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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> it happened at 3:45 yesterday. according to the spotsylvania county sheriff office, 37-year-old john conroy jr. had been arguing with his 36-year-old girlfriend at the house. both of them residents. >> at some point the argument escalated. >> conroy started physically attacking the woman in front of her 15-year-old son who is not related to conroy. according to authorities the 15-year-old grabbed a semi-automatic pistol from inside the home and fired several shots at conroy. killing him on the scene. >> the young man must have got awful mad when someone started beating on his mom. >> captain jeff pierce was at the home after the shooting. >> it tugs at the heart string. you know what the job is and what you have to do investigate. you never get used to that. >> how come the gun was accessible to the boy. >> that is one of the questions that lazano has
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he feels for 15-year-old whose life won't be the same. >> easy to pull the trigger but you can't reach back and grab the bullet and pull it back. once it's done it's over. that is something you have to live with for the rest of your life. jeff: the 15-year-old had his first court appearance earlier today. he is being held at the rappahannock juveniledy tension facility -- detention facility in stafford county. we asked authorities if they had previous calls to the home. they said it's one of the many elements of the investigation they're still looking into. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: okay, jeff. thank you very much. now, today, maryland's general assembly started debating a bill that could expand the definition of domestic abuse. this comes after several ince didn't in prince george's county since monday. that left three women dead. maryland bureau chief brad bell will have much more on that coming up at 6:00. leon:
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talk about the early taste of spring. the national park service as you may have heard moved up the prediction for the peak boom of the blossom because of the spike in temperature now. the dates are now march 18-23. it's not just the cherry blossoms. gene mulsgrave e-mailed us the picture from her garden. plenty of folks making it a point to get out and enjoy warmth. brianne carter is standing by live at the national harbor. he is is enjoying the sun with other folks out there. brianne: it is glorious out here. what is wrong with the picture? we make the unofficial proclamation you can take the gloves and the heavy winter hats and trade them in for some sun screen. you would need it today. the sunglasses and like many people get the chance to get outside. >> washington in the spring. >> it doesn't get better than this. >> we may still be days away from the officia s
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spring but it is starting to feel like summer. >> thermometers with the record temperatures the folks get outside any way they can. >> good job. brianne: in the midday it was hard to find a spot of open grass. >> definitely ready for people to be outside. exercise outside. to eat and enjoy in the middle of the day. brianne: j.p. is in town for job interview and he wasn't prepared for the warm forecast. >> i didn't bring shorts. brianne: some say it's sign for what is to come but others say it's welcome relief after the blizzard 2016. >> no more snow. don't say those words. we need this weather. beautiful. it's beautiful. brianne: many of us who were in
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same way and are thrilled to have the weather here. but as many say what goes up must come down. cooler temperatures ahead this weekend. some say they will do whatever they can tomorrow ito get outside. back to you. leon: before we let you go the consensus here is you are pulling off the mermaid look. out there on the rocks. >> beautiful mermaid. leon: looking beguiling. brianne: i'm a girl from the beach. any challenge to get by the water i take advantage of it. leon: it doesn't look like it's leaving soon. alison: that is good. doug hill with a check of the forecast. did you get outside? doug: just a little bit. it was worth it. beautiful. it will get cooler for friday and the weekend but it won't get cold. it's still mild. check out the numbers. 76 at reagan national airport. cooler there because of the influence of the potomac river water
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still 81 in leesburg and manassas. 76 in baltimore. we will see things cool down. the new temperature records are reported apt dulles and b.w.i. at 82. record high in philly at 82. 81 in albany. 76 in scranton, p.a. this afternoon. the forecast wake-up temperatures through the metro will be in the mid-to-the upper 50's. the numbers are in excess of the average daytime temperatures. again tomorrow looks terrific with the temperatures approaching 82 degrees. if we hit that, that is a record. the record tomorrow is 78 degrees set ten years ago. i think it's almost in the bag to set a record. beyond that just a touch cooler to the weekend. happy to share details with you in a few minutes. alison: we will look for that. thank you. now turn to a developing story out of the district today where a man accused of shooting an idaho pastor appeared in court in the last
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hour. kyle odom was arrested outside the white house last night. stephen tschida has the latest on the case. stephen: 30-year-old kyle odom appeared before a judge at d.c. superior court ten minutes ago. she ordered him held without bond. he requested an extradition hearing. that means he is going to stay here for 30 days million the judge determines whether or not to send him back to idaho to face attempted murder charges. >> the man wanted in connection with the shooting of an idaho pastor sunday. 30-year-old kyle odom. apparently flew to d.c. from boise, idaho, monday morning hours after the shooting. then secret service arrested him last night. he is alleged to have thrown items over the south fence of the white house. tuesday manifesto from odom arrived at various news outlets and he said he is tormented by martians. he went on to say if you talk to
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he is not crazy. he goes on to say his life has been ruined by intelligent species of amphibian humanoid from mars and it's his last resort he had to take action to bring it to the public attention. >> about 30 minutes ago i spoke to representative from the f.b.i. who explained how odom was able to board a plane and fly across the country just hours after being charged with attempted murder. he was not on a no-fly list. that is reserved for terrorism suspects. there was be on the lookout for vpokane airport closer to where the shooting took place but odom is believed to have thrown from boise, seven and a half hours away from car away from where the shooting occurred. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: turn to vote 2016. the action heads to florida tonight where the democratic presidential canaled date will debate in miami. as marci gonzalez reports this is hours after a surprise
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side. marci: ted cruz celebrate a victory and endorsement from carly fiorina. >> the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz. marci: trump still the clear republican front-runner picking up victories in michigan, mississippi and hawaii calling on other candidates to drop out. >> let's come together, folks. we are going to win. let's come together. marci: but john kasich says he is going nowhere, confident he will win his home state and have a shot at the nomination. >> donald trump, ted cruz and i are dead even going into the last half of this whole mess. don't be thinking it's over yet. >> marco rubio maintaining a similar message saying despite coming in last place in mississippi and michigan, he is not backing down. >> buckle up the seat belts.
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trailing in the polls where the democratic candidates face-off for the second debate of the week. >> the state in this election keep rising higher. >> hillary clinton now halfway to the sell kate count needed to win the -- delegate count needed to win the nomination but bernie sanders is feeling confident after a big upset in michigan. >> i want to take the opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls. >> the focus is now on the next primary tuesday with the biggest stakes in florida, ohio, illinois. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. leon: abc7's chief political correspondent scott thuman is in miami. he will be there to cover the beat it and he will have live reports for us at 6:00. complete coverage after the debate at 11:00. alison: republicans in the virginia general assembly reached a deal on a $100 billion budget. the two-year spending plan does not raise taxes or fees.
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the agreement does not expand medicaid, a priority of terry mcauliffe. the governor has not said if he will sign or veto the agreement. leon: the maryland senators apried one of the strongest laws in the country to protect bees. the pollinator protection act limit pesticides that contain the neonicantie toeids. if they agree only certified applicators andveltrynarians the use the tem calls in 2018. put yours away. alison: whatever you said. all right. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- on the run. look at this. herd of ponies making a break for it. right in time for the morning rush hour. leon: later, breaking ground. cruise starting to build after the project got started. alison: plus -- >> i saw they come to tell me. >> why the store owner rude awakening had him doing a double take. leon: but first firefighters injured. we will take you live to
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that rocked part of town.
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leon: a community frozen in time.
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power plant in japan. it's five years since the earthquake and tsunami that killed more than 20,000 people. the quake damaged the power plant there causing a meltdown. that forced the evacuation of the entire surrounding region. on friday, there will be a minute of silence at the moment the magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit. alison: now out to the west coast today where dogs are searching rubble after a gas explosion in seattle. firefighters were just responding to reports of a leak when this happened. nine firefighters were hurt. gabe cohen live in seattle is monitoring the developing story. gabe, first, how are the firefighters doing? gabe: well, alison, that is the good news. all nine firefighters have been released from the hospital. we have just heard the fire chief say he was shocked no one was more seriously hurt by the blast. but as for a this neighborhood take a look behind me, it is still a mess after the early morning gas leak
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the debris defined the day scattered from a coffee shop, convenience store and a restaurant reduced to rubble in an instant. crews spent much of the morning putting out the hot spots searching for potential victims. luckily they say the street is quiet late at night with the business closed so the fire department says as of now there is no reason to believe anyone else was hurt. because of the initial gas leak, one of our photographers was here shooting the scene when the block blew up. he tells an amazing story. >> we could hear it hissing. i was thrown on the ground. broken glass. the camera man next to me was saving run, run as fast as you can. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the initial gas leak. then this explosion. in the meantime you can see the clean-up hasn't even started here in
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back to you. leon: thanks. good luck out there, folks, dealing with that. closer to home, new developments involving dominion virginia power. the utility reached an agreement with prince william county over treated water from coal ash pond. under the terms of the deal, dominion will be treating the water and testing it in quantity know creek that flows to the potomac river. the board of supervisors says dominion accepted all the county demands. alison: coast guard working to erase the last remnant of winter from green bay, wisconsin. they are zigzag along sturgeon bay using 140-foot cutter to break up the ice. the coast guard says the mild winter means that ice breaking begins earlier than in recent years. >> even if we just come through once it may be enough to have the ice melt toward the shoreline. >> get oat the open water gear and put ice fishing gear away. it looks like the warm weather is here to stay. alison: officials say they start at the ice edge and gradually move
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and the process takes a few days. leon: i talk to guys who were upset there wasn't ice still out there. they like to be out there on the ice and fishing through it. alison: that is their thing. a little hard to understand. doug: it gets to be unsafe at some point. this is the point. alison: exactly. what about today? dalles gorgeous. records around the arizona. tomorrow is probably the same thing. then it will get cooler. not colder soon. spring might be here. we'll see. get started with things around the area this afternoon. beautiful day in rockville. looking at the montgomery college campus. 78 degrees. blue skies and sunshine. comfortable. if you go farther east. not that far to the chesapeake beach. it's in 60's with the sunshine. the reason is that it's 58 now because the winds are out of the south/southeast. coming up the by a. warm air mass coming up over the chilly bay water temperature. same phenomenal at reagan national. that's the reason that reagan national airport did not set a record high. it was
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b.w.i. and other spots. 76 now. enough of a waft to breeze across the water to cool it down. away from the water. 81 in leesburg, manassas and winchester. 66 in annapolis. 49 degree bay temperature. it will do it to you. get through the evening it looks like a fine shape here with the temperatures slowly dropping in the 60's. 69 degrees at 7:00 p.m. 61 early in the morning. sun rise is 57. the temperatures are warmer than the average daytime highs. we are not finished with the day. plenty of sunshine to go. warm temperatures. that is where we find steve rudin on the basin to enjoy the pre-cherry blossom, not quite blossoms yet. steve: not quite yet. it is quiet now. but in two weeks it will be packed. all the tree, a thousand of them whether be in full bloom or 60% bloom.
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through march 23. if you come ahead of time or a little bit after it will still have plenty of blooms to enjoy. with the blooms and the flowers and the trees come the pollen count. it is off the charts. if you have allergy issue with the trees and the blooming trees like the cherry blossom, or crab apples it's in the high category. for grasses and mold not a problem. anytime soon. if you have plans to head out here. not that much to see. it will improve dramatically. talk about a frag. worry about a cooldown in time for the weekend. but not a huge cooldown. back to the studio with doug. doug: the temperatures are warm now. between the number for the low to mid-60's later in the week. cool down a bit
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showers moving ahead of it. a lot of this will dry up east. but tomorrow another sunny day. low 80's here. maybe a sprinkle. get over the weekend the front will set up shop across the carolinas. so we'll be close enough to it, we could see scattered somehow ebbs. but the air mass behind it isn't that much colder. question will be good to go. 82. the record is 78 in washington. we have this one in the bag. as long as the winds stay out of the southwest. if they are southerly, forget it. south weatherly wind get us to 82. friday we could see a sprinklal. 68. mild. in the weekend is mild temperatures. we will pick up a slight 30 to 40% shower chance at time. monday is 50%. tuesday and wind right back to low 70's. alison: nice. >> good. alison: good friend. maybe spring is here to stay. so >> that sounds great. leon: they call him the most interesting man in world. doug, too. but for how much longer will he carry the
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explain when we come back. look at where you have to pay to park that you didn't before. leon: plus, first, paying respects. we will take you live to california. public will get a chance to say goodbye to nancy reagan. leon: now a look at what is coming you have tonight on abc7 --
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alison: right now people are filing through the presidential library to pay respects to nancy reagan. she will be laid to rest next to her late husband. >> this procession bringing nancy reagan's body to the final resting place. before she is buried, days of ceremonious mourning beginning at the l.a. funeral home where the family arrived for a short service. the casket carried out by members of mrs. reagan's secret service. a motorcade transporting that casket to the reagan library in simi valley. fire departments saluting the hearse all along the way, a show of respect. and dignified entrance to mark her arrival. >> nancy and ronald reagan spent five decades by each other's side. >> try to find a picture of them together not holding hands?
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>> after a decade spent apart following former president reagan's death they will be united again. >> when her casket is lowered to ground they will be close enough where they could hold hands. >> they will be in this tomb, plans long in the making. among the one thousand guests attending the service friday, former president bush, laura bush, hillary clinton, first lady michelle obama. >> mrs. reagan was a woman of incredible strength and grace. >> house speaker paul ryan got private moments with mrs. reagan's cas get. now the public is getting its chance with the viewings here today and tomorrow. the library expecting tens of thousands. alison: with so many type of people there, can you describe the scene for us today? >> sure. well t
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closed up until today. now it's really the first chance that anybody from the public has gotten come up with here. ever since the viewing started 1:00 p.m. locally there have been bus load filled with the people, giant buses coming up to have the opportunity to it have the casket of mrs. reagan in the lobby at the library. closed casket. ahead of the viewing hundreds of people were on the road leading up to the library watching and some holding the flags, some with the hands over their hearts as the motorcade passed by. even on the freeway on the road, the drive to the library in the procession earlier there were bystanders along the freeways, too. watching and it was a bit poetic as well. mrs. reagan was transported on the reagan freeway named her her husband in the late '190's. alison: thank you very much. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- not again. what makes the story about a ca
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worse than it looks. alison: plus, you have heard about the benefit of a mediterranean diet. find out why part of it could
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"abc7 news at 5:00". leon: several people needed to be trialment after a fire between d.c. fire engine and medical access van. sam ford was on the scene and has the latest. >> fire engines are built like tanks. >> it happened this morning at 11 and maryland avenue half a block from craig dean's house. >> you could hear it civil blocks away. sam: temporary truck carrying firefighters from the d.c. famed engine 10, once called the busiest fire company in the nation collided with a solera company medical transport van. >> sirens were on and passing us. we pulled to the right to let the fire truck go by. >> the women saw it all. saying the engine was turning left on 11th as the van was turning right. >> as soon as it went by, a few seconds, i heard a loud bang. >> i saw the fire truck coming down from this way. bang. like within a matter of seconds. sam: was it going fast? >> extremely. extremely fast. sam: in the aftermath seven
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four firefighters. two of the people taken out of the van were in critical condition. observers think the van driver assumed the fire truck was going to go straight when it turned left. >> i don't know if the driver saw the fire truck. i assume he should have been able to. >> a witness raised question about speed. certainly that should be investigated. the engine was on its way to a gas leak. reporting from washington, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: montgomery county leaders are on hand for ground breaking ceremony for a enough second district police station. bethesda based real estate firm designing and building the station for the county. it will replace the current station. which is located on wisconsin avenue. county officials say the cost of the renovating the 55-year-old station is just too expensive. so the new state-of-the-art building should be open next year. leon: not again. that was the thought of the owners of the gelato shot on
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washington this morning. for the second time this year a car crashed through the front of the gelato factory and the coffee lab. the same door. the driver suffered minor injuries. no one inside the building was hurt. >> i thought they come to tell me. they told me they had another car inside. i am so bad. leon: i googled it. it's not that weird of an intersection. the strangest thing. similar act was january 19 when this happened. get this. the owners were all set to have new glass installed tomorrow. so now they are all the way back to square one. alison: goodness. leon: is that crazy or what? alison: bizarre. leon: the intersection is not that weird. there are two stop signs there. alison: yeah. >> go figure. alison: bad luck. leon: no one got hurt. alison: that is good. leon: inside at least. alison: well, let's talk about the air travel. united is making big changes to the fleet. and the airline is
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across economy seating. ten across. imagine that. to 19 of the planes. the planes will feature three, four, three seat configuration. it will impact domestic routes between continental u.s. and hawaii. they plan to retire the remaining 747's by the end of 2018. leon: share a row with nine crying babies. yeah. alison: the washington airport authority says that of the nearly 79,000 noise complaints against reagan national airport last year, listen to this. 6,500 of those complaints came from the same person. the airport has seen a dramatic increase in plights over the past decade. airport officials say they are working to address the noise issues. how much time does that take to call 6,500 times? leon: apparently not that much. apparently not enough. alison: wow! leon: how about that? alison: very unhappy person. leon: "7 on your side" consume eralert now. olive oil shorge
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the cost of the kitchen staple is up 20%. the jump is blamed on the drought and the disease that devastated a big part of the europe to live crop. the higher prices are prompting the shoppers to switch to alternative oils. according to figure from the international to live council to live oil consumption dropped 7% in 2015. it looks like do seqeuis is jumping the most interesting man in the world. the last ad is going to show him on a one-way trip to mars. they have chosen a new spokesperson but not saying who it is. part of it they are saying because of a new deal the company has to sponsor ncaa football next year. they are going to make the changes to match that audience. alison: maybe he is taking beer with him to mars. that might help.
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alison: right. leon: coming up here at 5:00, this week harris' hero. >> nice to go somewhere to be able to take that mask off and not need it. >> our special camp help children grieving the death of a loved one. on the road to recovery. >> it has nothing to do with cars. i'm kellye lynn at montgomery college. i will tell you about a program giving students support they need to achieve academic success. that sto
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steve: i'm abc7 steve rudin. beautiful evening at the tidal base sin. the temperatures slowly beginning to fall. the daytime high and potential for the record breaking warmth. 82 degrees. reagan normal airport drop to
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saturday middle 60's. a few showers here and there. don't forget early, early sunday morning. the daylight saving time goes into effect. we spring ahead by one hour. with the daytime high temperatures in the 60's. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues
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alison: that is one fan outside the legendary cavern club talking about the loss of the beatles producer sir george ma martin. many called him the man behind the fab four. he produced "sergeant pepper's lonely heart club band" among others. paul mccartney says he was a second father. sir george martin died last night at 90 years old. leon: grieving the death of a loved one is hard for anyone. what if you are a child and the loved one of yours is a parent or a dibbling? here there is a special camp in the d.c. area helping the kids ranging from six 6 to 17 years old express grief and the same time allowing them to be kids and have some fun. it's a free weekend long camp called camp forget me not in d.c. it's this weak's harris' heroes. >> a big
5:40 pm
in my own mental battle. leon: 15-year-old maddy only recently been able to take off what she calls her mask. [singing] leon: she credits a special camp for that. last summer maddy attempted camp forget me not. >> the most powerful part of camp for me is we make boats. we just listening to other children and other teenagers tell like speak out the name of the people they lost. >> i saw myself. leon: when haddy was 8, her mother died. as a teen she lost someone else important to her in her life. just like her, inch at camp, adults included are grieving the death of a loved one. >> we help kids learn they are all different ways to navigate their grief, express their grief. and it's about you get to be kids and you still get to live. leon: over the course of the weekend,
5:41 pm
the youth learn different coping skills and take away a positive message from the adult buddies. >> they see i want to say a light at the end of the tunnel. they see this is where i am and where i could be. >> i tried to instill in them you will be fine after this. leon: for maddy and the other camp is a big step in grieving and the healing process. >> they give you a needle and a thread. so when you are ready you can. >> it is amazing to watch particularly when you realize you haven't been through what they went through and the magic that happens when they understand each other is special. since 1999 they have provided support for 900 d.c. kids. run by the center for healing and loss. i will be june 24-26. the moyer fou
5:42 pm
by former world series pitcher jamey moyer and his lovely wife. alison: incredible program. leon: it is. alison: allows hem to move on and make bonds with people who have been through what they have been through. leon: they told me about it over dinner once and took me a minute to get it. after seeing it, i comes full and comes alive. alison: fantastic. leon: way to go. alison: still to come at 5:00. mike: i'm karetny at the intersection of 15 and -- i'm mike carter-conneen at the intersection of 15 where the dem lig of the old "washington post" building is resulting in confusion and congestions among cycling and the pedestrians. coming up, why they are calling for changes. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports it's the a.c.c. in d.c. georgia tech warming up. all the good teams here is like basketball heaven. that means a lot to fans will be here, too.
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alison: breaking news. this just in. baby reported missing over the weekend is now back with her legal guardian. sunday we told you that 11-month-old emeny moss was reported missing with her 18-year-old mother. a police who saw a news report spotted them at a d.c. bus stop. the baby is said to be in good health and is now back with her grandmother. leon: prime parking spot to eat or shop at the village at sherylington will now cost you. the goal they say is to improve the traffic flow and turnover and discourage abuse by long-term parkers. there is still free parking available at the off-street garages. in downtown d.c. demolition is underway on the old "washington post" building to make way for fannie mae's new headquarters there. alison: but mike carter-conneen reports all the construction has an impact on the pedestrians and the bicyclists trying to share
5:47 pm
road. >> super annoying. >> dicey if you are a pedestrian. >> a total mess. >> with the sidewalk closed outside the "washington post" building many pedestrians are walking here. >> you are either going to get hit by a car or a bike. >> despite many signs here, the pedestrians continue to use the temporary bike lane on 15th street. >> even a shouting construction worker is not enough to stop some pedestrians. as a result there is an awkward dance between those on foot and those on wheels. >> to be honest i ignore it when i'm a pedestrian as well. otherwise you have to wait for the light to cross the street. >> according to ddot more than a thousand cyclists peddle through here each day. >> greg billing the the washington area bicycling association says a bad situation is going to become work when the crews eliminate the barrier on l street to force bikers in a shared lane with a cars for the length of the project expected to last two years. >> we see a different rider. t
5:48 pm
riders new riders that go out of their way to use 15 and l street because they feel safer. >> last month, the d.c. council chairman sent ddot a letter sharing the strong concern with the current accommodations that he described as inned a want and not as compliant. after a demolition the pedestrian walkway will reopen on 15th and the bike lane on l street will be compliant with the d.c. law and it will be 13 feet wide standard for a shared bike lane. cyclists will enter the lane ahead of the motorists when the signal change since cyclist follow the leading pedestrian signal. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: drivers on florida turnpike got an unexpected surprise this morning. you know what they saw? miniature horses. roaming free along the turnpike. it's in florida. leon: yes, it's in florida. alison: every interesting story comes from there. trooper stood nearby to try to keep them roaming on the highway. the
5:49 pm
slipped free through a gap in the fence. the forces did make their way home. leon: the stories always start out with a man in florida. they were probably heading to miami for the debate. call scott thuman to tell him to keep an eye out. check on our roads here with jamie sullivan. jamie: no horses. no miniature horses and nothing like that to worry about. it's just cars moving slowly. if job are hadding out, you loosen up on 50 or the baltimore washington parkway. heading to the national harbor. you can see a solid line on 295. 395 leaving the city. averaging 17 miles per hour. getting from 66 to the american legion bridge will take you under 20 minutes. wrapping through the collision in the teens.
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are talking. but not many accidents. looking outside is new amp avenue. this is a lot of sun. that is what we like. back to you. leon: love that. alison: see how long the sun will be lasting around here and the warmth. the record is 82. we missed it. 76 now. win direction. this time of year with the cool water in the rivers and warm air moving over the air cools off. along the waterways. i happens in the potomac and the rivers. the by bay. the bay temperature is 49. so 6 of 0 in the naval air station and why it is warmer away from water area. 80 in hagerstown. still 75 in culpeper. 77 in manassas. 77 in fredericksburg. so by tomorrow morning the skies are mostly clear. high clouds in the morning. wake up temperatures in the mid-50's across the entire region.
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55 -- aspen hill 55. the values are higher than the average daytime highs. we refer to this as a bermuda high in the summertime. it will hang high for one more day and then a cold front approaches. the front bends through. for tomorrow, 82. the record is 78. we have a chance to match or beat the record. friday is turning cooler with a sprinkle or spotty shower on saturday. turn your clocks back. once a year i get it wrong. turn your clocks forward one hour. chance of showers. put it on the prompter and i would read it. that would be easier. back to you. leon: too easy o
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a.c.c. tournament is underway downtown. alison: robert burton at the verizon center. robert: we have seen a couple of wild rides now. they are trying to win the whole thing to solidify a place to the ncaa tournament. we know that there are a lot of fans in d.c. from all over the place. we had a chance to talk to those people today. add one more c to the a.c.c. >> convenient. >> the a.c.c. in the d.m.v. a rare round ball treat. >> cool. once in a lifetime opportunity. >> this family got to see the favorite team with the case of orange-itis. >> are you supposed to be in school? >> i am.
5:53 pm
about d.c. and d.c. syracuse legend derek coleman. >> it's an opportunity to see great things in washington, d.c., as well and enjoy basketball. >> the story couple from woodbridge dukies. >> we are excited. this was on my bucket list. we got tickets to all the sessions. >> talk about a hoop dream. james robinson of mitchellville, maryland, got to watch his son james iii a stand-out player for pittsburgh. >> it's exciting. this is our chance to not travel. we gave james home loving yesterday. >> james was the hero of the game for pitt. two huge pickets to beat syracuse. march madness is like march memories. the dad told us right before tip. >> it has been a sweep.
5:54 pm
robert: coming up at 6:00 highlight from the first to matchups. great finishes. leon: thank you. still ahead putting spotlight on education. alison: we'll have a look at a program to give local students your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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alison: we know getting accepted to college and graduating can be a difficult task, especially for at-risk students. in tonight's spotlight on education, kellye lynn show us how a program in maryland is giving the students the support they need to successfully make it to and through college. kellye: montgomery college freshman knew he wanted to go to college but had no idea what it would take to get there. >> i was loss because there is so much information. you don't know what you don't know. >> the high school coach helped him find
5:58 pm
>> it's academic success program and we help students get in college and succeed in college. >> aces stands for achieving collegiate excellence and success is a partnership from montgomery college, public school and the university at shady grove. the coaches work with the at-risk student at ten high schools in montgomery county. >> we do a lot of workshops that deal with the communications and the financial literacy. >> students go on to be paired with a coach there to continue support. >> help me set up the course scheduling and financial aid and the scholarships! she credits it to help her bring up her grade point average. those enrolled in program have higher g.p.a. and are more likely to pass courses and
5:59 pm
>> now, having all the recognition for doing so well and having the professors tell me i can do things i can. i know i will. alison: that is it tonight for "abc7 news at 5:00" but now "abc7 news at 6:00". how a community is using killer whale to turn birds away. plus a man is arrested outside the white house after he says he shot a martian. >> it's the worst case scenario. this is the worst day. >> the second guessing after what happened days before the police say a man killed the mother of his children in front of their very eyes. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: two lives lost
6:00 pm
three more lives changed. the man blamed for the brutal crime should have been behind bars. kevin reynolds was locked up last week on charges of domestic violence. he shot and killed tarekka jones and jalisa harris as several children watched in horror. >> the bat follow line sadly. the victim wanted to bring her boyfriend home. six days later the man took her life and the life of her sister. this happened in the third floor apartment. people are upset by what happened. others saying it didn't need to happen. less than a week after kevin reynolds murdered the mother of his child tarekka jones and her sister jalisa harris he was bailed


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