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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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blocked by mcdaniels, that's his second impressive block from k.j. mcdaniels. motiejunas, nice, soft touch and he yells for a foul as well. saying something to mark linsley. >> jeff: no complaints by either side when the game is 25-plus, let's just finish it out. >> mark: i'm sure you agree with this, a point you should call the game. >> jeff: no question. what is that the run rule in softball? >> mike: how about the old rule that you proposed years ago? as motiejunas is bumped by green and a foul. green upset. he was clearly bumping him. if it's 25 or more and the team behind, half-court shot, tied game. >> jeff: exactly. >> mark: don't encourage him, mike, please don't. >> me:
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to the meeting. >> jeff: can you imagine? start from the backcourt, one goes in -- my goodness. >> mike: motiejunas hits the free throw. later, don't miss "sportscenter" with max and the coach. recap of all the playoff action. and mlb. coming up tonight, 3:30 remaining here in game one. >> announcer: nba playoffs on abc brought to you by mini. burger king. now you can get five delicious items for only $4, it's a bigger meal for a better deal. only at burger king. and kaiser permanente go on offense to turn your bad habits into good ones.
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>> mike: good old-fashioned blowout here in game one this afternoon. james hard in that first half, he had four points and four fouls. the guy took more free throws than anybody in the nba this year did not attempt a free throw so far in this game. marvelous defense, now he's on the bench as golden state is blowing them away. you go up by 25 or more, you have to play with four players until the deficit is cut to 15. >> mark: he's rubbing off on you, mike. >> jeff: that even sounds crazy to me. you know you hit a low point. but i do think, maybe starting some games with a -- and that was the second free throw there -- but, i don't everybody know what i was going to suggest. >> mike: stay focused. >> jeff: i'm trying. >>ik
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and capela grabs it. capela dowel figures in rebounds with ten. actually had a career-high in the season finale a double dribble or a travel right there. capela had a season-high 17 rebounds in their playoff-clinching game the other night. they really like this kid, still only 21 years old. >> jeff: and he started with dwight howard for a number of games. and they played well together. there was an odd pairing in that, you know, it goes away from spacing the floor, but the rebounding factor the ability to protect the rim, they did very well with that lineup. >> mike: varejao with the rebound. brandon rush is in as well. rush. can't hit. barnes grabs another.
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thompson's jumper. another offensive rebound. and a foul. let's send it over to lisa salters. >> lisa: mike for those just tuning in, steph curry is still on the bench, seems to be in a good mod, he tweaked his ankle late in the second quarter, got retaped, twice, again, he's on the bench. i'm total he's available. it's a coach's decision right now. steve kerr opting to keep him out, to keep him safe, looking guard to game two. he's available to go back into the game, but, kerr has opted to keep him out since just a couple of minutes really into the third quarter. mike. >> mike: lisa, you're right on. if you're a warriors fan, the best site is him sitting on the bench laughing like that, obviously he's not concerned. >> jeff: with that,
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leaving. >> mike: he's done. starting treatment already. >> mark: he did that like he was leaving church early. >> mike: ducking down low. >> jeff: that was like isaiah thomas and the bad boys sneaking out against the bulls. >> mike: varejao trying to keep it alive and rockets fall. game two, monday night back here at oracle arena. that's a great analogy. curry had 24 points in that first half. goudelock. though a complete domination, closest they were in the second half was 15, led by double figures most of the game.
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was an 18-point lead after one. clark drives, shot blocked by capela. picked up by mcdaniels. all right, guys f you're jb bickerstaff, what some of the things you're thinking about to change or adjust or hope for for game two. >> jeff: for me, figuring out who you really want to play. beasley played in first half not in the second half. the rockets have so much so many guys who are just sort of one-dimensional or 1 1/2-dimensional. >> mark: emphasize the point you got to do it. if we don't do it, we don't have a chance to beat this team. they're the best in the business for a reason. >> mik
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nails the three-pointer, the rockets during the regular season, they averaged 106.5 per game. fourth in the nba in scoring. and they're not even going to make 80. fantastic defensive performance from golden state. now can dribble it out. as the shot clock is turned off. wednesday night, capped off the best regular season in nba history with 73 victories. time to reset and focus, that's what the warriors were saying, boy they were focused to start and they take game one with a wire to wire performance. 26-point beatdown by the warriors. james harden a real struggle. came alive a little bit in the third quarter. but didn't take
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free-throw attempt. now, of course, golden state will take a 1-0 lead. klay thompson, 16 points. he's with lisa. >> lisa: thank you, mike. klay, just describe what the intensity level was like throughout the game it seemed like it was getting chippy at times. >> it did. expect that in the playoffs. i'm just happy we were able to take this. we got a strong group. >> lisa: what were you guys doing defensively against james harden? he had just four points in first half. ended up with 17 points. didn't get to the free-throw line at all. >> don't reach. don't ever reach on him. he gets in a rhythm and goes to free-throw line. go straight up with him. take tough twos.
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>> lisa: steph seemed to be okay, you were sitting with him over there on the bench but he didn't play, what can you tell me about him? >> he'll be okay. it was precautionary. we can hold a 20-point lead without him. so, he's a tough, tough competitor and he can play through pain. so, we expect him out here on monday. >> lisa: thank you, klay. >> mike: all right, number one on the agenda for golden state, monitoring and treating the ankle of steph curry. lot of players contributing for the warriors including their bench. speights with 12 points off the bench. more to come after the time-out.
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>> mike: day one of the nba playoffs going to continue on espn. in atlanta, isaiah thomas, what a year he had as a celtics/hawks will face game one of their best of seven series. tipoff shortly after 7:00 eastern. here in oakland, dominant victory by the
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champio champions, 104-77. so far mack jackson, jeff van gundy, lisa salters and the entire crew, final score 104-78, golden state leads 1-0 in the best of seven series. game two monday here in oakland. coming up abc won won tonight. back to watching the espn on abc.
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>> now, abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> we are in mourning. we have lost a member of the family. day for: a difficult them or agency responders and the cumulative firefighter from prince george's county killed, another in critical condition after they were shot when responding t
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following closely since it broke last night, and today richard wherespoke with neighbors it happened. he is live at landover hills fire station. there is new information about the man who fired the shots? richard: that's right, this man believed he was the victim of a home invasion. he said he was acting in self-defense. onind me, the black bunting the ambulance, this is a county in morning. the landover hills fire station. >> we are in morning. we have lost a member of the family. saddened bycked and the loss of firefighter paramedic john ulmschneider. >> we don't understand why. , 37,rd: ulmschneider married with a two-year-old daughter was raped behind another first responder -- with a o-
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was right behind the other first responder when they were trying to make entry. critically wounded died at southern maryland hospital. volunteer firefighter kevin swain was shot four times, but it appears he will survive. >> he was in pain, asking for help, but nobody could get to him at that moment because they were not sure the area was secure. richard: moments before, a concerned individual had called 911, worried about a family member, but nobody answered the door. >> as they were forcing entry, several rounds were fired from the house. richard: the fire crew had barely made it inside. the man who fired the shots felt he was the victim of a home invasion and was acting in self-defense. >> the guy was trying to protect his house, i believe. he thought so many was trying to break in. richard: this is a tragedy for everyone. >>
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fore just pray for peace the family and comfort for them going through this. there was a third shooting victim, a close family relative of the shooter, who was shot in the arm. he will be ok. much of the focus is on the fallen firefighter and his family. live in hyattsville, richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: there was an event designed to bring first responders and the people they serve together and it took on new meaning in the wake of ulmschneider's death. the events last night were very much on everyone's mind, and capitol heights. the event also included a tribute to prince george's county police officer jacai colson who was killed in the line of duty last month. an air force airman from our area was killed overseas.
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airman first class originally from glen burnie died yesterday in southwest asia after a building he was working and collapsed. the pentagon said he was working as part of the continuing fight against isis. the airman was just 22 years old. if you are anywhere near to the nations capital today, the crowds packed the area for a handful of events happening on this perfect saturday. the cherry blossom parade kicked off at 10 a.m. amy aubert was right in the middle of the action. ♪ amy: the sounds filled the streets. ands, dancers, and cheerleaders strutting through the nations capital. >> it's incredible to be the heart of america and in the middle of all the fun. amy: parade performers are not the only ones enjoying it. >> to actually be working it with wjla and abc
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7, really excited about it. amy: big names hitting the parade on a picture-perfect day. >> we thank steve and jacqui jeras for that. i had nothing to do with that. amy: crowds packed the streets. >> so many people from so many places, i'm excited. amy: the balloons are behind me and these performers are turning around 7th street, marching up constitution avenue. >> i have butterflies in my stomach. amy: excitement and smiles packing the streets of d.c. abc 7 and news channel 8 holding on to some giant fun for themselves. amy aubert, abc 7 news. it was an absolutely beautiful day. we had a great time, and still a beautiful afternoon and morning turning into a
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evening. 72 degrees alexandria right now. around the area, significantly warmer than yesterday. let's zoom in and take a closer 72 manassas,polis, 70 winchester, 70 luray. compared with what this was yesterday afternoon, we are looking at about seven degrees warmer across the region. we still have clear sky stomach am so what will cool off quickly. the satellite and radar, not a cloud in the sky. still under the same weather pattern, the high-pressure further to the north dominating allowing usstory, to look at the sunny skies. if you're heading out to eat patio,, sitting on the it does get cool come into the 50's by 9:00. there is a new website part of the abc 7
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the new hotspots. tonight we are in the 30's and 40's, still chilly in the morning, 38 closer to the district. mainly mid 40's. tomorrow morning, a cool start, but 75 charles town tomorrow, 75 leesburg. back towards the sea, 74, close to 74 college park. cooler on the bay, upper 60's. into southern maryland, similar story, closer to the water low 70's. fredericksburg 73. further to the west, 75 culpeper , front royal. we warm up even more through monday, high temperature of about 80 degrees. tuesday the coolest day this week. then we warm up.
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. >>
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toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: we are live at the verizon center as the caps get ready to take on the flyers in game two. they will have plenty of support tonight. it is the second game, so they will have to adjust, but here is what the players had to say about that. >> i think we are a cerebral team. i think we figure out more as the game goes on what needs to be done, how the game needs to be played, how we try to change a little bit. >> when we get away from our game and try to do something that's not in the game plan, we get in trouble, so i think we have to stick to our game plan and it will be fun. robert: caps leading the series 1-0. af
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philly. the puck drops at 7:00. highlights tonight at 11:00. kimberly: thank you, robert. that is the only reason to be inside today, watching the capitals. josh: tomorrow we do it all over again. free admission to parks tomorrow, topping out in the 70's. that lasts all week long, and most of the week is dry. 75 tuesday.omorrow, if you are looking for a day to play hooky, monday or tuesday look pretty good. kimberly: my days off. josh: working out pretty well for us. kimberly: thank you for joining us for this abridged news of abc 7 news at 6:00. have a wonderful evening and good night.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. first the earthquakes and now the aftershock. back-to-back monster kwax, the seismic strikes caught on camera. tens of thousands homeless and now a volcano erupting. the frantic search for survivors. abc's matt gutman in japan. snow danger. the first punch in a triple threat on the move. whiteout driving conditions. nearly a thousand flights canceled. tonight, we're in the middle of a storm. a massive snowmaker. rescue mission pope francis on the front lines of a humanitarian crisis. we'll show you his dramatic act of charity, how the people's pope is leading by example. firefighter down. two shot. one killed. they thought they were answering a call for help.


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