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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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about how an alert police officer led to the arrest. brad? brad: quite a story. minutes ago, montgomery county police say they are ready to charge the suspect in connection with the three bank robberies you mentioned. it is alleged that the bank robber started heel in new carrollton. did four bank robberies yesterday. then essentially delivered himself to police. >> the robber was bold. busy. and energetic. hitting four banks in a matter of hours yesterday. at least nine since last fall. he may have wanted his own social media bandit nickname. >> hashtags were used to rob a bank. brad: you heard that right. in the age of twiter the man in the photo give teller notes with #nopolice. #becareful.
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and crossbones emoji. >> it was a warning to the tellers. brad: the cops were eager to catch the hashtag robber. police sergeant spent the morning yesterday investigating one of the robberies. when he finally got a break he came here for lunch with other detectives. he came out and couldn't believe his eyes. >> i came out and parked was the vehicle. >> he stepped back and before long, 45-year-old leroy daley came strolling back to his get-away car. from a visit to an eye glass shot. the police surrounded him. #lotsofpolice. #under-arrest. >> i don't know if he was oblivious or arrogant. brad: how about that? using
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implied message to rob banks. he was living, renting a room one block from prince george's county police headquarters. in new carrollton, brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, brad. active investigation after an elderly man was shot to death in lorton. police found 83-year-old johan de leede unconscious early this morning in the 6000 block of river driver. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. no arrests have been made. if you have any information call the policea this week, christopher rademacher re-signed from the job as the langely high school and lost his teaching license. in the 2014 trip overseas he is accused of giving alcohol to students and encouraging them to strip. he is also accused of telling two students to engage
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sex acts while he watch and took part. the trip was not sanctioned by the school system. he is not charged with a crime. we learn today that the virginia state attorneys are still reviewing the case. today tents were forced to leave giving three days' notice. no one argues argues that the building is in squalor. the city is putting evicted people up in the hotel for 14 days and storing belongings. after that, what happens to the tenants? one woman doesn't have a plan on where to go with two children and two dogs. >> it's not the taj mahal. but you can't tell me you'll put me somewhere 14 days and then after that nothing. maureen: some of the evicted tenants reportedly have not paid rent for
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staiz with abc7 for continuing coverage of what happens next. noah's law moves forward named for police officer noah leotta who was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver in rockville last year. exexpands ignition interlock requirements for drunk drivers in maryland. today it advanced in the house of delegates with the stricter provisions. it requires devices and cars with drivers and blood alcohol content of .08 or greater. last december, officer cody fields approached a car while a driver was unconscious inside. fields used a baton to break a window. a second officer brian nesbitt helped pull the man from a
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>> get him to a safe distance. maureen: today they receiverred the gold medal valor award. at the ceremony the victim met the officers for the first time since the rescue. what firefighter gave up his oxygen mask to save a woman from the smoke this week. and his throat is still raw from the smoke he inhaled. >> trying to make her understand i wasn't going to leave her.
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coming up at 2:00, how nancy reagan is being remembered tonight. and how ben carson's support might affect the race. >> local artist won first prize in the prestigious portrait competition. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up the opportunity she will receive now and the remarkable story of survival. doug: the weekend is starting off the partly cloudy skies. mild temperatures. will it stay like that through the weekend? that forecast coming up o
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maureen: virginia has given final approval for the use of the electric chair. the general assembly okayed the bill to allow the state to use electrocuse when it can't find legal election drugs. no word whether governor terry mcauliffe will sign the bill to law. big development on the campaign trail. >> it's not about the republican party or the democratic party. it's about the people of america. maureen: of course that is dr. ben carson endorsing donald trump. carson praised trump saying there are two different donald trump. they talked about the mutual re
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trump says he expects carson to be involved with his campaign's education policy. a crowd of well-known dignitaries celebrated the life of nancy reagan. the private funeral held today and attended by first lady michelle obama and former president george w. bush among others. mrs. reagan died over the weekend at the age of 94. lauren lister shows us the emotional celebrate of her life. >> i am the resurrection and the life, said the lord. reporter: a solemn procession. ♪ amazing grace reporter: and a crowd of 1,000 guests here to memorialize first lady nancy reagan. >> accept our prayers on behalf of thy servant nancy. reporter: family and friends remembering her life from hollywood to the white house. more than five seconds by her husband's side. >> she really
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reporter: that love playing a role in the services. former canadian prime minister brian mulrooney reading a love letter ronald reagan wrote to his wife. >> i love the whole gang of you. mommy, first lady, the sentimental you, the fun you. and the peewee powerhouse you. reporter: the guests including first lady michelle obama. hillary clinton and george w. and laura bush. there is also a long list of celebrity guests, media figures here including abc's own diane sawyer giving a reading. >> i will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where i am. she will be laid to rest with her late husband. >> here they will stay as they always wished it to be. resting in each other's arms. till the end of
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lauren lister abc news, simi valley. maureen: coming up at 6:00 -- a portrait worth a thousand words. artist exploration of race wins a major prize. details ahead. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. coming up in sports, d.c. united looks to bounce back after their season opening loss. plus, g.w. trying to keep its ncaa tournament hopes alive against st. joseph's. sports is in ten minutes.
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leon: tourists on the -- maureen: the tourists on the way to washington. what can they expect? doug: it's all right here. in this little box. starting off with a lot of sunshine. looking live from the national harbor. the sun down above the horizon. beautiful evening. it will be pleasant. we are still comfortable temperature wise. with the clear skies overnight it will get on the cool side. past couple of nights we have had the lows in the 50's. still 6
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national airport. officially in books today if you keep score at home, washington's official high is 73. now, always want to be in full disclosure here. yesterday we forecast the high today to be 68. but the way i figure if this time of year we are off by five degrees and it's five degrees warmer, i haven't had complaints. 61 was the morning low. 54 and iii are the averages. tomorrow will be in the 60's barely. cooler tomorrow and sunny. it's changing a bit but it won't get cold. 69 in washington. 68 in manassas and leesburg. frederick at 66 degrees. 68 in baltimore. 67 right now at andrews air force base. the winds are light. they will stay this way tonight. it will be comfortable through the evening. even though with the clear skies the temperatures will start to drop more. temperatures to the west are cooler than farther west and warmer. then they get cooler again near the coast. this is emblematic of a progressive weather pattern where we will get mild days, cooler days and milder days. that will continue for the next week
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warmest weather in southeast part of the u.s. cooler. indianapolis at 57 right now. closer to 60 tomorrow. sunshine through the morning. we will be fine. clouds will increase through the day. if you have plans to be out, no weather worries. we'll see temperatures drop through 50's this afternoon. 39 to 46. sunshine tomorrow and perfect condition for the rock 'n' roll 5k. it's marathon. they wish it was 5k. marathon tomorrow. sunday and monday when the warm front gets closer, we could see a steadier period of rain. tomorrow, sun and the afternoon clouds. stray shower and 61 degrees. check out the next seven days. increasing chances of rain on
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turn your clocks ahead one hour tomorrow night before you go to bed. likely rain at times on monday. mild by st. patrick's day. turning cooler by next week. maureen: thank you, doug. six week since the d.c. blizzard. it's still causing problems. this time the filthy piles of snow at r.f.k. stadium are forcing a change to the rock 'n' roll finish line. it moves from lot seven to lot three in front of the d.c. armory. the marathon begins tomorrow 7:30 in front of the national museum of american history. metro opens at 5:00. roads and streets begin closing at midnight tonight. today they announced the winner of the prestigious porpiture competition that is held every three years. it opens tomorrow and has 43 best submissions. as mike carteco
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baltimore artist. mike: aim's oil on canvas miss everything portrays a young baltimore woman witnessing the recent rise in the city she is mindful of the black lives matter movement and hopes the work challenges the stereotypes. >> just asking to be seen. >> her mother encouraged her to be a doctor or lawyer. not a starving artist. but later she embraced her daughter's passion. >> i want you to be here mom. this is so far the greatest day of my life. >> she took first prize in the national portrait gallery outwin competition among 2,500 entries. >> they come from 19 states and the district of columbia. they are in absolutely referencing what they are seeing around them. >> the conversations happening across the country and in the news today. >> in addition to the $25,000 cash prize, she will receive commission to create pr
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added to the museum's permanent collection. but who will that person be? cheryl has a few ideas. >> only for the wrong reasons. lenny cravitz. >> the past winner or kennedy-shriver. she has also thought of colin powell, very rena williams and spike lee as a possibility. tough decision. surreal opportunity she never imagined happening. not just winning the prestigious prize but a few years ago she nearly died. >> my heart just didn't want to work anymore. >> with congested heart failure doctors warned to expect the worst. but a donor match, the transplant was successful and today her health is great just as her career takes off. >> i'm know this is what i'm born to do. mike: in northwest, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. maureen: that is great. well, you probably remember the viral video of 106-year-old virginia mclaurin of washington, d.c. dancing with president obama and
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today, washington, d.c. threw a birthday party for her. >> ♪ happy birthday to you yea! maureen: she is still dancing! mrs. mclaurin turns 107 years old tomorrow. she is still active as a volunteer for the united planning organization. she mentors young people. today he is received a medal for her work. she moved to the district in 1941. she has lived through 18 presidents. she set a record i think. erin: love that. good to see. maureen: what is going on in sports? erin: george washington had a tough one. could they come from behind to beat st. joe's in the atlantic ten tournament? and why d.c. united head
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealer. erin: we're 40 minutes away now until carolina and notre dame square off here in d.c. at the a.c.c. tournament. here is a live look at the verizon center now. tip-off for that early game is 7:00. then it will be u.v.a. in miami at 9:30. i'm looking forward to that one. atlantic ten action now. g.w. and st. joe's, the colonials led by 16 points in the first half. they were on fire from three-point range. thanks to paul jorgenson who drained three in the first half. the hawks made a furious co
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throws it ahead for the slam to put st. joseph's up six. the ncaa tournament hopes might be over. incredible game this afternoon in the american conference. .8 of a second to go. uka trailing 88-85. adams drains it. that would send the game to quadruple overtime. uka would go on to win it thanks to the shot of the postseason so far. to the pitch, d.c. united was on the practice field yesterday before they head to new england to face the revolution tomorrow in foxborough. united struggled in the season opener at l.a. on sunday. the game is going d.c.'s way in the first half. the newcomer scored a goal but a tale of two halfs as united ended up losing 4-1.
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isn't overly concerned. >> i had a lot of new energy. a level of talent we haven't had here. it is up to me to put it together to figure out what the ceiling is. just keep progressing. there is a lot that i like in l.a. >> we are exiled to be the new home of the d.c. united. tomorrow match is against the reds on the sister station newschannel8. coverage begins 2:30. the terps have a chip on their shoulder and hopefully it will motivate them. maureen: thank you. we want to hear from doug hill one more time. he always has good news for us. doug: steve has the latest on the weekend at 11:00. maureen: okay. toss it off to steve. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next.
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breaking news this friday night. the new fights breaking out at a trump rally. both outside, and inside. the clashes captured on video. >> get them out of here. >> the new security concerns after the assault earlier this week. as trump's republican rivals mount a last-ditch effort to stop him tuesday night. celebrating nancy reagan. the former presidents. he first ladies sitting beside one another. the laughter among them. the candor from nancy reagan's children. and diane sawyer among those remembering mrs. reagan. the deadly flooding. hundreds of rescues. states of emergency. and the two storms hitting this weekend. the urgent manhunt right now. a brazen escape. an american city. neighbors on high alert. two violent prisoners. one accused of murder, breaking free. and the alarming new headline about the zika virus.


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