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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  June 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> this is a stormwatch 7 severe weather alert. >> we begin this evening with severe weather for you. thunderstorms are rolling through the area as we speak. >> 7 is on your side with stormwatch team coverage. i weather team is tracking the storm, with reporters checking in in communities and on the road. we start out with meteorologist ryan miller. ryan: we had an active day across the region, especially north and west of d.c. no severe weather to speak of right now. currently, we look at clearing conditions in a few locations. dry at national harbor. off to the horizon, some rain from a thunderstorm over parts of fairfax county. we are taking a look at live doppler radar. a few showers, light in nature, working across the distr
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county and to the southwest, the 29 corridor and culpeper with showers and thunderstorms moving off to the east. as i mentioned, no severe radar right now. we are still under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 for areas shaded on the map in pink. the threat continues. we will monitor things over the next several hours, but looks like things will settle down here. talking about temperatures falling to the 70's. 60's.ow morning, upper the showers and storms out there will be coming to an end. dry conditions tomorrow. the details in just a few minutes. >> earlier, the intensity of some storms rolling through the area. let's go to run slater right now. >> in hagerstown, where they experienced power outages. >> the rain has stopped, but it was the wind that affected things here. a
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tree knocked down some wires and landed on a pickup truck. it is a huge tree, taking up the space of several houses, an old tree in between two houses. the woman living in the house on the right says her daughter was not at home but had just left. she was taking a nap when the three hit the top of her roof. she says she heard a huge noise of the wind, and then heard a crash, so powerful that it shook her house. this three also came down on another car here, and part of its branches landed on the house next door. lots of damage here. looks like the tree simply split in half at the trunk. utility crews are on their way. no live wires, but they don't have any power for internet and television, so they are waiting for utility crews to arrive here and do cleanup. we hear there is damage in other parts of hagerstown, north and east of the city. we will travel their
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>> cheryl conner continues our coverage. >> where are you right now? we are onnd jonathan, the beltway now at georgia avenue. we just got on here, rolling around for a couple hours now. we hit d.c., bethesda, silver spring. not much of a problem. rain hitting the windshield, all we have seen the last couple of hours. the clouds have been hearing -- clearing. you can see them behind us, clearing out. they certainly looks darker couple hours ago. we also saw the trees moving around here from mobile track 7. the wind does not seem to be a problem. all in all, not bad on the road as we roll around the dmv, but we will be here. if we spot anything, we will certainly join you again. back to you guys. jonathan: drive safe.
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kelly: he's in germantown right now. we understand there's power lines downed where you are? matt: that's right, kelly. i'm on brink road in germantown, which sustained some of the worst damage this afternoon. around 4:15, some type of micro-burst touched down in the area. as you might be able to see, it brought down a whole bunch of trees right here on brink road, and power lines. the montgomery county fire department picks up the story from there. >> apparently during the storm, several large tree branches came down along brink road here. i don't know if that is some sudden storm surge event or something. it was odd, that they would all come down at the same time. but it wiped out power lines from six poles here. matt: apparently, t
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wires sparked some kind of short in a well pump in the basement on brink road, and briefly filled up that home with smoke. fortunately, no one was injured and there was no report of any damage or injury on brink road or anywhere else in the area. pepco is on the scene trying to repair downed lines and restore power to the area. essen as they do, and as soon as their -- as soon as they do, and as soon as there is progress, we will let you know. jonathan: we kind of dodged a bullet, when you consider what we were expecting. we did not see the sunshine today, and that really played to our favor. stay connected to abc 7 during weather alerts, by reading reports on, follow us on twitter or facebook, and time of the stormwatch app, so if something happens it will immediately be texted to your phone. andy: we heard the warnings got the notices. metro's safetrack is expected to cause delays
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jonathan: as amy aubert explains, tomorrow morning that could be the true test for everybody. amy: riders at the east falls church location came prepared. >> we figured we would have to wait. we are not in a rush. it's ok. amy: part of safety surge number one on saturday, meaning the orange and silver lines are continuously silver tracking -- a single tracking between this location and ballston until the 16th. >> because everyone is being for cautious, you need to heed the warning. amy: stephen blackshear takes the metro every day to work, and plans to leave 15 minutes earlier monday morning. >> either get here earlier or be prepared to pay the consequences. i'm not worried about it. amy: pamphlets and signs warn riders to expect extreme crowding and delays. >> i have not taken either. maybe i can work from home some days,
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go in later or earlier. i'm glad i'm retired. amy: all in the name of safety, which riders at another station were reminded of sunday morning. around 10:00 this morning, crews were doing with an arcing insulator near the white flint metro station. no one was injured. some riders say that in the end, it's all worth it. >> it's good to be safe, but i'm sorry for the people it will effect -- affect. kelly: abc 7 will be with you throughout the safetrack process. julie wright will have you covered on "good morning washington" starting tomorrow morning at 4:24 a.m. stay connected when you leave the house. 43817, and that will work on whatever you have. jonathan:
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though. [laughter] kelly: maybe not those. text metro to have critical alerts sent to your phone. jonathan: coming up, remembering muhammad ali. what his family is sharing about his last moments, and details of how he will be laid to rest. >> we are continuing to
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jonathan: we certainly had an interesting time with the weather, but we want to start -- let's talk about the weather situation today. plenty of activity today, some with a serious punch, but not as bad as we anticipated, because the sun was not shining. kellye: that's right. the d.c. area made out well, considering all week expected -- all we expected. ryan:
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earlier today that kept temperatures down, and that prohibited severe weather from the valid thing inside the beltway and in the immediate suburbs north and west of washington. no severe or active weather right now. we have severe storm south and west of the district, some storms moving across bethesda, and storms moving from culpeper into stafford county. we will continue to watch conditions. we have a watch until 10:00 tonight, and then drier air comes our way. we have details coming up in a few minutes, with the full forecast and a look at the next seven
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jonathan: hillary clinton is leading
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primary in puerto rico. 60 pledged delegates are at stake. clinton and sanders spent the weekend campaigning in california, because that is a delicate-rich state. kellye: as the world mourns the death of mohammed ali, we are learning more about the boxing legend's final days. jonathan: marcy gonzales explains how his family said goodbye, and how his hometown is preparing to say -- to do the same. >> from his childhood home in louisville to the hollywood walk of fame, and around the world, tributes and memories of mohammed ali. love and energy and concern and respect, and admiration. >> he was bigger than just a world boxing champion. he was a champion in life. >> the champ's family shared details of his final moments in an arizona hospital, where he died of septic shock due to tu
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battle with parkinson's disease -- did endure a 30 year battle with parkinson's disease. his daughter tweeted -- we all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear, you can go now, we will be ok. >> his spirit will always be with me. he is and gone. he will never die. >> his funeral will be an elaborate public event, exactly the way he wanted it. > the entire service was his request. >> his remains will be carried through the streets of louisville on muhammad ali boulevard to his funeral, where ellie crystal, bryant gumbel -- billy crystal, bryant g umbel, and former president bill clinton are expected to deliver eulogies honoring the greatest. i still remember watching him fight as a kid. he
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that was nice. he would just kid around. but you knew he could back it up. kellye: he definitely proved he could back it up. ryan: we dodged a bullet today. we had a chance to see some big time storms in the area, but we didn't get that sunshine that we need to warm the atmosphere. that warm temperature destabilizes things and can lead to severe weather, so we really lucked out in the metro. folks northwest of d.c., not so much. they had some severe storms that took out trees and power lines, but we are not, hire pete not -- i repeat, not seeing any severe storms in the d.c. area. and areas are seeing rain, some folks are picking up sunshine as we speak. we picked up heavy amounts in many locations, with temperatures in the 70's. upwards of half of an inch of rain in many spots.
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of an inch. over half an inch in clarksburg. leesburg close to half an inch. right now, 71 degrees. we can see a few areas of showers and storms out there. all of this activity is moving from west to east across 95, with lightning strikes picked up south and west in stafford county and fauquier county. this move will continue. the chance of severe weather will continue from areas near d.c. to points south and east. some locations north of d.c., montgomery county, howard county, you can stand down. the severe thunderstorm watch that had been in place has been dropped, but areas from d.c. to the south, you have warm air across the area. still holding into the 80's in many spots. manassas, 82. these warm temperatures could fuel a few more storms through the evening hours. after the sunset, we can all begin to stand down.
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from 95 -- across d.c., from 95 into southern maryland. some drier air will come in. another line of storms is over ohio, but that will diminish intensity. winds out of the south today, pushing moisture and humidity into the area. the good news, tonight and early tomorrow morning the winds will shift, coming out of the west tomorrow, meaning drier air coming in. it is setting up to be a fine forecast for your monday. we could get a few showers upper-levelht as an low comes spinning through the atmosphere tomorrow night, giving us a few showers in the northwestern nurnbs. tuesday -- northwestern burbs. a secondary cold front will come in tuesday afternoon. a few showers are possible this evening, with a severe threat until
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of that. tomorrow is looking good. tuesday, a good chance of afternoon storms, and highs in the 80's. then 70's wednesday and thursday. friday looking fine. the upcoming weekend, seven days from now, more showers, more storms, and humidity. kellye: we earned that forecast. [laughter] jonathan: always nice when we dodge a bullet with the storms. the nats dodged a bullet. >> trying to avoid a sweep in cincinnati. and lebron james and the cavs trying to clean things up in game two of the fina
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>> now the toyota sports desk. >> we will start with some baseball. nats and reds.
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swept. early, but climbed out of it. daniel murphy crushes one to write. that's gone. 5-2 afterts down that blast. next batter, wilson ramos. this keeps carrying and carrying. back to back jacks. nats still trail 5-3. they would score five in the fourth to tie. grendon -- rendon grounds won the third. bryce harper scores. nats go up 7-5 and win it, 10-9. of the nba finals tonight. golden state leads 1-0 over cleveland. they are back at golden state tonight. hoping to clean things up,
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the first game that the warriors took advantage of to be them 104-89. lebron james says they can't be messy tonight if they want to steal one in the bay. >> we can't give up 25 points off turnovers on the road, against a great team. it's not a good ingredient for success. we have to do a better job. i don't think i need to score a certain amount of points or whatnot, but being more decisive with the ball, obviously making open shots, and, i got to play better, for sure. robert: catch game two of the finals at golden state on abc 7, tip-off at 8:00 tonight. wnba, mystics in atlanta against the dream. ivory lata. that was her third three of the game. mystics lead by
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fourth quarter, mystics up 11 and taylor hill drains a three from stayed away -- straight away. 9 on the road.-7 in tennis, french open final. andy murray looked sharp in the first set, but novak djokovic came roaring back, finding all the angles. win completes the grand slam. o's come back to beat the yankees. jonathan: a good day for the nats and orioles. a final check of the
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>> showers and storms out there. nothing severe. we are looking at showers and storms in faulkner county. stafford county as well. you will hear some lightning and thunder. looks like the 95 corridor is dealing with shower and thunderstorm activity. the threat continues, with a chance of severe weather through 10:00. things will settle down overnight, and we will have a fine forecast shipping up for tomorrow. sunshine and lower humidity. mid-80's and a chance of storms tuesday afternoon and wednesday, and then cooler weather to wrap up the work week. jonathan: fireworks on the basketball court. who are you picking? kellye: golden state. >> golden state. >> i can't say. >> i'm not sure. kellye: i will pick for you. golden state. >> i will bring my broom. enjoy the nba finals. kellye:
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>> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live game night." tonight -- don cheadle, tracy morgan, and make it for a million with karl-anthony towns. presented by state farm. and now from the three point strut -- here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of this nba game night special broadcast, thank you for watching. thank you for joining us on this sacred sunday of basketball in the united states tonight on abc. game two of the nba finals from oakland. the golden state warriors host the cleveland cavaliers. i don't know about you guys, but i'm excited to watch these


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