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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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happening again. we begin with breaking news. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. [gunfire] maureen: three gunshot from police after a man a costume walked in a baltimore police station and said he was wearing a bomb. it began at our sister station wbff. leon: now the suspect has been rushed to the hospital he had on him chocolate bars that had wires strapped to his chest. they are working to determine if it's safe for people to return inside the building. maureen: jeff goldberg is live on the scene. jeff: we can tell you that the suspect is a 25-year-old man from howard county, maryland. said to be in serious but stable condition right
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this is still an active scene. wbff is still shut down. significant law enforcement presence here. still investigating the area. looking at whatever evidence might be on scene. there is that front door where the man walked inside at 1:20 this afternoon. again, he was wearing a panda suit. onesie as it was described with a surge call mask. he presented a flash drive. said there was something on it he wanted to put on the news. eventually two hours later he walked out of the station with wires hanging out. it did appear to be a bomb according to police. he would not comply with authorities. he was fired on by three different officers. at least three to five shots is what we are being told. he was struck three times. he was then not communicating with police extensively. he was not complying. the police sent in a robot that successfully removed the device from the man and then he was taken into custody. serious but stable condition. police sate looked like a bomb but it was candy bars
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out from some motherboard. but at the time of the shooting it was thought to be a bomb and present serious danger. >> the events seem to happen more and more across the country. they seem to happen more and more at places like news stations and police stations. and government facilities and schools. it's become all too common in america for us to gather like this to examine the bizarre dangerous behavior of a singular individual. >> that individual a 25-year-old man from howard county, maryland, who remains in serious but stable condition in the hospital. wbff is probably going to remain shut down for several more hours. the identity of the man has not been released. police also of course being asked about any motive, anything he may have said. talk about what was on his mind. no information on that right now. but thankfully no e
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citizens in the area were injured after a very, very scary afternoon. live in baltimore, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: okay. thank you, jeff. more news out of baltimore today. baltimore police are pointing to this image to defend the officers who shot a 13-year-old boy yesterday. now this is the replica handgun police say the boy was carrying when he was confronted by officers. the teenager was shot twice by the officers. but he will survive we are told. as we told you yesterday, the shooting happened one year to the day after the baltimore riots. police say the big question they want answered is just where the teen got the realistic looking toy. anne arundel county sheriff says he wants his guns back despite ongoing investigation on domestic violence allegations against him. >> the sheriff is drunk. he punched me in the eye. leon: that 911 call triggered the investigation. the sheriff's wife later withdrew the charges, tho
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reporting it obtained a text message from sheriff bateman to the anne arundel police chief asking his weapons be returned to him. the police chief says he will not give the guns back until the case is closed. maureen: significant changes are coming to metro in the name of safety. a maintenance surge is underway to affect anyone who rides the red line. there are changes in metro's leadership. this afternoon, u.s. secretary of transportation anthony fox replaced three members of met re's board. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter is covering metro. she joins us with what passengers need to know. brianne: well, first, the changes for board will take effect starting next month. meanwhile, in a matter of hours, riders using this station here at van ness to medical center will notice at 8:00 single tracking. something that will impact
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shoveling and sweeping out mud and debris from the tracks. just part of work done along a section of red line as a maintenance surge after two smoke incidents and the other issues over the past five days. >> inspecting insulators. replacing them if they need to be. >> the work forces trains to single track between van nys and medical center. >> thank you for your patience. while we continue to upgrade and improve the metro rail system. brianne: riders should expect delays in midday hours after 8:00 p.m. tonight and tomorrow and again all weekend. the dissruption not sitting well with some -- the disruption not sitting well with some riding the rails i have no idea which way to go. brianne: the root cause of the
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this under ground portion. metro constantly works to rid the track of moisture, problems continue. and a permanent fix is years away. >> safety first. whatever it takes to make it. so many people rely on the metro. brianne: heads up for all of you caps fans as well if you take the red line. it will impact you tonight and during the weekend as well. as for the changes on the metro, board, today transportation secretary anthony fox replaced three of those federal board members. they will start to be part of wmata metro board starting in may. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: thank you. a somber farewell for the fairfax county firefighter nicole mittendorff. viewing and a funeral took place in the rain a week after her body was found in the shenandoah national park. she had been missing for a week. the medical examiner says she
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underway into concerns that she was cyber bullied. a series of negative angry posts about mittendorff have been found online. now we are expecting an update on the case to come tomorrow. abc7 will be there. maureen: still ahead at 6:00 -- a year after the baltimore riots an appeal from the federal investigators. a big push to close open cases of arson like this one that destroyed a senior center. leon: a local county sees four people die after being hit with tasers. protocol violated and the drastic steps that police are taking to protect lives. alison: the former house speaker calls a presidential candidate a miserable s.o.b. but he wasn't so polite about it. why that candidate insists the comments show the real problem is here in washington. leon: we have been seeing this most of the day. all right. doug, should we get used it to? doug: for the shorttime yes. the rain continues
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"abc7 news at 6:00".
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i have never worked with a miserable son of a [bleep] -- >> that the fo
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ted cruz a miserable s.o.b. and he called his lucifer in the flesh saying boehner would vote for him over his dead body. cruz was quick to fire back saying he is not the problem. >> what boehner is angry with me for is not for anything i said to him. i haven't said much of anything. what boehner is angry with me is standing with the american people. leon: current house speaker paul ryan tried to make the peacemaker and said he has good relationships with boehner and cruz and the job is unify the party. maureen: critical information is missing from your doctor profile. we look tonight at 11:00 show how several cases where doctors injured or killed patients can be hidden from the public profile. they found physicians pa
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never get to see it. we will explain why and show where to dig up what you do need and why to know at 11:00. leon: still ahead at 6:00, four people dead after being hit with tasers. the protocol violated in the cases and a major change put in place to protect lives now. maureen: to gray weather stays with us for a whilement when do we see the sun again? we have the timing of the next change.
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®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. leon: you are looking now is live of pictures from baltimore where police are still trying to clear tv station wbff following a bomb threat there. very strange situation. police say a man wearing an animal costume, it may have been a panda suit and a surgical mask made the bomb threat early this afternoon. he eventually was shot by a sniper when he refused to comply with police orders. on the suspect's body police found chocolate bars wrapped in foil and connected the wires and something that looked like a motherboard they say. the suspect now is in the hospital in
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condition. maureen: intense fire at the height of last year's baltimore riot turned a senior center under construction in charred ruins. year later the person who started the fire is still at large. the bureau of alcohol, fast firearms and explosives sent a reminder that this and other cases from the riot remain unsolved. a $10,000 reward is offered in each case. leon: is it supposed to give police a nonlethal option. in most cases that is what stun guns do. however, since 2009 four of the 11 deaths involving the police use of stun guns happened in montgomery county. three cases the protocols were violated.
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>> richard: a 65-year-old man in a fight with police. but the county officials worried about the numbers that you mentioned and today they were looking for answers. taser or stun guns are under the microscope in montgomery county. >> not just can the fatalities but the frequency of the tasering. richard: meeting with police thursday in the wake of the baltimore sun investigation that found 11 fatal tasing incidents across maryland since 2009. four of those were in montgomery county. >> we deploy properly and appropriately and judiciously. richard: councilmembers say they were concerned about a 2013 case where a man died after he was tased, even after he was on the ground. >> hard to justify the amount of tasering done to a person lying face down on the ground. >> police aren't commenting n
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with a five-second shutoff, the establish. of the mini perimeters to give the suspects time to calm down and calling in advanced life support paramedics who are equipped with antipsychotic medicines are saving lives. >> giving us strategies and skills to better cope with and deal with the people that are mentally ill. richard police say deescalation works and the number of taser incidents have fallen from 182 in 2009 to 59 this past year. live in white oak, richard reeve, abc7 news. leon: thank you, rich. maureen: cold, gray day. doug: cold, gray day. however, 14 years ago today it was a different day. we have been hot and humid. early season heat. in the middle of the severe weather season. take a look to see if it brings back memories. la plata, maryland. on this date, a sunday afternoon in
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the e.f. scale. winds approaching 200 miles per hour briefly in spots we believe surged through la plata, maryland. the county seat of charles county and stayed on the ground for 64 miles. cut a path through four counties and across the bay to the eastern shore before it dissipated. moving nearly 60 miles per hour. by the time it had moved out three people had lost their lives. 122 injured in la plata. total of 344 homes and businesses destroyed. we are in severe weather season indeed and we will be for several weeks. this time around, april 28 this year feels more like early march or the end of february here. chilly. maureen: no weather like that. doug: nothing at all like that anytime soon. go to the numbers. 56. that was it. the average high is 71. the morning low of 52. warmer than the average low of 51. cool damp weather controlled by winds out of the east, the northeast off the atlantic ocean. keep us locked in the low-level chilly air.
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51 degrees here. interesting to note that at 6:00, in fair banks, alaska, it is sunny and 56 degrees. so this is the influence of the atlantic ocean. the water temperatures are chilly. we will see changes. slow changes temperature wise in the next few days but it will take a while to get the warm air back in. this is why storms fire up in portion of west virginia. 70's there. 80's to the south. we are cooler. as the storms we are watching near elkins, west virginia, start to get closer. they are going to encounter cool damp air. that is the end of the thunderstorms. patches of drizzle coming into view later this evening. we don't expect any thunder out of this. damp and drizzly throughout the everything. at this moment, more showers coming east. the forecast for the overnight hours more of the same suff. cloudy, damp and cool. patchy fog, 44 to 50 degrees. northeast winds at
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hour. wake up with the temperatures in the 40's. low clouds again when you wake up. maybe fog and drizzle. showers at times throughout the day tomorrow. 70% chance. period of rain. highs reaching close to 60 degrees. that is warmer than today. for maryland day, university of maryland all day long saturday college park, it will be cloudy. chance for a peek of sunshine but the temperatures are cool. upper 50's to the lower 60's. the next seven we will see a slow improvement of the temperatures. wind direction changes. good chance of rain tomorrow, sunday and monday and then tuesday and wednesday sunshine to get back to lower 70's. more showers by next thursday. leon: speaking of chances good chance for hot and heavy action at the verizon center. maureen: caps and the penguins are out there. so is robert burton. robert: ghost town right now. but come 8:00, won't be that way. i can't say it will be as much red as it has been because peng
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we'll talk about it. game one preview up next in sports.
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announcer: now the toya sports desk brought to you by your local toya dealer. robert: welcome back to verizon. game one. caps-pens. it will be a fierce riv
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back to 2009 when the penguins eliminated the caps in seven games. four games to three. so basically the caps really don't like these guys. the players are here. we got rivals today. here is what the players had to say about the cup jamming match -- upcoming matchup. >> it doesn't take much. pittsburgh, philly, teams we play when we play them is it a hard game either way. >> i don't think it will be as physical as the last one was maybe. it is hard to say. seems to have a lot of offense. >> it's perfect. enough to rest but not enough to get your mind away from the game. it's good we are still focused and prepared to play a good team. get it started on a good note. robert: switching gears now. big day in the nfl. the nfl draft tonight. redskins coming in with the 21st pick.
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they will take the defensive tackle out of alabama reed. here is what they said about the draft. >> strong draft, both sides of the ball. i won't say names or anything like that. my personal opinion there will be a handful of guys in the first round. second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh that are football players. there is a value for each one of them. gets lesser and lesser. i take the lesser height-weight speed guy for the more consistent football player. characterize, toughness, competitiveness to bring to the redskins. robert: it will be rocking in chicago if it already isn't right now. as well as rocking in here at verizon. the puck drop at 8:00. see what happens. back to you. maureen: thank you. latest from steve rudin on weather. "world news tonight" coming up with david muir.
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breaking news tonight. we're on the scene right now. the suspect walking into a tv station, wearing something, telling everyone it was a bomb. the emergency evacuations. the s.w.a.t. team moving in, opening fire. pierre thomas standing by. the other emergency playing out on live television. the families rescued. drivers pulled out of cars under water. and the possible tornadoes and storms now moving in tonight. the takeoff suddenly aborted. at 140 miles per hour. to avoid a collision at a major american airport. the harsh worlds in the race for the white house tonight. the former house speaker unleashing on ted cruz. calling him, quote, lucifer in the flesh, in front of a crowd, and going much further. you will hear the audio right here. and breaking developments tonight in the prince


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