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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of water and the heavy downpours that could cause flooded creeks. go out of the banks. tomorrow we have the afternoon showers and the storms. sunday is setup potential of the severe thunderstorms. isolate tornado. damaging wind. mid-afternoon through the early everything hours. we will spell out the timing of this in a couple of minutes. alison: thank you. kevin lewis is in montgomery county. tell us, what are you seeing now? kevin: well, we are on 355 in rockville close to the white flint metro station. the rain is lightening up. turn the camera to the north. clearer skies there. that is where the storm came rolling in from. if you look southward you can see the darker, the gray skies in the direction toward bethesda. silver spring. that is where the storm is located now. started to come down around 4:30 here. heavy rain initially. it has tapered off sense. we d
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no winds. that is good news. clear on the roads as good as it may be on friday afternoon. along rockville pike. send it back to you inside. alison: thank you. plan ahead right now to stay connected with the storm watch weather team all weekend. we constantly update along with the facebook and the twitter pages. you can download the storm watch weather app to track conditions right from your smart phone. jonathan: new at 5:00, the commander of the blue angels now speaking out to remember a fallen colleague. >> the nation has lost incredible husband, father, son, marine and teammate. truly one of the absolute finest americans this country can produce. jonathan: navy commander remembering the life cut short of marine captain jeff kuss. captain kuss kill yesterday when the f/a-18
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the commander says the investigation into what went wrong is still going on. it just started. but he added that the flight performance group will move forward with kuss' memory on their heart. the blue angels close to the hearts of the folks at annapolis where the team just performed a week ago for graduation ceremonies. maryland bureau chief brad bell joining us from there tonight. brad: we are at the navy marine corps stadium where the retired blue angel aircraft set up as a memorial to the blue angels lost over the years. the blue angels are woven in the pab rick of the community. d in the fabric of the community and tonight there is sadness. exactly one week ago, captain jeff kuss in blue angels number six streaked over the naval academy graduation in the famous six plane blue angels delta formation. two days early. he and the blue angels thrilled thousands gathered around to watch the blue angels. kuss one of
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that is him streaking by in a blur right to left. in his own words from the blue angels video living his childhood dream. >> i wanted to fly the fasters, the meaniest thing i could. brad: he is among those reacting to the news of the crash yesterday. >> we were out on the boat watching last wednesday. it's very sad. brad: blue angels in may, treasured life-long tradition for many. >> horrible. we seen him fly last week and get the news last night. terrible. >> kuss is the 27th blue angel pilot to die in a crash. the last in 2007 when the commander kevin davis lost consciousness in a show in south carolina. brutally sad moment for this reporter as davis was the pilot who the year before gave me the ride of a lifetime. as this has happened, it hits many hard. >> this is shocking. they are such professionals. such
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brad: just about everybody we talk to in annapolis today said their eyes were in the sky last week watching the planes go by. they had all been talking about this. all have been saddened by the loss of the pilot who in this town is truly a celebrity. in annapolis; brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. the air force unthunderbird canceled upcoming shows after one of their jets crashed yesterday after a flyover at the air force academy graduation in colorado springs. in that incident in pilot was able to safely eject. this is him later. the same day of the crash he met with president obama giving the commencement address in the airport academy. the cause is under investigation. alison: we move on to metro. we are only seven hours now from the first visible effect of metro safetrack plan. at midnight the system will close marking at least a year of no extended hours. that is really just the tip of the iceberg. we have e
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commuters need to know on monday morning in a moment. but we begin with the transportation reporter brianne carter on the metro final rush to put the safetrack plan in place. brianne: metro has done everything they can in the final hours leading up to warn you about what is about to happen. take a look, they have pamphlet they put inside of the station. as they have put signs in the station. when you come ultimate of this station you are greeted by additional signs. warning you of the major disruption headed your way. this will have a major impact monday morning. as the riders will see 60 to 70% fewer trains on the orange and the silver line. today, metro general manager made a last-minute push to urge metro riders to modify the commute by either traveling outside of rush hour, telecommuting or using the transportation other than the train. at east falls church station
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action. brand new bike share station put up this afternoon. bike signs put up at the station and along a nearby trail to help cyclists who may have never been commuting on two wheels. monday morning they will add additional buses from ballston to east falls church and west falls church. arlington and fairfax stepped up their bus service. this is so metro can do three years of maintenance in less than one year, a project today metro says carries $60 million price tag. >> we are all learning lessons. we will lenger what is coming. >> brian: this is a full list of what you are facing. it will kick off tomorrow but may feel normal with the single tracking on the weekend. it will be monday morning and then it will impact the entire system at some point throughout the n
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months. are riders really prepared? we will have more on that tonight at 6:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: okay. you mentioned monday morning. the full brunt of the first phase of the safetrack plan will be felt in the first rush on monday. jay korff spent his day sifting through exactly what commuters need to know to prepare. he is in the newsroom. jay, the short message is the commuters need to prepare before monday. jay: indeed, they do. we know the coming days and the months will be difficult and trying. we here at abc7 news amassed tremendous information in conjunction with the metro links whichly show you now. which actually are going to help you very much in understanding what you need to know. so this particular site right here is the safe surge. this is going to give you all kind of information on the metro site. in particular, the ten particular sites on the orange and the silver line from
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vienna to mclean. places to avoid. there are travel alternatives, bus, bike, uber, lyft. all kind of options to make this a less painful experience. it will be unprecedented around certainly unpleasant. safetrack begins in full force in monday's commute. as you have heard, metro's crumbling infrastructure, the significant liability and the safety woes forced them to embark on ambitious maintenance plan to restore the transportation agency to respectability. in surge one expected to last through midjune expect significant delays on the orange and the silver line. due in part to single tracking. especially in the peak times like falls church, ballston, reston and tysons. metro plans to have more trains in the a.m. and the p.m. rush times there will be more riders. if your commute is normally 30
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longer. in regular hours orange and silver line trains will come every 18 minutes versus the normal time of six minutes. if they are full your commute doubled. think of other form of transportation as well. car pooling, taxi services. bus, bike. you name it. metro may not be your best option. don't forget about the spillover factor on area roads. there could be considerable congestion on already packed highways and byways as more people will be driving. don't forget friday night the metro station close earlier at midnight. every day moving forward. this page is easy to access. there are the links that will go to metro on the left side we have many stories that you can take a look at. probably one of the most helpful things we have real time up to the second tweets from all the key people including over reporters w
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information literally up to the second. you know what is going on. another great site, bus alternatives for what will occur in the next 12 to 13 days. a lot to look at. this is one place you can go to and you can find all of your solutions. jay korff, abc7 news. alison: worth repeating here that abc7 will be with you throughout safetrack and the effect on all of our commutes. julie wright will have you covered on "good morning washington" monday morning. starting early 4:24 a.m. you can stay connected once you leave the house, too. you don't need a smartphone. just text "metro" to 43817. this will work on anything. iphones, android, motor
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and 15-year-old nokia. we tried it. someone here has one. jonathan: who has one? alison: i don't know. just next tention "metro" to get critical alerts. jonathan: driver is facing criminal charges including assaulting a police officer and attempted carjacking. this is following a crash that happened near the tidal basin. driver of nissan started off by hitting a bus at the memorial and then crashed on the bridge on independence avenue. he then tried to carjack passing vehicles before the officers took the guy down. he was taken to hospital for evaluation. police are asking witnesses to give them a call to put them together. we have nur information on a story you saw first on 7. police say they have several persons of interest in custody after a raid on a leesburg home. police officers, a.t.f. and f.b.i. agents arrived enforce to serve search
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the raid is takedown of the ms-13 gang. at 6:00, we hear from witnesses about what they saw removed from the home. the background on the ms-13. the brutal gang, one of the most notorious in this part of the world traces the roots back to 1980 in los angeles. it alaska came from el salvador and came to l.a. many fled in a time of war. also honduras and guatemala is where they were operating. in addition to street crime they are in the sex trade, human trafficking and drugs and weapons. alison:m cooing up, still at 5:00, a high schooler accused of using a video camera inside a restroom. how the police were able to catch him. and how students are responding to this. jonathan: plus, the chicago police releasing video of dozen of police involved shootings, some from years ago. why release them now? the same reason we could see a lot more of them in t
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future. alison: we tell you be the search is focused after the military vehicle capsized in floodwaters. jonathan: stormwatch7 weather team tracking the heavy rain moving through the area. doug hill has where it is heading and when it will get here. the dangerous weather we could see over the weekend. point of that. we have that and more coming up.
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alison: the chesapeake bay waterman that rescued people, many children, from the boat is being honored by governor larry hogan. wednesday a charter boat sank in bloodsworth island in a field trip. he and his son rushed to the scene. he was able to pull everyone on the fishing boat. hogan spokesman says the actions helped to alert what could have been a terrible tragedy. jonathan: there is a massive search effort going on if texas for four seasonals missing after the truck -- four soldiers missed after the truck capsized outside of fort hood. five others were killed. three others were hurt.
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diane cho has more. diane: the search continues after a military truck overturned in a creek on thursday. >> this happened in a training exercise as the commanders were in the process of closing down roads on the base. >> our priority has been the search for the missing tomemates. >> -- teammates. >> the spokesman said they were learning how to use the light medium tactical vehicle when it happened. short time later three seasonals found dead. bodies of two others recovered thursday night. >> they regularly pass through these, you know, the weather conditions like this. this is a tactical vehicle. it is a time they were in proper place.
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rescued near the two and a half ton vehicle and taken to a hospital in stable condition. >> this is an unfortunate accident. >> this all happening as the governor declared a state of disaster in 31 counties after being slammed with rain for several days. >> they need a break. >> it will dry out for a bit. i alison: we have tonight, right now and then the weekend. >> we could have thunderstorms tomorrow. sunday is when we could see the severe weather threat. this is hazy and warm and humid with rain in the area. closer to the
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washington. the temperatures in the mid-60's. very muggy indeed. that is why we have the system like we do. with sunshine breaking through. showers and the thunderstorms popping up. no lightning strikes to report now. in the past 15 minutes. fairfax county, but this line is diminishing in the intensity. more showers continue south of the metro moving to the potomac river. we are monitoring it closely for you to look for the earmarks or signs of anything that is super nasty. a fresh lightning strike there. 5:16, the heaviest part moving in the district. nanticoke, fairfax county. 5:379. alexandria at 5:44. mount vernon at 5:57.
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southeast. as the existing showers and the storms. only isolated lightning strike in the southern group. that will move across the northern neck and the middle pennsylvania of virginia. as far as the local conditions. this will be interesting to watch. this is all preductable with the moist air mass in place to get the showers develop along the mountain and eastward in the afternoon. settle down tonight. tomorrow we will get sunshine in the day. more showers and the thunderstorms could pop in the afternoon. 10:00 p.m. look tonight according to the computer model. a few hourers of light showers around. clearing, haze, fog. cloudy in the morning. the sun may break through. tomorrow afternoon and the evening, more batches of the showers and the storms. where the air is coming off the atlantic ocean the later night storms will probably taper off to light rain before they approach the metro area. then we get to sunday. then it is a different story. the future cast. 8:30 tomorrow night. showers and the storms. warm front to the north. warm and humid air will be
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the same time the cold front is approaching. at some point, sunday afternoon and sunday evening when the cold front intersects with a warm air in place. the upper level winds are songer. 45 to 50 miles per hour. just several thousand feet overhead. that could set the stage for the severe storms. the key here is what we see in the setup, how much sunshine we get. the more sunshine we see, midday and early afternoon on sunday the more likely it is we will be dealing with the outbreak of the severe weather. without that sunshine, we will still could have the isolated severe thunderstorms and heavy rain. but the threat is not as much. we have to wait to watch. we will plan ahead and advise you to do the same and plan ahead for sunday afternoon and the early evening. i will be here sunday afternoon with the storm watch 7 meteorologist. we will let you know what to expect.
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not so much. what the risk means is a likelihood of the damaging winds. heavy rain. the best timing for storms to develop. 100%. no surprise for the probability of the rain and storms on sunday. drier weather will move in. delightful weather through the middle and end of the week. next chance of storm on friday. alison: i like when you say "delightful." still ahead at 5:00, the simple act to allow police to catch a high schooler accused of saying on his classmates in the restroom. jonathan: chicago police showing a dozen of shootings involving the officers and why it could be a national trend up next. alison: reminder here as doug
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weather alert for the weekend. now is the time to sign up for the storm watch weather alert. they will be sent to your phone. go to to sign up
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alison: back with breaking news coming to us from oregon. moser, oregon, 70 miles east
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from a news chopper. this is tanker fire. this was a train derailment essentially with eight tankers full of oil that derailed and exploded. you are seeing the fire and the thick back smoke because of it. >> the car is burning. this is the near the columbia gorge. this doesn't appear to be any water. which is a good thing. right now this thick black smoke is causing a vac wation in a half mile radius of the derailment. this is isolated to one or two cars now. but people in the area said it wasn't about seeing the derailment. they could feel it.
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jonathan: we will keep watching the situation in oregon. alison: when we get more information we will bring it to you. jonathan: moving on now. a look at hundred of video and the audio recordings of the incident involving the chicago police officers. alison: the move is designed to restore trust. >> dozens of videos are police involved shooting in chicago. the officials note they don't give a full picture of what happened. audio recordings, records, video showing the other police incident that led to injury, 101 open cases in all were made public. a massive effort to
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transparent. >> the city struggled with the policing and the police accountability. it's clear we all agree that there is a look of trust. increased transparency is essential. >> that is created by mayor rahm emanuel. the video of the unarmed teenager shot 16 times wasn't released until more than a year later. sparking outrage. the city adopts policy to release all video of the police involved shooting in 60 days. some expect it to set a precedent for police departments across the country. >> i think that departments as a whole are more
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but they have concerns about the policy and call it irresponsible and sad. alison: ahead at 5:00, a father takes justice in his own hands attacking his child's killer in court. what a remorseless killer did that pushed a grieving father over the edge. jonathan: ahead, the growing concerns about zika. the move that the world health organization is make regarding the summer's olympics. >> a high school senior charged with chil
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jonathan: fairfax county high school student facing child porn charges tonight. the senior is accused of recording other boys in the bathroom. he was arrested. 20-year-old senior. stephen tschida joining us with more on the charges and the reaction. this is weird. 20-year-old senior to begin with. what is going on? stephen: yeah, a very unusual story. this went down at the high school yesterday morning. the student who is charged is alleged to have used his cell phone to record other male students in bathroom
5:33 pm
the 20-year-old a senior at fairfax high. charged with possession of child porn. allegedly manufactured here at the school. >> most people are surprised that it happened here. >> someone informed administrators they believed he recorded other boys in bathroom stalls. it took place yesterday. the school informed the fairfax police who stepped in promptly and arrested the student. aside from the child porn possession he faces misdemeanor count from the alleged recording. >> it's surprising. you never think it will happen to you. like in the school. the students are baffled and troubled. >> i don't know. they probably didn't expect it at our school or in general. >> apparently he spent
5:34 pm
night in jail. but he has been released. in fairfax county it is accepted to have students up to the age of 22 if they are not proficient in english. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. checking today's top stories. annapolis residents paying tribute to the navy blue angel pilot killed in a crash yesterday. jeff kuss and his teammates performed at the naval academy graduation last week. he was killed while practicing for air show to take place in tennessee. alison: there is an effort underway for the missing soldiers from fort hood. they were swept away by the truck crossed a rain-swollen creek in a training exercise yesterday. five
5:35 pm
jonathan: met's safetrack begins with work on orange and silver line west of ballston. the trains run less frequently and they will be single tracked. the riders are told to expect the delays and make alternative travel plans if possible. be prepared for this weekend and the days ahead. sign up for our own metro text alerts. text the word "metro" to 43187. also, head to the website there you will find the metro safetrack guide with everything you need to know about what is going on. ahead for us at 5:00 -- concerns about zika grow in rio, the reason that some olympic hopefuls say they plan to go despite concerns. alison: up next -- >> we are expected to be strong.
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together. but often times we are falling apart. alison: how this working woman started a first of its kind business with mission of helping needs unique to non-profit. and helping mothers in the d.c. area.
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there are charity events and fundraisers that happen every day. there are 6,000 non-profit in di
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we have the only h.r. country in the world for the non-profit. lisa is in the downtown office where the company has 25 employees to bring in million in revenue. this started when she was a student and her parents owned the caribbean bakery. >> they taught me about hardwork. do it right the first time. alison: her parents were entrepreneurs and she knew she would be, too. living in d.c. she realized this is the epicenter for the non-profit sector. >> they were serving the organizations but they didn't understand the nuance of non-profit. she started the first and the
5:41 pm
green peace, and boys and girls clubs have been her clients. she also does motivational speaking and per success story includesover coming depression. she wrote a book. "strong on the ideas, dying on the inside." talking about the challenges that black women face in the workplace and society in general. we are expected to be strong and looked to, to hold families together. often times we are falling apart. >> to continue to do things that others haven't done before and it keeps me motivated. >> more than 11
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country. you can see why her business is a success. >> need it. >> there you go. >> coming up next at 5:00 -- >> athletes. we are willing to put it on the line to chase that goal. jonathan: athletes talking about rio and the risk of zika as they prepare to head for the olympics. victim's father attacks a serial killer in court. the dad reveals what made
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alison: a dramatic scene in a cleveland courtroom as a grieving father charged for the man who killed his daughter. it happened right before michael madison was given the death sentence for the murders of three women including van terry's 18-year-old daughter. terry lost control of his emotions while addressing the court, lunging himself at madison as the killer smirked at him inches away. madison's response did not surprise the prosecutor who says madison never showed any
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remorse. >> the man reached the breaking point. the defendant was taunting him. the man killed his daughter. alison: in 2013 terry said he wish madison wouldn't be sentenced to death so he could suffer for the rest of his life like the terry family has to. after the sentence the prosecutor said that madison was deserving of the death sentence. we are continuing to follow the breaking news coming to us out of oregon. 70 miles northeast of portland. eight cars carrying oil flipped over, causing to catch fire. this is near the columbia river gorge. you can see here the flames and the very thick black smoke. the smoke can be seen for miles. everyone was in a half mile of where this is happening has now been evacuated. jonathan: the world health organization now saying tonight it will convene a panel abo
5:47 pm
the goal is to consider whether the olympics should proceed as planned or be moved. we caught up with the olympic hopefuls to find out if zika will stop them from going. >> i had a great run. >> is hitting the water is second nature. >> heading to the competing olympics for the first to the cg olympics for the first time. >> i am excited. i worked a long time for this. >> train seven days a week on the waters. sometimes twice a day. >> hard work. >> earning a spot in rio. despite concern regarding the zika virus, the teammates are not worried. >> we are athletes. we are willing to put everything on the line. >> they plan to wear bug spray and wear long
5:48 pm
necessary pretalkses. >> i am sure they are making sure it's a safe environment. >> it's more of a distraction. the u.s. olympic committee can handle that. i have to kay jack. that is my job. jonathan: the zika cases are on the rise in the area. in virginia the department of health says two new cases have been confirmed in the last week. to bring the cases to 20. in d.c., there has been one new case to bring the total to
5:49 pm
six. >> we are seeing delays, heavier than what we are used to. northbound on 959 inth many m.d. 95 northbound in virginia to get to the mixing bowl. it's 38 minutes from dale city and 395. leaving the southeast/southwest freeway. 34 minutes to the mixing bowl. the inner loop is a, paing lot. 30 minutes ago this was not even visible to us. be careful. this is the worth time to have an accident. be careful. back to you. >> thanks. >> okay. let's find out what is going on wi
5:50 pm
>> moderate to heavy rain. >> we have the heaviest showers now over fairfax county. lighter rain through the city. and eastern suburbs. checking the tracker and the timing. in seven minutes or so. heavier rain will be in mount vernon. 6:12 for dale city. waldorf at 6:27. st. charles to the south at 6:32. the heaviest rainfall with the line was this afternoon. when it moved through clarksburg. an inch of rain, inch in germantown. looking ahead the next couple of days to see the clooking ahee of days to see the clearin
5:51 pm
winds from the southeast. we may see sunshine. a day like this weather wise. we are under enhanced risk throughout the area in the darker gold. the more sunshine, the better chance for widespread and severe weather. 100% chance of stuff on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday. clearing, cooler and drier air. that the latest. back to you. jonathan: thank you. the rising star series overcomes on the people overcoming adversity in the athletic arena. for a long distance runner cancer may have slowed her down.
5:52 pm
alison: this week we go to good council high school and scott abraham has more. >> she fell in love with running. >> it's fulfilling. you learn about yourself. >> she struggle in cross country season her junior year. >> i collapsed across the finish line in the conference championship. >> she had kanger is. she would go through rediation treatment. >> this is what i needed to do to get where i am now. >> she is one of the top middle runners in the 800 and the
5:53 pm
>> she wanted to show the illness that wasn't going to get her down. then she started to run faster than before. >> it doesn't mean you can't get back up again. >> my hero. >> inspiration on and off the track. >> scott abraham, abc7 sports. jonathan: do you know somebody who has overcome adversity to star and exet in the athletic are -- excel in the athletic arena? we would like to hear from you. alison: the phoenix residents got a surprise. unbelievable. fireball in the sky. had many thinking it was a u.f.o.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
jonathan: this is a g will beobular cluster. it's 35,000 lightyears away. the scorpian constellation is where they found it. look at the picture. alison: isn't that amazing? jonathan: the lens is unbelievable. alison: a small asteroid blazed spectacular trail through arizona skies thursday morning. nathan o'neil has more on what nasa believes is a rare ten-foot, 20-ton asteroid. >> a bright fireball flashes across the desert sky. >> getting bigger and bigger. >> the view caught on camera from a las vegas home. the rare sighting by the dash cams across the western state as the ten-foot, 20-ton meteor headed to arizona. >> it's a l
5:58 pm
turned blue and crashed over the mountains. >> nasa had all meteor cameras to new mexico. >> the doctor says the meteor of this size is a big deal. >> this falls in the category of near miss. seven-foot rock tell in major city. you don't destroy the city but you cause serious damage. >> it's somewhere in the desert north of tucson, arizona. that is where meteorite hunters are wasting no time. >> we know this is in a five-mile area. we just have to look for this area. >> searching for potential rocks and the rest of us settle for this. >> it takes your breath away. alison: isn't that amazing? jonathan: good size asteroid. alison: good thing it was out
5:59 pm
jonathan: yeah. alison: all right. that is it for us at 5:00. jonathan: right now on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- he was shot outside the white house last month. now we are learning what this guy told police he came to d.c. to do. >> the last rush hour. >> superheroes, costume and the self-proclaimed geeks. you get everything at awesome con. we take you behind the awesome walls next at "abc7 news at 6:00". announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> tonight we are tracking rain, moving through the area. right now and possibly serious storm coming up on sunday. doug: sunday. that is the biggest chance for the afternoon and the early evening of the heavy, the possibly severe weather and isolated tornadoes a possibi
6:00 pm
the area is going to move southeast. earlier this afternoon we had that. now it's rain. it is moving fast enough it doesn't hang around any one area too long to cause flooding. but they could get out of the banks briefly for some of the area. as far as sunday, tomorrow is going to be like today. sunshine, muggy. low to mid-80's. sunday is a different possibility. that possibility is the atmospheric conditions that are coming together in the late afternoon or the evening to produce enhanced possibility of severe weather. what does it mean? in a situation with an outlook like that, we look for the possibility of the gusty and


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