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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  June 12, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> who enough to say this was act of terror and eight. -- of hate. >> her son has not been heard from, so i do not know if he was in the club, or if he was shot. >> this is the new face of the war on terror. most important thing we can do right now is pray for everybody. from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. kimberly: terror in orlando. 50 people killed, 50 more injured.
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pledging allegiance to isis during a 911 call. first we start with mark who is life in orlando. started: the shooting tothe likely that was about close, and nightmare continued for three hours. the swat team moved into rescue dozens of hostages and killed the gunman. we are learning about him and how this massacre unfolded. worstying moments in the mass shooting in american history captured on camera. a gunman opening fire early this morning at a nightclub in orlando, florida. >> bodies everywhere. kimberly: at least 50 people killed. more than 50 others injured. >>
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and an active hate to on any ofrican, regardless race, ethnicity, is an attack on all of us. >> it should make every american wh angry. reporter: people rushing to the scene after getting calls from people inside the scene. >> he said he was going to die, and he loves me. that was the last thing i heard. reporter: many of them still waiting for news. it could be hours and hours to identify everybody. the killer was identified at the scene by law enforcement. he called 911 to pledges allegiance to isis. >> there were 911 calls in which there was conversation between the suspect and law-enforcement representatives. reporter:
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fbi interviewed him three times back in 2013 at 2014. he was not deemed a threat. authorities say he drove to orlando armed with an assault weapon and a handgun. >> he went to kill people. that speaks for itself. reporter: federal officials say the government bought the weapon the scene is still blocked off as they try to identify all the victims. back to you. kimberly: thank you. happening right now in fort vigilant inan honor of those affected by the massacre in orlando. police are asking people in hold off on vigils for now because resources are stretched so thin. we will go to any in our area tonight. the
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happening on a huge weekend in our area for the lgbt community to manyorters we talked people who were shocked and devastated by this shooting. amy, today was supposed to be about celebrating. reporter: that is right. you can hear the music. the concert is just behind me, but it is a somber day here. would you like a fan? reporter: this year's festival brings the much stronger meaning. >> three steps forward, 30 back. up and cominging together in the wake of tremendous tragedy. >> shock and disbelief. reporter: a moment of silce
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>> a remembrance of those who have died. reporter: flags flying sunday afternoon. >> there is a letter written white blue here -- a lot of red white and blue here. reporter: i community and an entire nation rocked by sunday morning violence coming together. everyoney is striking in this country. reporter: today's about surrounding himself with those he cares about it and carrying on. >> every time the tragedy happens like this, we have to keep moving forward. reporter: i spoke to a local man on the telephone earlier today. he is originally for orlando and said he has been to that nightclub more times than he can count.
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tragedy is to home. kimberly: thank you. the moment d.c. police on this shooting a security was increased at the festival here. are you seeing more officers down there than you normally expect? >> i am. behind see for yourself me, a swarm of police officers all day. in light of what happened in orlando, little more than 12 hours ago. concerned for my safety, but also, just why? >> a few short hours after the worst mass shooting in american history, the festival kicked off amid heightened security in a somber mood. >> i would expect that an event like this would have a stronger police
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about specifics. but they did have a larger presence today. festival sayhe they were comforted by the sight of the see of police officers, but deeply sorry that it was necessary. ♪ , therer: fortunately were no reports of any major incidents today. kimberly: glad to hear that. thank you. there is intense investigation happening right now at the fbi, as they investigate who will more was -- omar was. have seen so many asking the question, why? >> while people
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changed. authorities saying this was an isis inspired terror attack. and some people say that should not be a surprise. frantic the need to help victims, so the need to determine a motivation. >> he was a person filled with hatred. >> was he alone will? -- a lone wolf? >> what is surfacing about the as a securityse guard, was his allegiance to isis. to his father, the opposition to the gay community. this guy was acting as executioner here in the united states. they are not the only ones at risk.
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of ways that extremists are advocating sharia law. >> they say homosexuality is a crime and the punishment is death. the idea that this is news to anybody, it should not be. reporter: nor the timing? >> what other red flags are you saying -- seeing? in the season of ramadan, which is an islamic high holiday. they have called for attacks during robin don. there are others around the world. let's hope it is the last. reporter: if the shooter had any direct ties to the terror group or not is not being made public just yet, but isis has claimed responsibility for this attack.
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insight. thank you. we will stay on this story all night and we will keep you updated here and online. to get breaking news alerts when you're away from the tv you can go to our website and enter your phone number. our coverage of this tragic shooting continues right here on abc seven in just a moment. ♪
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kimberly: developing now, in an incident authorities say is unrelated to the shooting in police arrested indiana man near the los angeles festival. they found suspicious powder in his vehicle. a man knocked on several doors. he told officers he was simply heading to the parade to look for a friend.
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county are investigating what caused a fire. this affected more than one dozen apartments. they were damaged near the bull run complex. paramedics had to take one person to the hospital for smoke inhalation. temperatures finally start to go down, but thunderstorms this week. i will times out for you, coming up.
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know you're budgeted for the expected, and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, d services we offer. because when you have insight, you know. kimberly: you warned us about the wind coming today, and we really felt it. >> gusting up to 40 miles per hour. a silver lining is that it gives us relief from the heat. t are moving out of
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heading two more comfortable air around the area. pretty sunset for us as we take a shot from the national harbor. you can see lots of sunshine today hoping those temperatures into the low 90's for most of us. the big change for us at this point is the dew point. just to refresh your memory, that is our direct measurement of how much moisture is in the air. the hair that number, the more humid it feels. 41 is a very low number for this time of year. a cold front has dropped through the area. dew point in the 30's in winchester in hagerstown. humidity is on the way out. it will not get back for a couple of days. last of sunshine, clear skies around the area. down to the sake can see where the rain has made it to north carolina. the sunshine sticks around and we are still windy behind that front for the rest of the evening and even tomorrow.
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pressure takes over tomorrow with great skies. temperatures into the low 80's. , and fromto tuesday tries to push through the area. it has become a focal point for writing showers as we go through the week. wednesday, thursday, friday and chance for rain in the forecast temperatures will fall. cooling more quickly than last night. much more comfortable for that walk with the dog. many of us are waking up in the 50's.
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not to maggie for tomorrow. tuesday we're still in the 80's. .artly cloudy skies planning for next weekend, saturday looks very nice, warm temperatures, not too hot. sunday we will be watching for thunderstorms. kimberly: a good-looking forecast. >> in the 90's for at least a week. kimberly: you really have to slow mo the video to see all of this. >> a lot of back-and-forth, but you like that in the nba finals adding a little drama. how will the warriors move on without draymond green? suspended for game five.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. >> the nationals are looking to sweep the village today at home, but it is not about baseball after the tragedy in orlando. after that silence before each game today. laugh, right now they are down 4-3 in the night and meanwhile in toronto as the orioles and be in case games held a moment of silence, the
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affected by the mass shooting. orioles would lose today. and heavy hearts around the nba. an oakland today lebron james gave a heartfelt message. >> my condolences go out to the lost ones and families of the tragic shooting in orlando. another hit for us as americans with what we have to deal with. , it putsrld today things in perspective about basketball. reporter: golden state is going to clinch a nba championships tomorrow they will have to do it without draymond green who was suspended after swiping at lebron james growing. he is an repeat offender and it was an automatic suspension. >>
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i do not think his intention was to try to hurt anybody. it is an unfortunate situation for our team. we are still confident. we know we have the personnel on the depth to get a win. >> we had the next man up approach all year. it will kill him to note either, but we're going to go out there and do it as a team and win and make a statement. reporter: if they do win, he will be allowed to go on the court to help celebrate. keep in live here tomorrow night. tipoff is at 9:00 p.m. i will be answering your questions and comments live on facebook. and nhl game six is tonight. the penguins will try to make their second attempt at clinching the stanley cup. kimberly: a lot of drama going on. >>
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kimberly: a final check of your
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>> we continue to follow the very latest from the tragedy in orlando, after a mass shooting. police say the gunman is a 29-year-old man born in the u.s.. he apparently rushed allegiance to isis and a 911 call that he made during the shooting. police have not found any accomplices
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they have spent the entire day searching. we will continue to bring you any updates both on-air and online. we will also have complete coverage tonight at 11:00 p.m. , goet breaking news alerts to looks aher this week little more seasonable. >> temperatures in the 80's for us. yesterday we had 96 round d.c., west 80 will feel nice tomorrow. we are the 70's around recess. the 80' home, in tuesday.w 70's saturday looks like a nice day. pups in te is
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