasol stripped by beverley. picked up. another turnover. 25 turnovers now for chicago. harden guarded by dunleavy. puts up a three-pointer. way off. rebound comes out to moore. >> mark: bad shot by harden. let him off the hook. >> mike: dunleavy quick three. too strong. >> jeff: that's a bad shot too. >> mike: early on the shot clock, harden goes back door, gibson guarding him on the perimeter as we hit a minute remaining. harden drives, step pass to howard, howard out of bounds. 19 turnovers for
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>> jeff: i think the better play there is to throw it up to howard. as gasol comes to help, instead of trying to find them with the bounce pass throw it up. >> mark: having moore handling the basketball tells me that derrick rose is not 100%. >> mike: fred hoiberg calls timeout before the double-team converges. we'll take a break. 44 seconds remain. bulls' ball, up 7 here in chicago.
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>> mike: bulls trying to close this out. they have possession, up by 7. houston was down 18 earlier in the period. now trying to get back as the rockets currently in the 8 spot in the west. because detroit lost earlier tonight, chicago now tied for 8 in the east. chicago 22 games left counting tonight. houston 21. both these teams trying to turn around what's been difficult seasons and get into playoffs and make some noise in the post season. dunleavy has to call time. close to a five-second violation. we'll take another break. since when did experience become something to hide? i say we own it. lose all that negativity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose those terrible black balloons
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what's up with that? hey we hear you. that's why our members love aarp the magazine. it celebrates you. with fun and provocative content, from lifestyle and entertainment to in-depth reporting. and it's just one of the great benefits of membership. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at >> mike: houston rockets tonight starting a five-game eastern swing including in toronto where the raptors have been unbeatable recently. then philly, boston and charlotte as they try to secure a playoff spot. looks like they're going to fall short here tonight with 44.4 remaining. >> jeff: boston's been great at home. charlotte is playing outstanding basketball. >> mike: howard will guard the inbound. 11 on the 24.
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>> mark: with moore, you got to find a way to create an open. >> mike: dunleavy lobs it in. knocked away. another turnover. beverley across the lane, kicks it out in the corner. fakes, fires three, hits. it's a four-point game. chicago will inbound again. houston will not give up. to their credit, keep coming back every time you think this one is over. >> jeff: it's not the penalty. it's side out of bounds. have to have ways to get the ball in. sets to get the ball inbounds. >> mike: howard making the pass difficult guarding the inbounder. >> mark: you also have to have guys who want to go get the basketball. >> jeff: tha
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>> mike: rose breaks free. they get it to mirotic. fires a wild pass, gets to gasol and gasol is fouled. >> jeff: if howard had hustled, that ball would have been right to him. instead he's trotting. dwight howard just slowly trotting. that's his ball. >> mike: howard has fouled out. that's his 6th foul. gasol will go to the free-throw line. the turnovers, 26 for chicago, 19 for houston. howard fouls out for the third time this season with 8 points, 12 rebounds. gasol trying to wrap up a marvelous game, not only those 24 points but
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this is the 31st and 32nd free throw attempt. two important free throws there for gasol. back to a six-point game. timeout houston. 106-100, bulls in front, rockets ball when we come back, no more howard. sweetheart, don't look at me like that, it's gonna be amazing. this is a disaster! who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers.
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why? you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut, morons. like greasy fast food if youtreats your body...t you'd have no way to watch cat videos. so say no to greasy, fast food... and treat your body right... with the delicious rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway. made with our new hand-pulled, all-white meat chicken raised without antibiotics... all on our freshly-baked bread. the subway sandwich shop. fresh is what we do. >> mike: it's been a rough stretch for the bulls as they've dropped four in a row and 8 in 18 in the last 26
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against the bucks on monday and a quick one-game trip to texas in san antonio, miami at toronto at washington. after tonight 21 games left but derrick rose continues to play like this, jimmy butler now back, pau gasol, all three of them having strong games tonight with the exception of turnovers, everybody turning it over. ariza asking for some room as gibson trying to deny. inside to harden. harden launches it up. misses, gasol the rebound. fouled by capela. rebound number 17 for pau gasol. >> mark: mike, this is why you love the warriors or you love the spurs. they don't make the same mistakes that everybody else makes. it does not matter
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floor. they compete at a high level. they execute. they have fun and they hold each other accountable. there's a reason why those teams have a small amount of losses during the course of a long season. >> mike: for the rockets it has been so inconsistent. this game a perfect example, as gasol hits another. gasol, 27 points, 17 rebounds, six assists. he's got seven turnovers though. james harden has nine turnovers. the two teams combined 45 turnovers. now an 8-point lead. bickerstaff calls timeout. some of the fans heading out of the united center which was packed once again. got a game tomorrow on abc. the sunday showcase present
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bbba compass, golden state warriors at the staples center against kobe bryant and the lakers. coverage begins with countdown at 3:00 eastern. the warriors' historic run just continues. 55-5. just incredible. so many road games --excusee, so many home games to finish, that record perhaps to be broken, set by the chicago bulls in '95-'96. 72 wins. it is within reach. those bulls won 72 and the next year they won 69. timeout called as the rockets couldn't get it in.
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rockets now out of timeouts. how are you doing, jeff? >> jeff: i'm doing fine. wow. >> mark: the interesting thing, no team has ever gone undefeated at home for an entire season. spurs are still undefeated at home. >> jeff: who beat them in '95-'96 at home? >> mike: indiana. >> jeff: did you get them at home? >> mark: we beat them twice. don't blame it on the indiana pacers. that's the rest of the league. >> mike: indiana once and charlotte once. our statistician gets you what you want. >> jeff: trying to think who they had in 95-96. was that larry johnson? >> mike:
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>> jeff: they had a good team. >> mike: inside to ariza. shot clock turned off. they got to shoot quickly. ariza takes a lot of time. puts up a three-pointer. that won't go. harden tips it to himself. harden sets, fires, that won't go. rebound knocked loose. rose comes up with it and can dribble it out now. hopefully the rockets won't foul him. that will do it. the bulls end their four-game losing streak. pau gasol has a marvelous game and the triumphant return of jimmy butler, after missing 11 games he was excellent tonight with 24 points, 11 rebounds, six assists and good defense. derrick rose with 17 and 9. a food-goodw win for the chicag bulls as they move into the 8 spot in the eastern conference and
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season. butler first game back plays 34 minutes, fouls out for the first time but was excellent on the court. he's with lisa. >> lisa: you fouled out for the first time in your career. what was up with that, watching pau gasol wrap things up? >> that's me being too thirsty for steals. coach is always telling me to stay solid. i'm glad we won. happy about that. >> how did the knee feel? >> good. i was winded a little bit. i need to get back in shape. my teammates have a lot of confidence in me down the stretch. it's a big win. >> you were saying before the game you thought lately your team defense has been soft. how do you think you played defensively? >> we did our thing tonight. in the end, we did what we were supposed to do. >> thank you. congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> mike? >> mike: they improve to 31-30 and
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east. the rockets fall to 31-31. they're trying to hold onto that 8th and final spot as the bulls get another victory here at the united center. final score, the bulls 108, the rockets 100. for jeff, mark, lisa, our producer tim, our director jimmy moore and or outstanding abc crew, thanks for watching. up next, late local news except the west coast. we thank you for watching espn on abc, home of the nba finals.
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kimberly: on edge in one local neighborhood after a disturbing break and and sexual assault and prince george's county. at a metro station involving a group of teenagers. we are the only campaign that can and will be donald trump in this race. kimberly: the candidates claiming victories this super saturday. the news starts now. 11:00, onc 7 news at your side.
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and light snow showers are moving in, but after that we are looking at gorgeous springlike temperatures. devon lucie is tracking that tonight. how was it looking? devon: pretty clear on the radar screen. the first raindrops moving into the western zones, but not making it to the ground yet. the national harbor, the clouds have moved back after we broke clouds at sunset. the temperatures went down quickly. highs today only into the 40's, colder across the potomac. with the water influence, sunshine and 50's in stanton. 32, but the real-time temperature comparison with rest of the region, mid to upper 30's. that will put raindrops down almost every time. doppler radar is showing ,orthwest zones, garrett county some of that is showing as
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other radar is showing it as rain, but not on the ground yet. shows a tougho time getting anything out of the system overnight. midnight, and through daybreak, 7:00 a.m., that is when we expect the precipitation. also, by the afternoon, sunshine, 51. that is the beginning of the warm-up. monday, even warmer. we don't show you hear where the warmest day is, but we will tell you about it in the complete outlook in a few minutes. kimberly: a crime alert in the district -- the police are the scene of a stabbing at the navy yard metro station. a group of transgender teenagers got into a fight. a 15-year-old female was stabbed in the lower back. the police have one person in custody at this hour. also developing, in prince george's county, the search continuing for the person who
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sexually assaulted her this morning. to police are going door door, canvassing for clues to who could have done this. matt is live at the apartment complex where the neighbors are on edge. they have something of a suspect description? an incredibly disturbing story in college park. a woman was sexually assaulted in her apartment, less than a mile from the university of maryland. [knock on door] t: prince george's county police were knocking on doors today, looking for information that could help solve a sexual assault just a few blocks from the college park campus of the university of maryland. there was a woman sleeping in an apartment and a man came in and the assaulted her. he then fled the scene. he is described as a male wearing a dark hoodie and khaki pants.
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student at the university of maryland was not physically injured. our neighbors were shaken. you live by yourself and it's frightening? >> yes, yes. matt: she says nothing like this has ever happened in the 20 years she has left ear. >> it's always -- in the 20 years that she has lived here. >> it's always been very nice. it's shocking. neighborhood,ood a lot of students. the university of maryland is just up the road. we have never had problems like this that i know of. there is a sick person on the loose that should be brought to justice. matt: if you have information that could help solve the case, call crimestoppers at 1-866-4 11-tips. a reward is being offered
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for information that leads to one arrest and conviction. -- we area dangerous learning new details about the gyro copter that landed on the u.s. capitol lawn last year. it was only moments away from a potential collision with a delta airplane. roz plater has the latest from reagan national. air travelers were not pleased to hear about these details. roz: they were not, they thought this was stunning information. that information coming from court documents filed yesterday, head of the sentencing of douglas use. this could have been catastrophic, and the passengers are asking if the proposed punishment fits the crime. turns out before douglas hughes ew through restricted airspace and crashed onto the lawn of the u.s. capitol, he had a close call. friday, documents filed prosecutors say
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aircraft taking off from reagan national airport with 150 people aboard. news that passengers found stunning. >> that's shocking. >> that is a lot of lives. roz: it happened in april of last year. the florida postal worker said he was waging a protest against campaign finance laws and wanted to get lawmakers attention. here is what he said last may. reporter: was it irresponsible? >> i think what congress is doing is a responsible, ok. let's get some people to ask that question, all right? at the time, some consider this a stunt, but word that his gyro copter came within 1400 yards of a commercial jet is no laughing matter. >> that is of not just an scary. in court papers, pros
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sentenced to 10 months behind bars. >> that is not much for what he did. roz: in an e-mail tonight, hughes called the whole thing a fabrication. his lawyers are questioning why prosecutors are now saying he was much closer to the airplane than previously reported. we will get that sorted out at the sentencing, april 13. live at reagan national, roz plater, abc 7 news. maryland governor larry hogan is mourning the loss of his sister. governor hogan posted on facebook today, "my heart is broken, my only sister passed away this morning. lazarus was the best big sister anyone could ask for." no word on how she died. months less than four after governor hogan announced his cancer was in remission. he was diagnosed last year. today marks one week since two women were killed in a shooting in a prince william county h
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afternoon held a funeral for crystal hamilton, laid to rest in shelton, south carolina. -- in charleston, s.c. that her husband ronald hamilton opened fire and killed her before firing on the officers. and a fundraiser is also being held for the second victim in the shooting, officer ashley guindon, who was on the job just one day. a grill in manassas is donating 10% of tonight sales to the officers family. they also held raffles and drawings. >> every time you go to a sporting event, they honor the military. nobody does anything for the first responders. they are the ones who protect us on our streets and in our neighborhoods. when you are sick come you call the ambulance. first responders take ca
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i wanted to do something for prince william county police officers who were injured or killed in the incident. waserly: officer guindon killed just one day after being sworn into the prince william county police department. she will be laid to rest monday in massachusetts. key victories in the race for the white house, five states making their mark on the presidential race. ted cruz got to states from donald trump. twoie sanders also told tonight. we have more on what the victories ultimately mean for the front runner. >> everyone is trying to figure out how to stop trump. reporter: senator ted cruz did that once again. the super tuesday showdown started off with a big victory by cruz by a two to one margin in kansas and maine. >>
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trump in this race. reporter: the spotlight at a donald trump rally in central florida as violence erupted while he was on the podium. >> i will bring people together. gymnasiums to barnes come along line snaked around caucus and primary locations. kansas, nebraska, kentucky, and louisiana. and a victory lap for bernie sanders, securing delegates with victories in kansas and nebraska. >> we want to make sure that a republican does not go into the white house. hillary clinton in michigan touting her victory in louisiana. >> i'm grateful to everyone who turned out to support us, but now everyone is watching michigan. undoubtably a disappointing night for marco rubio and john kasich will stop both are looking
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states, happening tomorrow. 7 is yourabc headquarters for the 2016 primary election coverage. stay with us on-air and online for updates. frenzyup next -- the oj returns. what lapd investigators are saying about the knife allegedly found at simpson's estate. in the stars are out in the district tonight. a look behind the scenes of
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