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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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field airport where the police shot a man outside the baggage claim area. michelle marsh has the latest. >> the police say this started when a man receiverred attacking a woman outside dallas love airport. the man was throwing large rocks and yelling "shoot me, shoot me, i dare you." that is when police moved in and started firing. nine shots can be heard in this video. take a listen. the incident did not cause the airport to be shut down. it did create a panic with no passengers. >> we believe folks in the security line were startled. so they went through the security line without being checked. e
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out of the secure area. >> police believe it involved domestic disturbance between the husband of the suspect and the mother of the suspect's child. the car belonged to that child's mother that we referenced. the suspect, police say he was conscious when he was taken to area hospital. that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm michelle marsh. back to you. leon: this video just in. police in d.c. need your help to find the suspect in the assault. this happened here on may 31 around 10:00 p.m. this is the 5300 of wisconsin avenue southwest in the friendship heights area. the suspect knocks the victim to the ground and starts to kick him.
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a man who served as middle school volunteer in manassas sentenced to 25 years in prison. 24-year-old david battle was convicted in march of producing child pornography. he battled with the music program at mets middle school. prosecutors say he would pose online as a young girl to entice boys to send him sexually explicit images. the race for the white house. tonight the presuchtive nominee on the g.o.p. side -- presumptive nominee on the g.o.p. side is in richmond. trump hoping to gain momentum after a rough few days. as the case in the previous presidential elections virginia considered a battleground state. our northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has a look at how candidates plan to get virginia voters to come on board. >> this is the fairfax county. if you win fairfax you could win virginia and win the white
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house. like nominees themselves they are taking aim at one another. >> when trump takes the stage tonight in richmond he will be introduced by a political kindred spirit. corey stewart. >> this is a blast. >> the republican chair of the prince william county board is trump's campaign manager in virginiament >> we will eke out a win. >> unlike leaders in congress, stewart running for governor in 2017 is not criticizing the comments about a hispanic judge overseeing the trump university case. it's the opposite. >> people are ready for a very blunt plane spoken direct tone. they are tired of the b.s. and the same old, same old. >> the fact he is so inflammatory is really ugly and wr
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every time stewart and trump talk, they are only helping democrats. >> this rhetoric is not going to play with the larger population. i think it will be fairly of course who the adult is in the room come november. >> meanwhile voters know they could help decide the election. >> i treat every election like something i have to get out to vote for. >> record turn-out. no question about that. in the last half hour in richmond, democrats holding a press conference criticizing donald trump views on women's issues. that is sure to be a consistent theme in the next five months. meanwhile the trump campaign saying they expect tonight's event in richmond to draw 20 to 30,000 people. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thank you. you mentioned democrats and women. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren adding fuel today to
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wind up as hillary clinton's running mate. she met with clinton at clinton's northwest washington home today. that was the scene as she arrived. the meeting lasted an hour. i came less than 24 hours after warren endorsed hillary. they conferred about how to work together to advance progressive agenda and defeat donald trump. trump was in washington today speaking to a gathering of conservative evangelical activists. the presumptive republican nominee spoke to the 2016 faith and freedom coalition road to majority conference. he took aim at hillary clinton in his remarks calling her, "unfit" to be president. he also claimed that clinton would appoint radical judges and would gut the second amendment. new developments in the adam yehiye ingmar gaundique retrial of chandra levy. gaundique convicted years ago but he always maint
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innocence. he won the right to a new trial successfully arguing that the key evidence was withheld. day two of the trial for officer caesar goodson, the baltimore police officer charged the the murder in the death of -- in the case of freddie gray's death. today in court the assistant medical examiner two performed gray's autopsy defended her finding that the death was a homicide. goodson was driving the van transporting gray. but under cross examination the medical examiner acknowledged there is no evidence of what happened in parts of the van ride that night. week one of safetrack in the books. so far it looks like the maintenance project keeping the riders off the trains. around 25% fewer people use the rails west of the single tracking at ballston.
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when it comes to getting to work, some commuters are getting really creative. >> it's nice and quiet this morning. >> lenny lived on illinois street in arlington since 1963. >> the oak tree died since the stop sign was put in from the fumes. >> he is watching the traffic that has grown with time. >> it's nosey. i'm a musician. >> i guess it will get worse. >> neighbors say it seems like more people are getting behind the wheel. they wonder if it means more traffic on some of the cut-throughs. >> i'm not sure i can tell a huge difference with the metro shutting down. >> safe track work started last weekend. metro says the ridership west of ballston, the area currently affected down 25%.
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commuters hit the road it could be reminder of a safer metro. >> it's something that you go with. that is the reality. >> with five work days under the belt, those in what some snow as the popular cut-through areas are hesitant to blame the one cause in particular. is that coming up at -- leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00", thousands of washington gas customers with unwanted surprise with the bill. in some cases causing them to lose the service. and a bit later, honoring the legendary muhammad ali. president bill clinton among those who spoke at the memorial service. we will take you live to louisville. doug: beautiful outside right now. but coming up, warmest weekend we have had in a long time. timing and the thunderstorms, too. still to
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hopkins bayview burn center. the fire is under control. we're told -- we don't know what started the fire. "7 on your side" with important news for washington gas customers. some aren't getting bills for months a at time and then they get them for hundreds of dollars. >> i have it happen on the emergency fund to make sure i am paying my bills. leon: 31,000 people, 20% of the washington gas customers were affected by this. leon: the u.s. military going to take on a larger role in afghanistan. they are going to give
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military greater ability to help the forces battling the taliban. general nicholson is now going to be allowed to determine when american forces should advise and assist afghan army units. something that had not been allowed for the american special operation forces. coming up next, saying goodbye to a legend. we take you to louisville for the star-studded memorial for muhammad ali. the heat will be here this weekend. doug will let us know how hot it will get. stay with us.
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doug: it's weekend time. temperatures are in the 60's news but a switch in the wind direction bring in warmer temperatures over the weekend. the forecast will call for a lot of sunshine over the weekend. it will turn warmer. cooler by monday. keep an eye on the possibility of thunderstorms at the beach tomorrow afternoon or evening. nationals are in town for a home opener against the phillies. perfect weather conditions
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sunshine, few clouds and 78 degrees at the first pitch. as far as air quality go to give you update on that. not good. code orange. that is unhealthy for sensitive groups. this is, you know, the entree to summer weather. air quality advisory. we have the temperatures that are headed to 90 degrees. according to the future cast tomorrow morning a few showers could pass by in the late morning as the warm front moves through the region. the next chance is early evening. 6:30 or so. late at night and through the day on sunday it will dry out. ra lot of sunshine. weather for the pride parade it's hot. 90 degrees. it if feel like 95. scattered thunderstorms in the early evening hours. the seven-day outlook will call for hot weather to go away on monday. temperatures drop in upper 80's. tuesday, wednesday,
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partly cloudy, warm and system with a daily chance, 30% chance of the afternoon and the evening thunderstorms. leon: a big event underway in louisville, kentucky. tens of thousands gathered for a celebration of life of muhammad ali. president bill clinton to billy crystal, ali remembered today for more than what he didle in the boxing ring. marci: joins us. what an emotional day. we have been watching the images. heart touching. marci: heart-touching. it has been incredible to see. we are hearing this is not a day of celebrating but paying tribute to the champ. a
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>> he was drawn to the poor and the forgotten. >> celebrating the life of muhammad ali. his boxing career the least of the impact on the world. >> thank you for the inspiration. i can do anything. it doesn't matter where you come from. you can be anything you want to be. >> eulogies from bill clinton and billy crystal, will smith and mike tyson among pallbearers. celebrity aside he was a man of the people. tens of thousands more lining the street of the hometown of louisville. chanting, throwing flowers as the funeral procession paused bis hi boyhood home.
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the greatest laid to rest. >> this was planned for him decades ago. it was important that his fans would be part of this. many of him are watching outside on the big screen. many others come by the memorial here to pay respects. live >> louisville, marci gonzalez. leon: all right. from saying goodbye to a legend to a man building a legend. >> a big game tonight. game four of the nba finals. jamielebron james trying to tiee series up. golden state may have other ideas. we talk to the redskins players today to get a prediction for game four. sports is next. stay with us.
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scott: all eyes are in cleveland tonight game. four of the finals between the warriors and the cavaliers. look at the bottom of screen now we have an abc7 instapoll going on. grab your phone, tablet or go to the desktop. the question who do you like in tonight's game four? a win tonight by the warriors and they can return home to clinch in the bay area. everybody ha
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the outcome of tonight's showdown. so earlier we caught up with the redskins players and the kids at the park view high school at an nfl play 60 event. >> warriors will take it. >> i hope la brom will give me another win. >> we need it. >> going for cleveland. >> me and team curry all night. >> i'm a lebron fan. i haven't been a steph curry bandwagon guy. >> i don't know. steph curry. >> golden state! scott: i love it. game four will be here on abc7. it will be at 9:00 tonight. enjoy us on facebook -- join us on facebook life with a game four preview. leon harris will join us. that will start at 8:00. we have told you all afternoon long the world continues to mourn the greatest. muhammad ali. a long list of celri
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pack. the muslim leader fired up the crowd chanting "ali, ali." those in attendance followed sue. earlier this morning 100,000 people showed up for ali's funeral procession saying the final goodbyes to the champ. some sad news from the nhl. gordie howe nicknamed "mr. hockey" passed away this morning with his family by his side. he was 88 years old. howe was the all-time points leader in nhl history for decades until wayne gretzky passed him in 1989. but howe still to his day is second in league history with 801 goals. he also has four stanley cup championships with the detroit red wings. finally the nats are back in town after a nain-game road trip. they -- nine-game road trip. they host the phillies tonight. nats trying to build on the two and a half game lead in the division. leon: you left out the base thing about gordie howe. he played over seven seconds. is that
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>> iron man! leon: yeah. some of those decades with no helmet. that says a lot. >> you're right! leon: all right. now i'm sure that many of you are planning a trip to the beach this summer. rehoboth beach taking away one of the hassles of when it comes to parking there. the meters, the parking meters have been upgraded to take credit cards. up until now you had to use quarters. the city manager says nearly half of all drives there chose to pay with credit cards over the memorial day weekend. see what happens going forward. doug: beautiful weather tonight. delightful for anything outside. for the weekend, it will get hot and lower 90's tomorrow and sunday. chance of thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon or evening. 30% chance. josh is in for steve tonight. he will talk about the first 90-degree day we have had in a long time. timing of the weekend storms when he sees you at 11:00. >> going to feel weird. that is how it should be. >> summer. leon: all right. stay tuned. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. see you after the game. have a good
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tonight, panic and gunfire at the airport. the man who started it all. flights grounded. celebrating the greatest. thousands gathering the celebrate the life of muhammad ali. the earthquake in california felt far and wide, with the cameras captured. as a huge part of the country braces for severe weather. and tonight, the lifetime ban from usa swimming, and the new details revealed right here. and new


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