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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 5, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," chopper down. breaking details of a deadly helicopter crash in tennessee. five people on a sightseeing tour are dead. we'll have a full report just ahead. front-runners fret just ahead. in wisconsin, hillary clinton and donald trump hoping that the latest polls in wisconsin are wrong. the critical contest looking to be a major turning point for ted cruz and bernie sanders. >> new this half hour, inflight meltdown. >> a flight attendant pulls an emergency chute making a surprise exit. the strange moments startling passengers once the plane landed. and the memorable years playing out on the dance floor. who walked away last night with the highest score and who got the boot on "dancing with the stars." that's ahead in "the skinny." it's friday -- actually, it's tuesday, april 5th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> somebody's looking forward to friday. >> friday. >> you are. >> i'm looking forward to cake by the news desk. >> we'll see. it will be -- >> is there going to be cake? >> we'll have some cake for you. reena is saying good-bye to us on friday. >> yeah. >> but lots to get to today. it's been a really, really busy day. of course, you have the ncaa. we have the elections. of course, we're going to start on a tragic end with that sight seeing tour over the great smoky mountains. >> the crash killed all five people on board. witnesses described the horrifying moments as the helicopter caught fire after impact. abc's diane macedo has the latest. good morning. >> reena and kendis, good morning. the faa will begin its investigation to what caused in deadly helicopter crash in tennessee's smoky mountains. the local police chief called it the worst helicopter crash he's seen but it's hardly the first to happen in this area. >> this morning investigators are searching for clues after
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for flying ended in tragedy. time lapse video shows the crash of the tour helicopter. you can see clear blue skies, then suddenly a thick plume of black smoke emerging frees. first responders found no sign of life and barely any sign of the helicopter. >> there's not much left. the helicopter's pretty well consumed in the fire. >> reporter: hours later, crews were still at the screen battling the fire. >> the fire had gone all the way across the top of the mountain up there. the fire departments from around the county have been fighting that fire trying to get it under control. so it's right now it's a pretty smoky place. >> reporter: the owner of smoky mountain helicopters says the victims were on one of the company's sight seeing tours an activity popular with tourists but not always safe. in 1996, another company's helicopter crash landed in a pigeon forge field. six years before, a helicopter crashed into a nearby mountain leaving the pilot with critical injuries.
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>> what people need to understand when they sign up to go fly in these helicopters it's not the same thing as getting on an airliner to fly across the country. the safety record is not the same. >> reporter: that was aviation consultant steve ganyard. he advises people if you are going to take these tours be sure to get on a helicopter that's well maintained and flown by good pilots. as for today's crash, he says these were ideal weather conditions to fly which often points to mechanical failure. but of course, we'll have to wait to hear from the faa to know for sure what caused this crash. kendis? >> thank you. we're going to turn our focus to politics and voters heading to the polls in wisconsin poised to deliver a verdict that could reset the race for the white house. >> after a week of setbacks, donald trump is trailing ted cruz in the polls. a big loss today would greatly reduce his chances of clinching the nomination before the gop convention. so he brought out his wife to plead his case. >> no maer
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or a woman, he treats everyone equal. he's a fighter. and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. >> well, ted cruz says voters are tuning trump out. meanwhile the one thing they do agree on is trying to pressure john kasich to drop out of the race. but kasich mocked trump and said polls show that he is the strongest candidate to beat hillary clinton in the general election. >> and speaking of hillary clinton, well, she's hoping to stop bernie sanders' winning streak as he mounts a tough fight in wisconsin. the clinton camp released a memo highlighting her overall lead in delegates. but a sanders advisor fired back making it clear he plans to stay in the race till the end. the democrats did however agree to a time and place for their next debate. they'll face off in brooklyn april 14th, just days ahead of the new york primary.
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now the cold temperatures gripping more than a dozen states. police say that the snowy weather was probably a factor in this head-on crash near rochester, new york. a passenger van crossed the center line and hit a car setting off a chain reaction. the driver of the first car was killed. sunday's 6.5 inches of snow shattered the record for that date. little league in michigan's upper peninsula is being delayed more than a foot of snow there. snow is not unknown in early april but this much is unusual. but no snow days for the kids. can you believe that? >> yeah. interesting. >> it's actually because school is actually off all week. >> that's why. good to know. so here's the deal. the national forecast, there's a mix of rain and snow in the upper midwest today. unseasonably cold there. in the northeast, there may be thunderstorms this evening from kansas to illinois. >> temperatures will only reach into the 40s near the great lakes, only the 30s and 40s in the ohio valley. highs in the 80s across the gulf coast and pushing for 90s in the southwest. and speaking of weather, we're getting our first look at
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through northern illinois a year ago. forecasters had said any tornados would miss this house. the homeowner wasn't that confident. but the house didn't have much of a basement. nowhere to hide. the man taking video survived. his wife did not. look at the power of mother nature there as you see that tornado barreling towards the house. insane. >> incredible. >> it was a textbook emergency procedure but there was no emergency. officials say a united airlines flight attendant deployed the evacuation chute after the jet reached the gate in houston and slid down it. it's not known why. all thee in the vid -- although in the video she appears quite calm as she collects her bag and walks away. plane had to be taken out of service so another could be installed. united says the attendant has been "removed from her flying duties." >> that's a relief. a milestone for workers in california and new york. the minimum wage in those states will eventually be $15 an hour.
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the governors of each state signed bills yesterday. hillary clinton joined new york's governor andrew cuomo during the bill signing. the increase will come gradually in both states. each in a slightly different way. the federal minimum wage by contrast is still at $7.25. well, in walmart's defense, both states do begin with m-a. >> okay. >> somehow a store in the baltimore area was selling t-shirts with the university of maryland logo but an outline of massachusetts. >> well, when this was first pointed out to walmart on twitter, a rep said the state maps look similar. >> that's true. they do. >> they do. >> don't even say that about maryland. and yeah. artistic license was used to accommodate the sports name nicknamed there the terps, of course. the twitterverse didn't buy it and walmart has now decided to take the shirts off sale. >> so apparently one o
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states look kind of similar and then someone replied only when you're drunk. >> that's true. >> yeah, i agree, jack. first the terps lose miserably and then this. >> you guys are terps fans, huh? >> not really. coming up, speaking of terps and then some, march madness spills into april excitement. thousands of villanova students flooded their campus and the neighborhood after the wildcats snag add the men's college basketball championship. the buzzer beating shot straight ahead. >> and what teenagers aren't telling their parents, they're telling us about cyberbullying and what's really happening during those chats and texts on their cell phones. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol wipes. o you by lysol wipes. human coronavirus... hepati- >>c virus.
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>> length of the court. but archie. three seconds at midcourt. >> gives it to jenkins. for the championship! villanova. phenomenal. >> and just like that, march madness is over. and the villanova wildcats are the new champions of men's college basketball. they fought back last night from a five-point halftime deficit against north carolina. and with that buzzer-beating shot they claimed their school's second national championship. thousands of villanova students flooded their campus after the game. some small bonfires were lit. there were several injuries and at least three arrests. >> i want to show you some of the morning headlines here. this is a back page for the new york daily news. "holly shot." a reaction that many people had. and this paper, the philadelphia
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the thrillanova reaction to it. absolutely amazing last eight seconds of basketball. >> they're calling it the best moment in basketball history. >> in college basketball history no doubt. it was absolutely unbelievable. >> all right. setting the stage. they're just the pre-show to the big show tonight, folks. women's basketball. going to be good. it's going to be good. carry on. >> thank you. >> while we're on this basketball tip, we should say that a new group of the game's best are heading to the hall of fame. shaquille o'neal, allen iverson, among those who will be enshrined in september. also in the class of 2016, yao ming who won championships in china before being an eight-time nba all-star. from the women's game, cheryl swoopes goes to the hall after winning multiple wnba titles and olympic gold medals, as well. the only reason i say that about
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tonight's game zillions because syracuse is not going to win. >> you never know. we love our cinderella stories in basketball. it ain't over till it's over. >> you should trademark that. >> thieves in the pittsburgh area managed to get away with about $1 million in jewels after an attack on two diamond merchants. surveillance video outside a convenience store shows four people, two of whom appear to be women running toward the victims' van, then running back in the opposite direction carrying suitcases. two thieves targeted the make a wish offices in san francisco over the weekend. surveillance video showing the robbers taking several items down a flight of stairs. the most valuable item stolen was a motorized scooter donated by hunter pence. it recently sold for $40,000 at an auction. >> switching gears now to a growing problem faced by million of teenagers, cyberbullying. >> many parents would be shocked to find out what their kids have not been telling them.
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of girls what really happens on their cell phones. >> reporter: school bullies don't have to corner their victims in the locker room anymore. >> do kids not give each other wedgies in the hall and behind the school? >> we never have one bully. it's everyone talking behind everyone else's back. >> reporter: like most kids their age, these 14 and 15-year-olds from san francisco love their smartphones. >> reporter: who is the worst out of the group? >> this group of teens agreed to tell us how some apps and social media can expose them to an online world of insults. >> reporter: how bad does it get? >> at my school, there was a lot of issues to the point where we had to talk to our entire graded. >> what kind of stuff do they say online and via social media that they wouldn't say to your face. >> physical appearance. >> she says she even quit one messaging app because of harassment. >> i got bullied on it within the first half an hour. and i deleted it the day after because i was crying. >> reporter: a negative comment or two is one thing.
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experts define cyberbullying when someone is hurtful repeatedly and deliberately. in recent years, several teen suicides have been linked to cyberbullying. experts caution it's almost never the sole factor in teen suicide. >> parents don't need to ride in like the cavalry and fix this problem. they do not want parents to solve the problem. they need the tools to solve the problem themselves. >> reporter: one tool is the new google chrome extension called reword. it acts as kind of a spell check for negative language letting the writer think twice about what they're about to send and gives them an opportunity to change it. teenagers are starting to take it upon themselves to police bullies. >> there's almost sympathy now for the bully. so you say what is causing you to do this that's not just you attacking the bully. you want to make it better in the long one run. >> t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. when we come back, who got top billing and who got the boot on last night'
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the stars." >> can you guess which classic cartoon character is finally finally getting his own feature film? >> "the skinny" is up next. nally getting his own feature >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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♪ skinny, so skinny >> time now for "the skinny." and topping our
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morning, "dancing with the stars." >> lafferty night, and the dancers created routines inspired by the most memorable year of their lives. we start with our own ginger zee, picked 2013 the year she got engaged to her hubby ben aaron who shared her with her son newborn adrian. >> what an emotional moment. and doug flutie choked back tears picking last year when he lost both of his parents just within an hour of each other. waltzing in joy with partner karina smirnoff to "the rainbow connection." >> ufc fighter paige vanzant and mark ballas stepped inside a makeshift octagon for a paso doble complete with fake elbows and kicks and knees. >> and kim fields threw back to the late '70s fox trotting back into the "facts of life." >> interesting. >> she was on roller skates at one point. isn't it great? >> topping the leaderboard, nyle
3:50 am
dimarco who, of course is deaf and his partner peta murgatroyd with 25 out of 30. >> and booted off the stage was actress mischa barton for not earning enough viewer votes. >> oh, well. >> it's hard. i would not be able to be up there. it takes a little bit of spunk because these aren't dancers. right? that's the whole point. we have to give them a little credit on that. >> it was a beautiful night there, as well. next to the classic cartoon character who is finally speeding his way onto the big screen. >> looney tunes speedy gonzales made his first appearance in 1955 and was voiced by legendary mel blanc. he's been off the air since 1999 over concerns about negative ethnic stereotypes. >> now plans are reportedly in the works at warner bros. to bring speedy to the big screen in his first feature film to be voiced by mexican filmmaker and actor eugenio derbez. >> i look forward to that. >> stay tuned. >> and also making their comeback, the 1990s boy band back street boys.
3:51 am
back street's back. >> they're over and up. and now they're reportedly heading to las vegas for a trial run residency, joining the likes of britney spears and j.lo. >> also said to be in the works, new music and a new world tour. no date have been set for the vegas residency. but they're reportedly hoping to release a single toward the end of the year with the album and tour to follow. >> i'd actually go see them in vegas. >> i know you would. >> i know you would. such judgment. >> no judgment. just a statement of fact. >> thank you. speaking of britney spears, the pop star has reportedly put her thousand oaks california home on the market. >> she bought it the house just four years ago. it's now on the market for $8.9 million. it boasts five bedrooms, two offices, a game room, theater, outdoor entertaining spaces and of course, you've got to have a pool and a hot tub. >> the house is drop dead gorgeous and tastefully finished. if she sells it for
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ♪ >> that's the second mrs. trump throwing back to 1993, her most memorable year on last night's "dancing with the stars." >> marla maples says she picked that year for when her daughter tiffany was born. great. >> she did great. >> in the meantime the first mrs. trump is speaking out about her famous ex and how she's been advising the republican front-runner on his campaign. >> and making very pointed comments about how he really feels about women. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: she was trump's wife for 13 years and she's the mother of three of his children. >> donald always had a great head on his shoulder. i saw the potential. >> she's a very nice person. she's a friend. she's a lot of things. >> reporter: ivana trump now claims she was also the
3:56 am
of her ex-husband's political career. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> reporter: at thing the "new york post" that as far as back as the 1980s, donald trump was considering a run. reagan or somebody brought him a letter and said you should run for president. >> there is no cease fire in the battle of trump versus trump. >> reporter: but she now says the couple's messy divorce made that impossible. as ivana told barbara walt areas, the woman who would eventually became the second mrs. trump approached her out of the blue. >> she said i'm marla and i love your husband. do you? >> yes, what did you say? >> get lost. i love my husband very much. >> she told walters she sued for half the company but settled for $14 million after discovering trump's balance sheet wasn't as big as she thought. >> is donald broke? >> you know, i don't think nobody really knows. >> ivana tells the post she and her ex have long since mended fences. we speak before and after the appearances and he asks me what i thought. >> it's not a surprise to me
3:57 am
no one's known donald as well as ivana has and for as long as she's known him. she's perhaps his oldest dearest friend. >> she also says he's not a misogynist. i don't think he's a feminist. he loves women but not a feminist. >> i hate what's happening to our country. i am angry. >> she claims he's not anti-immigrant either. "as long as you come here legally, we need immigrants. who is going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us?" >> reporter: she had good things to say about the potential first lady. she told the post melania is going to adapt just fine. david wright, abc news, new york. >> very interesting. the wives are speaking especially when he's down significantly with women. >> the third mrs. trump was speaking out, as well. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, presidential primary. voters in another key state head to the polls in just hours. how ted cruz could possibly win and derail trump's nomination. and melania trump now coming to her husband's defense. we're live with details. deadly accident. a group of tourists on a sightseeing chopper when it suddenly goes down in a fiery crash. the new safety concerns with these types of helicopters. high-speed drama racing down the highway. police in hot pursuit. the dramatic finish and the young driver under arrest. and super 'nova. a wild finish for the ncaa championship. >> cats win it all. cats win it all. >> yes, they do. the amazing buzzer beater and fans partying lat


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