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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  March 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> taking a live look at the nation's capital as we enjoy lots of sunshine into the weekend. beautiful day out there before rain and snow moves in. here with the forecast and winter is not done with us yet. doug: it refuses to go away. 62 done at the airport.
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nicely. manassas now. we will have plenty. temperatures will reach the mid 60's. a westerly wind. tonight will stay clear and we start the day with sunshine. change is underway. a low-pressure moisture will consolidate over the next 24 to 46 hours. rain moving in during the afternoon tomorrow. snow in the higher elevations. melt.hing that falls will the better chances of any snow or accumulating snow will be further north and west. night, snow and a changeover to rain
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morning but not long after sunrise, changes over to rain. i think any issues will be in the higher elevations. any snowflakes will be more of a curiosity than anything else. we will talk more about potential impacts of the movement of the storm system in a few minutes. >> a live look at the d.c. eagle cam right now. you can see proud pop a and mama eagle's. they have a hatchling to crow about today. the staff at the auburn arboretum as the the waiting for this for days. it finally happened. one egg hatched. at 8:27 this morning. we are standing about 100
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yards from the nation's most famous nest today. the branchesin on and leaves. you can see a big green ball, that's the nest. inside whathow you happened this morning. it was the male bald eagle that unintentionally stepped on the a and seconds later, the little one has been fed fish. in 70 yearsrst time that eagles have returned to the nations capital. mom and dad knew that this corner of the city would be a high-quality habitat with food source nearby with the river about a mile away. is theseeautiful eagles have adapted to our been living. they aren't fazed by the lights and helicopters. >>
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security still has the area blocked off. mr. president and the first lady returned during the winter months. this afternoon, the big questions are, is this little egg look healthy and when will the second egg hatch? after that, the entire family will probably take often about 12 weeks. >> it might be a busy traffic weekend once that you're a blossom festival gets underway. let's get a check on the road with jamie. jamie: one issue on 270. heading northbound as you try to make your way to 270. right at democracy boulevard with the right lane blocked. be careful as you get by. the big pi
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we see a lot of green except in the area here on the baltimore-washington parkway. if you travel closer to the capital beltway, that will take you 20 minutes. nothing causing a huge delay right now. in d.c., the freeway pretty much clear. traveling outbound or heading south for the national harbor, taking in a nice day we have to get outside. wharf,will be around the you will see a lot of extra volume. just be careful and watch for pedestrian traffic. melanie: a developing story out of the district no. police investigating a reported rape at one of d.c.'s most prominent and prestigious private schools. sam sweeney has more from the school's campus. sam: these are some serious allegations and if they prove to be true, it could be a
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for sidwell. the alleged is that it happened right behind me on the campus of the high school. according to this police report, there are graphic details involved and it says a student here was forced to have sex on wednesday afternoon. sources tell abc seven news that the boy involved was just 16 years old. the report goes on to say the students have had a sexual relationship in the past. sidwell did release a statement saying they are full of cooperating with the investigation and officials involved with this investigation but they did not release any details surrounding this incident. we can tell you no charges have been filed. thank you. now checking news around the world, r
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korean peninsula after north korea fires two ballistic missiles into the sea, flying about 500 miles before crashing early this morning. the launch comes days after kim jong-un ordered tests of a nuclear warhead and ballistic missiles capable of caring warheads. the task of violate multiple u.n. security resolutions. fingerprints of a suspect in the deadly paris attacks were found in an apartment in belgium this week. intelligence officials say the fingerprints belong to the suspect on the run since the attacks killing 130 people. investigators don't know how recent he was in that department. affirmation about in alexandria man captured overseas. the 26-year-old accused of joining isis and now he's speaking out, saying he made a "bad decision p are: >> he said he made a huge mistake
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>> i wasn't thinking straight and on the way there, i regretted -- >> speaking out for the first time in an exclusive interview. american old was picked american up monday by kurdish forces. to learn aboutn the religion, there was a man who taught us the religion. >> he was discovered with his virginia drivers license. the young american giving extraordinary detail of the last month he spent in zul.-controlled mos >> all the foreigners had to give their id's and passports. >> he traveled to europe and added to turkey where he met an iraqi girl before
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in iraq in january. outside his virginia home this week, his father telling reporters is his son had nothing to do with isis. >> he wasn't violent, religious. we did the same things, got in the same trouble. ul was ays living in moz horrific. melanie: police in montgomery county need your help to identify two men who broke arrived a sprint store in aspen hill. take a look at this surveillance video. the robbery happened wednesday morning. the video shows the suspects prying open a safe and getting away with more then $57,000 in cell phones. the suspects they also be responsible for a similar burglary. and effort within the republican party to keep the donald trump
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nomination is getting more organized. grassroots conservative in washington yesterday. their plan is to stop trump before the convention or during it. if that fails, they plan to run a third-party candidate. >> they are willing to fight donald trump because he doesn't share our values. >> republican groups are now targeting trump with negative ads. all republicanof ad spending was aimed at stopping trump. on the democratic side, bernie sanders says he won't seek a recount in tuesday's missouri democratic primary. he is conceding defeat to hillary clinton. a percent.2/10 of sanders says it's unlikely the thelts will affect rewarding of delegates. the gop race in missouri remains too close to call. coming up
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consumer alert involving popular brands of canned tuna. plus, flowers and food. we take a look at the fun way to enjoy the national cherry blossom festival starting this weekend. >> countdown to spring.
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melanie: a close call for customers at a convenience store in northeastern bc - northeastern d.c. the condition of the driver is not known but we're told she was conscious and breathing. health matters now and
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a u.s. lawmaker pushing a bill to help protect children from lead poisoning. senator chuck schumer introduced legislation that would provide $100 million in grants to help schools test drinking water for lead. schools are not required to test their water and the ones that do are not allowed -- required to tell parents there is a problem. over the past 15 years, lead has been found in school water in many cities including here in d.c. if you have any canned tuna in the house, check it out. bumble bee foods is recalling more than 33,000 cases of five tunas.-- ounce it may be spoiled from improper sterilization or under cooking. the recalls are related. we have more information about the exact codes and data to look out for on our website,
12:15 pm celebrating the slippery. -- slurpee. it cannot be more than nine inches wide and 11 inches tall. it must be leakproof, safe, sanitary. no trash bags or other large containers. you might want to bring that with you when you head down to see the cherry blossoms. the bloom has been moved up. on sunday, the cherry blossom festival will kick off. a preview of one way you can enjoy the pop of spring color. >> we are enjoying the sights this afternoon at the wharf and we want to tell you there are different ways to take in the cherry blossoms.
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cruises. >> each year, our chefs put together a special play for the menu inspired by the cherry blossoms. >> we want to get right to the food. it looks beautiful. you are the chef here, the creator. talk to me about what inspired it and what we are looking at. >> what inspired it is that you're a blossom festival. we always do something every year for a new creation for the cherry blossom festival. >> the first plate here. >> this is our braised short rib with idaho forc british mash. sauce.abernet sauvignon the cheesecake was created especially for the festival. we he
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and a black terry sauce. -- cherry sauce. and the drinks were created specifically for the festival. champagneifornia brut and maraschino cherries. >> thank you so much. if you want information on how to join, it's really affordable. we will have all of that information and more on our website. jeanette was telling me earlier today, it was so beautiful out there looking at the water and the orderly morning hours. beautiful. it's a little different if you've never done it before. will get nasty for the weekend temperature wise. rain is going to
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deal but there will be areas of wet snowflakes. we start out with a look now at sky conditions and the way the countryks at army navy club in fairfax. temperatures across the country making their climb to the upper 50's. metro area will be close to 65 degrees. 59 degrees in winchester. 60 degrees in baltimore. the pollen count is in and it's high again. ofs also reported the amount tree pollen in the air is 2.5 times the volume it normally is this time of year. spring obviously coming a bit early. giving us the sunshine. that will make way for an area of low pressure that will move to the southeast. in the process, it will bring
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by late afternoon and nighttime hours, cloudy. the northerly airflow. a chilly day with highs only in the 40's. snowmodel analyzing some north and west of the metro area. any snow close to washington will melt. overhead, cold enough to produce snow. that pattern may continue through tomorrow night into sunday morning but as we get through about 7:00 in the morning, enough warm air will be around to where it will be all rain. close-up. not to say this model has it figured out totally but you get the idea. rain moving in the afternoon. the most we see is some grassy area accumulations. if
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accumulation, it will be in the higher elevations north and west. anywhere from a traced to an inch mainly on grassy areas because the ground is warm enough. the sun angle is high enough for some of that warmth to get through. i don't think it will be an impact on the metro area at all. inre will be a brief effect the highest elevations. spring officially begins early sunday morning for what that is worth. and we start the warm-up and by this time next week, lower 70's. melanie: good-looking rebound. thank you. breaking down your ncaa brackets and looking a
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melanie: it didn't take long for the madness to destroy most people's brackets. 99.18% of the brackets on the espn site are busted. of the brackets still intact. fans can blame heal in little rock and wichita state. since 1985, five seeds have an aided 44 record against 12 seeds. uva.fully, no upstate for the cavaliers used past hampton. virginia plays number nine seed butler in the third round tomorrow night. tip-off around 7:00. today, another local team takes the court. the terrapins take on the jackrabbits.
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are not taking anything for granted. they had a rough end to the season and they know the jackrabbits kobe hungry for the biggest tournament game in school history. >> anything can happen in march. we have to come out and handle business and we have to compete because in this tournament, anything can happen. you have to be ready for whatever. melanie: also playing today, west virginia taking on the stephen f austin at 7:00 tonight. and vcu plays oregon state. doug is coming back in a minute with a final look at your forecast as we get ready for the weekend. stay with us
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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melanie: the cutest pictures coming in. the little guy is so fluffy and i think they like that sunshine. today.t hit 65 we expect it may mix with or change over to snow in some areas tomorrow evening into sunday morning and changing to rain during the day sunday. maybe a trace too an inch on some grassy areas. any amounts that might matter will be in the higher elevations. melanie: we will bundle up for another day and a nice warm-up coming. thank you for joining us. be sure to watch
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>> hey, everybody. stay right where you are, because in the next half hour, we just may be minting a brand-new member of america's 1%. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hello, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play today? [cheers and applause] good, because there is only one thing our returning contestant finds more relaxing than playing trivia, and that's a good cocktail. [laughter] we do have something in common. from astoria, new york, please welcome back sam meyer. [cheers and applause] how you doing, sam? welcome back, buddy. you don't just love a good cocktail; you really-- if you win this money,


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