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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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kimberly: less than an hour from the start of spring and winter looks like it will make a return. protesters greeting donald trump in arizona and outside of his new york city skyscraper.
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it was close, but virginia makes it to the sweet 16. a preview of what awaits the cavs in chicago. news at 11:00 am on your side. kimberly: the beginning of spring took a hiatus today as snow fell across metro dcu good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. how cold will it get and how long will the snow stick around? devon lucie has the first look at the forecast. devon: first, how cold is it going to get? we all stay above freezing. about the snow, we are not done with it yet. in rockville,lege that is where we saw a bunch of flakes, but the parking lot is just wet. through twitter, we got some great
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north of leesburg, loudon county, all the snow on the grass. our own executive producer tweeted me earlier near worn county, and he got some snow in warren county. the winter weather advisories have all been taken down. we are in the 30's. we are all above 30 degrees tonight, which means we will not be below freezing. the doppler radar, we have really cranked up the sensitivity. some mild flakes, drizzle falling. we are pretty much done with the precipitation. the next three days, we are not completely done. the latest info is this system will head over the atlantic, strengthen, wraparound precipitation comes in. when that
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what we will get, and still not the last of the snowflakes. when the return of the spring begins in the complete forecast in just a few minutes. kimberly: and we will ask about the cherry blossoms, too. we have been tracking the weather out in the community. roz plater continues our coverage of winters last blast. i know that you saw snow today. any now? roz: no, we had a few flakes earlier. that has stopped area upper montgomery county and frederick county got quite the dusting on the official kickoff of spring. talk about irony, this sums up the situation. we are on the cusp of spring, daffodils blooming, and the snow was coming down my crazy. afternoon, the flakes were falling fast and furious in
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a cover the grass, farmland, and anti-cars, making the whole thing look a bit like a hallmark christmas card. instead, it is winter's last stand. >> this is what i expected. it is the last day of winter. >> i really like this. roz: none of it was sticking to the roads, and it's not enough to plow. >> i'm from wisconsin. this ain't snow, baby doll. >> this is peaceful. you know it's not going to stay, so enjoy it. any of this case comes back and turns treacherous, there are snow plans and effect. d.c. has a hundred trucks on standby just in case, and vdot has 480 trucks on standby. maryland is just urgg
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kimberly: just in time forcing patty's day weekend, clarendon shamrock pub crawl is back in action. has anything changed? jeff goldberg is live in arlington to explain the impact of the new laws. is everyone keeping their clothing on so far? jeff: so far, not hearing of any major problems. a pretty dramatic police presence outside of this bar, more orut every bar less, but things have changed in the last couple years. the authorities are clamping down on unruly behaviors. >> you don't have to listen or look too hard to realize that in clarendon, st. patrick's day is not over yet. >>
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fun. jeff: long lines, busy bars, plenty of drinking. pub crawlsous resulted in bad behavior and arrests, including in 2014 when a man stripped naked and got behind the wheel and ran into several parked cars, arlington made changes that supporters say has resulted in a more controlled tone. this arlington police captain says the increased police presence, now the pay for -- now paid for by event sponsors come has led to greater responsibility and communication. >> would talk to people and make sure that they understand we are people just like they are. >> i think they are more friendly this time. i'm more inclined to ask them questions. >> it's better than last year. jeff: bar managers also noticed a change, including at the busy bars. >> everything is
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police presence. >> it really calms people from doing bad things. jeff: which allows everyone to have fun. >> we are having a good time. police are also all over clarendon. the police say that people are generally behaving. they have not had any major problems, although they have made nine arrests tonight. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. at 10 p.m.,st night manassas police were investigating a shooting. one man was shot and injured. the police say that shooting led to a second location on blue grey circle, where they found a second man dead. richard reeve has the latest on the developing story. richard: in this quiet clearing in manassas -- >>
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noises. i saw some flashes. richard: the sounds of multiple gunshots at 10 p.m. friday. >> somebody was shot and killed, one made it. richard: the police calling this a death investigation, two men shot, discovered in separate neighborhoods about a mile apart. >> it scary. richard: arriving officers found a man shot to death. here, a second victim wounded but still alive. >> the guy was laying on the ground. the paramedics were helping him. richard: somehow he got from one neighborhood to the other. >> somebody ran from the shooting, jumped the fence. are not the police saying if the men shot each other or another party was involved. >> people have a gun, they get drunk, that's what happens. richard: the gunfire has left residents shaken. >> it's
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everywhere, so not being afraid, but being careful. richard: this is where i plan on living. -- >> this is where i planned on living. knowing things like this can happen is concerning. richard: richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: coming up -- >> we love our protesters, don't we? the feeling may not be mutual. protesters walking the highway. they also roall
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kimberly: a suicide bombing ripped through the capital of turkey, killing five people. americanshouse is two are among the dead. the blast ripped through an outdoor mall. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. it was the sixth suicide bombing in turkey this year. next week features a series of presidential
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west. republicans compete in arizona and utah, democrats face off in six states. today, a series of protests dominated the headlines. religion, protest, and politics are colliding on the campaign trail. >> his rhetoric is hateful and divisive. reporter: demonstrators across the country looking for new ways to cut off donald trump. >> donald trump, go away! reporter: in new york, creating protests in the streets outside of trump towers. >> we have a silent majority that is no longer so silent. reporter: the gop front runner is taking attacks from all sides this weekend. mitt romney supporting ted cruz in utah. trump questions the republicans. >> are we sure he is a mormon? he choked. >>
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politics. it is disgraceful to call into question the faith of another. that trump tactic had blasted in the past. >> no leader should have the right to question another man's religion. reporter: democrat bernie sanders also turned his attention to arizona. >> we should building -- we should be building more bridges, not walls. sanders is hoping to gain ground, while hillary clinton, the front runner takes the day off. the next contests three days away. not handle.c. does snow all that well, but as devon said, this is not expected to stick around. it is still cold. devon: that's right, but it's not going to freeze. kimberly: people are taking their clothing off, but it's not that cold.
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devon: we will all be above freezing. has there's no plan in place. a lot of plow drivers still out there. there is nothing for them to do. plus, the precipitation is pretty much done. national harbor, we just hold steady all night long. word isst cold enough not that great, but not cold enough to freeze. that is a good news. the last bit of precipitation right over immediate metro. doppler radar cranked up, some fine flakes and drizzle. upper marlboro, clinton, waldorf, la plata, calvert anacostia, gallaudet, that may be locations with something coming down. basically everything is done. we are bringing in the system, the
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overnight towards the morning. the system explodes and strengthens. we are not completely done with the flakes yet. sorry to say it, but the good news, still not going to have problems on the road. a more rough high resolution forecast -- a more high resolution forecast, filling in the gaps. overnight towards the morning, done. but itot only freezing, is also the melting temperature. you have to get below that to get ice. it is just cold tomorrow morning, cloudy skies. rain develops by tomorrow afternoon. these are the high temperatures tomorrow come into the 40's. everything will be falling as snowflakes tomorrow. you should expect more rain co
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night. watch this, more of a cold air intrusion overnight into monday. just like what we have seen here. past sunset, the colder air worked in. maybe towards rush-hour, i've seen forecast where the snow guess coming down through the metro at 7 a.m., but the temperatures come into play i'm still above freezing. just wet roads. the northwest wind kicks in, sunshine in the afternoon, 51 degrees monday. 12:30 a.m. tonight, officially spring. rain, possible snowflakes, but not cold enough for anything to get on the roads. spring finally comes back next week, 75 thursday the warmest day. a little bit of colder air next week in. sunday, if you are one of the few who is a big
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coming in, d.c. united come if you are a big d.c. united fan, there it is, you are a true d.c. united fan. we have rain likely, and the coldest rain that you can get. umbrellased about the at rfk, a lot of stadiums do not allow it. you will need a poncho, hat, scarf, because it will be cold. kimberly: if you are the second tier, you are protected. the good seats are out in the elements. good seats watching virginia tonight. scare, little bit of a down at halftime, but malcolm brogdon stole the show. he was the difference maker.
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local toyota dealers. erin: a gritty battle put top-seeded virginia knocking off butler two invades to the sweet 16. robert burton joins us now. it seems like malcolm brogdon was the difference maker tonight, rob. robert: yeah, erin, that's right. for butler, 12 in the first half, 12 in the first seven minutes of the second half. uva regrouped, put malcolm brogdon on him, go to way for guard lineup, and that was pretty much all she wrote. >> he was having himself a good game. a very skilled player, very crafty. guardk doing the four lineup was the adjustment. >> malcolm said to me, coach, let me take him. we had to put anthony on number
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, austin full stop it was a tough matchup for anthony, but malcolm made it hard on andrew. guard him ato little bit and see if i could disrupt him a bit. malcolm is the best player of the year in the acc. he played him really well, and also in the post. he did not make it easy. had one of their best halves of the season, shooting 70% from the field. shoot well, play good defense, you win, simple as that. erin: i have virginia winning it all, so i'm not complaining full stop over the you get to go to chi-town next time. robert: going back home, baby. maryland barely survived a scare from south dakota state. they will face hawaii tomorrow in spokane, where we find scott abha
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was the last time the maryland men's basketball team made it to the sweet 16. surprising for a program rich with basketball history, but that streak can end tomorrow night with a victory against hawaii. >> we have to keep the tradition at a high level. we are playing for the guys and upholding maryland's high standard. we just want to be here, too. team, hawaii is a scrappy which is basically playing with house money right now. >> any team that has 28 wins on the season is a good team. we have to take away their shooters. barack obamaent
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year. stateked his's home hawaii to advance to the second round, but he picked the terps to make it to the sweet 16. scott abraham, it abc 7 sports. erin: i like the president's choice. women's who, maryland hosting iona. too many weapons. had 15 points. that was off the bench for stop maryland wins 74-58. the wizards hosting the knicks at verizon. john wall missing, but the rebound slam. win,ngton goes on to 99-89. rg iii reportedly met with the browns today on an official visit.
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visit went well. so the jets, the browns. has not signed anywhere yet. we will see how well the visits are actually going. kimberly: we wish him the best. coming u
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kimberly: abc 7's leon harris was working ov
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scholarship celebration. this was in potomac. scholarship makes sure that students at the prep school are able to expand their scholarship opportunities. it's a partnership between the archdiocese of washington in several other organizations. -- and several other organizations.
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