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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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mitten >> breaking news, the news that everyone had been dreading. the body found in a remote area is that of missing firefighter nicole mittendorff. >> for days the crews had scoured shenandoah park as family and friends leaned on each other for hope. >>
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goldberg. jeff, it's been a long evening. what can you tell us at this hour? jeff: during a press conference tonight the virginia state police announcing that nicole misen dorff's body had been found inside -- mittendorff's body had been found inside the vehicle. and inside the vehicle a suicide note was discovered. investigators would not discuss any details of the know they aref the note as still gathering details. nicole mittendorff's body was covered at 2:00 in an area of shannen dough yeah national park, a so-called probability area. it was a mile from white oak canyon where her mini cooper was found and 300 yards off the trail. >> it was in a ver
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rocky deep area. jeff: the firefighter from wood bridge called in sick to work last wednesday and was then reported missing on friday after not showing up for a scheduled shift. virginia state police announcing tonight that inside mittendorff's vehicle investigators discovered a suicide note. >> based on the evidence that we collected the note that was recovered from the vehicle that she had written, we do not suspect any foul play in the nature of her seth. >> crime scene technicians are gathering information to help determine the exact cause and time of mittendorff's death as well as the circumstances. and tonight, park officials are saying that the mittendorff family early today expressed deep appreciation for the search crews who did not give up. >> this is a missing person's case. the resources came out here and they wanted to make sure they didn't leave until they found her. >> the f.b.i. was also on scene tonight gathering evidee
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her body will be send to manassas. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. now, just last night we atended a vigil as family, and friends gap led with uncertainty. the news falls heavy. we're live at fairfax station which is with mittendorff worked. jay? jay: good evening, leon. worry and fear has now turned to heartbreak here in fairfax county with news that the remains of nicole mittendorff being found in madison county as you said worked here at fire station 32. nicole's sister issued a statement that reads in part our hearts are broken. we believe that nicole has been found and is finally coming home however not in the way that we anticipated. this is not posit
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that we continued to hope and pray for over the past week. it has been a challenging time for everyone and we learned that there is an amazing community spanning the entire globe full of love and support. late tonight a few people have come by to pay their respects at fire station 32, pay their condolences to fires who are working and a memorial is slowly beginning to form just inside the front door is that candle that will continue to glow we are told until nicole is brought home. you practically got the sense during last night's emotional vigil here at fire station 32 that loved ones and colleagues were bracing thems for bad news. a lot of tiers fell here and more are certainly to come. her next shift would have been friday morning here at 7:00, 7:00 a.m. our fairfax county spokesperson tells me that fire chief richard bower will be here tomorrow morning to council and to talk to fellow
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we should note that the chief has expressed his condolences to the family. we are reporting live in fairfax station, jay, abc 7 news. >> also breaking right now. a major bridge shut down for hours. -- as a bomb squad responded to a suspicious package. it does cause significant backup. the package turned time-out be a cardboard box and it was filled with wires. it was not dangerous. but police are still investigating trying to figure out who left it there. leon: we are on storm watch. we haven't been able to say that for a while. we'll let's go to steve. steve: it's been about two weeks since we last needed our umbrellas. tomorrow you'll need it for part of the day. mostly cloudy skies. a few scattered showers to the west of us. a major line of
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the west of us even further off to the west across indiana that's the back eage that will arrive here by early saturday morning. keep an umbrella with you. temperatures will make it into the middle of 70's. we'll show you what to expect for the upcoming weekend coming up in just a few minutes. alison: a road rage fight gets heated. a d.c. officer accused of drawing a gun during a fight with another driver. richard reed with the investigation happening now. sflitch -- rich? rich: he was not in a patrol car but his own personal vehicle. tonight he faces assault charges and his neighbors say they are deeply surprised. the alleged road rage incident began here in northeast washington. it was february 20th, a saturday
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around 3:45 p.m. according to court documents 46-year-old mpd michael minor got into an argument with wilson sanchez. the shouting started when miner ried to force his car into the lane. he sped away yelling obscenity. after san cheese threw the bottle back. both men got out of their cars and the officer bull pulled out a gun. and the officer pulled a gun on him. sanchez got into his car and drove away. but moments later near the river him e exit he said saw talking to him talking on a walkie talkie. miner grabbed him and put him in a headlock. >> it's kind of sad something
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like this would happen. >> yeah, it is. it seems like he's a nice man as far as i know. >> would you find it surprising he would do something like this? >> yeah. > now, d.c. police chief kathy lenier said to learn things like this that have occurred is disturbing and only fractures the relationships that we have built in our community. the officer is due in court on man 11. richard reeve, abc news 7 news. alison: a 2-year-old girl dead after being forgotten in a car seat. tonight felony charges against a male aquay tense of her mother. parking lot in anen dale -- annendale.
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to daycare. he's been charged with child neglect and involuntary manslaughter. leon: tributes all over the country taking place including here in our own backyard. as far as you can see the capital lit up in purple in his honor. m rousey where d.c. is grieving a superstar for an impromptu gathering. tom: folk initially were shocked when thaw learned the news of prince's death. but they want to remember them by doing what he did for them. a d.j. said he wanted to remember prince. he called a few of his buddies. they created their own street party going on right now at 14th and u. they're playing some prince songs, some other songs. a lot of folks say they will never forget his music. they want to take some time out to have some fun and
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him. >> we are remembering prince the legend, the icon. tom: tonight folks gather in downtown silver spring to remember prince. >> he played so many sternums, influence sod much of music outside of his own. prince released his first album in 1978 but it was in the 1980's -- ♪ purple rain purple rain ♪ >> that he became a superstar. >> a lot of memories come back when you hear his music. tom: prince was found dead in the morning in his suburban minneapolis home. sources say he'd been battling the flu. he made headlines again and again even changing his time in a thimble in 1993 due to a fight with his record label in 2000 he became prince again. donnie simpson considered prince
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very shy off the stage. >> prince was all about his music. ere wasn't a lot to talk about. put the record on, i've said all i need to say. ♪ tom: you see everybody's having a good time. they don't show any signs of slowing down right now. remembering prince by having a good time playing his music and doing what they always loved about him which is dance to prince' music. reporting live at 14th and u, i'm tom rousey abc7 news. leon: he's probably enjoying that. alison: what a gathering there. leon: a health alert for d.c. public
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leon: the man who flew this gyrocopter is headed to jail. hughes flew that aircraft through miles of america's most restricted air space last year. the 51-year-old
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said he wanted to call attention for his need for campaign finance reform. alison: some children had been approached by a stranger in arlington. it's happened twice. police are trying to determine if these cases are related. the latest incident happened tuesday, a couple of days ago in the 5200 of north 30th street. man in a blue pickup truck tried to lure three children in his vehicle and they ran away. earlier this month it was in south arlington nure the arbor heights apartments. the children described the suspect as driving an older model pickup truck. if you have any information in either case, call police. leon: 7's on your side with health matters. lead in the wear at d.c. public schools. parents are not happy about the funky way they found out. we're tracking the possible dangers. our correspondent is standing by with a story you'll see only on 7.
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>> the details are being worked out for hundreds of tests for students. the schools involved we're talking about miner element, payne elementary and capitol hill montessori. they found out not from the district but from a blog. one test found lead up to 20 times the acceptable level. the district is promising children to get tested but they haven't said exactly how. we'll keep watching the situation closely and we'll let you know what happens. alison: jon, thank you very much. also several stories about the zika virus. the governor says that april 24th through the 30th will be zika virus awareness week. that's when you're urged to take steps to get rid of standing water where mosquitoes could breed. residents will be a
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on whether genetically modified mosquitoes should be released in their neighborhood to try to disrupt breeding and lower the population of dangerousiness sects. -- of dangerousiness sects. diesel cars were programmed to cheat those emissions tests. you can sell the car back to the company or you can have it fixed. if you sell, you'll get the value of the car before the scandal. if you own one you'll get what is called substantial come pen situation tfplg amount sun known right now. but cars involved include jetta, golf and passat. to read more of the settlement and who will be getting money go to leon: a great organization, a nonprofit for girls in grades 3 three 8 seeking to
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which encourages them to run. on the's event included a reception, live music and keynote address from katharine switser who was the first woman to enter the boston marathon back in the days when it was considered a men's only event. one shoved her out of the race and she got back in the race and finished. alison: that's why you're wearing the sneakers. >> the flexibility. leon: you didn't know that? that was my -- [laughter] alison: a little creeky over there. > we have rain but showers and down downpours. once we get that out of the weekend, we'll have a good weekend. still hanging on to 70
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fredericksburg. annapolis at 62. show you what it looks like on satellite and radar, it is quiet and dry around the immediate metro area but you don't have to travel too far to the west and to the north to find the rain. leading edge beginning to push off into pennsylvania and west virginia. the back edge of it into indiana and that's going to arrive here as we move into the early morning hours of saturday. once that's out of here things improve dramatically. if you have anywhere to go, a few problems. may see a few pop-up showers as we head toward the morning hours. it will hold off until mid-day tomorrow. 66 to 63 under mostly cloudy skies. winds will be to the south at 10 to 15 miles per hour. let's time the rain. around the capitol beltway it should be dry. the farther west you go, wood stock, warrenton, heavier scattered
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outdoor recess could be in jeopardy. parts of lawden county, the district, arlington, alexandria, outdoor food trips to the food truck might not be a good idea. rush hour commute will be dry. the nationals' game is tomorrow night. we will see a few spotty showers. stick around until early tomorrow morning. everything clears out by sat afternoon. beautiful sunset and a wonderful sunday ahead. how much rain? anywhere between about .10 of an inch. not a whole lot but it will help clean everything up. highs tomorrow 76. and we'll be back into the lower 80's. nationals' forecast not so good. alison: yeah. leon: hey, how about a wizard's forecast? now that there's a change.
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>> now we ask do we hop on the train in d.c.? cubs fans everywhere celebrating tonight. i'll tell you what's all the joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! in annapolis, she battled republicans and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> all right. in hoops, the wizards had filled their coaching vacancy. scott brooks will be replaying randy wittman. brooks and the wizards agreed to terms a deal that's worth $35 million over five years. but that's not what has d.c. buzzing right now. scott brooks used to coach kevin durant who will be the biggest free agent this summer and there's been a lot of speculation on whether or not this is a plan to get k.d. to d.c. oh, boy. according to "the washington post", the redskins have made an offer to corner back josh norman. norman became an unrestricted agent after
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their franchise tag on the corner back. the redskins and 49ers are the favorites to sign the shutdown corner. in hockey, a day of rest and regroup for the caps. they were denied the sweep over the flyers last night. a 2-1 loss at wells fargo. they get another shot tomorrow. but the defenseman knows washington can't get ahead of themselves. >> that's what happened with the last game is we looked too far forward and we didn't play that shift in the period by period and that's why they beat us. at the point you have to play the game hard and get the next win. >> cheer up, caps, fans they weren't the only ones denied. the great one wayne gretzky denied as he puckered up for his wife. i guess even the great one can't score all the time.
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in baseball, good news. bad news for the nats. here's the good news. bryce harper clubbed his eighth home run of the season this afternoon in miami. a solo shot. the bad news was that was washington's only run. they lost. 5-1. he did it again. a no-hitter for jake arrieta. he held the reds hitless. he walked four, struckout six. the bats had backed him up to. a 16-0. this is his second career no-no. last year in august he no-hit the dodgers. arrieta's former team the baltimore orioles took care of the blue jays. 3-2 was the final in that one. leon: arrieta, third start? fourth start and lard shutout? >> look at max. he had two last year. leon: we'll see what happens. a surprise visit at sea. see these incredie
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a paddle booder gets
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i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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good thing he's experienced because it's hard to believe that seeing this didn't throw off his balance. can you imagine that? leon: and good thing his pants were already wet. [laughter] >> oh, god. every night, man. every night. leon: take ate step farther. >> let's
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guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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alison: a rainy friday. >> here's the seven-day. . now we get to look at it for 30 seconds. 36 degrees for a high tomorrow. we will have scattered showers a few thunderstorms. not expecting anything to become severe into early saturday morning. if you have kid socker or lacrosse -- i didn't want to say it, lower 80's on monday. i only try to say it three day as week. you keep bringing it
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it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jordan peele & keegan-michael key, from "everybody wants some," glen powell this week in unnecessary censorship and music cletones" and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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