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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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>> sunday storms. mother nature leaving a mark on our area, from down trees to power lines. >> and metro safe track is now underway. a look at monday's commute. >> remembering a legend as muhammad ali's body returns home. tolook at the final plans lay him to rest. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. >> we begin tonight talking about the weather. pounding rain earlier this evening, but not as bad as it could have been. that's good news. the bad news is the aftermath. trees are knocked down, and power lines in some areas are also down, but it did move through quickly. >> high winds knocking down wires entries. metro is also another
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today. segments of track are being worked on for monthss at a time. the commute tomorrow will be creating problems. we have the safetrack plan in place. is out to tell us how commuters are responding to the changes. have been watching the work on the footbridge. we just saw a train pass. on one see the train is side and crews are working on the other. we have been watching this for several hours now. this is the first weekend for around-the-clock single tracking. passing workers on the orange line through falls church. this is the new norm for metro. >> a little terrified. i'm planning to get there early.
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driving is not an option. >> i will leave the house maybe an hour and a half early to make sure i can get there on time. cheryl: she goes to metro center on the orange line. track work started this weekend with the orange and silver lines, and trains are scheduled every 18 minutes. lisa just got to the station at a good time this weekend. >> the train we got off of that l'enfant plaza, the next train was coming in 27 minutes. cheryl: metro warns passengers to expect long wait times during rush hour and credit trains while the work continues for about a year. >> in the end, it will be worth it. cheryl: christina expects to get less time with her daughter. safetrack is meant to improve safety, but it may cause her to move. >> we are thinking about closing -- moving closer to the city. maybe alexandria, maybe the city itself, to avoid some of the craziness.
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cheryl: we have talked with some metro riders who plan to drive instead. being on then on road instead of the train, allow for extra time, because that trip will also be hectic monday morning. this is the first weekend for metro to close at midnight instead of 3:00 a.m., so big changes for us to get used to in the year ahead. live in falls church, cheryl conner's, abc 7 news. kellye: abc 7 will be with you throughout safetrack and its effect on commute. we have you covered on "good morning washington" starting at 4:24 a.m. stay connected when you leave the house. 3817, and metro to 4 that will work on any phone. text the word metro to get critical alerts to your phone. jonathan: let's talk about the weather situation, bringing in
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we got lucky. if the thunder came out, we would have some really powerful storms. ryan: we could have seen some pretty severe weather across the metro. lucky for us, the cloud cover cap temperatures down. were not soorthwest lucky. hagerstown picked up heavy storms and severe weather earlier todays with downed powr lines and trees. right now, just a few showers on live doppler radar, with no severe weather to speak of right now. the threat of severe weather is nonexistent across the mid-atlantic. some showers across the northern suburbs this evening, and some showers in the forecast for one to two hours as a cold front pushes across the region, sweeping this moisture away. where it did rain today, we picked up hefty amounts. almost three quarters of an inch fell in leesburg. clarksburg, leesburg, frederick, maryland, close to half an inch of rain.
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chance of showers and storms. the winds were foot to the west and drier air begins to push and. it will be noticeably less humid when you wake up tomorrow morning, with wind out of the west at five to 10 miles an hour. work week starts on a fantastic note weather-wise, and feels the sunshine will be limited tuesday into wednesday with a chance of afternoon storms. the details for the week coming up ahead. kellye: the storm system did pack a punch, knocking out power and uprooting trees. roz has details on how -- on the damage caused. roz: they are on brink road, trying to repair downed power lines. it was the trees that caused the most damage. north in hagerstown, the powerful storm rolled through and brought down
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tree sandwiched between two homes on burner avenue, just seconds before residents felt the wind. >> the whole house started shaking. i thought we were hit by a tornado or something. roz: it took dan utility lines and send large branches crashing into several vehicles, including this neighbor's new pickup truck. dentshas some pretty big in it. roz: utility crews began cleaning shortly afterward. tree down,ther taking down more wires and blocking another roadway. the storm brought heavy rain, seen here coming down hard in frederick, then it moved south into gaithersburg, where multiple trees and branches came down, dragging live wires onto brink road and sparking power surges nearby. one home nearby was filled with smoke, but no fire.
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street. there's a pretty good sized hole in the asphalt. roz: for the time being, traffic will be rerouted and brink road is shut down between goshen and whitman wrote. -- road. they will be working for several more hours to get the power lines backup. roz plater, abc 7 news. jonathan: you can read updated forecasts at you can follow us on twitter and on facebook. download the stormwatch app. if something happens out there, we will text your phone to let you know what's happening. kellye: the baltimore police officer facing the most serious charges in the death of freddie gray goes on trial this week. he was driving the police van where gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury. officer william porter,
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whose trial ended with a hung jury, was forced, -- will be forced to testify. the trial of officer edward nero ended in an acquittal. jonathan: louisville, kentucky is preparing to say goodbye to its favorite son. a plane carrying the casket of nominally landed today. how his family said goodbye, and how his family is preparing to do the same thing. >> heartfelt prayers and emotional reflection. muhammad ali stands for compassion, love, and peace. >> from the place where his life started, his childhood home in louisville, and around the country. >> we now ask you to observe a moment of silence for muhammad ali. >> tribute to the icon who died friday after a 32 year battle with parkinson's disease. muhammad ali's legacy, reaching far beyond the boxing ring. >> when they said he was the
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for a whole generation of black americans who did not get the opportunities they felt they deserved. >> i was standing with somebody who was a giant. >> that giant in so many respects now back home. throughber procession louisville as funeral plans are finalized, the details planned by ali himself. a massive public tribute on friday, starting with a slow procession down muhammad ali boulevard and an interfaith memorial service. former president bill clinton arecomedian billy crystal among those delivering eulogies. thousands of people are expected to attend, but for those who cannot be here, the service will be streamed live online. nice to see the special tribute tonight in game two of the nba finals for muhammad ali. kellye
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>> a lot of people say, this is a guy you really cannot compare to others. kellye: incomparable. i agree. of the nbae two finals. warriors with another convincing victory. we have those highlights later in the show. before the game, a tribute to the greatest of all time, muhammad ali. 74 died at the age of saturday morning after being hospitalized for respiratory problems. steph curry said it best. this was a guy who used his platform, a perfect example of people using their platform to make a difference in the world. jonathan: he was a great ambassador, not just for the sport of boxing, but for everything. he had such a warm, friendly, nloving way of talking, but he talked so much trash. robert: my
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i can't back it up like he did. [laughter] jonathan: coming up, new details in the fight against this california wildfire. what investigators think sparked the blaze, and when hundreds of families can go home. kellye: and the threat keeping divers, surfers, and tourists out of the water in australia. youngan: and one of two bald eagles at the national arboretum took t
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kellye: thousands are returning home after firefighters beat back massive flames. the wildfire in calabasas, north of los angeles, is 80% contained. no one was hurt, and though several buildings were burned, firefighters stopped the flames from reaching any homes. it started when a truck crash into a power pole. jonathan: authorities in western australia are warning people to stay out of the water after two people, a diver and a surfer,
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last week. sharks were believed responsible in both attacks. western australia introduced a controversial shark kill after several similar attacks. the taliban has killed an american journalist working for npr in afghanistan. the network said that david and -- hishis translator were killed in an attack. he becomes the first american journalist not serving with the military to be killed in afghanistan. kellye: hillary clinton has won the democratic primary in puerto rico. clinton needs just 28 more delegates to secure the nomination. while clinton is confident she will become the nominee this week, sanders is not ready to quit. >> we are going to win if the turnout is very large. we have a chance to turn big. >> after saying,
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everything i can to unify the democratic party, and i expect senator sanders to do the same. kellye: republican leaders are distancing themselves from donald trump's comments about the mexican heritage of a federal judge. overseeingthe judge a fraud lawsuit against him cannot be fair because of his border policy. >> you feel he would not be able to treat you fairly? >> that would be possible. absolutely. >> this is one of the worst mistakes trump has made. i think it is inexcusable. kellye: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he disagrees with trump's view on the judge's impartiality. the judge in the fraud case was born in indiana to mexican immigrants. jonathan: a developing story. search crews are combing the potomac river after two men went missing after their fishing boat
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morning near the u.s. 15 bridge, and between 9:00 and 9:30 they got a distress call and have been searching ever since. they will be back on the water searching tomorrow morning. feels like just yesterday we watched these two eggs become eaglets. kellye: now the young bald eagles at the national arboretum are close to leaving the nest. one of them, freedom, flew for the first time. she didn't get far, but she was airborne for several seconds. the other eagle, liberty, has not yet taken to the sky. growing up so fast. jonathan: that's pretty cool. we get to watch it all happen. we remember when they were just eggs. kellye: we are tracking at all. speaking of tracking it all. ryan: quite an active afternoon for some locations northwest of d.c. the rest of us got off easy. not be severe weather we were anticipating,
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cloud cover we had earlier. knock on wood we can keep the lucky streak going. no severe weather across the area right now. some showers northeast d.c. in frederick county. i have some time lapse photography right off the 270 in gaithersburg. put this into motion. we started the day with lots of cloud cover, which was thick at times. a humid day. when you stepped outside, we had those conditions across the area. we pick up the time-outs photography, the storms this afternoon. the evening ended on a nice, quiet note in gaithersburg with sunshine and the sunset a little after 8:00. we will fall into the 60's tonight. tomorrow morning, you will notice a difference in the humidity with the wind switching out of the west. a few showers right now across washington, frederick county into maryland, so some raindrops on the windshield if you drive it in the next few minutes.
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and even a thunderstorm in west virginia associated with the cold front from the east. we will see an isolated shower over the next bit of time. tomorrow morning, 60's and low humidity. a beautiful day. mostly sunny skies at recess, with temperatures in the 80's. 86 in the afternoon. perfect day to be outside, on the way to work and school. we can see the satellite radar, the area of cloud cover marching to the east. heavy weather across parts of california, and we escape the heavy weather across new york. there's the shower activity and mentioned across west virginia. that could impact us overnight. futurecast brings some showers into the western suburbs. winds were out of the south all weekend long. that's why we have the humidity. but the wind will bring down humidity and keep us comfortable. we could see a few showers tomorrow
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round of showers and possibly thunderstorms for tuesday, but all in all not bad to start off this week in june. we will have to watch the tropics. is 450l storm colin miles southwest of tampa, florida, and is forecast to track over florida and along the eastern seaboard over the next 48 hours bringing heavy surf and heavy rain to the carolinas. i don't think it will impact the d.c. weather. eventually it will push off over the atlantic ocean. here's the next seven days. tomorrow, 86 degrees, 30% chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. notice also the cooler temperatures here to wrap up the week. we will be in the 70's for highs. not too shabby. kellye: 30%. we can live with that. a 70% chance it's not going to rain. all right. sounds good. jonathan: i have been taking a lot of heat because i said early
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warriors would sweep the cavaliers, and everyone said it wasn't going to happen. robert: i also said it wasn't going to happen. it can happen. jonathan: they have been demoralized. robert: we will have the highlights between golden state and cleveland. let's just say it was mostly golden state. the nats try to avoid being swept for the third time this season. sports is next.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. robert: after watching gain two of the finals, you wonder if the warriors are too much for the cavs.
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utndrew bogu start a fastbreak. curry in the open court, and we saw that coming. second quarter, a turnover, knocked away by green. klay thompson brings it up. shaun livingston, smash. just downhill from there for cleveland. player of the game, dream on green -- draymond green. warriors take game two, 110-77. to baseball. nats and reds. early, but climb out of it. danny murphy crushes one to deep right. two-run showt. next, wilson ramos. watch out for that buffalo. pops one up to right. it'ss
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back to back jacks. trail 5-3.strail -- anthony rendon grounds once a -- one to third. harper scores. nats win this one in a slugfest, 10-9. abc sports sunday, we will talk nba finals and more with some special guests at 11:35. your mom is going to sleep well tonight? kellye: soundly. robert: your mom loves the warriors. [laughter] jonathan: how can you not be a broken team after losing by 30 points? robert: that's part of being great. you have to come back with a mindset that you can win. it's not fair. but you have to do it. [laughter] kellye: we will be watching.
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hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. kellye: "ninja turtles" were in charge of the box office this weekend. the latest installment of the franchise made their debut in the top five. they have raked in more than $35 million since friday. jonathan:
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"x-men apocalypse," and the third went to the romance movie "meet before you." when we come back, ryan has another look at our fore
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