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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 11, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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we will look forward to the american people deciding who they want to make this appointment through their own votes. >> but according to an abc news/washington post poll poll, 63% of americans do not think the selection be process should be stalled. president obama says he expects that the senate will do it as outlined in the constitution. >> police outside of pittsburgh are searching for two men hon opened fire at a backyard cookout killing six people including a woman who was eight months pregnant. three of the victims were is siblings and two others cousins in the suburb of wilkinsburg, known for drug tracking and gun violence. authorities called the attack planned and calculated and announced a $20,000 reward. the owner of a small aviation insurance company in georgia is now requiring workers to carry guns. lance tolland told his 12 employees to get concealed carry permits and training. then gives them a
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called the judge. he says the guns are meant to keep the workplace safe. he also says that he's had 100 participation. >> lawmakers in california have voted to raise the legal age for buying and using tobacco and e cigarettes from 18 to 21, the higher age limit won an probable despite intense lobbying from the tobacco industry and opposed by republicans who said that the state should butt out of people's personal health decisions. that legislation needs the governor's signature before it can become law. a major recall under way involving very popular frozen foods. necessarily is pulling nearly 3 million boxes ofdy joraniol pizza and lean cuisine meals after customers reported finding glass in their food. the glass may have come from the spinach packaging used in those foods. we have a quick reminder to change your clocks this weekend. daylight saving time officially starts
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a.m., set your clocks ahead by an hour so you lose an hour of sleep this weekend. that's good. you'll show up early if you don't otherwise. >> yes. exactly. >> it's always fall i worry about. >> fall takes awhile to get use odd to. there was nothing to see in that daylight savings story time. this make up for it. >> probably the best video of the morning. streaming in. >> beautiful. >> from captain dave's dolphin and whale safari in dana point in california. that's what's called a dolphin stampede. it was recorded during a whale watching trip. >> so experts say the dolphins can stampede at any point. and without any apparent cause. the pods in that area can be up to 10,000 dolphins strong. what a remarkable scene. >> it is pretty cool. >> yeah. >> thanks, guys. coming up "insomniac theater" a movie to make you scream and one to make you laugh. the reviews are in. >> also ahead, one-on-one with christian bale. hi
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>> we turn to an abc news investigation, the heroin epidemic in america. over 100 deadly opioid overdoses every day. >> it's one of the country's leading causes of drug-related deaths. just yesterday the senate passed a bill to improve treatment programs. more from abc's david muir. >> in manchester, new hampshire, they're already on track to have the deadliest year yet from heroin. >> all good? >> for more than a year, tracking it in that community, we're with a s.w.a.t. team about to go outton a bust. in this apartment, authorities say a young couple, young addicts also selling to get the money for their next fix. and if you think that's not my family, we met so many parents who never thought it would be their children. sabrina. >> spencer's world was football. the boy loved to play. >> reporter: droug doug griffin.
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she would bring a supply to everyone's face. >> four out of five new users begin with prescriptions. >> the oxycontin. >> there are no boundaries, rich, poor, the middle class. pills, then marijuana. >> spencer switched over to marijuana. >> heroin. >> the police came to my door at 1:00 in the morning and said my son was gone. >> reporter: in so many communities across this country, the needles are everywhere. he shows us the needles, the tool kits they found, families discovering them. >> you've got families calling you saying there are needles at the park, on the little league field. >> yeah. >> reporter: which is why chris is now teaching middle school students 11 and 127b students how to use nar can to bring someone back from a heroin overdose. >> how many of you have seen the needles? >> reporter: the students have seen the needles everywhere. >> i saw one just like on the sidewalk and i was like, what is
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and my mom told me and i was like whoa. >> reporter: and some of the children reveal it's in their own homes. >> these kids are 11 and 12 years owed. that's where we are? >> yeah. >> reporter: and just look, this young girl practicing how to administer the drug to save someone practicing on a teddy bear. david muir, abc news, new york. >> that is a remarkable scene. >> yes. and be sure to tune in tonight for the "20/20" special "breaking point, heroin in america" at 10:00, 9:00 central here on abc, of course. >> part of the problem is the fact these heroin and open. >> eddie: users start taking it it, back off it and when they come back they have to take a higher dosage because their body is tolerant of it. it's heart breaking. >> one of those tough tough things to break out from. it is an epidemic, of course. we'll be right back.
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he's one of hollywood's most sought after talents chris bale going from the dark knight to knight of cuffs. his new film getting a lot of attention. >> he's opening up about another film on everyone's mind, the new batman. abc's nick watt went one-on-one with the star. >> living
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didn't even know. >> reporter: knight of cups is so darn clever. i'm not. >> let me tell you about you. >> reporter: and its star the uber talented christian bale doesn't love interviews. here goes. >> jeff, gary, j.c., chris, everyone happy? everybody happy? christian, are you happy? >> i'm good. so early in the morning, i'm kind of in a big cloud of happiness right now. >> reporter: the film comes from terrence mahlik, you know "tree of life," "thin red line." >> why should i be afraid to die. >> this deinvolved to the point of not even bothering to have a script. i was the one kept most in the dark. whenever i would speak, they would tell everyone to shut up. my character's a writer. but he's sort of lost the use of words. >> the effect mesmerizing. >> more of a let's see what happens. therefore the viewing experience is a
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i think it will be very different to each and every person. in that terp, i think it's more interactive instead of being told what you meant to think. >> reporter: bale is english but when he played batman. >> it's very important. there's a great character here. >> reporter: he talked american in interviews. >> he's just such an american icon that everyone would sort of revolt if they heard an english voice saying he was playing batman. >> reporter: he played batman three times in the upcoming reboot, it's ben affleck. >> how is it? >> very different from your batman. >> i've been watching the trailers with my little boy. he's excited. >> reporter: bale's not been on our screen since spielberg's "empire of the sun." >> i loved the experience of doing it even though it was kind of strike. i was 12 years old and off in these countries by myself which i sort of loved but then you get all the press you have to do afterwards and. >> reporter: then and still
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>> always, yeah, but it's all right. the reason i love being an actor is because i'm not playing myself. something i know how to do. >> there is that, too. i left school really early and never paid attention engs anyway. this isn't a career of last resort. >> reporter: it's the only choice. there is nothing else. i'm not good at anything else. >> reporter: he's amazing at this and night of cups also amazing unlike any movie ever seen. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> it's interesting, huh? >> it is. that movie is in theaters right now. knights of cups and he's an excellent actor. and he's really good at breaking down and talking to the crew members. a great viral video of christian bale going off on some crew members on a set once. you know? >> but you know him well. >> yes, back when we both walked the red carpet together and then he went a different direction. >> what dekz would that be? >> as far as away from me.
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♪ oh, that familiar theme on a friday morning. time again for "insomniac theate theater". and look at what's an hitting the theaters rights now. >> if you're looking for a scare this weekend, our first film might be for you. in it a young woman named michele wakes, she wakes up after surviving a terrible car accident to find she's been locked in a doomsday locker with her rescuer. he warns her the world outside has become uninhabitable after a chemical attack and doesn't allow her to leave. she ultimately decides to escape but is the real danger outside the bunker or is it
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>> no! don't! don't open that door! they're you're going to get all of us killed! >> something's coming. >> oh. >> oh. well, "10 cloverfield lane" is shaping up to be a critical success with eric davis of says it's stuffed with chills, thrills and a neat premise that keeps you guessing till the last shot and mark ryan says it's one of the scariest movies i've seen in a long time. >> because the trailer is pretty scary looking. if you're looking for laughs instead of screams, look no further than the brothers grims by". sacha baron cohen of borat fame stars as knobby, a soccer hooligan with a heart of gold but rocks for brains after 28 years of search -- knobby is
2:57 am
brother sebastian who happens to be a very lethal spy on the run after being wrongfully implicated in a terror plot, he must turn to his newly found brother for help and he's about to find knobby isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. >> i need you to carry me. >> come on, get on my shoulder. >> oh. >> sorry. >> get in. >> hey. >> move away from the car. >> as soon as i printed your ticket. >> come on. you'll have to drive. move. >> not that one. >> didn't expect that. critics are a bit split with pete happened of deadline hollywood calling it baron cohen's best since borat. there hasn't been much. but henry miller of sight and sound disagrees calling it simply wittless rubbish. >> rubbish. >> isn't that what we expect from sacha baron cohen movies? yeah, he's good
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part. he doe
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this morning on "world news now," strategy shift for the republicans. >> how donald trump and his rivals took a dramatically different tone at last night's debate. did any of the candidates break through to the voters without repeated personal attacks? >> primary push from bernie sanders, attracting big crowds in florida. to hillary clinton returning to her home state. the strategy behind her new campaign ads. >> tennis controversy. new details about maria sharapova's positive drug test. who is supporting her for the first time and what a famous competitor is saying. and later, the darkside of social media. one woman's chilling story about how a single post changed her life. the lessons she's sharing on this friday, march 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world newno


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