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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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higher-ups here at department headquarters acknowledge they have launched an investigation. they keep it on hand to respond to a call but use it rarely. >> it's 50 times more powerful than morphine. stephen: sources allege a vile of fentanyl like this vanished in three weeks. it's often used on the veet with heroin to intensify the high. sources in the department maintain those who discover the missing vile alerted the superiors. we contacted them and received an e-mail saying they have launched an investigation. it also stated nothing found at engine 15. boxes are accounted for with security seals intact. there is no sign of tampering. narcotics safe, secured. but sources within the department directed us to the drug enforcement administration. when questioned a
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cannot comment. addiction specialist says fentanyl is so powerful, it can drive users or those who want to sell it to commit crimes. >> with any opioid addiction people go in withdrawals if they don't have the medication. physical and psychological withdrawal. they will do what they need to do to manage their symptoms. stephen: late this afternoon we received another e-mail from the fire department that states the department is taking the allegations very seriously that within the last 24 hours it continued to investigate engine 15 and the other fire stations and found no evidence of misplaced or missing fentanyl. it also called on anyone who knows anything about the situation to come forward. so the department can act swiftly and in accordance with the law. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you,
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you saw that story last week and today d.c. began testing students at three schools for lead after elevated levels were found in the drinking water. d.c. bureau chief sam ford broke the story and he is live at the capitol hill montessori at logan. you spoke to parents in the last two hours. what did they tell you? sam: well, the parents are concerned. but, of course, right now i want to show you a young man named marius hayes. show us your finger. okay. that is the finger they had. they had to take some blood, right? did it hurt? >> yeah. sam: okay. did you cry? >> a little bit. sam: okay. well, he cried a little bit. the number of young people here at this school have been taking these tests. some of the tests are going on as we speak here at capitol hill montessori school at logan. water from one of the faucets at this school tested 20 times the acceptable level of 15 parts per billion. there were elevated results at two other schools. we learned from
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this began, they began the blood tests on children at elevated -- testing for elevated levels here today. some children were tested in the morning. some this afternoon. still others are scheduled in coming days. the city's d.g.s. department of general services discovered elevated levels in water here last august. but never flagged the information. a blogger just this month discovered the information in an online d.g.s. website and sounded the alarm. to the consternation of some parents. we spoke with some of them about today's results. >> bringing our own water from home for the last few years so i'm not too surprised we came back with no lead. >> i'm discouraged that it took so long for us to become aware that there was potentially an issue. i'm glad everybody is working together. sam: okay. so the tests began here today at capitol hill montessori at logan. there will e
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at other schools where there were elevated lead levels tested. that is miner elementary school and payne elementary school. after the elevated tests the city decided it will retest all of the water sources, the faucets the fountains at all of the d.c. public schools. reporting live from northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: okay, sam. thank you very much. speaking of lead, president obama is planning to visit flint, michigan, next week. this will be the first time since the city's drinking water was found to be tainted with lead. the president will get a briefing on federal efforts to help with the clean-up there. flint's water system you will remember was contaminated two years ago when the city started taking water from the flint river. instead of treated water from detroit. this was in an effort to save money. earlier this week, virginia senator tim kaine joined 24 other senators calling for more federal resources to test drinking water in schools all across the country. they say many schools just don't have
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test for lead and other common contaminants. leon? leon: an update now on breaking news that we have been telling folks about for the last hour. an accident that has all lanes blocked on the beltway. this is after a tractor trailer flipped on the inner loop between rockville pike and connecticut avenue near the mormon temple. a live look at the backup as you approach interstate 270. no one was injured but the back up is going for well over ten miles now. we will get an update from jamie sullivan in a few minutes. in the meantime we are following breaking news out of takoma park. where one woman is dead and a man is in surgery now after a stabbing on houston avenue. that is where maryland bureau chief brad bell is live with the latest. brad? brad: leon, we do know that police are calling this a murder. woman they believe a victim. the man injured. the relationship between the two we don't yet know. take a look. very active crime scene investigation underway. in process. you can see this white car over here
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tow truck. that car clearly part of the investigation. as we take a look here, houston avenue, is closed. this crime scene tape being used to keep us and the general public away. whatever happened, happened in that building over there. call it would cambridge. you can see the detectives around the front door. the focus is elevator in the lobby and apartment upstairs. the chief of police can tell us why. >> individual found near the elevator, near the lobby bleeding. they went upstairs and made entry and found the victim. >> do you believe the other victim is connected to the apartment upstairs? >> i do. yes. brad: so upstairs in the apartment a 36-year-old woman found stabbed to death. downstairs a m
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to have been stabbed. he is in surgery. the investigation at this point still in the early stages. takoma park police will not tell us if what they believe happened here. they do say that they do not believe there is an ongoing danger to the community. takoma park, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you for that, brad. folks, you can track crime in your neighborhood with the abc7 spot crime maps. you can find those on alison: new developments tonight in chicago where a federal judge has now ten sensed former house speak -- now sentenced former house speaker dennis hastert to 15 months in prison. the judge repeatedly called hastert a "serial child molester" during the hearing. hastert pleaded guilty to breaking banking laws to pay hush money to his victims. hastert was fined a $250,000 and ordered to register as a sex offender upon his release. leon: the fate of former virginia governor bob mcdonald
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the court heard oral arguments this morning as mcdonald seeking to have the corruption convictions overturned. he and his wife maureen were both at the supreme court today. last year, mcdonald was granted permission to remain free until the justices ruled on his case. a decision is expected to come in late june. alison: a major announcement in the race for the white house to tell you about today. in fact in the last hour, senator ted cruz tapped carly fiorina to be his running mate should he win the republican nomination at a contested convention. the former hewlett-packard c.e.o. ended her own presidential campaign in february. so the two spoke to supporters in indiana less than 30 minutes ago. >> this fight is about far more than a ticket. this fight is about far more than ted cruz and carly fiorina. this is a fight for all of us. [applause] for our party, for our future, for our children's future. alison: meanwhile republican front-runner donald trump was here
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foreign policy speech. in it, he promised to end many u.s. commitments abroad. and force allies to pay more for their protection. fresh off wins in four states yesterday, hillary clinton was off the campaign trail today. senator bernie sanders visited two colleges in indiana. leon: now, of course, maryland was one of the states that had primaries on tuesday and voters weren't just casting ballots in the presidential race. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in rockville with a look at the result of the races will mean in the free state. fill us in. kevin: well, leon, many were confident in chris van hollen's ability to secure a run for senate in the general election. however, the congressional district four and eight races in maryland were a lot more challenging to call. chris van hollen defeated donna edwards 53-39% in the democratic race for maryland's open senate seat. the republican winner, kathy saliga wi
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laureen voted for van hollen. >> i do believe that he has the capacity to reach across the aisle. to work with republicans, if they want to be worked with. kevin: maryland state senator raskin clinched the democratic ticket for the eighth congressional district. dan cox was the republican victor. >> jamie was a proven commodity. kevin: rockville resident judy explains why she picked raskin over kathleen matthews. >> i didn't really see they would bring anything to the table that i couldn't for example. except the $12 million which i couldn't bring to the table. -e in the fourth district, with baltimore city and prince george's county anthony brown defeated glen ivey 41-34%. the republican winner george mcdermott. this ballot came to name recognition. >> his campaign did well with
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his name. that is the only thing i remember. i have seen his name around so i voted for him. kevin: the maryland board of elections says voter turn-out yesterday was higher than any other presidential primary since the early 1980's. that is in part attributeed to candidates donald trump and hillary clinton. live in rockville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. we have pretty great weather to get out and vote but it gave way to a cool and a dreary wednesday. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a check on the forecast today. doug: a huge difference in the weather pattern yesterday at this time versus this moment. the temperatures in the mid-50's. metro, cloudy skies. to rain showing up locally. most of the rain to the south. the big weather story for us temperatures are 25 to 30 degrees colder right now than the same time yesterday. we could see spotty showers this evening and good shape for the nationals with the first pitch at 7:05.
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doppler radar shows the rain in the southern fringes the southern zones but late tonight and overnight another batch might get closer to metro washington. we look ahead to rush hour and the weekend coming up. back to you. leon: you got it. coming up at 5:00 -- fire trucks pull in and passengers pour from a metro station. why riders were seeing red this time around. alison: later putting a plan in place. meeting just wrapped up in the last ten minutes about the future of arlington national cemetery expansion. find out what the plan will mean for roads nearby. leon: but first, one year later. what has changed in baltimore? we take a look at the progress made by the city police department since the protests over freddie gray's death. horace: i'm horace holmes in the "7 on your side" help center. you want to get in shape. fitness instructors here to answer your calls. 703-236-9220.
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eleon: we have breaking news from baltimore where there has been a police-involved shooting near the carmelo anthony youth center. the boy was carrying something resembling a gun but is expected to be
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we are working to get more on this case. in the meantime, of course, today marks a year since the largest of baltimore riots after freddie gray's death. hundreds took to the streets to protest the way that gray was arrested. an arrest that led to his death and charges against six police officers. alison: so far, just one of those officers has gone to trial and it ended in a mistrial. but as jeff abel reports, baltimore police department made plenty of change since that arrest. >> not only has the department changed the equipment but the top brass says there is a change of attitude. the police transport vans like the one freddie gray found with fatal injuries have undergone sweeping changes. all 23 of the city's vans are quipped with security cameras. there are also new dividers to give officers more room to transport suspects. new seat belts to make it more difficult to escape. the police commissioner says some officers are no longer relying on police cam
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suspects. >> a lot of police officers in baltimore are taking cell phone pictures of the prisoners before they are transported from the scene of an arrest. we are much, must have further along than we were last year. jeff: according to the commissioner a surprise inspection recently found that the officers are complying with the seat belt mandate 100% of the time. alison: coming up at 5:45 tonight, the woman talk of the riot is speaking out. you remember this scene. toya graham made national headlines when she grabbed her son out of the fray. hear what she has to say about what has changed in the last year. coming up at 5:45. leon: let's get an update on the crash on the beltway.
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jamie sullivan is tracking on what is not going on. jamie: they have closed it and reopened it. now we have two lanes getting by on the inner loop of the capital beltway in montgomery county near connecticut avenue. this backup is definitely a big one. i want to move to the map to show you what we have been dealing with. there is the issue. you can see here that the overturned truck on its side. they were not able to upright that and clear everything out. so now they have three lanes blocked. two get by. the backup is at 12 miles. we usually see seven miles of slowing from tysons continuing north. now we continue and it is bumper to bumper. 45 minutes is the average from the 270 spur continuing to 95 in maryland. you see that solid red line? that is the outer loop delay. everyone just looking over to see what is going on. averaging about 45 minutes. so we will keep you updated but the inner loop of the beltway is open. they may close it, though, sometime soon to get everything cleaned up. back to you. leon: a mess. boy. alison:
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i guess this weather isn't going to help at all. dreariness. doug: no. several more days of it. break out a little briefly saturday, sunday, monday, back to the rain again. that is what you get. i mention a couple of weeks ago in the stretch of the 12 straight sunny days. you just watch. it will turn around and go the other way. >> you were right. doug: nostradamus has nothing on me. we start with the nail -- naval academy. the temperatures are cool. but the moist air and light rain and drizzle it's knocking the stuffing out of the pollen in the air, which is good for us. that will be the story for the next few days. temperatures are cool. the average high is 70. so we are way below the mark. but then on the other hand he said, yesterday's high was 85-86. which was way above the mark. so you kind of do the math and the temperatures work out at average. that is why we always say there is no such thing at normal weather around here. normal temperatures.
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this is average. days are cooler and warmer. 62 in charlottesville. stanton wins the prize right now. 67 degrees in that portion of augusta county. overall the numbers are cooler than yesterday. 24-hour temperature change map shows that. it's 31 degrees cooler at andrews air force base, cooler in annapolis. the other numbers tell you the same weather story. you don't have to travel that far to find warmer air. raleigh at 86. charlotte at 85. the cold front made it through the area and it's this far. warm to the south of the front. the front will go through the west virginia and charleston. it's farther north in west virginia. only in the mid-60's. we are going to stay on the cool side of things for several more days. as far as the rain goes, doppler radar showing the areas of shower and heavier downpours now. north of charlottesville. that is going to continue northeast. if we could get that a little farther to the north for the rocky mountain fire. wet the g
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good. rain is on the move across fredericksburg. that is where it will stay the next couple of hours. later tonight we see more showers move in. they stretch from central kentucky northwest to indianapolis and chicago. all of this will move along the frontal boundary south. i think later tonight spotty showers. rain overnight. period of rain tomorrow and into the day on friday as well. so overnight forecast is chilly. northeasterly winds. 47 to 54 degrees. cloudy skies. spotty showers overnight. then as we head through the day tomorrow, we will see the front try to wiggle a little bit. what will happen is the area of the energy moving along the front will develop more areas of rain. they will come rolling in down the front through tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. we get a break. get in day on friday. same sort of deal with the upper level low finally moving through. that is going to generate more showers. eventually, eventually late friday night to saturday morning we will get brief clearing. at least part of the weekend will be okay. tomorrow's forecast a lot of clouds. period of showers here and there. not a rain-out but period of
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in the afternoon and the evening the rain could get steady. in the next seven days we will keep 60% chance of rain on friday. no rain for maryland day at the university of maryland. it will be nice. upper 60's, sunshine. rain back in the forecast later sunday and monday. finally tuesday and wednesday lower 70's and sunshine. that is then. now is now. still got rain to deal with. alison: spring showers going. thank you. well, tonight we are crossing a name off the wall of justice. leon: that is right. plus, the hunt is on for more tickets. look at the excitement out there as the caps get ready to rock the red in the second round of the playoffs. alison: but first, tylenol may ease your pain. but at what cost? find out what else it could be dulling coming up next. leon: now a look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. alison: "7 on your side" for health matters. this is the active ingredient in tylenol. a new study from briis
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addition to dulling the headache, the drug might dull your senses. >> people who have been given acetaminophen showed a reduction in a certain brain signature. so when people made mistakes we see this signature emerge in their brain. it actually was inhibited for people who had taken acetaminophen. alison: so not only were people less likely to catch errors for instance, if they did notice they were less likely to care. doctors say more research is needed. leon? leon: all right, alison. "good morning washington" gives you folks at home a workout each wednesday morning but this afternoon we want to help you get in shape before bathing suit season. "7 on your side"'s horace holmes standing by in the abc7 help center where you can ask the fitest in experts anything -- fitness experts anything you want. horace: by far the most fit group we have ever had in the help center and probably the most fit group we will ever have. folks from gyms in the
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john is here with us. john is having a good time answering your phone calls. 703-236-9220. that is the number to call to talk to john and the other guys. what kind of phone calls have you been getting? >> various. most of them are about weight loss. most people want to lose weight. they want to know how to get rid of fat. a couple of people with back problems. variety of different questions. horace: a couple of seconds. how do you get rid of fat? >> that is diet related. nobody wants to hear that. horace: diet over exercise? >> combination of the two but diet is a big way. cut back on calories and sugar intake. i told them to journal their food. it will make you take a hard look at what they are doing. i ask people what their diet is they say pretty good. but if i ask what they eat they say i don't know. if you look at it to get a true sense of what they are eating. horace: thank you. 703-236-9220. get rid of the sugar alison and leon. golden milk, a
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we talk about this. sugar is too good. thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a new face in town. we will tell you what the new coach wants to do with the wizards later in sports. leon: plus -- >> as a mother, i just told him whatever goes on down there, you better not be down there. leon: the woman whose rant against her son made headlines around the world in the baltimore riots is speaking only to abc7 a year later. >> big plans announced today to expand the arlington national cemetery. how much it will cost and what roads it will shut down. that story is coming up.
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leon: plans are falling into place for the next phase of expanding arlington national cemetery. the designs call for using the space where the navy and x-1 stood behind the air force memorial on columbia pike if you know the area. but it will also mean changes for that road. jeanette reyes attended a meeting on the work an hour ago and checks in now live. what did you learn? jeanette: well, leon, minutes ago plans were announced for the initiation of this multimillion dollar project. before we jump in the details i want to give you a lay of the land here. on my right is the southern border of arlington national cemetery.
5:32 pm
that proposed site. it's 40 acres. take a look at the map here. it will be surrounding the air force memorial and run adjacent to the highway. officials say with nearly 30 burials a day, they are simply running out of space. this project will get them through the 2050's and columbia pike is one of several roads that will be taken away. today they want to hear from the public to address any questions or concerns. take a listen. >> the purpose of this meeting tonight is to kick off that dialogue. and hear the feedback from the public because we are at the, we are at the preliminary planning stages. we want to incorporate that feedback into our plan. jeanette: the total cost of the project is $bo -- $300 million. they hope to wrap up by 2022. i'
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alison: thank you. taking a look now at the war on terror and the suspected survivor of the islamic state team that carried out the paris attacks was transported back to france today. this to appear in court. salah abdeslam's lawyer says his client is willing to cooperate. prosecutors say the 26-year-old now faces five preliminary charges including terrorist murders and attempted murders. 130 people died in the november 13 attacks. is that still overseas, liverpool is honoring the victims of a deadly 1989 accident after a jury ruled police and emergency services played a part in their deaths. the names and the ages of all 96 soccer fans who were crushed in a crowded hillsborough stadium were read out loud yesterday in the center. yesterday they overturned a ruling that called the deaths accidental and did not hold the police accountable for
5:34 pm
mistakes. alison: on a different note. tomorrow the caps are back on the ice to begin the second round series against the penguins. so today, the caps held another scavenger hunt. again they were offering free playoff tickets. so every hour on the hour the team would tweet a new clue. that would guide fans to a series of locations all over the region. well, of course, there were ecstatic winners. but there were many more who were disappointed. >> running full speed. i ripped my jeans. from there to there. instant air flow right now. alison: so no ticket and ripped jeans. bad day. hopefully he will feel better with a caps win tomorrow. game one is tomorrow at the verizon center. at 8:00 p.m. funny. leon: good one. alison: hopefully they didn't take the day off work, too. not get tickets. leon: exactly. stay with us. coming up at
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[bleep] leon: see how a local non-profit is working to keep young offenders out of jail and on a positive path. >> almost every day this month. riders on the red line have had to deal with issues. the latest on what happened this morning coming up. alison: new at 6:00 tonight the special treat for a teenager known as "road dog." the inspiration behind the nickname and why a man moving heaven and earth to make sure 13-year-old gets christmas in april.
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doug: time on wednesday to look at the weekend already. saturday looks good. a little sunshine. 67 degrees. period of rain return on sunday. also maryland day as we come out saturday at the university of maryland. coming up on saturday afternoon, it's the national weather service open house at the offi
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i'll be there to start at 2:00 talking to people. hot weather balloon launches, hurricane wind tunnels you can experience, kids' experiments. it will be fun. see you out there. the story is the same. clouds and showers for several days and dry out early next week. stay with us.
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alison: "7 on your side" fighting back against crime tonight. we can cross a name off the wall of justice. we featured ramon calderon last september. today, arlington county police updated us that he is now in custody. calderon is accused of slashing a man's face during an argument outside the gunston recreation center. leon? leon: in 2014, law enforcement agencies in the u.s. arrested approximately 1 million youths under the age of 18. well, there is a local non-profit here that is helping to steer hundreds of young people out of the criminal justice system. by addressing the negative behaviors and empowering those teens to make positive changes. that makes lead for life this week's "harris' heroes." >> take one, pass it on. let's inspire. leon: inside the maryland department of juvenile services frederick office the young men are writing new chapters in their lives as part of a program called first chance for
5:40 pm
teens write encouraging messages. and making care packages for the homeless. the boys all share a common bond. they all got into some kind of trouble either at school or with the law. but instead of focusing on the past and their mistakes -- >> ensure that you remember. you guys have power. that is the premise. this is empowering the young men. >> focusing on their positive attributes. this is a bump in the law. >> i fall a lot but i get back up. why should you give up? keep trying. leon: for the teens, the message is making an impact. >> i have a second chance. i'm starting to do the right stuff. getting back into sports and stuff. >> good to know the ball is in my court. i'm the charge of my future. it's up to me to make the right choices. leon: that is the goal of first chance for you. >> i never once had a kid come in and say you know iwa
5:41 pm
they don't. leon: now a positive statistic proving that the program is working, 80% of those who participate in lead for life program do not reoffend. last year the non-profit served more than 300 young people in the greater washington area. doing their best to make sure they stay out of their newscast for the wrong reasons. alison: 80%? that is remarkable. leon: exactly. which means they need support. it deserves our support. alison: yes. wishing them the best of luck. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- it was really that slap right there seen around the world. what toya graham has to say one year after she dragged her son from a protest in wake of freddie gray's death. horace: i'm horace holmes in the "7 on your side" help center. trying to get you fit with nine fitness instructors. 703-236-9220. give them a call.
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if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. alison: a year ago today protest turned to riots on the street of baltimore days after freddie gray's death.
5:45 pm
day one stood out above the rest. toya graham seen slapping her son michael, reprimanding him after he jumped in to participate in baltimore riots. cheryl conner caught up with the woman that some call the mom of the year who shared with us the life-changing year she and her son have had. the excitement of the ice cream truck brings toya graham her granddaughter and youngest daughter to their front steps. but the woman who became known as the baltimore mom limits her family time on the streets. >> i told him, i said, obviously this is to the extreme. cheryl: we knew her by video before we knew her name. toya graham caught on camera for the world to see, slapping her only son michael who covered his face and jumped in the riot. rocks were thrown at police, buildings were set on fire. baltimore reached the boiling point following the arrest and death of freddie gray.
5:46 pm
that he would be down there throwing rocks at police officers. when i grew up, you didn't throw rocks at police officers. cheryl: so graham pulled him away from the violence that went on for hours before the national guard was called in. since the riots one year ago 17-year-old michael singleton has lost several friends to gun violence. graham made a decision a few weeks ago. her son had to leave baltimore. toya: he is safe. he is doing something positive. he will finish school. he is going to pick up a trade. cheryl: she is sending him away for a full year but wants to keep the arrangement private. michael leaves as the police commissioner kevin davis tries to change the city. a historic murder rate in 2015 and a community that lost respect for its officers. >> we certainly are not at a place where we are satisfied. we are not at a place we can say we have arrive and there is peace and harmony. but we hav
5:47 pm
progress. cheryl: community policing is the focus. we spotted the same officer and then later at a kid safe zone a drop-in center a few blocks from where gray was arrested. >> the sign of the new beginning. c.v.v. reopened the store on pennsylvania avenue. the one we saw on fire right in the middle of ground zero. but not enough has changed for the baltimore mom to feel good about raising her son in the city. michael's younger sister doesn't feel safe. >> too much going on out here. like one day you will be here, the next day you won't. cheryl: a sad reality that toya graham is not willing to face. toya: would i do it again? yes, i would. if my son was in a bad situation as a mother that is what we are here for. cheryl: in west baltimore, cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: now six police officers face charges, of course, in connection with freddie gray's death. the first trial ended with a mistrial. the next one is due to begin
5:48 pm
leon: i believe her when she says she would do it again. alison: you wonder about their relationship now and if one day he is really going to look back and be very grateful that she did that. leon: no doubt. she saved his life. she saved his life. what is going to be the rest of his life. alison: exactly. leon: check to see what is happening locally. we have a bad situation on the beltway. jamie sullivan still watching that for us. jamie: happy to report they have reopened all of the lanes on the inner loop of the capital beltway right near connecticut avenue. a pretty bad accident with an overturned truck. they did get it uprighted. now everything is confined to the shoulder. but you can still see quite a bit of volume here compared to the outer loop where the traffic is very, very light. let's go ahead and move to the maps. i want to show you what we are seeing with this. you see the solid red line heading north. even though all lanes are open. we still have that backup at 12 miles. the outer loop we are seeing congestion as well. not because any lanes are blocked but a lot of people looking over. an hour ago this number was in the 50's. we are just under 30 minutes
5:49 pm
to the 270 spur. i want to stick with montgomery county. we move to waze map to show you what we are seeing in bethesda. our traffic southbound on rockville pike still bumper to bumper at a complete standstill due to an earlier water main break. they have the water back on. they fixed the pipe. but they are not letting all the lanes get through. so the backup for you starts well before the beltway. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right. thanks, jamie. take a look at what is coming up at 6:00 now. an unusual announcement from a presidential candidate behind in delegates. >> my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. [applause] leon: the precedent for such an announcement and the signal that political experts say was for the voters. local business owner accused of running a visa for sale worker to expose foreign workers by bringing them to virginia. that's coming up. alison: first get a check of the weat
5:50 pm
doug: we get them now and then but at least the pollen will take a little bit of a hit from the damp air and the drizzled and the rain we will have in the next few days. time lapse from view of the rooftop at nationals park. nats have a game at 7:05, first pitch. it will be fine for the first few innings. cloudy and damp. there will be a chance later at 9:00 after a few showers moving through. but i think we will be fine. take a heavy jacket with you. it is on the chilly side. with the numbers holding in the 50's in most areas. 56 at reagan national. 54 at andrews and annapolis. 53 in hagueerstown. if you want to get warm head to luray. 67 in stanton. drop already radar shows rain but -- doppler radar shows rain but it's west of metro. later tonight there could be another batch that is moving in from the west so we will keep the mention of showers. the ones across cincinnati and charleston, west virginia. no ez are the ones late tonight and overnight could cross the metro area.
5:51 pm
overnight forecast for cloudy skies. spotty showers. light persistent northeasterly wind. overnight lows 57 to 54 -- 47 to 54 degrees. next three days more of the same tomorrow and friday. friday afternoon is brightening up. look how chilly. the rain is 62 tomorrow. 60 on friday. we may break out to sunshine on saturday. that is good news. 67 for a high. by sunday the rain is right back in again. we have showers of period monday. tuesday, wednesday next week will get back to a dry and a warmer weather pattern. this is the latest from the weather center. back to you. alison: okay. thank you so much. leon: new era for the wizards underway. robert: a guy who likes young talent. scott brooks. if you think about russell westbrook, james harden and k.d. it became official today. the wizards introduced the new head coach. former oklahoma city thunder coach scott brooks. three conference final appearances. one finals appearance. so he has street cred. i had a conversation with the new coach today at the phone booth.
5:52 pm
>> ernie came and saw you and you spent ten hours together on the first day. that is a lot of time. what was his pitch to you coming to d.c.? coach brooks: many things. the city. the owner. the talented roster that we have. i think it was an easy sell. like i said earlier, this was the place i wanted to be. robert: you talk about the roster. it's headlined by john wall of course. do you get excited when you about the things you can do with a guy like that? coach brooks: yeah. it's a guard league. you need talented, dynamic point guards. he is one of the best in the league. you know, you don't just make an all-star team by luck. i think he has the ability to be one of the best players in the league. bradley is the same way. he is very dynamic. that backcourt arguably could be one of the best backcourts
5:53 pm
him. robert: you knew you couldn't leave the building without getting this question. the kevin durant question. when you hear the rumors, scott brooks come to d.c., kevin durant is a hometown kid. do you dismiss those rumors and focus on what you have here? coach brooks: i understand the question but looking at this team i was focused on the guys that, the guys that we have now. that is what excites me. robert: good answer. much more with scott brooks at 6:00. to see my full interview with the wizards new head coach go to so we ask him the question. he gave his answer. i think that is the answer that you are going to get most of the time. leon: i'll bet you he would be excited about the $7 million a year. robert: i think so. easy sell. leon: something to do with the sell. alison: probably. robert: i think it lured him. alison: good stuff. thank you. leon: all right, man. alison: well, also by the way in the last five minutes metro announced it will be staying hope for an extra hour to help fans get home from the
5:54 pm
the penguins at the verizon center. leon: all right. now, you know it's hard to find many metro riders who don't have a single gripe against the system these days. alison: yeah. leon: but when we come back the lengths some riders will go to avoid the red line after another round of delays. stay with us.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
alison: more trouble for riders on the red line this morning. the culprit was an arcing insulators. transportation reporter brianne carter covering metro for us tonight. >> you could see the fire in the distance and then the platform filled with smoke. we all came out here. >> brian: tense moments -- brianne: tense moments again this morning after another arcing insulatessor caused smoke in the tunnel near friendship heights. >> they told everyone to get out. brianne:-tote's problem is the second time -- today's problem is the second time smoke filled the tunnel in a week. they say saturday night a metal piece of rail car came in contact with the third rail which powers
5:58 pm
metro riders have had to deal with unscheduled delays and single tracking almost every day. the problems have been everything from a cracked rail to switching track problems and the trains malfunctioning. >> it's not at all surprising to me. brianne: he said he moved two weeks ago so he would haven't to take the red line. >> hobble. it's expensive. i moved. brianne: metro have been deal ing with constant leaking issues and still working for a fix. african selling a project to fix it that was to begin this year. metro hasn't commented if that problem is connected to latest string of issues. many riders today say they are anxiously abating to hear from the met -- awaiting to hear from the metro general managers which is expected to unveil a long-term maintenance plan. in chevy chase, maryland, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but right now at 6:00 -- broken up. the scheme involving a local business
5:59 pm
illegally. this is to the tune of millions of dollars in fraud. plus, cruz picked carly fiorina as a running mate. the precedent here and the signal the choice may be spending. plus, a special delivery for a teen fighting cancer. >> all right, brother. christmas in april. alison: the reason for the unseasonable celebration organized by a man getting a tattoo for the friend he called "road dog." first, "abc7 news at 6:00" begins with breaking news. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. maureen: that breaking news comes from baltimore tonight. police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting. early reports are that the officer shot a 13-year-old boy after he ignored commands to drop a replica semi-automatic pistol. the child is expected
6:00 pm
his mother is being questioned after she reportedly let her son leave home with the fake pistol. leon: that shooting comes one year to the day, almost to the hour that the baltimore riots broke out. the riots followed freddie gray's funeral. gray of course died from injuries he suffered after being arrested two weeks before. today a series of events were held throughout the city to commemorate those riots and how the people in the city have responded and rebuilt. maureen: serious charges tonight against loudoun county couple accused of running an elaborate visa for sale system. the scheme prosecutors say may have victimized 800 foreign workers trying to get in the u.s. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live with the video that you will see only on 7. jeff? jeff: that is right. this is the federal indictment of the six defendants in this case. the two primary defendants a husband and wife duo who are accused of making $20 million in a


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