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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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a front. prowling in a traffic jam, an escaped tiger dodging cars and scaring drivers. and total eclipse. good wednesday morning. we'll start with the stunning results in the race for the white house. bernie sanders with a big night, donald trump
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well. the crown jewel of the evening. sanders pulled off the % ei. it is "your voice, your vote." abc's david wright has theeland. david, good morning. >> reporter: kendis and reena, hello from cleveland where hillary clinton was clearly hoping to give a victory speech, instead she came out and addressed her supporters giving a standard stump speech telling them it's going to be a very busy week. >> as we move through this week of travel and door-knocking and phone-calling, if you work for me and if you vote for me, i will work my heart out for you. i will work every single day. >> reporter: a l
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the polls showed her a good 10a the fact it turned into a late night is a surprise for her campaign and a disappointment. >> what tonight means is that the bernie sanders campaign, the people's, the people's revolution that we are talking about, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country and, frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> reporter: sanders is in miami, florida, where he will be debating hillary clinton, a lot of eyes will be focused on that debate now as this democratic primary is newly energized. kendis, reena. >> well, our thanks to david wright. michigan is sanders' first win. and will
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money. he gave thanks to supporters saying the corporate medwek yo sanders' snapchat account
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suorters at a campaign king up event to raise their rightanall. now, ted cruz is chiming in saying what trump did is profoundly wrong. >> this notion of demanding people stand and raise their hand hands pledging allegiance, we're familiar with that. in monarchies, the kings and queens demand that of their subjects. but in america, no man is above the law. >> others have compared trump to hitler saying his actions are reminiscent of the third reich and the nazi salute. let's see where things stage in the delegate counts. when pledged delegates and
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superdelegates are added together hillary clinton has a wide need butz not too far behi trump.ormationvoters, mississip republican voters supporting trump's plan non-u.s. muslims from entering the country, 76% supporting that plan. >> in michigan half of republican voters say they prefer an outsider as the next president. 41% said they want someone with experience. also in that state, the question is donald trump honest and trustworthy? it's split down the middle there. of course, we have much more on the latest primary results ahead on "good morning america," we also going to talk live to john kasich. more heavy rain is expected in northern texas overnight slowing cleanup from three tornadoes yesterday. roofs were torn off buildings. mobile homes destroyed and trees and power lines knocked down. only one death is reported. and as you can see
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radar that storm system is still covering most of texas. more flooding likelyho at the white house of all places. the secret service syle odom threw flash drives over the south fence last night. the suspect was tracked to washington on social media. pastor tim remington regained consciousness yesterday. the motive for that shooting is unknown. to the midwest also break overnight a man accused of killing five people in custody after an extend i have manhaunt. he allegedly killed four men in kansas city, kansas and killed another in missouri found not too far away overnight lying in mud. a missouri highway patrol officer says he appeared to be
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fight. he is a mexican wi he had been released accide accidentally last year. vanderbilt university grad student taylor force was killed in a stabbing rampage in the port city of jaffa. he was a west point graduate who served in iraq and afghanistan. he was in israel as part of his mba program. the attacker ran against traffic along a popular seaside boulevard stabbing as he went. shot and killed by police. joe biden's trip to israel may have served as the trigger of this wave of violence and as a result, israel is now increasing security around him. biden met this morning with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and we'll see him later in his two day visit. back to washington and perhaps a lighter moment on capitol hill. senate minority leader harry reid speaking with reporters, one was recording his comments on an iphone,he
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ator e not turned off. blaming someone at "the new york times." >> a reporter. at least he picks up his phone. most would hang up. >> good source. still ahead a total solar eclipse, images coming in now. a stickup, a gun pointed at a taxi driver's head when a police officer shows up at the right time. plus, dramatic rescue on hawaii's famous pipeline, surfers jumping into action after a big wipeout.
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flea market. the smoke that billowed from the rescued.ld be seen miles away. no one was injured and the cause of that fire is still unknown. a commuter train service resumes this morning in northern california following that derailment. officials say a mudslide triggered by heavy rains pushed a tree onto the tracks causing the derailment of the ace train. four seriously injured. first responders say it's a miracle no one was killed. turning to business the stock market's five-day winning streak is over, the s&p 500 and nasdaq were hit hardest. more than 1%. but the dow was also off. investors were spooked by the latest weak economic report out of china and falling crude oil prices.
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in 120 countries. number one mants are planned in kazakhstan over the next three years. well, when we agents under investigation after the deadly ending to that standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge. a loose tiger going from car to car.
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new 80 calorie obsession. narrow stretch of the world had perfect view of the total ellipse. had attaches when the moon gets between the sun and earth. another cool image taken by people on board an alaska airlines flight over the pacific. the timing of the anchorage to honolulu flight was adjusted so they would get this view. sun glare may be a problems for drivers in the eastern u.s. watch out for flooded roads in the south central states wet all the way up to the great lakes and northern thing and also in the pacific northwest roads may be slippery in the western mountains. if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in dallas, houston, memphis and chicago.
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bernie sanders staying in the game wit michigan and hawaii. ted cruz won idaho and john kasichbi failed to win a single state. five fbi agents under investigation this morning in connection with the deadly shooting outside an oregon wildlife refuge. prosecutors say the killing of militia member lavoy finicum was just justified but two mystery shots that missed finicum fired right as he exited his truck have the agents under scrutiny because they failed to report them. they could face serious punishment. and we have learned overnight about the death of george martin often known as the fifth beatle. ♪
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then went on to produce hard day's night" 90 ds yearold. well, a brinks armored car service employee is pleading guilty to stealing five tons of quarters. they stored the quarters at brinks in birmingham. it is not a nickel and dime theft but the equivalent of a major bank robbery. this frightening situation in a cab. a masked gunman demanding money. the driver hands over $11. check out the car behind the cab, a quick-thinking deputy sheriff realizes something wrongs and flips on his lights, pulls his
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approaches the cab. the gunmanuy nam mcginn he hit his head on a r championasrescu. he said during the incident he was consumed by one thought. >> i cannot let this guy go. you know, his life is on my arms right now and this is all about his life now. >> really just thank you. you know, there's no -- i mean you can always say thank you and stuff like that. there's always going to be in my heart and special wishes and stuff like that. >> yeah, once he was pulled to the surface mcginn was helped by a team of lifeguards, spent two days in the hospital. he'll be fine. >> thankful
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know. a dozen men's college basketball teams have now clmorning. it's "sportscenter" in los angeles. he's neil portland his rap name dolla. he's got skills. >> you know what mine is triple money. >> i thought it was money triple. >> feel me, dog. and look at him j with soul on john wall. a good basketball game, blazers wonovertime by seven. a rapper and c.j. mccollum plays dame's music. >> i'm up on portland. >> all right, the spurs.
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back-to-backs all
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starting with a bizarre move by donald trump accused of all successful companies. an apparent attempt by ter mitty quesheuccess of his>> i don't k. a rush hour incident no you how one wants to see. it happened in the persian gulf. the nation of qatar. >> look between the cars coming this way, that's a large tiger cub on the loose. witnesses say it fell out of the back of a truck and it's believed to be an escaped pet. >> it's actually illegal to keep wild ani
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somebody could be in big, big trouble. the tk andalex savidge was reporting on ktvu standing with his back to the street and his cameraman chip vaughn warned him. >> it passed to his left and only hit the live stand. in the next report he thanked the cameraman for saving his life. >> but, wait, he had to go live after that. >> of course, he did. >> again, the show must go on, my friend. the show must go on. >> that's morning producers for you. >> more news after this.
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suearsday: sunny. record warmth. highs: 77-82 winds: sw 5-15 breaking overnight. another big win for
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trump. jus t ahe hawaii republican caucuses. coming in second place was senator ted cruz. that win caps off a big night for "the donald". the billionaire business-man won crucial victories in hawaii, mississippi, and delegate rich michigan. this came after a week of blistering anti-trump attacks from fellow republicans on the campaign. now-- trump is again calling on fellow candidae
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daon the democratic side-- hillary clinton secured one victory in mississippi last night. but it was senator bernie sanders that pulled off a big upset in michigan, taking first place in the crucial battleground state. he thanked his supporters for turning out to vote, despite recent stories that put him far behind clinton in the polls. while hillary clinton still holds the lead in the delegate race -- it represents an
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crews install new beams for the new catharpin overpass. the work irot crews will have intermittent total closures lasting up to 20 minutes. both nights, the roads are expected to be back open before 5am. it's xx and we're just getting started. polls don't win elections. senator bernie sanders pulls a huge upset in the wolverine state. we'll break down the results.. coming up.
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ends on the grounds of the white house. : 50-6


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